Channel Awesome | Fallen Titans #3

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • Many moons ago, when I first envisioned this series, two words stuck out in my mind: "Channel. Awesome." I've spent well over a year planning the Fallen Titans series, and the entire time I've kept it in my mind that a cornerstone of this was going to be discussing Thatguywiththeglasses and what happened to it. As recently as five days ago, I planned for the Channel Awesome Fallen Titans to serve as the finale. But, given the recent revelations about the conditions behind the scenes, I chose to move it up in the schedule. E n j o y ?
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  • Lindsay Ellis
    Lindsay Ellis Year ago +14289

    The section about Doug's understanding of Fair Use gave me 'nam flashbacks

    • mchikos
      mchikos Day ago

      I used to watch NC in high school. I just graduated college, started watching Lindsay Ellis. Only recently found out she was the nostalgia chick. Soooo glad she’s doing her own thing holy shit.

    • Joey Ford
      Joey Ford Day ago

      The sad part is, I've tried to explained to my mom about Channel Awesome's secret actions and all that, and she thinks people like you are "jealous" about the Nostalgic Critic's "talent". BTW no need to be upset, cause I was upset when she said that, due to the fact that when she didn't understand what happened over the years within Channel Awesome and the fact she likes the Nostalgic Critic. I even told my mom to watch this video:
      If she doesn't or happens to forget (Cause that's she's known for. lol), I will make sure she must watch it, to know the horrible truth about Channel Awesome. Spread the word for people to know the disgusting truth about the awful channel. #ChangeTheChannel

    • Ville Tågefelt
      Ville Tågefelt 11 days ago

      Lindsey you are awesome. Doug can´t even dream of being as good of a movie critic as you are.

    • RassilonTDavros
      RassilonTDavros 20 days ago

      Hearing the truth about Doug was heartbreaking, given how much I looked up to him as a teenager, but it’s for the best that the illusion was shattered. You did the right thing. It was about time I grew up a little.

    • Joey Ford
      Joey Ford Month ago

      Hey Lindsey, I'm sorry that you and other staff got treated like dog s*** over at Channel "not so" Awesome! :'(

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim
    Mujtaba Ibrahim 2 hours ago

    can someone tell me how Doug is still making videos??

  • Timliu92
    Timliu92 5 hours ago

    16:19 That seriously looked awful.

  • William Brinkley
    William Brinkley 18 hours ago +2

    Content creators don’t need to leave TheXvid, they need to band together and buy stock in the company, and take control of the platform.

  • M.F. Luder
    M.F. Luder Day ago

    What is this nerd faggotry? Why am I being recommended this shit? Some grown ass man with toys behind him talking about some other weirdos and this is entertainment? What has the world turned into Jesus Christ

  • Very Opinionated

    I loved the Nostalgia Critic as a kid. Over time though it became less about the reviews and more about unfunny skits. I miss the old Nostalgia Critic. Oh, well at least we still have Jon Tron!

    • Baby Purple Bat
      Baby Purple Bat Day ago

      Ohhhh boy. Wait til you find out what he's said. Watch his debate with Destiny, I was floored.

    THE LAB Day ago

    I'm glad someone finally said that these Channel Awesome people/critics are horrible filmakers. I thought I was going crazy. I wouldnt even call them filmakers. All they seem to do is roll camera and start fucking around. What a waste.

  • GlowBox
    GlowBox Day ago +1

    I still love Todd in the shadows

  • st r
    st r Day ago

    17:55 Which is worse: ignored or labelled a troublemaker?

  • st r
    st r Day ago

    11:28 Showing subtitles/cpations for a second is pointless.

  • BadwolfGamer
    BadwolfGamer 2 days ago

    One year later nothing has changed!

  • swarlock
    swarlock 2 days ago

    Hearing all of this leaves me very dissapointed in people in The Entertainment Industry whether it's on TheXvid or anywhere else can let themselves be downgraded and bullied into doing someone else's dirty work. You mde the right decision to stay independent from this sad state of affairs.

  • BlokeAfterWar
    BlokeAfterWar 3 days ago +2

    I'm 15 and I can probably run a better company than Mike and Doug

  • Ben
    Ben 3 days ago

    Is that yearbook picture of Doug for real?

