How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Make Their Money

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • Restaurant guests can grab plate after plate of an endless array of dishes and cuisines. All of this for one low price. So what’s their secret to success? Well, these sorts of buffets have some tricks up their sleeve to keep business rolling, and you’re about to find out exactly what they are!
    A strategic layout 2:42
    The size of the serving dishes 3:13
    Smaller plates and utensils 3:53
    A huge food-cost margin 4:38
    Computer-monitored food waste 5:15
    The “Fill the customer’s belly cheaply” motto 6:08
    Buying seasonal and regional ingredients 6:37
    Profitable drinks 7:25
    Eliminating labor costs 7:57
    Charging higher prices for higher quality 8:37
    Banning people 9:20
    - At the start of the line, the first thing you see is carb-rich foods, like fried rice. The line starts with these dishes because they have the cheapest ingredients but still do the job of filling up your belly.
    - Besides the layout, they also control the size of the serving dishes. Cheap starches and veggies are in big heaping trays with more jumbo-sized serving spoons.
    - Buffets don’t limit this size control to the serving dishes; they also effectively monitor the size of the plates and eating utensils. They provide smaller-than-average dinner plates and tiny dessert bowls.
    - The price the restaurant pays for the food or ingredients is just 30-35% of the price guests pay for a meal. A super-diner doesn’t burn a hole in a buffet’s budget simply because they have such a huge food-cost margin!
    - They use sophisticated computer software to monitor food waste. This way, they can track everything from the weekly waste amounts, to how much is consumed daily, to what dishes are most popular for the diners depending on the day of the week or the season.
    - They have a flexible menu designed towards cheap dishes. Vegetables and meat are bought in bulk and at a cheaper price, but they’re still high-quality and versatile.
    - If an ingredient (for example, tomatoes) is in season, it’s a lot cheaper than usual, so a buffet can buy it in bulk. They also take advantage of locally-sourced foods or ingredients because they tend to be cheaper.
    - Drinks aren’t included in the price of the buffet and don’t fall into the same 30% food-cost markup. Instead, they sell it at up to a 90% profit margin.
    - They don’t need to hire waiters to serve food because diners get their own drinks and plates.
    - Believe it or not, diners can get banned for overeating.
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Comments • 1 801

    BRIGHT SIDE  Year ago +281

    Hey guys! Do you think all-you-can-eat buffets are bad for your weight? 😉

    • Andrea Melton
      Andrea Melton 3 days ago

      Actually, the variety of foods they offer could lead to a healthier lifestyle. If you go to a burger joint, most people order a burger and fries. But if you can pick whatever you want, you can customize a salad, eat vegetables that aren't available at fast food places, and pick leaner meats. Basically, buffets offer you healthier choices than fast food. The one problem I see is they usually have delicious rolls to entice people, since bread is cheap.

    • Hannah Biwalkar
      Hannah Biwalkar 4 days ago


    • shelley daly
      shelley daly 5 days ago

      Only if you go everyday

    • Howard Williamson
      Howard Williamson 16 days ago

      Oh yes!

    • there's rain on my muffin
      there's rain on my muffin 27 days ago

      No but asking for subs and likes in every video is bad for business. Makes sense. You have 32million subs and only 1.3m views on a video a year old. If all these subs actually liked your content and didn't do it because you asked them to your views would be much closer to your sub count.

  • shrey jain
    shrey jain Day ago +1

    i used to take advantage of buffets; if the buffet timing was 7 o clock 10 o clock,
    i would eat 2 breakfasts, one at 7 and one at 9:30.

  • Riley Jackson
    Riley Jackson Day ago

    Just skip to 3 minutes in guys... so annoying.

  • Xeno Benoit
    Xeno Benoit 4 days ago

    I’m going to bring my own cutlery and start collecting food from the other end of the table

  • shelley daly
    shelley daly 5 days ago

    I like to go simply because of the variety, not because I can eat my money's worth. And the drinks are way cheaper than restaurants that charge by the plate

  • Jonathan Morgan
    Jonathan Morgan 6 days ago

    This channel sucks. List 25 seems more accurate.😋

  • unidentified123
    unidentified123 8 days ago

    Anyone else think the guy shouldn't have been punished for eating too much?
    It's definitely not a good idea health-wise but if you're advertising as "all you can eat" you can't then complain that people do exactly that.

  • Geddo
    Geddo 8 days ago +1

    What they need to do is charge teenagers a premium rate. They eat the most.

  • Maxwell Mooney
    Maxwell Mooney 10 days ago

    Lol 30-35% food cost is literally industry standard. And it's not a huge margin. Because labor is also around 30% after taxes etc, then rent and expenses are 30-35%. This means that buffets and every other restaurant only makes like 5-10% total. Huge margins are what the tech world has.

