TACS: 'Billy Joel's Helicopter' [05-01-2019]

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • From 'The Anthony Cumia Show': Billy Joel's neighbors are upset that he built a helipad on his property, and flys his helicopter in the middle of the night. Comedian Kevin Brennan sits in.
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Comments • 135

  • True Tech
    True Tech 2 months ago +1

    Ant "FELL" out of a troubled womb, and found himself living a cowardly existence of ignorance at 123 Posturing Gun Freak Place Street, near the corner of Overly White, and Stupid Stupid Avenue.

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 2 months ago

    And now because of Google, that police check point station right at the only entrance at the neck of the island can't keep anyone with an internet connection from virtually going right up to your driveway. LOL

  • sinicalypse
    sinicalypse 2 months ago

    Bare-lipped Dave is the Best Dave!

  • Mrs. Robinson
    Mrs. Robinson 3 months ago

    Jesus, New York fucks you every single way they can. Tax tax tax tax. For what?

  • David Gaugamela
    David Gaugamela 3 months ago

    If that’s moving up then I’m moving out.

  • Turk February
    Turk February 4 months ago

    Northport....home of Ricky “The Acid King” Kasso

  • dodisman
    dodisman 4 months ago +5

    Man this break is just classic Ant

  • Maria Sanchez Gomez
    Maria Sanchez Gomez 4 months ago


  • lithium
    lithium 4 months ago +3

    Compound Media's TheXvid channel is lacking greatly, no reason Jim and Sam should have more Subs. Also, does Erock work for compound media now? im out of the loop.

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A 4 months ago +1

    Hysterical! Billy Joel concerts ain't going away soon.... we just saw him in a sold out concert. He flat out said "I don't have anything new to sing, just the same old shit." The crowd goes wild.

  • Greg Shepard
    Greg Shepard 4 months ago

    someone tell me what is the old movie they reference all the time with Charlie and his wife?

  • Niki
    Niki 5 months ago +1

    At least he's not driving around his neighborhood #DUI

  • sdry
    sdry 5 months ago +1

    Great stuff. Please more free bits because I can not afford compound media due my crippling alcoholism.

    • sinicalypse
      sinicalypse 2 months ago

      Dude, comeon, that's only 3+ 40oz'ers a month! you need to upgrade your addictions to finer things like the cumpound!

    • danzig mcnaniel
      danzig mcnaniel 4 months ago +1

      sdry ant, you own compound media.

  • Jay St. Clair
    Jay St. Clair 5 months ago


  • James Buick
    James Buick 5 months ago

    There’s a car in my house!

  • Tristan Rich
    Tristan Rich 5 months ago

    You know things are bad when even Anthony is complaining about income disparities.

  • e m i l y
    e m i l y 5 months ago


  • e m i l y
    e m i l y 5 months ago


  • Kevin Cosgrove
    Kevin Cosgrove 5 months ago

    His house is no joke I did work on a house down the block from him holy shit it’s big

    HELLS KITCHEN 5 months ago

    The beef is not with Billy Joel’s helicopter he only uses it Occasionally. His neighbors use theirs twice every day and the helipad is right next to private beaches and yards so neighbors get pelted with sand and debris constantly.

  • Joseph Dowling
    Joseph Dowling 5 months ago +2

    Ant should do every show in 1950's voice.


    Cantankerous Kevin was interrupted going to bed after a Quincy marathon...

  • Fletch
    Fletch 5 months ago

    I see Billy Joel as the bad guy from Roadhouse and everyone in Long Island as the old dude across the lake.

  • Oranguice
    Oranguice 5 months ago +1

    The city say's I can't have a charcoal grill on my porch. Imagine if I landed a chopper in the backyard.

  • Oranguice
    Oranguice 5 months ago +1

    Ant's hair is looking good now.

  • Destroy Liberals
    Destroy Liberals 5 months ago +1

    This show is doing more to combat that lie that is toxic masculinity and pc culture than anything else! Preach on Ant!

  • K K
    K K 5 months ago +2

    If Billy Joel gets a second helicopter he better call it "second wind"

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner 5 months ago +2

    I still think its odd that Ant hasn't moved out of NY yet

    • Niki
      Niki 5 months ago

      It's where he grew up ...his hometown.

    • SparksDrinker
      SparksDrinker 5 months ago +1

      I think it's odd that you think it's odd.

  • Mike Whipkey
    Mike Whipkey 5 months ago

    is this why he went broke like twice?

  • Rtee723
    Rtee723 5 months ago

    i'm sure Billy's neighbors could have their own helicopters they're just a bunch of crybabies...and the "Stugots" reference was the winner in the episode...

  • big mike
    big mike 5 months ago +4

    every night he lands is like the the scene from wolf of wall street where leo is drunk and on cocaine landing the helicopter lol

  • DewkChronic
    DewkChronic 5 months ago +1

    Living on that Island and having a helicopter would kinda make sense.

  • JamesT
    JamesT 5 months ago +2

    Please post more clips of from compound media. I can afford my subscription anymore while times are tight. Thank you.

