Channel Awesome | Fallen Titans #3


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  • Lindsay Ellis
    Lindsay Ellis 3 months ago +8891

    The section about Doug's understanding of Fair Use gave me 'nam flashbacks

    • Nathan Clark
      Nathan Clark Day ago

      Lindsay Ellis Lindsay, i cannot begin to say how angry I is that you went through this. I hope that you will recover from this. Best wishes.

    • grinningSheepishly
      grinningSheepishly 8 days ago

      I love your work now, and I'm happy to see you're in a less official but actually pretty great group of creators. I hope that they are all as decent behind the scenes as they seem to be on screen, as the more I see about Channel Awesome, the more I realise how ironic the name was, this coming from a former fan. Liked your work then, love it now, and I hope you keep it up. :)

    • zyphoid666
      zyphoid666 10 days ago

      rubino 83
      Blacks in the Unites States account for the vast majority of violent crime in the country despite the fact that they don't even make up 20% of the total population.
      Prove that this is a "fact-free belief", Mr. VirtueFag.

    • zyphoid666
      zyphoid666 10 days ago

      Michael Avanessian
      Yes, BLM is complete horseshit.

    • James Bradbury
      James Bradbury 14 days ago

      "Some folks are born, made to wave the flag
      Ooo, they're red, white and blue!"

  • Lone Star Left
    Lone Star Left 36 minutes ago

    channel awesome might have been great if it were actually democratic and not an oligarchy.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 15 hours ago

    i think hes made a comeback. His channel is booming

  • hillo imfauna
    hillo imfauna 21 hour ago

    omg this intro was masterful

  • I Like To Argue
    I Like To Argue 21 hour ago

    That mindset of believing all allegations to be true is toxi, and is why xxxtentacion was falsely known as a wife beater

  • Rob Bob The Corn Cob

    Uhhh... at least they donate to charity?

  • escucha/listen mi playlist

    Unfunny, 4 eyed loser cringe-boy.

  • Cole Watkins
    Cole Watkins Day ago

    I love channel awesome

  • Aubrey Lane
    Aubrey Lane 2 days ago

    I'm so glad these folks forged their own paths. I really enjoy their channels.

  • ulrichkesler420 fafwfwafa

    lmao threating a mad womans rambling as fact. another soyboy here guys

  • NathanaelWiebe
    NathanaelWiebe 2 days ago


  • limp buisness
    limp buisness 2 days ago

    Doug Walker sounds like he’s parodying himself when talking about fair use

  • Hailey Babi
    Hailey Babi 2 days ago

    Watching these videos has ruined the old Nostalgia Critic reviews. I can no longer watch him with the same childlike innocence I used to. All I'm going to see is the scumbagery and fuckery behind everything

  • Scott Reacher
    Scott Reacher 3 days ago

    More like DELETE THE CHANNEL. NC must be stopped.

  • Wishdoctor
    Wishdoctor 3 days ago

    I dunno, man. All their work was sloppy and amateur to begin with, so it's not surprising to find out they also ran a sloppy business. Pretty boring story if you ask me.

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 3 days ago +1

    Just a few thoughts. First, when people get old enough/experienced enough, these kinds of quarrels become childish and petty, as much as it hurts to think about, most of the people concerned are well, kids, 20 and early 30 somethings who've latched onto the whole victim culture thing going around like cancer these days. Second, there is ALWAYS another side to the story, if a person hasn't learned this yet, they will. Third, when an assault happens, you go to the police, a crime has been perpetrated, if going to the cops doesn't happen, then rest assured there is - another side to the story. Once upon a time (like less than 30 years ago and before) people had enough strength of character to either tell someone off, or kick them in the nuts if they persisted, then move on with life because it's not the end of the world yet.

  • RazZ MaTabzzz
    RazZ MaTabzzz 3 days ago

    I remember not too long after all this blew up that Doug was on TV for some charity work Channel Awesome was doing.