  • SouthwesternEagle
    SouthwesternEagle 3 days ago

    Wow. Doug Walker's network is absolutely horrible!

  • Kat Welham
    Kat Welham 3 days ago

    Is Maven independent these days too?

  • Jefferu Nintendomoto

    I'm in a weird position because The Cinema Snob is the only one I think is and was actually funny.

  • KP LLC
    KP LLC 4 days ago

    I just had to watch one of his videos and I knew he sucked.

  • David Colby
    David Colby 4 days ago

    The linkara clip you play really reminds me why I like Linkara so much.

  • Fred Bernardin
    Fred Bernardin 4 days ago

    I liked the slip about "servance pay" 22:19 (when you meant "severance pay") - sounds like servance pay is pretty accurate though. Thanks for the vid. While I don't expect that I could be friends with the creators of everything I like, being a horrible person (people) is enough for me to drop it.

  • walsallmatt
    walsallmatt 4 days ago

    Hi Quinton, i'm about a year late to the party it seems but this whole thing of the nostalgia critic and channel awesome has just crossed my path, i'm genuinely dumb struck as to how far reaching this is

  • Ethan Rubenstein
    Ethan Rubenstein 4 days ago

    20:37 how ironic that it was 69 pages

  • HRH the Duke of Sarcasm

    “But the chart says...”

  • The Movie Dealers
    The Movie Dealers 5 days ago

    I've been watching TheXvid almost since it started, and have been watching Allison Pregler and Brad Jones for several years. And until today, never heard of this guy Walker, or The Nostalgia Critic, or Channel Awesome. (And obviously never watched any of their content.)

  • JadeEyes1
    JadeEyes1 6 days ago +4

    I think it's safe to say a lot of people do remember. Especially in light of the new documentary.

    • Maude Dillin
      Maude Dillin Hour ago

      +Baby Purple Bat Cinematic Venom put out a doc (more of an elongated video essay) talking about the details of the controversy and it has basically brought it back into the spotlight. A lot of people claim he's just beating a dead horse for views but personally I think that given that CA never truly gave a real apology that they should absolutely remain under public scrutiny until they do decide to do the decent thing.

    • Baby Purple Bat
      Baby Purple Bat Day ago

      what documentary?

  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam 6 days ago +1

    If anything, Doug made me watch the room!

    • Maude Dillin
      Maude Dillin Hour ago

      Same. I never would have known about The Room if it weren't for him, and thus never would have been lucky enough to attend a screening and meet Wiseau and Sestero himself. Thing is, I can't deny the value of the joy Doug's content brought to my life (even in a silly way) even if it turns out he personally did some awful things. I'm admittedly probably always going to enjoy his content, especially that review, but unfortunately now I can no longer love the content creator or support him as a person.

  • troy neenan
    troy neenan 6 days ago +2

    The site feels as if it needs to go under a complete rebranding and to have a management purge. It seems that straight from the start the site, while it had a good idea, was implemented poorly.
    They had a lot of good talent.

  • Kantious
    Kantious 7 days ago

    pls move to bitchute
    youtube big heterosexualn't

  • Deathcheat 666
    Deathcheat 666 8 days ago

    This would make a great biopic.

    I mean what happened was awful.

    But I'm not the only one who would watch that movie.

  • Ben Botkin
    Ben Botkin 11 days ago +2

    It’s kind of weird watching your content. You and I look really alike 😂

  • Spyro Fan
    Spyro Fan 11 days ago +2

    Don't give up on your dream of being friends with Linkara, Todd and Lindsay mate

    STR4NGR 13 days ago

    bruh this isnt proof that an alternate platform wouldnt work

  • siddhesh pillai
    siddhesh pillai 14 days ago

    Doug Walker the ea of youtube

  • Daniel McKibben
    Daniel McKibben 15 days ago

    Amateurs acting like amateurs. What a shock

  • tiddleto2te
    tiddleto2te 16 days ago

    I always thought all their videos were terrible. Doug was always massively cringe inducing to me.

