James Harden is playing like Russell Westbrook isn’t there - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Jalen Rose is concerned with what he is seeing with the Houston Rockets so far this preseason and adds that James Harden and Russell Westbrook do not look like a good partnership. (1:41) Jalen and David Jacoby react to Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari’s comments on how expanding the NBA draft would “ruin college basketball."
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Comments • 1 685

  • Godzilla Shin
    Godzilla Shin Month ago

    Ruin colleg basketball? Really? C'mon, we all know the truth that you are only using the players to have more sponsorship from big companies and after they are injured, the players are like trash to your organisation.

  • Major Films
    Major Films Month ago

    Russ a be tripping soon 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • bumper thumper
    bumper thumper Month ago

    hes been playing like this for years. Since fucking when has chris paul been a CORNER THREE SHOOTER. sweet jesus you can be a houston fan and hate chris paul but james harden is TRASH

  • lv702fully
    lv702fully Month ago

    Harden has always been a punk..

  • TRDBucket
    TRDBucket Month ago

    less than 100,000 a year to play basketball? The horror!

  • Russ Man
    Russ Man Month ago

    He always had played like nobody else is there.Nothing new here.

  • Reggie White
    Reggie White Month ago

    You mean like he did when they had Beasley or Paul?

  • Mirsab Hasan
    Mirsab Hasan Month ago +1

    Rockets were better off trading harden rather than Chris Paul

  • Dan theWILL
    Dan theWILL Month ago

    He worst then westbrook,will NEVER win a championship...not a team player,but rather a street baller in the nba...

  • Daniel Guajardo
    Daniel Guajardo Month ago

    So I guess there gonna have to go back and really coach and recruit

  • James Winchester
    James Winchester Month ago

    They’ve only played 2 games and this video game out two weeks ago you people are a joke and hype machines. It’s pathetic

  • Anthony Fellows
    Anthony Fellows Month ago

    Jaylen always has a lot of hater in him

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez Month ago

    Here’s an option: PAY YOUR PLAYERS NCAA.

  • J Mack24
    J Mack24 Month ago

    Yeah Harden can drop 60 from here to the end of the season and it still won’t change how I feel he not a playoff champion kind of player.

    SUPREME TV Month ago

    He (James Harden) did the same thing to Chris Paul and everyone blamed CP3 I really hope you keep pointing this out Jay!!!!

  • peter Strods
    peter Strods Month ago

    Mr. Harden is a selfish self-centered ball player

  • Robert Berry
    Robert Berry Month ago

    I didn't catch this when the trade happened but maybe they brought Russ in to trade harden????

  • mixingrecords
    mixingrecords Month ago

    Y'all thought this was gonna work😂😂😂

  • Elliot Ness
    Elliot Ness Month ago

    Pass the dam ball Harden that's why you can't win a championship, too dam selfish.

  • Christian Palmer
    Christian Palmer Month ago

    Molly dressing jalen now.

  • J.T. Cavitt II
    J.T. Cavitt II Month ago

    Jalen was spot on. But the reality is no one can partner with Harden. He's not a team player, his style of play is all style and no substance. He's all stats and that's why he'll continue to come up small in the postseason. The type of offense the Rockets want doesn't equal championships period.

  • bumpy lump
    bumpy lump Month ago +1

    You all speaking way too fast and passing blame on all the big name teams. In the end you will see who has gotten better but to place blame this early is only hater talk to me. Let them ball catch us at half way point with this question. Or talk about what Jaylen never won, we know what it was like watching him play. Gramps ball!

  • Young Frantz
    Young Frantz Month ago

    And people still think CP3 was the problem...
    The things Jalen is saying was the same thing CP3 was complaining about. Ex: Harden standing at half court when he doesn’t have the ball.

  • keema315
    keema315 Month ago

    Calipari is right

  • peter reucaza
    peter reucaza Month ago

    been obvious since westbrick signed up with the rockes. theyre the stat bros for a reason hahaha

  • TheDizfunkshunal1
    TheDizfunkshunal1 Month ago


  • Hydra
    Hydra Month ago

    Harrishon shbarns

  • Vargas
    Vargas Month ago

    Terrific analysis, Jalen... the Rockets analysis.

  • ThatAintitMang
    ThatAintitMang Month ago +1

    HEY jacoby STFU and let jalen talk without being interrupted jesus fucking christ

  • Puerto Rican Princess

    Harden will have the same kind of season and fizzle like a Alkaseltser in water when the playoffs come

  • Ming Chew
    Ming Chew Month ago

    Melo, Westbrook, Harden...imagine these 3 selfish dudes on the same team. Gimme Kawhi, P George any day of the week.

  • The Artist
    The Artist Month ago

    Jalen is on point with this third round draft BS. Nail on the head!

