Channel Awesome | Fallen Titans #3


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  • Lindsay Ellis
    Lindsay Ellis 5 months ago +10685

    The section about Doug's understanding of Fair Use gave me 'nam flashbacks

    • Brooke Jones
      Brooke Jones 3 days ago

      Ugh Lindsay you were too good for Channel Awesome. I absolutely love your content. I’m at sorry for what you went through, I am devastated as a long time fan of you, I’m wishing you all the success and will continue watching you! Thank you for being so inspiring!

    • Simone Yeah
      Simone Yeah 4 days ago

      it's so funny how everyone who grew up with you and Doug's videos grew up to realize you were a million times funnier and smarter than him

    • Rob Labonte
      Rob Labonte 8 days ago

      Just want to say that you are the best thing to come out of that channel by far.

    • Reid
      Reid 16 days ago

      Ha. A friend recommended your channel to me literally today. Sounds like you're doing all right, then :p

    • TallManVanitas
      TallManVanitas 18 days ago

      Lindsay, I can't applaud you enough for leaving Channel Awesome after all this. I had followed the site for years starting from my senior year of high school and I'm honestly disappointed in myself for not unsubscribing for as long as I did. What happened to all the people involved was inexcusable and I love watching quality content from not only you, but all the others who left this sinking ship. Please keep up the great work and I love your content now more than ever!

  • Noah Merideth
    Noah Merideth Day ago

    When I was younger I loved watching the Nostalgia Critic, but now that I revisit NC and the creators associated with him, I just see cringey content and Doug as a flaming narcissist...

  • huh
    huh Day ago


  • Mr.Saturn 420
    Mr.Saturn 420 4 days ago

    this is disappointing,i met doug walker at matsuricon back in like 2007 or 2008 and he was really sweet and kind,it sucks to see all this but im glad to learn about peoples true intentions and personality because i dont like giving support or even thinking nice things about people who do dumb shit

  • heroman588
    heroman588 5 days ago +1

  • Nick Spence
    Nick Spence 5 days ago

    ThatGuyWithTheGlasses: truly the Roman Empire of internet content creation.

  • blacklite911
    blacklite911 6 days ago

    Man I blocked the amazing atheist so long ago I forgot he existed. He needs a fallen titans

  • Andrew Killen
    Andrew Killen 7 days ago

    Everyone who bought into this shit is a fucking idiot. Channel Awesome is better than it's ever been

  • Theroux
    Theroux 7 days ago

    Yet another "titan" that desperately chose to get political in later material, solidifying their inevitable, awkward downfall.
    Edit: Is anyone even going to acknowledge the fact that several of these guys were pretty much bald as teenagers? Bad genes...
    Edit 2: We can also assume anyone that's ever been "fired" from this project isn't going to use them on their resumes, right?

  • Pierced From Within
    Pierced From Within 8 days ago

    22:26 thats hiiiiigh level scum right there... holy shit.

  • Eccentric Emolga
    Eccentric Emolga 8 days ago

    It's a shame that Doug is stuck with this scumbag Michael the fact that he tried to leave channel awesome shows that he does not agree with all shady stuff Michael was doing.

  • Udester Swag
    Udester Swag 10 days ago +1

    10:43 Eyyyyyy it’s angry joe

  • Rachel Nabors
    Rachel Nabors 11 days ago

    21:21 More business owners need to hear this.

  • Rexus
    Rexus 12 days ago

    this feeds on bullshit comments lol

  • Jeroen J
    Jeroen J 12 days ago

    You should lose some weight

  • Harris Hemion
    Harris Hemion 13 days ago

    Have you head of Darth Plagues the Wise?

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie 13 days ago +1

    big ups to Lindsey for walking when she did...her content now is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else who ever contributed to TGWTG. I've always liked her stuff, but her analysis is hilarious and insightful af

  • Pinkus Dean
    Pinkus Dean 13 days ago

    I am a fan of innocent until proven guilty. What is put there is awfull but idk how I feel when it comes to believing all of it? I know it is easy to fake evidence and people make false allegations all the time. Though channel awesomes response does help solidify the allogations I simply dont completly believe ALL of it.

  • Kendall Moore
    Kendall Moore 13 days ago +1

    I genuinely appreciate this video. It comes off as understanding, impassioned, and empathetic to those who bore the brunt of abuse.
    The only other videos I've seen about this story are exploitative, self-servingly smug garbage.
    I really can't stress what you have down to help me come to grips with all of this.

  • MrJohndoakes
    MrJohndoakes 13 days ago +2

    ....And the only people that are left are Larry Bundy, who does it as a joke, and Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones. Nobody knows why Jones is hanging on.

