Channel Awesome | Fallen Titans #3


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  • Lindsay Ellis
    Lindsay Ellis 8 months ago +12879

    The section about Doug's understanding of Fair Use gave me 'nam flashbacks

    • tubegirl2123
      tubegirl2123 2 days ago

      The Queen!

    • Do Not Reply
      Do Not Reply 8 days ago

      +Major Harlock the KKK hasn't lynched anyone since the 60's. Nowadays they're just a bunch of old white guys LARPing. But BLM on the other hand HAVE been starting riots, disrupting traffic, and assaulting people who don't agree with them.
      Sit the fuck down.

    • A Max
      A Max 9 days ago

      Keep up the good content miss Lindsay

    • SugaryCoyote
      SugaryCoyote 10 days ago

      Did your abortion give you flashbacks?

    • Emmy G
      Emmy G 15 days ago

      My Queen Lindsay coming for blood

  • tubegirl2123
    tubegirl2123 2 days ago

    Whelp now I just Unsubscribed to channel awesome

  • Reed Gill
    Reed Gill 3 days ago

    Wow, who would have thought the extremely bitter dude with a bone to pick with CA would have once wanted to work for the site? Absolutely shocking!
    This is a bunch of stupid drama. Who gives a shit.

  • spacegarnaal
    spacegarnaal 4 days ago

    I like that Peter Cushing Doctor who movie box set in the back ground.

  • ryiin
    ryiin 4 days ago

    Oh my god, these guys are discusting. Evil nerds taking over the world.

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 5 days ago

    Another one you didn't mention: JewWario i.e Justin Carmichael who committed suicide in 2014 has recently been found to have had many sexual allegations made towards him during his affiliations with channel awesome. A few women came forward and said he raped them. I wasn't aware that there was that much depravity associated with Channel Awesome. It's sickening to say the least. I've watched Nostalgia Critic for years. Up until he started changing his formula. I still watch some of his older videos from time to time. I remember The Amazing Atheist coming out a few years back about his experience with them but I didn't think much of it at the time. Sucks that people on the surface look like good hearted people and try to portray themselves as such usually end up being the worst kinds of people. Then the people who know they're assholes, openly admit it so at least they're honest.

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 5 days ago +1

    A FOUR hour film made in less than SEVEN days?! Christ. Filming/editing that pile must of been a nightmare.

  • hbk
    hbk 5 days ago

    I’ve never heard the name Michaud pronounced the way that this guy is saying it. I’ve always thought it was pronounced meeshude.

  • andrew baer
    andrew baer 7 days ago

    “And the cinema snob reviewed porn”😂

  • Lycaon 1765p
    Lycaon 1765p 7 days ago +1

    Damn, everytime I go back to this video I'm like, "the amazing atheist and Lindsey worked in the same space once? Damn.

  • Patricio Maloney
    Patricio Maloney 8 days ago

    I just went and unsubscribed to that guy (the one with the glasses)

  • NuvYou
    NuvYou 9 days ago

    All I got from this is there are some people who don't deserve the gift of life. Scum.

  • Ty
    Ty 9 days ago

    Why is there a RID Bumblebee transformer on your shelf?

  • Tamitha Tindall
    Tamitha Tindall 9 days ago

    "And the Cinema Snob reviewed porn."

  • A Max
    A Max 9 days ago +1

    You dont have a unibrow anymore. This is proof that you read the comment section.

  • SugaryCoyote
    SugaryCoyote 10 days ago +1

    Informative, but you seem too emotionally invested in this to believe everything in this video.

  • NerdFluxx
    NerdFluxx 10 days ago

    I always stuck with AVGN but never figured Doug for that kind of guy. He was just recently in a Cinemassacre movie rentals video with James Rolfe and I thought it was really good. I hope he straightens up, its not too late for him

  • Brian Cole
    Brian Cole 11 days ago

    Yeah Blip created a situation for many of us where we primarily enjoyed our video content off of TheXvid. Really, if some internet content required you to go to TheXvid, it often didn’t seem worth it. I wouldn’t just go to the TGWTG site, but also Spoony’s site, Angry Joe’s, Brad Jones, as well as non-TGWTG acts like RedLetterMedia and AVGN. It honestly felt strange and sad when blip fell apart and everyone had to move back to TheXvid. It was a scary time, it felt like a very real possibility that creators wouldn’t be able to make it work on the platform. Happily most have been successful here.