    FUNNY YNNUF 11 days ago

    sneaky basterds

  • Krisyan Nuruha
    Krisyan Nuruha 12 days ago

    In my country, most all you can eat include drink (you don't have to pay to drink), but give limited time and punishment for left over.. Also if i roughly calculate, most people eat less than what they paid compare to what can they get on normal restaurant.. Buffet for me is place where you can taste variant of menu freely,, not get food more than you usually got from normal restaurant

  • Ramya Kolli
    Ramya Kolli 15 days ago

    Update ur add when u ask for subscribers it’s show 17M when its actually 30M

  • Ramya Kolli
    Ramya Kolli 15 days ago

    Update u add when u ask for subscribers it’s show 17M when its actually 30M

  • Howard Williamson
    Howard Williamson 16 days ago

    We used to go to a local big chain buffet close to us. At the point that they started charging for drinks, I stopped going. After all, the food was generally overcooked, dry and not totally satisfying anyway. We now go to another one in an Indian Casino that doesn't charge for beverages, has lots of selections, and tons of deserts - and is reasonably priced. You get what you pay for and if I don't think it is a good deal - and tasty, I don't go.

  • Allan Allan
    Allan Allan 20 days ago

    yawn get on with it

  • number of people
    number of people 20 days ago

    hey we know now buffet so we can tell them that we watched Bright sides thanks

  • Michael Koretzka
    Michael Koretzka 20 days ago

    That means nothing when you look at the average 400 pound dude/chic fixing to eat, with kids. they going to push you to get what they want then go back for more. that works for the "skinny" person. But America is huge, or maybe back in the 20s and 40s when life was smaller.

  • granny bee
    granny bee 26 days ago


  • LynAnne Moon
    LynAnne Moon 27 days ago

    I quit eating buffet meals for the most part given I have a medical problem where I have to have specific foods fixed a certain way. Come to think of it...I don't eat out much at all.

  • there's rain on my muffin

    So many subs and not near as many views. When you said before we get started I skipped forward 30 seconds so I didn't have to hear you ask me to like subscribe then assumingly ask for a handout in the form of donation.

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    The 'Bandaid" transitions are confusing.

  • Brandy Wasay
    Brandy Wasay Month ago

    I only eat meat , and only the most expensive dishes offered

  • indigopeach
    indigopeach Month ago

    These days, almost all the buffets I see around are Chinese.

  • Terry Davenport
    Terry Davenport Month ago

    Using that hideous TheXvid library and that gosh-awful 'diy' whistling theme? 'How Bright Side can make awful videos and still rake in beaucoup dinero!"

  • Karen Tucker
    Karen Tucker Month ago

    I don't do certain buffets because the food tastes nasty and charge too much. And plus now I can't eat as much as I use to anyways so not worth my time and money.

  • Sindento 1
    Sindento 1 Month ago +8

    "Labour costs take up a huge percentage of profits" I thought profit was when all costs had been taken into account,including labour.

    • Jonathan Morgan
      Jonathan Morgan 6 days ago

      It's called being cheap and not wanting to pay workers lol

    • Anna Hill
      Anna Hill 20 days ago

      Sindento 1 correct. He’s saying it takes away from the possible profit.

  • Bored At Work
    Bored At Work Month ago +2

    Don't you love being asked to subscribe before you've even seen the content?

  • Mister Tristard
    Mister Tristard Month ago

    I would swear that this one place i eat at uses shill customers to walk around the aisles to block all the food!

  • Rahimzai
    Rahimzai Month ago

    I pay for buffet I will eat as much I want. Calling the police 👮 🚔 because the customer who paid for it ate too much. That buffet should be banned.

  • Vipul Tiwari
    Vipul Tiwari Month ago

    Pun was bad, video was good

  • Jeffrey Elya
    Jeffrey Elya Month ago

    For people like me who grew up in a church setting, this is one of the few other places where you can enjoy quality buffets. The one I grew up in has several amazing cooks that sometimes turn simple dishes into potluck staples. This video I find quite interesting, and I learned something new. What seasoned buffet eaters will tell you is that sometimes it's all about the combination of food on your plate. One example would be vegetables and rice. Most people enjoy steamed vegetables over rice w some teriyaki or soy sauce on top. At the same time, green bean casserole might taste even better mixed in w the rice. On a more American slanted buffet, you might find the mac and cheese, a potato dish along w the meatloaf. Don't know what anyone else thinks, but I'd be tempted to mash it all together, then pour the ketchup or BBQ sauce overtop. I also recently realized Swedish meatballs go great w mac and cheese,....