  • Debo Datta
    Debo Datta 4 days ago

    This is why Cinemassacre with James Rolf (AVGN) has always been superior to Nostalgia Critic and Channel Awesome

  • D Isa
    D Isa 4 days ago +1

    fredrik knudsen did a really good video on spoony and the downfall of channel awesome too

  • Krinh McFluff
    Krinh McFluff 5 days ago

    Where did u get ur "broken youtube" shirt?

  • trickyhero
    trickyhero 5 days ago

    "It's not so Awesome"

  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor 5 days ago +2

    0:43 You ever hear the tragedy of Channel Awesome?
    Viewers: No
    I thought not. It's not a story many will tell you.

  • rob jackson
    rob jackson 5 days ago

    wondering why larry bundy jr is still with them

  • Tee Dee
    Tee Dee 6 days ago

    It doesn't make sense why including rape was such a big problem but yet all the murderin' and death us fine.
    Do people really think that being raped is worse than death?

  • Chef TJ
    Chef TJ 7 days ago +2

    You should do Tobuscus

  • Say10WarShipper
    Say10WarShipper 7 days ago

    wait Quinton, what is the worst apology you've ever read?

  • Snooze00
    Snooze00 7 days ago

    You talk smart.

  • ML tv
    ML tv 7 days ago

    The only NC ripoff i like is phelous and dr. Wolfula

  • Aaron Brewer
    Aaron Brewer 7 days ago

    I see so many content creators differently, now.

  • Mark Mckenna
    Mark Mckenna 8 days ago +2

    I still like Doug's reviews and I'm still subscribed to Channel Awesome, but I hope that things get better behind the scenes.

  • Maciej Kaczorowski
    Maciej Kaczorowski 9 days ago

    Why angryjoe quit channel awesome

  • John Clark
    John Clark 9 days ago +1

    I like channel awesome and I don’t get why people rant about Doug walker I mean either you can hate or like him it is your opinion if you like his content then watch him and if you don’t then don’t watch his videos we all have our opinions and choices and I don’t think you need rant about someone videos so why can’t we people just get along?

  • Benjatron26354
    Benjatron26354 10 days ago

    This is a real shame. I loved

  • Obscure Fragments
    Obscure Fragments 10 days ago +1

    Instead of just firing people due to allegations (which is bad) they should of hired a consultant/attorney to investigate and then act upon those investigations.
    You know...what corporations actually do.

  • Ompharus
    Ompharus 11 days ago

    A channel i watched back in 2013 was VenturianTale, that channel is dead i believe, i haven't watched a single video from him after 2014

  • MrBroken030
    MrBroken030 11 days ago

    14:55 "Is there something else that could fill the same function" What kind of mindset is that? We could say the same about anything shown in a movie "oh do we really have to show how someone gets killed" errr yes its integral to the story and the character who is that advice aimed at? writers that throw in random rape scenes into everything they write?

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz 12 days ago

    "servance pay"
    *Severance pay.

  • Emile Montoya
    Emile Montoya 13 days ago

    I thought you were talking about the Creatures in the beginning.

  • Eddie Vaught
    Eddie Vaught 13 days ago +1

    Shit...... I knew this was going to convince me to stop following them... sigh... so many people do dumb things

  • stephen hartley
    stephen hartley 13 days ago

    man, great work

  • adrian the badass
    adrian the badass 13 days ago

    Didn't know this before thank you for this man

  • Rose Child
    Rose Child 13 days ago

    This kindof makes sense why amazing atheist is a misogynist and why Linsey and Todd are so genuinely good people

    • ImmaLittlePip
      ImmaLittlePip 10 days ago +2

      Rose Child
      >Linsdey is a Good person
      Hahahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Please Help
    Please Help 13 days ago

    Seems like a much less watched Content cop.

  • Otakuwolf
    Otakuwolf 14 days ago +2

    I imagine Jim Sterling reading the 22:52 document in his Skeletor voice

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 14 days ago

    So the Nostalgia Critic gets to decide what kind of criticism is okay? Man, fuck these people.

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 14 days ago

    I only watched Nostalgia Critic and Todd In The Shadows. I didn't really care about the rest of them.

