#1 BEST Ramen Noodles in JAPAN! FIVE HOUR WAIT!

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • I still love Ichiran, BUT I found someone new. Someone who completely changed my heart!
    Tomita Ramen was INCRIDBLELY amazing!!! It was so amazing that I had to go back and eat there once more. Something about the shiny wheat (chuka soba) noodles, the rich creamy broth, and that delicate fatty chashu pork just blew me away.
    ✧ Chuka Soba Tomita Ramen
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  3 months ago +927

    Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for chatting with me! Honest opinion, should we never do the premier thing again?? Let me know :-)

    • KarmaD
      KarmaD 2 days ago

      hey i heard that Japan's government banned restaurants from servicing raw pork due to hepatitis cases occuring, how come this restaurant is still serving raw pork

    • star seed
      star seed 21 day ago

      I love the way you get carried away with words when describing your food experience...love it! :D

    • Carlos  Hernandez
      Carlos Hernandez Month ago

      Hey Mikey...you know tamago is how you say egg in Japanese, so you really just said egg egg lol.

    • Kul Pun
      Kul Pun Month ago

      Normally in other videos you speak after each bites but today you talk less and you was enjoying your 1st video ramen noodles...
      By this i can feel how much delicious was this noodles...
      Anyway thanks a lot for your video and entertaining us..
      Love you 🤟🤟🤟

    • Rainbow Unicorn
      Rainbow Unicorn Month ago

      Strictly Dumpling 🥟 is cool

  • QuaztryOnYoutube
    QuaztryOnYoutube Day ago +1

    Those are some *THICC* noodles.

  • Jearim Reyes
    Jearim Reyes 2 days ago

    Mikey looks like a virgin going in his first time as he eats that bowl of ramen.

  • Slimey bananazz
    Slimey bananazz 3 days ago

    Hopefully u will come here a third time and do an asmr!!!

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 3 days ago

    Hi Mikey, I ate here after seeing your video and I can easily say this was the best meal I have EVER had in my life. It was worth the 5 hour wait and even falling down the stairs to get there that morning! 😂
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  • Chandra Ingram
    Chandra Ingram 3 days ago

    Ugh I wish this was my life

  • Techtonic
    Techtonic 6 days ago

    I'm gonna cry omg that ramen looks like art

  • ロムスカ・パロ・ウル・ラピュタ

    You know we Japanese people make slurping sounds when they are eating noodles, are those sounds bothering you?

  • iOS Oscar
    iOS Oscar 7 days ago +1

    Plot twist- They are instant

  • しゅん しゅん
    しゅん しゅん 11 days ago +1


  • a ga
    a ga 11 days ago

    That broth looks like gravy

  • BOB 1
    BOB 1 11 days ago

    Is that me or the thing is a topping in noruto

  • Kristina Ledesma
    Kristina Ledesma 12 days ago

    You're so cute mike! 😍

  • Arka Cheese
    Arka Cheese 12 days ago

    Sometimes u just act like the food is but this looks real

  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea
    Gamergirl4AyaBrea 13 days ago

    Your cheating on ichiran😱

  • Shadow_ Wili
    Shadow_ Wili 14 days ago

    I'm bout go make me some ramen noodles 😂

  • Gail Siangco
    Gail Siangco 16 days ago

    Awesome Ichiran Ramen !!! Thank you for sharing Mikey Chen !!!

  • sadcatgirl 900
    sadcatgirl 900 16 days ago

    This guy will wait years just for some yummy ramen that's how much he loves it

  • ぶるー
    ぶるー 17 days ago

    おお とみ田だ!

  • Audrey Bradford
    Audrey Bradford 17 days ago

    and here I am eating my kimchi flavored ramen from the 99 cent store.

  • Distant Galaxy Music
    Distant Galaxy Music 17 days ago

    Fling that fish cake as far as you can. Gross!

  • Stephy Meow
    Stephy Meow 17 days ago

    and there isn't hot oil! whaaaat? it must be good

  • god is here
    god is here 18 days ago

    Me: *waits for a week*
    Worth it

    Went to Japan and try it, it was a 2 hour wait but worth it

  • Hyacintha Riztbally Sutopo

    ramen? more like udon

  • Sara
    Sara 18 days ago

    12:12 I see you've learned well from tampopo

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch 18 days ago

    why slurp so much, its bad manners

    • The Carolyn View
      The Carolyn View 17 days ago

      in Japan it is culturally acceptable and more common than not to slurp your Raman.