  • William De Silva
    William De Silva 16 days ago

    I was never on the Channel Awesome bandwagon.

    Not that I hated them or was "too cool" for any reasons. Just that I tend to miss these TheXvid/Social media bandwagons in the first place and by the time I'm aware of them, they've either past their prime or have got a f*** ton of videos for me to catch up.

  • Joshua Tyler
    Joshua Tyler 16 days ago

    Funny to see all of these comments from people who have clearly not finished the video.

  • Noodle Media Entertainment

    "and the Cinema Snob Reviewed porn" wait what?! lol

  • AmatMiguel
    AmatMiguel 17 days ago +1

    1 year later, did Nostalgia Critic (or anyone else involved with the channel) ever do an actual apology for these horrid acts?

  • doktor crits
    doktor crits 18 days ago +1

    So, Avgn Won?

  • Marco Brilli
    Marco Brilli 18 days ago

    Rewatching this a year l8er and boy,still can't believe one of my favorite and most inspirational videomakers went so downhill....

  • Ankford
    Ankford 20 days ago +1

    I own signed copies of all three "movies". I'm not gonna throw them out but they long since went to the back of the shelf.

  • Chiel Voswijk
    Chiel Voswijk 21 day ago +1

    Oof. i forgot when he did THOSE videos about fair use in response to the takedowns by Wis...Wisseau? The room guy. So much cringe.

    There is a reason why CA is purely the NC-crew now. They still operate, still getting views and still making (honestly) entertaining videos. But the old TGWTG/Channel Awesome is long dead.
    I think it is better this way honestly. They still survive while entertaining people, yet isolated from others so these kinds of horrible things are far less likely to happen again. They live in their own little universe now.

  • Harriet Alice
    Harriet Alice 22 days ago

    I saw that he managed to bamboozle people from the Xmen cartoon to appear in his latest video. It made me a bit emotional tbh. I'm not gonna say he didn't deserve it but seeing all the love Danika (CG19) puts into her channel and her genuine affection for the Xmen. It just idk stings a bit... =/

  • Sw!n
    Sw!n 23 days ago

    Bruh I started watching Doug when he started uploading to TheXvid after blip (although I didn’t know anything about his website at the time) but now that I understand everything I’m disgusted lol

  • Blue Jelly
    Blue Jelly 24 days ago

    I always think it's funny when TheXvidrs claim fair use when their video gets demonetized even though fair use doesn't count when you make money off of whatever you use.

  • Met3lAngel
    Met3lAngel 25 days ago

    Anyone know who the guy grooming his fans is?

  • plasticwrap
    plasticwrap 27 days ago

    Wow. Just wow.

  • PeachDragon Productions
    PeachDragon Productions 28 days ago +6

    Well, having watched the Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick in my tweens, it was really satisfying to hear you say "I remember it so you don't have to".
    Full circle.

  • Nic Winstead Art
    Nic Winstead Art 29 days ago +1

    This would make a great Netflix movie when it's all over, call it "we remembered it, so you don't have to."

  • Troubled Teen Help
    Troubled Teen Help Month ago +1

    I fail to see a problem behind the scenes

  • Vineet Honkan
    Vineet Honkan Month ago +1

    wasn't this just last year?

  • Melkhiordarkblade
    Melkhiordarkblade Month ago

    Just curious, is Doug under contract to always have Token Black and Token Girl in every video? I stopped watched after the Turbo review... Doing a Power Rangers review? Got a Power Rangers super fan critic on your site? Got him in the video......... just for two second came, going to do a stupidly long and unfunny "comedy"universe with my token diversity hires. Also just also curious since that first Token Girl left and a second one just appeared instantly to replace her.

    • Chiel Voswijk
      Chiel Voswijk 21 day ago

      Cause it makes writing easier. Purely that. Being contrasting to doug himself in gender/race means they can adopt nearly every kind of foil they may need.
      Need to make a joke involving colour? Bring in malcolm! Anything female required? Bring in Rachel/Tamara!
      It is why "token" characters where often introduced in shows even way before diversity was considered (sometimes overly) important. Having characters/actors at your disposal that can make for multiple foils can give easy access to a lot of freedom in writing and get away with a LOT more.

