North Korea warns it's looking for new ways to get concessions from the U.S.

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • North Korea says it carried out another important test and warned it's looking for new ways to get concessions from the United States. President Trump tweeted that leader Kim Jong Un has far too much to lose if he acts in a hostile way. Roxana Saberi reports.
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Comments • 757

  • A Zone
    A Zone 11 days ago

    We are all paying for Truman’s mistake. Should have dropped it a long time ago.

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden Month ago

    NK vs USA prolly another Vietnam

  • Kyle Betts
    Kyle Betts Month ago

    Truth be told, the ONLY thing North Korea is actually good at is staging scenes for tourists. Kim Jong Un should stop embarrassing himself by displaying how "mighty" his dilapidated, pathetic excuse for a military is, and just go into the party planning/ travel business.

  • Charlotte Davison
    Charlotte Davison Month ago +2

    This is why I hate K-Pop

  • TheBic4
    TheBic4 Month ago

    I think if war does break out a lot of people cracking jokes about their missile program are going to be shocked.

  • Evilest Racer
    Evilest Racer Month ago

    North Korea always trying to shoot missiles to the US, but what if one of those missiles had a malfunction while launching in mid flight came down and hit Japan?


    Way to go Kim!

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker Month ago

    At it again ? JESUS! No Damn words none

  • Trevor
    Trevor Month ago

    I hope Kim Jong Un experiences cellular mitosis in a way in which contact inhibition stops happening so mitosis continues perpetually such that bad cells are created and pushed into the bloodstream and work to destroy his immune system

    • Trevor
      Trevor Month ago

      @RUBICUNDUS ERATIUDAS Ok obviously it is statistically unlikely that Kim Jong Un will get cancer, I was joking. Well half joking anyways. And also I'm not a child.


      Nah, that won't happen, so don't hold your breath, kid...

  • Trevor
    Trevor Month ago

    I hope he puts a gun inside his mouth and pulls the trigger.
    Although I'd rather us do it to him, it would work out better if he just did it himself

  • Do your own research

    Nuke it

  • ً
    ً Month ago

    North Korea let us know when you want to catch theses hands. 🇺🇸

  • kaneki ken
    kaneki ken Month ago

    Man greatest enemy is his fellow man

  • soph
    soph Month ago +1

    we all gonna die because two people got beef

  • jamesha kye
    jamesha kye Month ago

    Trump is lying and one thing is for sure he wont be in the states for Christmas I can guarantee it ! 😤😤😤

  • DangerDave
    DangerDave Month ago

    Impeach && Remove

  • 2be Blunt
    2be Blunt Month ago +1

    Just so everyone knows there literal North Korean propagandists in these comments pretending to be North Korean citizens and people around the world praising Kim and North Korea. North Korean civilians do not have access to this version of TheXvid they can only watch North Korean propaganda videos.

  • HooX
    HooX Month ago

    i hate both trump and kim, pedos

  • D. R.
    D. R. Month ago

    The U.S warns that it is looking for a new leader for North Korea. That leader is whoever is voted on in the south and it will be called, "Kaomrieca".

  • Ka S
    Ka S Month ago

    This is very concerning ... why isn’t there more media around this?

    • Alex graham
      Alex graham Month ago

      Cus Kim knows if he trys to do this the US would still overpower them with more firepower and bigger army

  • Clueless_Gamer
    Clueless_Gamer Month ago

    I hope Kim explodes from eating too much

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson Month ago

    We in trouble

  • Craig Ellish travler

    He loves fire works don't he

  • Steve Back
    Steve Back Month ago

    Here we go again. Tough talk and no action on either side. When two people want to fight after school they either do it or don’t. Stop wasting time lol

  • Bill 3
    Bill 3 Month ago

    The problem with Trump is he is to easy to manipulate. He is very predictable. Tell him he is pretty and he will do whatever you want.

  • alexis soto
    alexis soto Month ago

    Missiles are fake everything is fake your new are fake

  • NinetyOne Foxtrot
    NinetyOne Foxtrot Month ago

    What a charismatic leader, it takes great skill to control a hungry population

  • D Smith
    D Smith Month ago

    You believe China will allow U.S. to nuke or invade Korea?

    0IIIIII Month ago

    They have the golden shower tapes

  • johnny
    johnny Month ago

    I kinda root for them to have one successful launch and land where its suppose too only to make up for the bad ones not be to harshly he obvious needs money and this is the only way he can do it

  • Michael McFeely
    Michael McFeely Month ago

    South Korea has an economy that is 40 times larger than the economy of North Korea, and twice the population. The South Koreans can provide for their own defense.

  • Bidney Bloe
    Bidney Bloe Month ago

    He’s dumb if he does sent a bomb here his entire country will be wiped out with just three of our nucleus’s weapon

  • JaydenMarie
    JaydenMarie Month ago

    If they shoot that rocket, its gonna hurt them more than us.