  • myindepthmind
    myindepthmind 19 days ago

    You should 100% try ramen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
    Jinya, Kinton, Sansotei, Ajisen, Kenzo, THE LIST GOES ON! ❤️

  • sar buck3
    sar buck3 19 days ago

    Vietnamese noodles felt in Japan.

  • charly yoo
    charly yoo 20 days ago +1

    Too Big? The Ramen shop was oblivious with who was dining with them. Seriously, who else thought another two bowls were coming out.

  • CrAzY NoNaMe
    CrAzY NoNaMe 21 day ago

    Can I be you for one day I would literally faint if I ate the noodles YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM DELYSHOUS

  • andres felipe mantilla molano

    love at first slurp, filthy frank would be proud.

  • Donnie johnson
    Donnie johnson 21 day ago

    If his mother was in the room after he took that first taste he would have probably slapped her

  • Steve Yorkman
    Steve Yorkman 21 day ago

    Is that the Krabby Patty but its Ramen?

  • Kazeyo
    Kazeyo 21 day ago

    Gimme that

  • Karin5461
    Karin5461 22 days ago

    Practically drooling at the sight of the noodles

  • 中島雅
    中島雅 22 days ago

    You made me feel hungry

  • Mushroom Splay
    Mushroom Splay 23 days ago +2

    *C R A V I N G S*

    BIZBO BIZBO 24 days ago

    Oh yeaaaah

  • Edwin Ramirez
    Edwin Ramirez 25 days ago

    Young Jackie

  • Daniel CerVentus
    Daniel CerVentus 25 days ago

    Flew to Japan just for Tomita and I got to say Best ramen I had in my life. Had 10 bowls of some of the best ramens in my last trip.

  • DefinatelyNotABot
    DefinatelyNotABot 25 days ago

    This guy is naruto

  • Swagat Das
    Swagat Das 25 days ago

    You should really try the ramen at Ichiraku's ramen. It is rumoured that it is the best in the world. Believe it!👍

  • David Firenze
    David Firenze 27 days ago

    Sick shirt.

  • David C
    David C 27 days ago

    I'm hungry!

  • Andie
    Andie 28 days ago

    I can't say it enough...YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL! I so need and want to go to japan since I was a kid! I swear I am going to sell my house here in Costa Rica and just GO!

  • Bernandeth Negrete
    Bernandeth Negrete 28 days ago

    This just made me hungry

  • CrAzY NoNaMe
    CrAzY NoNaMe 29 days ago

    I live in America and ramen is my favorite food if I could only have one food to eat forever it would be ramen

  • ken kaneki
    ken kaneki 29 days ago

    Did anyone else try to eat there phone when they saw that ramen lol 😂

    GOGO MEMES 29 days ago +1

    Never go home if you're not yet satisfied

  • Wot you Lookin at?
    Wot you Lookin at? Month ago

    Dat face like.....
    *_Omima umoshindru NANI!!!!

  • Jesse Yeh
    Jesse Yeh Month ago

    What are places you recommend going during the wait time?

  • Kirfyx
    Kirfyx Month ago

    Closed captions: "majestic ramen" = "rajesh dick ramen" :| 13:38

  • John Carrita
    John Carrita Month ago

    Is is pork broth or chicken?

  • Frigg Off
    Frigg Off Month ago

    I wonder if this place inspired ichiraku ramen in the naruto anime

  • Talon Kishi
    Talon Kishi Month ago

    This video messed me up good. Watched this last night and since then I can't stop thinking about ramen. I'm here sitting at work craving for a bowl of some ramen goodness. Can't wait for lunch!

  • mildly interesting gameplays & frags

    "That pig just bummrushed me with flavor.." lmao

  • EHSTrojanMaster
    EHSTrojanMaster Month ago

    He went full on white girl @ 9:30

  • Graham Ridley
    Graham Ridley Month ago

    that pig just bumrushed me with flavour.. umm what? lmao

  • Young Wavy
    Young Wavy Month ago

    now ramen noodles start making me hungry

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred Month ago


  • Mtl Mad_Zero
    Mtl Mad_Zero Month ago

    That looks exactly like canned ramen .

  • RBXwilliamk14
    RBXwilliamk14 Month ago

    damn i really wanna taste real ramen

  • lolo lola
    lolo lola Month ago

    If you want good ramen. Either you go down south to fukuoka with hakata ramen or go up north with sapporo miso ramen. The ramen you ate is ordinary and ridulously expensive.

  • cheesy87
    cheesy87 Month ago

    I went to this shop back in 2012... It was truly amazing and well worth the 4 hours of waiting time

  • RpgOverlordGamer
    RpgOverlordGamer Month ago

    Is that Beyond Science guy Mike Chen?