  • knamedisme
    knamedisme 14 days ago

    Never liked that guy with the glasses but never could really tell why... Seems clearer now

  • Aight Bradley
    Aight Bradley 14 days ago

    I used to watch all of Doug's NC videos back in the day, but after the revival he had such unwarranted vitriol against the audience and made changes he knew they hated. He seemed to hate us for liking the NC content better than his other content but no one held a gun to his head and told him to make more. I was never into Nostalgia Chick because I had little in common with her except two chromosomes.

  • Bob Thenob
    Bob Thenob 14 days ago

    I used to like channelawesome especially the NC reviews but never realised how much a pack of dogs the owners were towards the content creators
    Just checked the site now and apart from NC and Brad Jones, there is virtually NO ONE left on their site
    How the mighty have fallen

  • trogdoar149
    trogdoar149 15 days ago

    Brad and Todd are great. I never really gave a shit about the other creators though. Spoony faded long ago so I don't really count him.

  • Brenden Harris
    Brenden Harris 15 days ago +5


  • Adrian Ong
    Adrian Ong 15 days ago

    I think its safe to say at this point considering the document and this video is more than 2 months old now and there have already been a ton of videos made about it. But the Jewwario revelation still kinda shakens me. To know someone who brought so much positivity and joy to both CA and his own fandom while being a tragic figure due to his later suicide turned out to have been one of the controversial figures of the site just shows the many facades of entertainers.
    Its also unsettling that even after his death CA still kept the image of him being this positive but severly troubled guy all the while knowing about his actions and not even asking or addressing the victims.

  • Sketch Bud
    Sketch Bud 15 days ago

    There's a reason why I believe Mr Coat and Friends is a much better alternate channel compared to Channel Awesome

  • Tony G
    Tony G 15 days ago +3

    So glad to know that people like Lindsay Ellis and Toddintheshadows are still respected content creators post Channel Awesome/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. Lindsays video essays are nothing short of amazing, and Todds Pop Song reviews, Top 10s and his new TrainWreckords are just hilarious and still feels like hes the only one in his field.

  • MrWosull
    MrWosull 16 days ago

    Honestly comparing the channel awesome movies to The Room is kinda dumb. While the movies were incredibly gimmicky they were also very self aware. They never tried to be anything other than stupid low budget films. Were as the room took itself way to seriously, as if Tommy thought he was making a great film. Also the films had obviously terrible production values, but there actually was some clever writing at times and a lot of jokes that actually worked really well. In comparison theres nothing in The room that worked or was clever.

  • Hotshot2k4
    Hotshot2k4 16 days ago

    From a legal standpoint, I believe that if their CEO is a bad actor (as in doing harmful things within the company, not literally poor at portraying roles), they can sue to have him removed and forced to sell his rights to something that's integral to the continuation of the business. Depending on how he acquired the rights in the first place, the courts may even find that he isn't actually entitled to them to begin with. IANAL though, just some guy that took a handful of legal classes and has a casual interest in business and copyright law.

  • Michael Rothstein
    Michael Rothstein 16 days ago

    I love Todd and Rap Critic

  • vlanstar
    vlanstar 16 days ago

    Am I the only one that can't stand doug walkers fucking overly-expressive face or his voice? I've never watched a single vid of his despite being on the internet since 2007.

    • Aubrey Lane
      Aubrey Lane 2 days ago

      I watched one, years ago because I wanted to see a review of a particular movie, and he's all I found. I found him WAY too hammy, and couldn't make it more than a minute or two before giving up.

  • Fusilier
    Fusilier 16 days ago

    "We're sorry you felt that way" was enough to get me to just up and leave, unsubscribe, just be done, etc.I see new reviews and videos posted. I quite enjoyed the Nostalgia Critic thing and thought many of the reviews were good, but I just can't do it anymore. Not with so many other options out there.

    • Raider Nation
      Raider Nation 16 days ago

      Fusilier All baseless allegations from washed up nobodies with a grudge.