  • tracey Stephens
    tracey Stephens Month ago

    A lot of people be surprised by how much of that food is not made at the dinner. Comes in large clear bags. Boil and serve

  • tracey Stephens
    tracey Stephens Month ago +1

    A lot of people be surprised by how much of that food is not made at the dinner. Comes in large clear bags. Boil and serve

  • BlankoMitzi
    BlankoMitzi Month ago +1

    The best thing about going to buffets is stuffing your face with crab claws. Just the crab claws, no rice please just water, thanks

  • Ran Mori
    Ran Mori Month ago

    Umm 😐 my parents own a all you can eat restaurant

  • Blitz Gundam
    Blitz Gundam Month ago

    My thoughts... I cheated the system in a buffet once, I secretly brought a plastic container with me and filled it with food. Never got caught though

  • Aried Ram
    Aried Ram Month ago

    I was dissapointed with the buffet i always go to. The waiter just return the food on the display after the diner left. I was so disgusted. I never thought thats how they do it. And because of that i never go there to eat anymore.

  • Gearwrench
    Gearwrench Month ago

    As a swede, you are welcome! ;)

  • Banned Egg
    Banned Egg Month ago +1

    A lot of buffets have blue lights and I heard that it makes you feel full

  • Remco F. Gerritsen
    Remco F. Gerritsen Month ago +3

    I am the biggest nightmare for all you can eat buffets xD

  • Janet Fitzgerald
    Janet Fitzgerald Month ago


  • Janet Fitzgerald
    Janet Fitzgerald Month ago


  • bradenevans514
    bradenevans514 Month ago

    Golden Corral is not cheap.

  • FlashOfLight
    FlashOfLight Month ago

    So much fluff garbage content. Who cares who made the original buffet. The other TheXvid content creators are gonna eat your lunch. Get to the point rather than waste the first 3 minutes.

  • maria mcauliffe
    maria mcauliffe Month ago

    Where you can you start at a buffet

  • Andreas
    Andreas Month ago

    brännvin are all types of liquor!!

  • shawnverizon Verizon
    shawnverizon Verizon 2 months ago

    Love Chinese buffets!

  • vtecx626
    vtecx626 2 months ago

    I usually fill up on expensive food first when I arrive to a buffet like sushi, steak, crab legs etc.

  • Flemming Veggerby
    Flemming Veggerby 2 months ago

    (in DK) 99% of the time, the all-you-eat price is 1.5-2 times the price of a ala-carte meal, which you still can't finish. I don't do buffet, if I can help it.

  • Sigkeeper1
    Sigkeeper1 2 months ago

    I go to a local chinese buffet at least once a week. I start off with the soup and an eggroll and move on to a variety of salad type items. I tend to pile on the veggies, particularly broccoli because of its nutritional value. I have a week spot for their fried coconut shrimp but its usually multiple forms of chicken that get my attention. I am somewhat of an expert at using chopsticks rather than a fork shovel it in. I only drink water since I have not had carbonated soft drinks, diet or regular in over 12 years. I take my time to eat so as to let my stomach tell me when I am getting full. I rarely eat a full blown dessert but will have a bite or two of small sized items

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel 2 months ago

    Wait a minute! Aren’t Over-Diners the same thing as a Super-Diner!?

  • Dairus Reynnet
    Dairus Reynnet 2 months ago

    Small dish size is why I always bring my own plates. Then I insist that the restaurant wash them for me afterwards 😂

  • Walter Peter Carreon
    Walter Peter Carreon 2 months ago

    Big win and Big loss.

  • James Hollingsworth
    James Hollingsworth 2 months ago

    I've always gone with the variety mind-set vs the quantity..

  • Hamza M
    Hamza M 2 months ago

    I pay £12 in my local restaurant but I eat only fish, lamb chops, lamb ribs and other meats and kebab plus desert only like three four times. They can’t play with me. I am very happy for the food I eat for £12. Also whenever I go for buffet I don’t eat any food whole day except breakfast.

  • Christine Horner
    Christine Horner 2 months ago

    Yes I think it's worth it. I start with the meats, then my fav veggies, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, some nice green beans, potatoes(rice, noodle items, etc), rolls. I limit portion size, as small amts of various foods are healthier; leaving room for soup, salad and desert. If there's a specialty I opt for that over soup. Resturant is happy seeing my smaller amts of each selection, I'm happy, so we're both winners. If I go in with one particular son and his wife, they cringe. Especially the pizza place.

  • La Féte
    La Féte 2 months ago +1

    Hey soul sister
    Ain't that Mr Mr on the radio

  • nunyo biznez
    nunyo biznez 2 months ago

    If you're afraid to hold a line at a buffet for meat, don't be, just focus on all that delicious meat nohomo

  • Sofía T Garcia
    Sofía T Garcia 2 months ago

    For me, a buffet is about of choice, variety, and quality, not about overstuffing myself.

    • Sofía T Garcia
      Sofía T Garcia 2 months ago

      @Robert S If the quality isn't there I just don't go. Can be hard to find for sure.

    • Robert S
      Robert S 2 months ago

      I would leave out the quality but everything else I agree with.

  • Rachel K.
    Rachel K. 2 months ago

    Bill Wisth 😪 ... Sounds like a disgusting man