  • Saryze
    Saryze Month ago

    I’m going to be honest....
    It looks like somebody had Taco Bell...

  • Ambrose DaMan
    Ambrose DaMan Month ago


  • SINGLE캠퍼
    SINGLE캠퍼 Month ago

    Soooo selty

  • Def Yoongi
    Def Yoongi Month ago

    **weeaboos have left their respective countries**

  • Viyxll
    Viyxll Month ago

    5:54 you forgot to say no homo XD

  • roquejo
    roquejo Month ago

    This is not ramen, it is a Tsukemen

  • celestinenox
    celestinenox Month ago

    I'm sorry, no hot oil? Who are you and what have you done with Mike??

    TONKOTSU666 Month ago

    omg im so hungry

  • Viony Tania
    Viony Tania Month ago

    i'm not really a huge fan of tsukemen but that looks really delicious, have you ever tried muttepou (in nakano)? i was a fan of gumshara ramen (in sydney) and found out they're a part of muttepou group (from nara) so i went to their tokyo's shop (in nakano)...it was a very thick and delicious tonkotsu ramen...

  • Jazenia Rodriguez
    Jazenia Rodriguez Month ago


  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren Month ago

    Best ramen in japan and the Word. Wow

  • NuggetRBLX
    NuggetRBLX Month ago

    I’m eating microwaved ramen while watching this lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha Month ago

    Are you Japanese?

  • Julie de Quintana
    Julie de Quintana Month ago

    Yumm! Looks so good!!!

  • GlitterPink Crazygal

    i wish i could go to japan with you and eat good food for the first time . I HAVE NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE USA -sad face- I need to get out of here.

  • Harvein Cotanda
    Harvein Cotanda Month ago

    This guy's judgement on food is just way too biased. He's like "this egg is just full of flavour and has lighter texture and oh my gosh it's so worth the wait"
    Dude, it's a boiled egg. A FREAKIN BOILED EGG

  • s mar
    s mar Month ago

    Tomita(とみ田) dipping ramen is one of the most famous. theres also branch shop at Chiba-station after ticket gate, and Narita Intl airport after security check. mikey went to the one in Matsudo is the best of group but others still worth visiting. Be sure you choose "dipping" ramen(つけめん). Enjoy fish frake miso base soup with yuzu skin.

  • spreadlaugh
    spreadlaugh Month ago

    Eating strawberry and craving ramen right now...

  • Excludos
    Excludos Month ago

    Any Japanese speaking people who can tell me what he said at 11:59? something-gatsu gozaimasu?

    • Excludos
      Excludos 26 days ago

      +taesthetic Yeah that makes sense :p

    • taesthetic
      taesthetic 26 days ago

      Excludos pre sure he just said arigatou gozaimasu

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea Month ago

    "arigzato zaimasu" uhmmm mike you might want to refine your basic Japanese


    What is that weird pink swirl thing???

  • byebicycle
    byebicycle Month ago

    You should go to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen museum! You'll have a blast there. :)

    RVZER Month ago

    12:08 ok that was definitely NSFW :D

  • Paul Dolan
    Paul Dolan Month ago

    A little tight on the soup itself but looks spectacular though

  • Skuash
    Skuash Month ago

    Do you throw up or what? 2 burger and fries while you wait for 30kg of noodles, just wtf?

  • Valmor Cordeiro
    Valmor Cordeiro Month ago

    It looks like Rokurinsha tsukemen...

  • Snail Thing
    Snail Thing Month ago

    Tomita ramen? What ever I want to eat there the eggs the ramen meat yummy

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder Month ago

    I am drooling right now🤤

  • rinshin
    rinshin Month ago

    I am not sure if it is the best, but I order their ramen online and it is good. Freezes really well.

  • prelien 469
    prelien 469 Month ago

    I'm Guatemalan so slurping is considered bad manners so i have gotten to eat without alurping unless im alone. If i go there, theres not gonna be slurping.

  • prelien 469
    prelien 469 Month ago

    How tf do u afford to always be traveling, plz tell me

  • Chiefs Kingdom
    Chiefs Kingdom Month ago

    Great video! How much was that meal? For 2 if that’s what you did. Thx

    XXXTENTACION fan Month ago

    I love Chinese food better and I like ramen I like japen I watch anima

  • silent killa
    silent killa Month ago

    Problem is once tourist start going locals cant enjoy it anymore and more demand the more the price is going up

  • Marlowe Fuentes
    Marlowe Fuentes Month ago

    True, if you tasted the best ramen, your expectation will be higher the next bowl, like you're hoping the next bowl is at par.