  • Kamedy
    Kamedy 16 days ago

    This video has genuinely shocked me. I watched Doug and his reviews on youtube for years and after learning all the shit he put people threw I don’t think I can every watch one of his vids again. Sucks how the people you grow up with can turn out to be horrible.

  • The Voluntarist Consumer

    TBf no one ever said "all accusations are lies" (except the guys being accused) we just think allogations require evidence *gasp* shocking idea I know, god forbid someone not believe that poisoning the well and trying the accused in the court of public opinion is a moral good

  • Stormy Kopa
    Stormy Kopa 16 days ago +3

    I'm glad critics like Todd and Lindsay were able to walk away from #ChangeTheChannel unscathed ('nam flashbacks notwithstanding). The whole thing sounds like a nightmare.

  • GammaTheLoser
    GammaTheLoser 17 days ago

    Man, filming in the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  • Tuomas veturi
    Tuomas veturi 17 days ago

    can anyone elaborate me,whats the current situation with the channel awsome,did anything change after the controversy?

  • blue ant
    blue ant 17 days ago

    Todd in the Shadows was part of Channel Awesome?

  • Diego Alfredo
    Diego Alfredo 17 days ago

    Truly a very human company, the robots doesn't look that bad now.

  • Diego Alfredo
    Diego Alfredo 17 days ago

    Muach! Beatiful, perfect shirt .

  • ElectricCola
    ElectricCola 17 days ago +2

    my fav plot twist in the channel awesome drama is jewwario being a rapist and them not only covering it up but also glorifying him after he commited suicide

  • Nathaniel Beven
    Nathaniel Beven 18 days ago

    so with that point on dougs fair use point, what do you think of CinemaSins?

  • Starkadd MMORPG
    Starkadd MMORPG 18 days ago


  • betabug64
    betabug64 18 days ago

    This is one of the hardest ethical dilemmas I've ever seen.

  • DaveyCake
    DaveyCake 18 days ago

    This was a great video and you did a fantastic job of explaining everything in a concise and clear manner.

  • Meme Man Wizard Master

    I mean, did anyone actually think Doug Walker was funny anyway?

  • Cockburn Pubes
    Cockburn Pubes 19 days ago

    Mike and gurularry are horrible people

  • DaComebakKid
    DaComebakKid 19 days ago

    This explains why Rap Critic's outro has been shortened.

  • I clop to mlp porn
    I clop to mlp porn 19 days ago


  • Britney L
    Britney L 19 days ago

    mike michaud is the reason lindsay became an anita loving sjw no wonder she's with the crowd that thinks sexism is everywhere she actually dealt with that rare shit cause of him

  • Sawyer Heyman
    Sawyer Heyman 19 days ago

    This is one of the greatest series on all of youtube. I dont love this style of content generally, but this is fantastic. I would love to see more historical stuff like this in the future

  • The Fury Artist
    The Fury Artist 20 days ago

    Of course the document would be 69 pages.

  • Matthew Chenault
    Matthew Chenault 20 days ago +1

    Channel Awesome is like a Fallen Empire, slowly decaying away with only the few who remain still producing things. With this major revelation, the channel is doomed to collapse and become nothing more than a pile of ruins left to either be forgotten or remembered as a warning for the future reviewers and content creators.

  • Roy Riley
    Roy Riley 21 day ago +1

    Problem with your perspective is the typical focus on the handful of misogynistic sociopaths rather than the crowds of spineless beta males which surround them and bend like wet noodles in the face of their aggression. You really think this pair could have gotten away with this kind of crap in a workplace full of actual adult men and women rather than the grown-children employed on CA and typical of geek culture.
    That's the thing so few people get. It's not about understanding intellectually or emotionally that this kind of behavior is wrong. Such understanding is more common in the 18-30 demographic than student loan debt. It's about having the courage to risk your career, your social status, even your safety to stop things before they escalate to the point that you need to escort girls to safe-houses, katana in hand.

  • Pizza Productions
    Pizza Productions 21 day ago

    I didn't realise rap critic was part of this site, (I started and stopped watching him a while ago and never realised this)

  • VescoPlayer25
    VescoPlayer25 21 day ago

    We need to make nostalgia critic good again!