  • StephenRay
    StephenRay 13 days ago

    that opening got me

  • Naveek Darkroom
    Naveek Darkroom 14 days ago

    I was once a fan of The Channel Formerly Known As Awesome. I won't give Doug Walker and cohorts my time anymore (And thankfully I never gave JewWario one glance) at least many of the other former members are still doing okay. Todd In the Shadows is one of my favorites.

  • GarrettCube
    GarrettCube 14 days ago

    I feel bad for Doug. He’s stuck with the channel because somehow he lost the rights to his own idea to one of the biggest assholes in entertainment.
    I hope someday that he’ll be able to leave them with his idea and rights back. It’s not fair for him to be stuck in this shitstorm for any longer.

    • Eric Felds
      Eric Felds 14 days ago

      GarrettCube Doug was complicit in all this. He’s also an unfunny moron and I hope he’s soon forgotten by the internet.

  • silenthillfreak156
    silenthillfreak156 14 days ago im rather speechless. i discovered doug 2 yrs ago. and have enjoyed a lot of the reviews. but to hear all this...just gives me a sick feeling, as im sure most people got too. its so sad to hear this was happening in the background. ugh

  • Rokon J M
    Rokon J M 15 days ago

    I was looking up rwby stuff today and came across a less detailed version of this story and hearing the whole thing is so wild

  • MrWarners14
    MrWarners14 15 days ago

    I should point out a mistake regarding To Boldly Flee. They weren't stopping the cast's work for no reason (as that's what's being implied). SOPA (the controversial proposed US bill) was a massive deal back in 2011. It was going to affect how you'd view media online and the people online rallied against it. Now, I fully admit TGWTG had it's problems like the stuff you mentioned and the Google Doc, but this was going to affect everyone, not just the TGWTG team. It would have essentially robbed them of the work they did for years if the bill had passed. The TGWTG team were scared shitless and actually went to Congress at one point.
    Regardless of what you thought of their work, nobody deserves to lose their job over this. The job at TGWTG had problems but I'm speaking in general.
    Don't get me wrong, the movie was dogshit in hindsight and I regret watching it now but still, I think that was a crucial piece of information that should have been presented in this video for better context of why the movie's plot is the way it is.

  • Huckleberry Skunk
    Huckleberry Skunk 15 days ago

    weirdly enough I've never know TAA started on that guy with the glasses.... weird

  • TwoWheelWarrior
    TwoWheelWarrior 15 days ago

    Tamara is perfect...

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 15 days ago

    How does this guy have so many subscribers? He's really bad at this

  • Brian Cole
    Brian Cole 17 days ago

    Damn, I used to love TGWTG but watching those clips, the cringe is so real. A few of the creator's old work still holds up (mostly), like Todd, Noah, Brad, some of Lindsay's work, a few others, but Doug's work was always bad and only got worse to be honest.

  • Tika Moo
    Tika Moo 17 days ago +1

    Woah. I have a video on an old channel of Doug Walker picking me up and hugging me, a then 16 year old girl. Gross. No like.

  • Nick Lavigne
    Nick Lavigne 18 days ago +1

    Angry Joe and Doug are about a fun or funny as sticking a toothpick under your toenail and kicking a wall.

  • Amazing Spiderman Fan 2002

    Am I the only one that thought the Nostalgia Critic was a real person?

  • DoomRater
    DoomRater 18 days ago

    My god that apology letter reads like an Activision-Blizzard "We're heard your concerns" and an EA non-apology. I've stank up some rooms with some weird shit, but this smells worse than a heaviest loaded diaper contest.

  • Robogalikgun
    Robogalikgun 18 days ago

    I’m still gonna watch the nostalgia critic

  • The Pardigon
    The Pardigon 18 days ago

    wait was that angry joe? (center, 14:16)

  • noctos kanan
    noctos kanan 19 days ago

    im not sure how this guy could be so surprised at what is ignored due to greed. these issues are every where, and i mean everywhere

  • Jen Soon Ng
    Jen Soon Ng 19 days ago

    What about Spoony?