    • sinicalypse
      sinicalypse 2 months ago

      Damn right! everyone can afford their cumpound media account cuz serioisly, $10/month? that's only one bag of heroin or 2.5 meals that even the most destitute junkie can skip every month to help #SupportTheCumpound

  • Brian
    Brian 5 months ago +1

    Just read this on Drudge, DeBlasio to announce White House bid.

    Whenever Anthony finds out about this....PLEASE record and release it! His reaction should be priceless!

  • YZ250Rider Two-stroke
    YZ250Rider Two-stroke 5 months ago +1

    Guys, Who did Anthony meet that banged Taylor Swift? He brought it up on a recent show and almost said the name, but muttered under his breath and changed the subject. Who banged Taylor Swift ?!?

  • DanaWhites Neckfat
    DanaWhites Neckfat 5 months ago +1

    Just make the show Ant & Kev,Dave isn’t really funny imo

    • DanaWhites Neckfat
      DanaWhites Neckfat 5 months ago

      Garbage Man dude exactly thank U,,I don’t get it!!

    • Frank Crotch
      Frank Crotch 5 months ago +1

      It literally confuses me that he calls himself a comedian. He has no jokes.

  • Randy James
    Randy James 5 months ago

    Ant,you rock!

  • D C
    D C 5 months ago +5

    Anthony cumia is the funniest motherfuker to ever be on the radio. And I say that as a Howard Stern fan for over 25 years.

  • WillieIIIreborn
    WillieIIIreborn 5 months ago

    Billy Joel wifed up Christie Brinkley, banged Elle McPherson, and many other broads way out of his looks range. He is a beast.
    Oh yeh, and one of the greatest American musicians in history. That too.

  • Relic Radiation
    Relic Radiation 5 months ago

    This was amazing

  • Lewis G.
    Lewis G. 5 months ago

    hes got a cheap helicopter Context? I live in a 10 million dollar place.

  • Kevin Mustard
    Kevin Mustard 5 months ago

    Cumeric Gore

  • Co Cacola
    Co Cacola 5 months ago


  • jim palmer
    jim palmer 5 months ago +9

    Seinfeld bought Billy's old house in East Hampton, knocked it down and built a bigger house!

    • jim palmer
      jim palmer 4 months ago

      @Niki Yeah but Billy lived there with a supermodel.

    • Niki
      Niki 5 months ago +1

      Seinfeld alpha-maled Joel with that move.

    • Carol Lynn
      Carol Lynn 5 months ago +1

      What's the deal with Billy Joels tiny house...?

  • George Garvey
    George Garvey 5 months ago +1

    Our government is Zionist occupied

  • BrownsburgKevin
    BrownsburgKevin 5 months ago +2

    Erock with the good prompts. Glad he's with Ant.

  • boostimalaka1
    boostimalaka1 5 months ago

    An epic smashing of Kyle and his boo Desiree aka SaiyanZ, Anthony will love this!

  • slowblueoval1997
    slowblueoval1997 5 months ago

    E Rock!

  • trichome333
    trichome333 5 months ago

    My aunt and I hate his ass too. This seals it. But Id do the same shit. How dope is that?

  • Rusty Shakleford
    Rusty Shakleford 5 months ago +1

    What’s that nagel kid doing there

  • Rob Tee
    Rob Tee 5 months ago

    Long Island.... land of 10,000 dollar property taxes, how much property u may ask, 100 ft across by 200 deep.... that's it, its a fucking joke...Not in the Hamptons either

  • Baugh 316
    Baugh 316 5 months ago


  • Phil Yamascunt
    Phil Yamascunt 5 months ago

    Hey Dave. That pay for permits shit isn't everywhere. My township isn't zoned so we can build what we want, when we want anywhere on our property and it doesn't cost a penny. Most of us do the electrical in our homes, garages and outbuildings.

  • Bellionaire Studios
    Bellionaire Studios 5 months ago +1

    Anthony is the FAAAAKIN Best

    • sinicalypse
      sinicalypse 2 months ago

      glad to see that people.from 2006 can still post! #FreeFM

  • Cory Brennan
    Cory Brennan 5 months ago +20

    The fact that Ant came up with the revised Goodnight Saigon lyrics on the fly like that is amazing lol dude is so damn funny

  • FraktalFace
    FraktalFace 5 months ago

    I smoked weed at centre island beach all throughout high school. That one little road is centre island road. Right at the beginning they have their own police. Walls wharf baby!! 4th of July is the shit there.

  • theflanman86
    theflanman86 5 months ago

    Haha the first thing I thought of when I saw this story was Anthony I'm glad you made this video Ant you are the man....

  • Myles Moudy
    Myles Moudy 5 months ago +1

    Put Kevin Brennan on 4 days a week!!!!

  • Michael Norris
    Michael Norris 5 months ago +6

    You wanna see helicopters?

  • Yumpie Oo
    Yumpie Oo 5 months ago +1

    jackie impression on point