  • Dracke Stalen Torgen

    Aout of curiosity i went to the site, it has 3 creators listed, wow, it used to have submenus for the different kind of critics

  • Lucky Speck
    Lucky Speck 21 day ago

    I'm so upset to hear that this happened.Channel Awesome was one of my inspirations in film and for TheXvid.Every time that I hear a content creator or company that make these problems I just have to walk away and move on,
    Such as Onision and now it seems like other creators are showing their true colors. I get mistakes but these we're choices.
    Thank you for making this video and I love your content and I'm happy that you and other good content creators like you to become my inspiration to look up to and for many others to look up to as well
    Keep being Amazing and again Thank you 🌟

  • A Nobody
    A Nobody 21 day ago +1

    This makes me glad I just work for a grocery store.

  • veevyo
    veevyo 21 day ago +1

    this was an amazing, informative video, but i had a teacher whose last name was "Michaud" and you were pronouncing it wrong -- it's pronounced mish-oh. other than that, good video

  • AnnoyingSquib
    AnnoyingSquib 21 day ago

    It's just a guess, because no one knows the whole story. But is it possible that the reason Doug Walker has stayed so silent is because of the very fact that even though Mike Michaud owns the rights to the Nostalgia Critic, Doug is the face of the critic? I wonder if Doug might have been threatened with that fact. If he leaves and tries to make another identity for himself people may only view him as his "Critic" character which may lead into some sticky situations with Michaud's ownership of the character.

  • ניסים אוחיון

    25:42 ...
    WHAT?!!! so thats why doug still stuck there-
    this man is like an idiot evil genius, or something :\

  • Triple C Productions
    Triple C Productions 22 days ago

    No one's mentioning 2:30 where the clip goes right behind Qunition's beard?!

  • Phan Tom
    Phan Tom 22 days ago

    Man... I want more...

  • Jeromy Doerksen
    Jeromy Doerksen 22 days ago

    Wow, great video, my friend. A very shocking look at some internet history that I didn't even know existed.
    It's especially trippy because I only recently became a fan of Lindsay Ellis' work. Naturally, I /had/ to binge all of her content.
    All the Nostalgia Chick videos have their comments disabled. It's not super unusual, but for some reason it gave me a weird feeling. When I started to see the Nostalgia Critic in some of the videos - especially noting his role in them - I just assumed what I thought was obvious, and never looked into it. Until seeing this video, I never knew the organisation even existed.
    The reason I never looked into it though is because of the Nostalgia Critic. I can't stand the guy. Or, I guess, rather, I can't stand his character. (Without getting too into it: I'm just not a big fan of overly manic comedy.) Still, even though I knew it was a character, it still weirded me out. Add to that, as I mentioned, the role he plays in the Nostalgia Chick videos as her sort-of-boss; it just rubbed me the wrong way. I wanted as little to do with him as possible.
    And then I saw Lindsay Ellis has the top pinned comment and I loled.
    The End
    (Definitely subbing and big respects from Canada, baby!)

  • Fionn Gallag
    Fionn Gallag 22 days ago

    14:22 why the fuck is Kyle wearing those ears? That has nothing to do with his videos...

  • Mister Manners
    Mister Manners 22 days ago

    The Angry Video Game Nerd is much, much better anyways.

  • Cecelia Schwartz
    Cecelia Schwartz 22 days ago

    I was 2 hours late two weekends in a row and all my boss did was ask me to try and not do that. But you know, 15 minutes late to a skype call would probably have me gone.

  • lame lame
    lame lame 23 days ago

    "and the cinema snob reviewed porn"

  • [ SelfAwarewolf ]
    [ SelfAwarewolf ] 23 days ago

    Tbh, rap critic has a rally good standalone channel to this day

  • Why are people Subscribed to me

    When you need critics to critique critics.

  • PhantomSekai
    PhantomSekai 24 days ago

    10:26 is such a genuine reaction. I really do love it