  • MomoTheBellyDancer
    MomoTheBellyDancer Month ago +1

    Well, it's almost a year later now, and nothing has changed.

  • Franz Pattison
    Franz Pattison Month ago +1

    What a bunch of crazy shit

  • Mr. Spaghetti
    Mr. Spaghetti Month ago +1

    Channel Awesome? More like Channel AWFUL. Am I right?
    I still watch that channel sometimes...

  • Ostego Lectric
    Ostego Lectric Month ago

    Channel Awesome and Two Best Friends were the main reasons I started making videos. That content and those people got me through a really tough grad school program. I might not do much with YT anymore, but the things I learned while making videos helped me get to where I am professionally.
    I too once had dreams that I could be a contributor, and I really wanted to be a part of that community... too bad there was so many horrible things going on behind the scenes.

  • Randy Myer
    Randy Myer Month ago +1

    It's 2019 and channel awesome it's doing pretty good with over a million subscribers. So....yea

  • richard trumpet
    richard trumpet Month ago +2

    Its interesting that spoony was never mentioned at all. You could make an entire video just on him.

  • UWA Elite Pro Wrestling

    It would appear that you were a little premature in declaring Channel Awesome dead.
    "Channel Awesome" was always viewed as "Nostalgia Critic and friends" by pretty much everybody and now that the smoke has cleared (and a proper amount of time has passed to survey the damage instead of having to predict what will happen) it is very clear that was 100% true.
    Nostalgia Critic continues to grow and thrive (they just moved into bigger studio space and the part time NC team are now full time staff). Brad Jones is also doing this full time and like Doug wasn't hurt at all in the long term.
    Meanwhile the people that left Channel Awesome have had a less than stellar success rate. Don't get me wrong people like Linkara have continued to thrive because he is extremely talented and works hard on his content but for alot of the former CA content creators they have fallen off without any support.

  • rubber duck Productions

    Great video, one complaint. What about some jerk with a camera? Not a real complaint, i just am a fan of some jerk with a camera. Great vid.

  • David Álvarez
    David Álvarez Month ago +2

    Almost a year from the making of this video, Channel Awesome is still going and quite strong I have to say (maybe not compared to before), and I don't know how to feel. Latest Tamara's Just Seen was cringy (Captain Marvel), sometimes I think the channel is being used as a propaganda platform for MCU and SW properties.

    • UnknownDane
      UnknownDane Month ago +1

      I personally just cut them off, I liked the movie reviews and I thought it would only be temporary until they settled out their matters, but after they reaction to the criticism I straight up just up and left and have never seen another of their videos since. If they show up in my recommended then I go out of my way to tell youtube's system that I'm not interested in the channel

  • PaintedEyes
    PaintedEyes Month ago

    Very good video, keep up the good work

  • Kathleen Woodhouse
    Kathleen Woodhouse Month ago +1

    Even before all this controversy, after he re-became the NC after TBF, his content has gone to shit. It seems like he feels he cant carry the show on his own. He has to have some one else on and some nerd celebrity guest star to make it "cool". Its always really "skit"esque. What happened to just making funny observations? Oh well cant stand to watch it after this revelation anyway

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim Month ago +3

    I like Nostalgia Critic

  • Dersu DeLarge
    Dersu DeLarge Month ago

    I liked this video, but I won't share it because I'm afraid Channel Awesome will block me.

    NICHOLAS MOROTE Month ago +3

    Still like Nostalgia Critic though.

  • [redacted]
    [redacted] Month ago

    Oh shit, Trailer Failure was made by the Amazing Atheist?
    Wow! His review of the Avatar trailer remains to this day the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Josué Castro
    Josué Castro Month ago +1

    wait, at 2:32 you rotoscope your beard!
    that gets a like

  • Orly Doe
    Orly Doe Month ago +2

    I’m editing this because the comment I made did not make sense.
    TheXvid companies and all that jazz confuse me a lot. It’s like even though I understand what he’s saying, I also don’t at the same time.
    I didn’t watch the whole video cause I got extremely confused, but I want to understand the jist of it.. sorta.
    I just want to know if Doug is at fault here. Did Doug do something bad? (Damn that sounded naive)
    Like is he okay with the stuff that’s happening? (In terms of mike(is that his name?) owning his content and the other stuff?)
    I’m really confused. I just wanna know if loving Doug and his videos is wrong because Nostalgia Critic has gotten me through hard times and still does, and obviously I don’t want to support Doug if he did something terrible, but I’m really devastated. I sound completely ignorant but can someone please answer? (If you understood anything I said, my English is shit)