    • MrJohndoakes
      MrJohndoakes 12 days ago

      If Doug and the Michaud Thing (he isn't human, I don't care what THEY say) want to save money, that warehouse studio needs to go, or be partially rented out while Doug uses the office space for his "reviews." As for Brad, there is a lot of dirt to be found, because he seems to pickup and drop co-hosts/friends at the drop of a hat. Where's Jerrid? Why did Jake vanish? Is "The Bruno Mattei Show" truly dead because so many people involved have vanished? Is there a Springfield, Illnois "We hate Brad Jones" ex-friends support group?

    • Sinister Sweet
      Sinister Sweet 12 days ago +1

      It rhymes with "honey" and it ain't no bunny.

    JYO JYO 13 days ago +1

    He rotoscoped the clip go under his beard lmao 2:25

  • Lunarimoths
    Lunarimoths 15 days ago +2

    Inept man-children: The company

  • YipYapYoup
    YipYapYoup 15 days ago +2

    You sounded like VideoGameDunkey when saying "for everyone" at 22:58. That's it, I have no intelligent comment to make.

  • Ken S
    Ken S 15 days ago

    Sounds like a pretty standard american business to me. They just didn't have the money to pay off people to the shut them and or hire lawyers to shut them up to prevent any of this from coming out. Or they could do what Mcdonalds did and slander them in the media to make the person they harmed the bad guy. But that requires a bunch of money too.
    It's not like exposing any of this stuff will change anything. The problem is with american business, it's law and politics that allow stuff like this to happen. You can't make any money in a business this country and unless you are willing to screw over a bunch of other people. That's the american business way. Just ask trump and his over 4000 pending lawsuits against him. When you try and site businesses that don't do these things, just wait a couple of years and you'll see that they have gone under or have crap come out saying that they did do things like this.

    • Sinister Sweet
      Sinister Sweet 12 days ago

      I hate to say it, but leave your social critique of America out of this. This is just a story of some schmucks who got away with being bad because the internet was young and unregulated.

  • heroman588
    heroman588 15 days ago +2

    I still like channel awesome because of the content, mainly NC.

    • heroman588
      heroman588 9 days ago +1

      +Sinister Sweet true

    • Sinister Sweet
      Sinister Sweet 12 days ago +1

      NC is all that's left of Channel Awesome, unless you count Brad Jones.

  • Deanna Garcia
    Deanna Garcia 15 days ago +1

    Before I watch the whole video, just seeing this hurts my heart. Most of those videos were the excitement I had coming home from high school, and getting a good belly laugh or seeing something new from one of their creators. They looked like they were all such good friends, and I was ignorant to the behind the scenes drama.....I miss this era...EDIT: Also now Im weirded out that I met Linkara at a con without knowing all this stuff...I least bought his dvd

    • Gina Molina
      Gina Molina 13 days ago

      I know right? I feel the same way. I still want to watch their stuff, (except for the anniversary movies, those were always awful), but I agree dude. It's saddening to see a bunch of beloved content creators do this to each other and to treat their own creators like this, bullying them, intimidating them, firing them for NOT showing up to a Skype call, threatening them with rape, how could this happen? I still watch Todd in the Shadows, and the Nostalgia Critic, but I can't believe that CA did this. Hopefully, they stop with the anniversary movies, as they were never funny and were boring as shit. And they were 3-4 hours too. Sorry for the super long message too. I feel the same way Quinton did in this review, I guess you'd call it? But, I don't want to stop watching their work. Although, it's going to be a bit difficult to watch some of Doug's older stuff now, knowing what we know.

  • Mei Clover
    Mei Clover 16 days ago

    I used to love Doug but he started falling out.....then the documents came out...
    It's sad.

  • NoComplicance
    NoComplicance 16 days ago

    I didn't even realize how ridiculous NostalgiaCritic's film reviews were until I started Watching other channels like CinemaForCynics. PaulsEgo is awesome!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago

    There is nothing wrong about including rape in ones work of fiction. I do it all the time.

  • Sammy N
    Sammy N 16 days ago

    I haven’t watch a single NC or Channel awesome video since the “change the channel” controversy started and chances are I will not watch one for a long time.

  • Stoned Gentleman
    Stoned Gentleman 17 days ago

    How is what they did to Holly not illegal? How are non competes even legal?

  • Spider Lilly
    Spider Lilly 17 days ago

    I don’t really know if either Doug or Mike Michaud was the cause of this whole situation, but needless to say I am disappointed in Nostalgia Critic. Sure his videos aren’t perfect, and honestly he has been going downhill even before the allegations happened (though imo I didn’t the sketches in his earlier videos weren’t so bad, but, yeah, again it went downhill from there).
    Doug should’ve just retired from being Nostalgia Critic when he did a long time ago. Before things got bad.