  • Demo Demon
    Demo Demon 19 days ago +3

    I just came here to comment that "Change the Channel" really changed nothing and whatever they lost has almost already been regained lol. Not really a fallen titan if the channel had 1 bad month and is still going strong lol.

    • Rhett 8
      Rhett 8 8 days ago

      Surviving, but not really going strong, and certainly not on top of the game like they used to be at one point. Sure, the numbers may have gone up on youtube, but empty subscriptions by sockpuppet viewers isn't a good metric for success.

  • Daniel Nyland
    Daniel Nyland 19 days ago

    Wow. I knew nothing about this. I watched a few videos at their site back in the day and had fun doing so, but oh man, I just lost all respect i had for the nostalgia critic. Thanks for this ultra-informative video. Subscribed 🤩

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd 19 days ago

    I used to play team Fortress 2 with Linkara and Spoony when they had a CA server, cool people who alligned themselves with a horrible company

  • Antlerz
    Antlerz 19 days ago

    0:57 Gottem

  • Leo Rodrìguez Guti
    Leo Rodrìguez Guti 19 days ago

    This video is only for youtubers video creators.. 🤔

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

    Evolve to survive on youtube
    More like copying what the big youtubers are Doing to survive.

  • Tlotoxl The Aztec
    Tlotoxl The Aztec 20 days ago

    Loving the Mondasian Cyberman in the background! Good taste man.

  • mrm64
    mrm64 20 days ago

    One day there's gonna be a video like this about Quinton Reviews, lol.

  • Thrifty032781
    Thrifty032781 20 days ago

    The criticism of the tactics used to make the movies and the treatment of the actors is understandable. I am confused by criticism of the quality of the movies. Were these movies supposed to be good? I thought they were just bad because it was understood it was made by a bunch of nobodies on a low budget.

  • superluigiac
    superluigiac 20 days ago

    I'm okay on shitting on shitty people, but i recommend stoping with the "me and my friends are good guys! That's why i can say this!"

  • Daniel Mihalko
    Daniel Mihalko 21 day ago

    Lol laughed out loud at your remember it so you dont have to joke.

  • Russ Fox
    Russ Fox 21 day ago

    They arent a fallen titan as much as they are still the biggest they ever were

    • Russ Fox
      Russ Fox 13 days ago

      Eric Felds i mean look above he has 1 million views right but hes no where near a million subs so its just the title that makes him seem sucessfull views mean nothing

    • Russ Fox
      Russ Fox 13 days ago

      Eric Felds no it is most of youtube no one not even pewdiepie has consistant views that match there sub scribers lol

    • Eric Felds
      Eric Felds 13 days ago

      Russ Fox it isn’t though, for example Quinton is more popular than ever while Doug has a fraction of the audience he had at his peak

    • Russ Fox
      Russ Fox 13 days ago

      Eric Felds thats most of youtube buddy

    • Eric Felds
      Eric Felds 13 days ago

      Russ Fox and pull about a third of the views that they used to

  • Mario Angel Ruiz
    Mario Angel Ruiz 21 day ago

    The only reason I stayed is for Tamara Chambers.

  • Bom Cabedal
    Bom Cabedal 22 days ago +1

    Why you would make this video if you're not prepared to be in any way critical? There are probably some genuine points in those 70 pages of complaints, but if you're merely going to regurgitate that one side's version of events and not even examine them, why should this video even exist? Isn't that exactly the kind of lazy pointlessness that is contributing to YT's demise as a creative medium?

  • Doctor J
    Doctor J 22 days ago

    You know, I was introduced to TGWTG by an ex-BF some years ago, and we had many fun nights watching and sharing a lot of laughs from there. Those memories just feels all gross now...well he was an immature jerk, so every memory feels gross, but still :p
    He sent me that Lupa post and we were heartbroken. If you haven't read it, it really does detail a nightmare hostile workplace and outright horrible (and possibly illegal) behavior from her bosses, particularly Michaud. That freak can burn in Hell.
    Now to see this...I really wish I could reach out to some of these people and apologize personally for what they endured and for ever supporting the site. Its a shame because Doug does seem like he at least tries to be professional and nice, but...lets not kid ourselves, you don't run such a place for 10 years and not be just as damn culpable. He needs to grow a pair and stop being Michaud's pansy.