    • Orly Doe
      Orly Doe Month ago +1

      Jason Smith
      Thanks for the response, really

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Month ago +2

      I remember Doug saying he'd look into this but he seems really hesitant or Mike has him in a vice grip to make Doug be quiet about some things. Otherwise Doug would speak out. Even if Doug never personally hurt someone or molested someone, if he knows about it and does nothing, it sounds like it makes him just as guilty.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago +1

    It seems to be sort of the age where we find out many of the ones we looked up to turned out to be pieces of shit. With Channel awesome, Billy Mitchel video game champion, Konami, Funimation with the Vic case. Everyone we thought was somewhat decent turned out to be horrible and it's sad to see them like this. Even some former CA members like Marz Gurl, Lord Kat, Spoony, JesuOtaku ect. lost their friggin minds.

    BIBIXGIRL Month ago

    Every time I remember this story it makes me sad. I’ve been a loyal fan of Channel Awesome since I was 8 years old. My mom even told me not to watch the stuff they’d put out there. But I kept watching. I kept watching because Channel Awesome made me happy during the time I was getting bullied at school for being different. So when this incident happened I was highly disappointed and wished that I could go back to the good old days. Well, I guess it wasn’t exactly “the good old days” behind the scenes :\

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago +2

    I always wondered what they were thinking to let Mike be the CEO and I always thought that he secretly bribed the walkers into signing the brand to them. And that they can't kick him out since he owns the Nostalgia Critic. They gained nothing from signing it to him so I always thought he knew something they didn't know or perhaps threatened to blackmail them or something.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago +2

    It's kind of a shame most of the channel awesome members both present and mostly former lost their friggin minds, like Spoony, Lord Kat, Marz Gurl Jesuotaku, Lupa ect. and with this with Justin doesn't help. Been lots of controversies lately, like with Konami and Funimation, too. And no one seems to really notice or care.

  • Winterfang
    Winterfang Month ago +3

    I love how this all turn out to nothing. Good, I liked the channel.

  • TheOneAndOnlyNAB
    TheOneAndOnlyNAB Month ago

    Nostalgia Critic seriously would pull the "I gave you exposure!!!" card on movies that are much, much, MUCH bigger than his brand would ever be? Are you kidding me?

  • The D-Pad
    The D-Pad Month ago

    Once upon a time, I prayed that one day our channel might be considered good enough to be thought of in the same breath as ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and Channel Awesome. I thought maybe, just maybe, I might even be able to have us join.
    I could not possibly be happier that it never came to pass. Dodged the bullet of a lifetime.

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves Month ago

    The crossovers were great. They like to make fun of their acting abilities but I totally buy that they were buddies

  • K. Charrette
    K. Charrette Month ago +9

    Just never forget if you guys rewatch this too
    Most of these people if not all of them are still making content, and most of them are still good. Definitely support them!

  • MisaelDoesAnimation
    MisaelDoesAnimation Month ago +1

    Is it bad that, I hate everything is the only chanel that I know, the rest I've never heard off

  • Schleepy
    Schleepy Month ago

    Can’t believe I never noticed the levels of pretentiousness and narcissism that came across in all of Doug’s NC videos. Looking back, I’ve realized the signs were always there. And it’s miiiiighty cringe.

  • Are You Anxious to like my comments?

    Channel Awesome was ran like Death Row Records.

  • AdamLevii
    AdamLevii Month ago +4

    You should do your channel next

  • Sean Restivo
    Sean Restivo Month ago

    What about Jewwar....oh wait. We don’t talk about him.