  • Squilliam J Fancyboi
    Squilliam J Fancyboi 17 days ago

    Sam Hyde's sure gone downhill

  • WillDaBeard
    WillDaBeard 18 days ago +1

    I'm still very fond of Phelous, shame he's so undersubscribed.

  • Lunacorva
    Lunacorva 18 days ago

    Okay, I have to correct you on something. The scene was not a "rape joke", the joke was that Film Brain mistook the sounds of the nostalgia chick and mechakara fighting in her room for sounds of coitus. Unfunny? Sure, but it's untruthful to call it a "rape joke" since nowhere was rape implied. Another character thought they were having sex, yes. But sex and rape are not the same thing.
    What Linkara was uncomfortable about, was the fact that a scene where his character assaults someone with a power drill included a sex joke, as it reminded him of a comic storyline where a young woman was tortured to death with a power drill and the artist choose to sexualise her mutilated corpse rather giving it the scene the horrific gravitas it deserved.
    If I may change track a bit. While I do genuinely enjoy the Channel Awesome movies, I feel their biggest flaws was a sense of insecurity on the part of the writer. Whenever a scene was about to be dramatic or scary, the writer felt the need to defuse the drama by throwing in a quick joke. I feel the sex joke in the above mentioned scene was one of the worst examples of that. The writer didn't want the villain to be TOO threatening and felt the need to throw in any kind of joke to defuse tension.

    • Lunacorva
      Lunacorva 16 days ago

      I can see how that would come across, but giving benefit of the doubt, the way that script looked, I believe the joke was more in regards to BDSM instead of actual rape. Then again, I beleiveDoug Walker has used rape as comedy before, usually at his own character's expense.

    • Sammy N
      Sammy N 16 days ago +1

      Lunacorva the scene was originally written much more like a joke about rape, it was so distasteful Lindsey and Linkara didn’t feel comfortable acting it out until they toned it down.

  • Humphrey brogard
    Humphrey brogard 18 days ago

    This is completely out of topic, but in my town the news is reporting that someone sexually assulted a beaver.

  • Pink Macaroon
    Pink Macaroon 18 days ago

    Wow. I didn't know that the nostalgia critic was such a piece of shit

  • GeoBob
    GeoBob 19 days ago

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about Nigahiga in these type videos about what to do RIGHT

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 19 days ago +1

    Guess his fanbase has Alzheimers or something. They seem to have forgotten about it despite them demanding that Doug say something about it.

  • Joshing Up
    Joshing Up 19 days ago

    This is like a cleaner bite size version of Metokurs vid

  • Reap3r
    Reap3r 20 days ago

    8:33 damn you can tell which arm he wanks with

  • Wilhelm Klink
    Wilhelm Klink 20 days ago

    Oh shit, it's pageboy TJ.

  • PointsofData
    PointsofData 21 day ago

    The unnamed groomer was JewWario, it was later leaked. He was a massively beloved creator who committed suicide. I only learned about him after his death, and often went back to a stream clip where he does a little speech about how no one is stupid or worthless and wished I could have met him in person. You can see, maybe not anymore but for a long while, little yellow jewwario hats in the back of some TGWTG vids like Spoony and Angry Joe.
    Now I'm glad he's dead.

  • Dragzilla 66
    Dragzilla 66 21 day ago +2

    Bless you for not being involved with Channel Awesome. My friend was speaking to them about joining in a group Skype webcam. He was a metal awesome dude, I got to find him on TheXvid again. It's been years, Met him in 2009 from his Turtles Forever review. Also... $90,000 on a crappy game show!? What the actual fuuuuuuck!? No charity for that pile of money!?

    RETRO GAMER 2.0 21 day ago +1

    i like how he takes this as calm as possible i would flip my shit

  • Highintheground08
    Highintheground08 21 day ago +1

    Good stuff

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

    this video is an edited together trainwreck of copyright claims. I BET UR SURE PROUD BOI

  • that one kid in school who eats glue

    Todd in the shadow is still good

  • Hannah Gs
    Hannah Gs 22 days ago

    Lindsay Ellis makes such amazing, thoughtful, intelligent, video essays and movie reviews, I didn’t even know she was a part of Channel Awesome. I’m glad she left and got to have her own voice. I go to see what Doug is up to every once in a while, for nostalgia’s sake (😅😅) and god it still posses me off that he refuses to buy a better camera and use lighting and a real microphone. Like come ooooonnn its 2018 and you have money there is no excuse to be that lazy.