  • Redmage 77
    Redmage 77 22 days ago

    I never do stumble upon these inward reflective youtube channels, this one by actually talking about what I watch on youtube is pretty revelatory.

  • Mexican Panda
    Mexican Panda 22 days ago +1

    I used to have a huge crush on the nostalgia chick, sorta still do lol
    I never really got into the nostalgic critic, tried watching a few but meh.
    I am a big fan of AVGN and Mike, more relatable, creative and funny. Even the cheesy movie they did.

    • K31R616
      K31R616 22 days ago +1

      The Bored James series is flippin' fantastic.

  • warioexpert
    warioexpert 22 days ago

    I watched one of his videos a few months after this whole ordeal. And honestly cant get into his content anymore, nowadays people have seemed to have forgotten about this whole debaucle... but not me.

  • SkaiCyan
    SkaiCyan 23 days ago

    Doug had to have been, at absolute best , willfully ignorant of what was going on, turning a blind eye intentionally because he can't be "Nostalgia Critic" if he leaves.
    Every time I find out more about celebrities and personalities I like they turn out to be awful....

  • joey Swanson
    joey Swanson 23 days ago

    Quinton = Nerd

  • Thicc Boss
    Thicc Boss 23 days ago +1

    *When's Fallen Titans:Jontron?*

  • JT
    JT 23 days ago

    Being 15 minutes late to work is perfectly reasonable grounds for firing

  • lotty
    lotty 23 days ago

    omg i love todd in the shadows i had no clue he used to be on channel awesome

  • Flint Ironstag
    Flint Ironstag 23 days ago

    i dont really like them either but how exactly are they fallen? seems they have just as many subs as views as they've always had.

  • DoctorLazers
    DoctorLazers 24 days ago

    Sexually harass the HR lady. Who's she gonna report it to? Genius move right there.

  • Zach Largo
    Zach Largo 24 days ago

    This video makes me wish I was subscribed to Channel Awesome so I could unsubscribe

  • DrDK144
    DrDK144 24 days ago

    I lost respect for Doug Walker when he created Bum Reviews because I in some ways saw it as a mockery of the homeless. I know from first hand experience that they have it as bad enough as it is, because I used to be friends with a homeless man at one point. However, I didn't know he was this much of a scumbag. Its ironic how he parodies TMZ when he himself would be a subject to their "reporting".

  • alex james
    alex james 24 days ago

    holy shit i never realized todd in the shadows was a part of that website. when i was watching him i never thought they seemed anything alike, but alas how the turn tables... still love him tho.

    • alex james
      alex james 24 days ago

      just finished the video and g-d. genuinely not just him but all the creators involved...i feel really sorry for em. that shits horrible! hope theyre all living good lives now.

  • Mr.Goaty Goat
    Mr.Goaty Goat 25 days ago

    Mkay. When Pan pizza (Co host and creator of the rebel taxi pizza party podcast) and the boys said that they played that fishing game, I really thought that they were bullshitting or just down playing it. I was wrong. It's literally the $3.00 fishing game you buy your kid when you spent all of your money on booze. This is so bad I think my brain hurty owww.. bIg meany hurt head stoop he!d hurt! NoO more boo bangs! SOTP IT! STOPTWGFSJHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • DrinkThis
    DrinkThis 25 days ago

    This is depressing. Thank you for educating us all

  • Mondo Cool
    Mondo Cool 25 days ago

    0:57-1:03 Got his ass

  • gamingnerdtom cross
    gamingnerdtom cross 25 days ago

    i like chanel awsome but i respect your opinion

  • ja da
    ja da 25 days ago

    Well between the Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic, these were the highlights for me in many a dark day. Both were entertaining and many of their videos I could watch more than once. To this day I still watch AVGN on a regular basis and from time to time I will also watch an older Nostalgia Critic as I still find his videos funny.
    I can understand not want to support someone you feel is not worthy. But with in reason good content is still good content. Does everyone stop watching the Cosby Show? Do we stop listening to Michael Jackson, The Dixie Chicks and even Alan Jackson? Do we stop watching all movies because some execs at the top are pigs?

  • J Dodson
    J Dodson 25 days ago

    Man, I remember 09-11 I was obsessed with ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. me and my buds would hang out to watch Nostalgia Critic. It's damn shameful to see how far they've fallen. Great video, Quinton.