  • Ethan Gross
    Ethan Gross Month ago

    He makes one move and he along with his country will be no more.

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You Month ago

    Can't somebody drop a bomb on his head already a d free the whole country, what's the hold up?

  • Walter Bell
    Walter Bell Month ago

    Nobody cares what trump says

  • ronki23
    ronki23 Month ago

    I really want to do South Korea and Japan for the past 3 years but it's difficult with current tensions not to mention expensive (I'm British)

  • OneTruNuwind
    OneTruNuwind Month ago +1

    I like the the flat hair style🤣

  • Layton pretty but she loco

    I mean trump may be a lot of things but one thing he’s not is afraid to wipe that little country off the face of the map. So Kim can test those waters if he wants to

  • James Casolari
    James Casolari Month ago

    kim is just a kid them old man thats in his army is the ones thats putting him up to stuff there old and dont care no more kim need to quit and worrird about what he is doing .wrong if he quits shooting misslie then he want have to worried about usa attacking him

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson Month ago +1

    Should've taken Kim into custody for war crimes against humanity as he stepped across the border

    • RedDogge
      RedDogge Month ago

      Doesn’t work like that, if u are on a diplomatic mission your immune from foreign persecution

  • T M
    T M Month ago

    Send more fortune cookies

  • Florence Ferdinand
    Florence Ferdinand Month ago

    Fuckboy exactly oh I have a good relationship with Kim Jung un I bet you do.trump a laughing stock let him think that Kim Jung un is playing if he wants.again what trump is doing to stop him not a god dam thing trump the bully found the wrong one

  • supercaptainamericamarvelman

    I thought trump fixed this situation a year ago.

  • Lost yet Found
    Lost yet Found Month ago

    North Korea is like the Joe Pesci of Asia.

  • The1forGod
    The1forGod Month ago

    This illiterate trump is living in a fantasy world of his own. The U.S. is no match and is not the superpower anymore, Russia, China and their allies are, he lost his allies to them. As quiet as it's kept.

  • Stacey Rech
    Stacey Rech Month ago

    This seems a bit like propaganda

  • English
    English Month ago

    yes, the concession cart is right over there

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis Month ago

    China has been undermining sanctions against NK and has created something of a purely blackmarket GDP for them.

  • lennycrew3
    lennycrew3 Month ago

    But I thought President Trump fixed all of the Korean Peninsula's problems, and reunited both countries?? You mean the Republican talking point of success in Korea was... a lie??

  • Gods son Since 84
    Gods son Since 84 Month ago

    Kim Jong un is the only overweight person in North Korea. That should tell you something..

  • Tim Kielisek
    Tim Kielisek Month ago

    Kim has such a large head he had better learn to duck.


      No, it's more like Americans have huge bodies (specially their butts, guts and bellies) compared to the size of their heads...

  • wall eye
    wall eye Month ago

    Stop thinking they'll play nice. Just wax them.

  • kim jong un
    kim jong un Month ago +1

    He gave me his word he would stop calling me ROCKET MAN!

  • shengyang jiang
    shengyang jiang Month ago


  • steve119md
    steve119md Month ago +1

    North Korea is thriving dont believe the propaganda

  • K M
    K M Month ago

    yet a far better position than the near "war" status w/NK Obama had us at.

    • jaelyn montano
      jaelyn montano Month ago

      K M we are always gonna be at a “near war” status with NK

    MIRA RES Month ago +1

    They're doing this because America is showing the weakness with this impeachment thing and they think that a Democrat who will get in and they will get what they want they are to the Democrats allowing them to do their stuff disrespect for America.

  • J Sully
    J Sully Month ago

    I vomited in my mouth a little when Trump said, " I have a good relationship with Kim". When has Americans ever ever ever heard our President say they had a good relationship with NK? Its scary to say the least. Y is Trump trying sooo hard to get Russia and NK into the U.N? This is the part I have nvr understood. Whts Trumps endgame if they were to be allowed into the U.N?

    • steve119md
      steve119md Month ago

      @J Sully good get out...just like I said you don't have the strength

    • J Sully
      J Sully Month ago

      @steve119mdNvr said we was going to war with them. And dont presume to know me and wht I have the guts to do or have done. But, we shouldnt be inviting them in either. Tht will be the final nail in Americas coffin for our allies. Americas President Cozying up to the N. Korean And tht will leave us exposed for attk from another country and America will have no allies to come and aid defense. So yeah, Trump 2020.. I am getting my family passports and sending to live elsewhere before America falls apart.

    • steve119md
      steve119md Month ago

      @J Sully you want to send others kids to die fighting them...I know a sweet thang like you doesn't have the belly

    • J Sully
      J Sully Month ago

      @steve119md So u want us to be allies with NK? Tht makes me a rabbit??

    • steve119md
      steve119md Month ago

      Lol silly rabit

  • Chad Coley
    Chad Coley Month ago +1

    Concessions? Like Popcorn?