  • GabDubé
    GabDubé 23 days ago

    So, apparently, people in the USA pronounce the French name "Michaud" as "MacCod" ?
    Anglos should pronounce it "Meeshow".
    It means "Maker of buns", as a name that was commonly given to bakers in the medieval period.

  • John Banks
    John Banks 23 days ago

    Wow, so those guys are pretty much next-level pieces of shit. 22:02 - 22:39 sums up what angers me about them the most. It actually pisses me off just thinking about it.

  • sherrysicle
    sherrysicle 23 days ago +1

    i love todd in the shadows so much. i’ve watched all of his reviews at least twice.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 23 days ago +1

    I like the rap critic

  • NA
    NA 23 days ago

    Go back to blip?

  • Nine-Tailed Kitsune
    Nine-Tailed Kitsune 25 days ago

    11:33 Good lord, what movie is that?

  • Celeste Shulissa
    Celeste Shulissa 25 days ago +3

    Never even heard of these movies that they had all made, but let me just say, seeing a bunch of middle aged men play dress up in a forest is just a bit cheesy for my tastes.

  • Kilovw Dude
    Kilovw Dude 25 days ago

    Love the slow zoom on the monologue in the beginning

  • Seth Harper
    Seth Harper 25 days ago

    Content cop channel awesome...come on...we need it

  • Jason Chaos
    Jason Chaos 25 days ago

    Ya know i dont really agree that hes a fallen titan and i still like him but you do give actual evidence which i respect

  • Silverus
    Silverus 26 days ago

    But the chart says..

  • Rotten Egg Creations
    Rotten Egg Creations 26 days ago

    They fired the ones accused of harassment though. Can't really press charges on behalf of a victim unless of course you want to pay out for a defamation settlement. Which ironically is something channel awesome could of done from this document of disgruntled workers who couldn't get their own audience or expand their content. some missed out on Apple bees and thought it was Important to include here. But I get it, it's the little guy Going up against the big mean corporation so have fun with that cliche. It's not really ignored sexual harassment accusations if they fired the people responsible, but I guess you thinking like Neogaf, we just believe everything without evidence.

  • North33A
    North33A 26 days ago

    disliked and ignored :^]

  • Nick Ferrum
    Nick Ferrum 26 days ago

    Why does Doug Walkers high school picture look like he was the guy to rush to the aid of any female who’s upset and yet always gets friend zoned

  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark 28 days ago

    I really, really hope Bennett The Sage doesn't have skeletons in his closet. He's one of the guys who has shaped me

  • QJ89
    QJ89 28 days ago

    Are the extended specials really that bad? Granted, I haven't re-watched them since they came out, but after learning what happened behind the scenes, it's probably not worth it. Better to have your memories untainted...

  • Sam Owens
    Sam Owens 28 days ago +1

    The Nostalgia Critic has always seemed like an obnoxious asshole to me

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder 29 days ago

    This is very informative and I'm so glad it exists, because I've been confused for the longest time. People kept talking about how "We're sorry that you felt that way" is the death of Channel Awesome, and I had no idea what they were talking about. Considering the length of this video, I can see why no one ever took the time to explain all this to me.

  • Funeral enthusiast
    Funeral enthusiast 29 days ago

    That annoying voice ripping into rape want to die

  • Funeral enthusiast
    Funeral enthusiast 29 days ago

    Even before the scandal

  • Funeral enthusiast
    Funeral enthusiast 29 days ago

    I hate Doug tbh

  • Hydra Loonie
    Hydra Loonie 29 days ago

    I liked most of Kickassia and Subburban knights, but yeah To Bodly Flee felt like a mess

  • scoobysnax
    scoobysnax Month ago

    i am now in a state of permanent cringe. my head has, much like a turtle, retracted into my torso.

  • Thijmen Vervaet
    Thijmen Vervaet Month ago

    Todd in the shadows is awesome, never knew he was 'a part' of all of this. Nice vid!

  • seneca uk
    seneca uk Month ago

    I love your content and I just discovered you today! I'd love a discussion about what's happened to Cracked and its YT channel...keep it up man

  • princesstamika
    princesstamika Month ago

    thank you for non-gator commentary on this. it's really disgusting how the overlap of gators and incels has polluted youtube with biased and ignorant takes.

  • Jeremy Tewari
    Jeremy Tewari Month ago

    Hell yeah I love Todd in the Shadows

  • Conow Yi
    Conow Yi Month ago +1

    Is it just me, or is channel awesome is doing pretty well after all that?