  • VLVentureWorx 1
    VLVentureWorx 1 Month ago

    RE: College - With 2nd Tier going to G Leagues the College now can develop the 4 year Talents AGAIN. Now you are helping the SCHOLAR Athlete. If Colleges do not Adjust, so what they were not suppose to be the 'farmclubs' anyway.
    The=ink about the HSBCU's they are stuck under the Big Colleges after integration. They had to deal with it.
    Remember the Negro Leagues????

  • Cody Richardson
    Cody Richardson Month ago

    Take them glasses of bro

  • Anthony Simpson
    Anthony Simpson Month ago

    Since Calipari is so adamant on his stance, why won't he be as adamant about paying athletes legally? Stop exploiting these kids and pay them.

  • Baron Samedi
    Baron Samedi Month ago

    Harden scores a ton of points, that’s it! He’s not a real ball player, he’s a circus, a sideshow. A championship team has to play defense (As a team)!

  • vince carter
    vince carter Month ago

    Am l the only one reckon Jalen Rose looks like Durant?

  • Coolkidz Media
    Coolkidz Media Month ago

    The G league is still a good achievement over a 100,000 just to play ball

  • Coolkidz Media
    Coolkidz Media Month ago

    Why would you go to college to play one year look at Zion almost blew his chance to get in the NBA

  • Coolkidz Media
    Coolkidz Media Month ago

    I think it’s just how Harden plays the rockets will make adjustments in the regular season

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S Month ago

    Houston will never win a championship around Harden.

  • T Pi
    T Pi Month ago

    Yeah. The best players are not trying to get drafted in the 3rd round. A third round might help get rid of the one and done...but probably not.

  • Mike Joseph
    Mike Joseph Month ago

    Dammmm right

  • SilverBlackGorilla
    SilverBlackGorilla Month ago

    Calipari is tripping? This notion that you have to go to college straight out of high school is nonsense. My Pops fought in Vietnam, got married, had 4 kids and worked at the same job for over 20 years all before he went o college and got his degree in his 50's. The window for college is always there but the window for the NBA is incredibly narrow so take whatever opportunity that's available. College will always be there. And it sounds like Calipar is dissing the G League. The base pay for the G League is $7000 a month so that's good money for a young man pursuing his dream. He can take classes in the off season if he wants to anyway. Calipar is just being selfish because he knows that he'll lose recruits if they add two more rounds to the draft. He's worrying about his job, not the kids. Period

  • Orlando Johnson
    Orlando Johnson Month ago

    2 different main guards!?
    Both are starter guards but to put them together is canceling out one or Both games to me!!!?
    Russel is "ready set go" & James is "freeze frame!?"
    I can't see them on the court same time the majority of a game!!
    Both awesome players but different skill set tendencies!?

    TAY AND FRIENDS Month ago

    rose is knowledge listen to this man

  • Jose Bocanegra
    Jose Bocanegra Month ago +1

    I bet these young, basketball-loving, high school players would prefer to play in the WNBA where they would earn at a minimum 50K (instead of 35K in the G League) and play before 46 game attendees.

  • Socks On Feet
    Socks On Feet Month ago

    I asked this in another video but no one replied, is Westbrook injured or coming off an injury or surgery? He looks waaaay off rhythm, even his normal dribbling looks off.

  • Mike W
    Mike W Month ago

    Moral of the story. Don't get paid, go to college and play for free.

  • Jokesquez 420
    Jokesquez 420 Month ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Jeremy Lin has more rings than Harden and Westbrook combined.....

  • CeLL TheGreat
    CeLL TheGreat Month ago +1


  • C P
    C P Month ago

    Didn't Harden leave OKC to get away from KD and Russ????

  • Stewart Goodwin
    Stewart Goodwin Month ago

    James Harden played like chris paul, dwight howard, trevor ariza, gerald green and carmelo anthony werent there. What else is new

  • Toney James
    Toney James Month ago

    He mad cuz he can't make no more money

  • Berms Jerms
    Berms Jerms Month ago

    at least westbrook is sacrificing his stats to play team ball...and Harden wont even get the team involved! until he changes that selfish mindset he'll never win a ring.

  • L Pad
    L Pad Month ago

    Baseball players don’t grow up saying I can’t wait to get to AA. But players still go straight into the minors after hs

  • Go Bucks
    Go Bucks Month ago

    Once a ball hog always a ball hog.

    0 views Month ago

    Houston sucks and westbrick is garbage. Go Jazz!

  • RuKyRo r
    RuKyRo r Month ago

    James Harden the only thing for him is his stats thats it

  • The Osidan
    The Osidan Month ago

    Y'all really created a monster with this Harden stuff. I personally hate the style of play and it's not going to win anything but keep giving that man MVP for entertainment purposes lol