  • Dan Gómez
    Dan Gómez 26 days ago

    So... the want to create a Rapture for youtube?

  • Toaster Strudel
    Toaster Strudel 26 days ago

    To boldly Flee should have just been doug, there was no need to ask everyone else to free up days on THEIR time, only to NOT get paid....or get to feature the film on their own respective channel.

  • Hammerhead547
    Hammerhead547 26 days ago

    To Boldly Flee was just three hours and forty minutes of doug jacking himself off.

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 26 days ago

    This is almost a Content Cop.

  • Fiendy
    Fiendy 26 days ago

    I had no idea Todd in the shadows used to be a channel awesome creator. Probably because he’s actually funny, interesting, and memorable

  • Emerald King
    Emerald King 26 days ago +1

    To be honest I really dont think this was dougs fault. y first he just wanted to have fun and make money doing it. (We would all like that) But the ceos of blip and other people used doug and his friends as pawns but now nostalgia critic is getting punished. Its kinda sad that nostalgia critic is getting used but know atleast he is doing his self well and having fun with it.

  • Marshall Smart
    Marshall Smart 27 days ago

    Then get the smart and nice youtubers to run youtube 2.0

  • Lord of All Things Crispy

    At least the Amazing Atheist moved away from to cultivate an audience of idiots

  • DespacitoGamer420
    DespacitoGamer420 27 days ago

    If they don't turn up in 15 minutes, we are legally allowed to make them leave.

  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder 28 days ago

    "We're sorry you felt that way."
    Holy shit. Those words alone should be a fineable offense.

  • Beckett
    Beckett 28 days ago

    The image of Phelous showing off the Nostalgia Critic's skull makes me laugh every time I see it.

  • Dragonage2ftw
    Dragonage2ftw 28 days ago

    This didn’t do shit.

  • Neovenator
    Neovenator 28 days ago

    Doug Walker is just a dangerous little weasel

  • Kaze No Okami
    Kaze No Okami 28 days ago

    Shouts out the Rap Critic

  • Asher Scott
    Asher Scott 28 days ago

    It's an interesting point that assaulter's rights to privacy is the thing that prevents us from getting specific details that could prove the incidents...

  • Prasan
    Prasan 28 days ago +1

    At least guys like Doug tried to do something, something creative, sure they made some mistakes, we all do. Your claim to fame is to make fun of these guys' downfall...

  • Angry Yogbuscus
    Angry Yogbuscus 28 days ago +2

    Mike Michaud? More like Mike Mi-chode, heyo!

  • sharkish
    sharkish 29 days ago

    2:22 you meant first episode... right?

  • sleazyfellow
    sleazyfellow 29 days ago

    Amazing atheist. Fucking himself with a banana and jerking off his micropenis online. Never took him serious again.

  • Steven
    Steven 29 days ago


  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox Month ago

    I still watch him

  • KiLL JMiN
    KiLL JMiN Month ago

    I'm so glad I found your channel

  • Gavin Kerr
    Gavin Kerr Month ago

    Although it is a payed service, floatplane Club was created by LinusTechTips for just this reason

  • StarCat64
    StarCat64 Month ago

    Man it always sucks to find out people you grew up loving, did scummy things.

  • Kipayami
    Kipayami Month ago

    Collab with mumkey jones

  • Paradox of Intolerance lol

    (((Mike Michaud)))

  • Michael Park
    Michael Park Month ago +1

    I had no idea. Wow. There's no excuse for any of this. I will say that 90k is nothing in production terms for any tv show including live ones- even if you already had a set.
    But... Yeah. I have no words.

  • Arunalu Kariyawasam

    Great video; you should know it's severance pay not servance pay.
    Severance as in to "sever" not as to "serve".
    I need to say this or it will bug me forever knowing you'll go at least a few more months of your life saying it wrong.

  • casey chapman
    casey chapman Month ago

    I'm 7 months late but great spongebob reference in the first 15 seconds of a video will always get my like

  • Ray Martinez
    Ray Martinez Month ago +2

    I didn’t see any real proof presented other than allegation aimed at them and your theory of we believe without actually seeing court preceding producing evidence otherwise is wholly imbecilic. Innocent until proven guilty not the other way around.