    • 97 Cent
      97 Cent 27 days ago

      Conow Yi on the surface but they've lost subs and who knows what's going on behind the scenes

    • princesstamika
      princesstamika Month ago +1

      it's not just you. people stopped caring or never cared in the first place about all the stuff that came out. c'est l'vie.

  • Richard Roberson
    Richard Roberson Month ago

    Todd in the shadows is still a great TheXvidr

  • Richard Roberson
    Richard Roberson Month ago

    The controversy is still dumb though

  • Turbo
    Turbo Month ago

    Next you're going to tell me that James Rolfe is also a flying demon from the 7th dimension... Please don't tell me that.

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson Month ago +1

    Oh and Doug Walker was a terrible critic.

  • FlamingSackOfPizza
    FlamingSackOfPizza Month ago

    drinking game: take a shot every time doug says "satire parody clause"

  • SirPumpkinSlice
    SirPumpkinSlice Month ago

    By the standards given in the video, I'm not sure this qualifies as fair use.

  • Dylan Paine
    Dylan Paine Month ago

    I just discovered your channel (this is the second video of yours that I’ve watched) and I’m subscribing just because of the doctor who, back to the future 2, and multiple other awesome merchandise that you have on your shelf (plus obviously your content)

  • Salted Ginger
    Salted Ginger Month ago

    Is Todd in the shadows still assosctiated with Theguywiththeglasses?
    I hope not because Todd is genuinely a talented reviewer and is incredibly entertaining

  • Jack Stryder
    Jack Stryder Month ago

    Didn't Lindsay Ellis make videos with awful rape jokes in the past?

  • privaivy
    privaivy Month ago +1

    did anyone else think he was doing a Darth Plagueis copypasta at 0:45

  • Charles Baker
    Charles Baker Month ago

    Seems to be doing quite well.... While all the others are.... Well.. Doing something?

  • suadela87
    suadela87 Month ago

    ...I had no idea... I just knew Lindsay Ellis had a falling out and I never investigated further, until now.
    ...I’m very disappointed in Channel Awesome and doubt I can watch those videos with a clear conscience now.

  • вєηנαмιℓℓιση

    Nostalgia Critic: He'll remember it in the afterlife.

  • brainman67
    brainman67 Month ago

    This was horrid absolutely disgusting I feel so horrible about the problems a lot of these creators faced these horrors this is sad every problem in a company was shown here this was insane

  • RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 Month ago +2

    Couple quick points
    1. You say content creator's had to come up with a "gimmick, i say "niche"
    2. The point about reviewers not being able to review stuff that was already done is bullshit cause when they brought that up it was as A JOKE, there's this thing between being deadly serious and trolling called "just making a joke" they probably brought that up because the fans brought it up.
    3. I don't really like Doug either and i think he's definitely in the wrong, but playing some clips out of context on why he doesn't understand fair use doesn't make your point well.
    4. I've personally never watched a nostalgia critic video as a substitute for watching the movie. Also are you trying to compare his review videos to piracy by using the old disproven argument that piracy equals a lost sale? I don't mean to sound condescending but that seems silly.
    Other than that awesome and very informative video!

  • Shining Armour
    Shining Armour Month ago +5

    Doug always stroke me as the kind that would repress heinous atrocities and hide them behind a smile or cartoonish skit.
    Even in his shows, there would *always* be misery and he'd try to make comedy out of someone's expense, the more atrocious, the stronger he'd try to grin at the camera. Everyone needs to learn to watch out for these kinds of people, they're like scary evil clowns.

    • princesstamika
      princesstamika Month ago +1

      he literally thinks all comedy comes fom pain.

  • milking cow suprise

    so whats going on now?? with malcolm, tamara, heather, walter and Aiyanna?? And rachel... everybody talks about the old creaters... whats going on with these guys?? Are they okay??

  • Joel Pesachowitz
    Joel Pesachowitz Month ago +1

    More people need to watch Ralph the movie maker. He makes great detailed movie reviews and unlike the nostalgia critic he is really fucking funny. Also his channel isn’t like some huge corporation, it’s just some guy sitting around in his apartment talking about movies

  • ccricers
    ccricers Month ago

    I dated one of the staff members long ago before she even got deeply involved with CA. Then reading this document's accounts of her bad work experiences only made worse by her medical condition made knowing this even weirder.

  • Popular Pen-Name
    Popular Pen-Name Month ago +1

    No person with a face like Mike's can ever be innocent, it's always the bald ones.

  • Georgia Compacto
    Georgia Compacto Month ago

    Power corrupts

  • Georgia Compacto
    Georgia Compacto Month ago

    Have you ever heard the story of Darth Doug the wise