  • Alphonso Delaughter II

    Ive watched this video about 3 times i dont know why but i like it

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 2 months ago

    Good video im subscribing to your channel keep it up good job

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 2 months ago

    I see why Oney makes fun of him all the time.

  • Sparkle Glitter
    Sparkle Glitter 2 months ago +2


  • Sparkle Glitter
    Sparkle Glitter 2 months ago +4

    Well the chart says...

  • Donald Pachinger
    Donald Pachinger 2 months ago

    Always knew they were pieces of shit. This just proves it.

  • Grant Biteman
    Grant Biteman 2 months ago +1

    5:45 the "sticking to girly products" and " don't watch this movie it's already been done" thing was a joke... an over-exaggeration... if this was actually true then Doug wouldn't have gone on to review the movie and Lindsay wouldn't have gone on to review... non-girly things... for years.... on channel awesome. And "becoming the nostalgia chick" was a good way to get initial views and attention. Better than just doing your own thing on the platform.

  • Carleigh wilsonator
    Carleigh wilsonator 2 months ago

    It's sad that Doug has fallen from grace because he used to be incredibly funny! But it's clear that he doesn't enjoy it anymore and that's sad.

  • Rei Joon Y
    Rei Joon Y 2 months ago +6

    I used to love Nostalgia Critic, but then I found out about all the harassment stuff and it made me really uncomfortable. I was really excited when I found out Lindsay Ellis has her own channel now, i always enjoyed her reviews and she seems way more comfortable now

  • Pappa B
    Pappa B 2 months ago +2

    That's sad to hear I never expected all that from a group of people I enjoyed watching

  • jobo
    jobo 2 months ago +3

    Man. I knew something bad went down at Channel Awesome, but I had no idea it was this bad. I’m glad Lindsey is still making content. I can’t remember the last time I watched a Nostalgia Critic video.

  • Drew Lytle
    Drew Lytle 2 months ago +1

    It's closing in on a year and it's still one of the hardest pills to swallow. I was a fan of the site, the creators, all of them since just after the second film. And I'll say this, I miss watching Doug. I miss going back and seeing the yearly movies, I liked most of the movies. I miss the community. But knowing what I know now.........I can't go back. I can't watch any review of Doug's.
    While I understand why he didn't, I remember posting on Doug's Facebook that if he made the decision to leave Mike and CA, I would support him. I wanted him to come out, say he messed up and say he's leaving. But he didn't. And honestly I get why on his part some of the problems involving him. Doug Walker doesn't come off as a terrible person like some of the others, he comes off as that artist who wants that vision, world be damned. There are artist types who NEED to create, who need that vision to come to life and if it involves a whole world of ash then they would not hesitate to light the match and burn the world. At the end of the day, Doug's a film director and to be honest there's a LONG history of film director's who had that vision they needed so much that they did questionable things to their cast and crews. Hitchcock, Kubrick, Tarintino, even Spielberg and Cameron has been guilty of this. And I say this as and up and starting director who's trying to not fall into the trap. Doug Walker and all his failings comes off as that artist who needs to create and can't imagine other lives with out. And while I don't condone him, I understand that at least.
    Mike Michaud is a piece of shit who sadly was smart and got into a place of authority. Rob Walker also doesn't seem that well off as a person as well, while he's had moments he's clearly no where near as passionate as Doug and while not nearly as bad as Mike he's very questionable and controversial in his means of handling business. I just miss the community, I miss going on the site every night and seeing the fresh uploads. I miss it so much. And maybe there will be a new site, a new community. But to see the ugly truth of the one that meant so much to me for a hurts.

  • Amaziah of Judah
    Amaziah of Judah 2 months ago +1

    "if i laugh in the video it's parody and protected by fair use. so you're telling me, by signing this contract i will become a millionaire with you managing my character?"
    -doug walker, most brilliant legal mind of our age

  • Kristian Fischer
    Kristian Fischer 2 months ago +3

    The situations with the movies were horrible. They weren’t even funny and screwed over every cast member whether they wanted to participate or not. They made every cast member look like a complete idiot.

  • The Dark Master The Dark Master

    Quinton is such a tool

  • The Dark Master The Dark Master

    TheXvid is overrated