Bethesda E3 2019 - A Sorry Excuse for a Conference

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Bethesda’s E3 2019 Conference was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. So many things went wrong during this conference, not even Doom: Eternal could save it. A botched Commander Keen, Micro Transactions, and Mobile Games galore! Bethesda’s lost their mind…
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Comments • 1 197

  • Raven
    Raven 10 days ago

    Bruh I stopped watching you for like a month you look totally different man! You look amazing!

  • Deadly Films
    Deadly Films 11 days ago

    *Fallout 76*

  • Joernare94 Larsen
    Joernare94 Larsen 19 days ago

    Lookin sexy man 😍

  • m Cave
    m Cave 21 day ago

    lol haven't seen your videos in a while but I love how your followers are trolling your "cutting edge gamer" funny

  • TsukuyomiREKT
    TsukuyomiREKT 24 days ago

    It's not necessary to show gameplay immediately.

  • Anthony Amato
    Anthony Amato 24 days ago

    Woah Rich you look great! Honestly! Congrats on the weight loss and keep it up

  • Fab Boi
    Fab Boi 25 days ago +1

    Who else tuned in just for Doom?

  • Leo Krupp
    Leo Krupp 25 days ago

    A sorry excuse for a conference!?!? *WOOOOO YEAH!!!!*

  • Angryfarmergamer21
    Angryfarmergamer21 25 days ago

    If bethesda does the elderscrolls 6 like they did fallout 76, I'll kill em.

  • Boombox Boombox
    Boombox Boombox 25 days ago

    Bethesda may have sounded sorry about fallout but they never just came out and said "I'm sorry" they only tiptoed around it. Then they announce a battle royale like they've fixed everything else in the game already and act like they are now on good terms with the fans after 3 minutes.

  • Navalord 7
    Navalord 7 25 days ago

    The term; bAtTLe rOyAlE is actually driving me insane. Im not kidding its a hellhole

  • avengers1978
    avengers1978 27 days ago

    E3 this year pretty much solidify how E3 is really not that important anymore

  • Davis
    Davis 28 days ago

    idk that bethesda is making their own service. seems like they will just license that tech to the other companies

  • Nivrus The Wayfinder
    Nivrus The Wayfinder 28 days ago

    You know who else showed gameplay?...Anthem

  • Ian
    Ian 28 days ago

    hey you look great man

  • jon wayne
    jon wayne 28 days ago

    Tbh Rich you don't look as annoying with your weight loss. I have to admit, you had a face that I wanted to punch when it was fat.

  • NIK12787
    NIK12787 29 days ago

    Honestly I thought Ubisoft's conference was the worst. Their conference was 90%+ Tom Clancy games(which are shooters).

  • jet pectyl
    jet pectyl 29 days ago

    I am genuinely surprised that Rich cares so little about mmo/mmorpgs, when most people around his age group has fond memories of the early mmo/mmorpg games that started the whole genre.

  • MuSiCBoYaS
    MuSiCBoYaS 29 days ago

    And where is the woooooooooooooooooooooo

  • brombusz
    brombusz 29 days ago

    Nintendo was literally the only thing at this E3 that wasn't cringe overkill

  • v3nny
    v3nny Month ago

    Todd aka Cutting Edge Liar

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS Month ago

    What they did with Commander Keen makes me sick, I feel like these companies are contractually obligated to kill people's childhoods.

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS Month ago


  • Jonathon Brown
    Jonathon Brown Month ago

    Elderscrolls online was a good part really excited

  • Hour Places
    Hour Places Month ago

    Fallout 76 is the game of this gen!!!!

  • 9latinum Studioz
    9latinum Studioz Month ago


  • Casual Gaming and Fun

    Why do say bethesda had a bad conference , they had some bad games we understand but doom and wolfenstein are quite good and also there mobile games are good.

  • hellscorpio82
    hellscorpio82 Month ago

    I know how you feel Rich i have sweaty balls as well!

  • Christopher Murillo

    Nice Planet Fitness shirt you got there rich

  • DalDe05
    DalDe05 Month ago

    At least some games got the updates they needed
    *cough* fallout 76 *cough*

  • darksector41
    darksector41 Month ago

    With FO76, it's good seeing them react to what fans want. I see the whole situation as very simple- they fucked the consumer over royally when the game first launched, so they don't deserve my money no matter how good the game becomes. They need to show me with the next FO game that they really TRULY understand what their fans want.

  • Plushmation Studio
    Plushmation Studio Month ago +3

    I hope Ghost Wire Tokyo be very good like the Evil Within and be physicial too

  • Norse Lavenza
    Norse Lavenza Month ago +3

    The only thing good about Bethesda was Ikumi Nakamura lol

  • NewbnessAwaits _
    NewbnessAwaits _ Month ago

    I was excited to see elden ring being developed by fromsoftware from this whole e3.

  • Sid79
    Sid79 Month ago

    Thank you for an honest no bs reviewand keep up the good work Rich!!

  • Synchronized Elbow
    Synchronized Elbow Month ago

    Bethesda offering a free - week trial is equivalent to a letter for a free boat or car from a "Piggly Wiggly". Not falling 4 it, 76!

  • Eternal
    Eternal Month ago

    Congrats on the weight loss. I'm currently on a diet myself. I'm very slowly but surely losing those pounds.

  • Gae Shows
    Gae Shows Month ago +1

    I'm the bad guy... duh!

  • Johno Daz
    Johno Daz Month ago

    Nice video Rich. Bethesda's E3 Presentation was very poor:-( but the highlights was Wolfenstein Youngblood and Doom Eternal aswell.

  • ZekeTheUltimateTitan 80

    Fallout 76 is the new No Mans sky.

  • LordMaledict
    LordMaledict Month ago

    E3 2019 the year of cinematic trailers.

  • Remzorr
    Remzorr Month ago

    Lookin' good Rich! Keep it up :)

  • My Tube
    My Tube Month ago +3

    Why would anyone believe what Bethesda says?
    At this point I’ll only buy a game after its been released and I’ve seen what’s actually like.

  • Kevin Dean Author
    Kevin Dean Author Month ago

    On to business. Bethesda’s E3 conference was good. Sorry but it was

  • Kevin Dean Author
    Kevin Dean Author Month ago

    Dude I’m so glad you lost weight awesome man

  • Adam Maddox
    Adam Maddox Month ago

    Hey Rich you should start a 5X5 strength workout program. You’ll be able to pack on some muscle and the more muscle you have the more fat your body burns.

  • The Cat Man
    The Cat Man Month ago

    Doom Eternal, more Fallout 76 DLC, new games teased. But because you're looking for clicks you're pretending to be OUTRAGED over it.

  • MemeWarVeteran2016
    MemeWarVeteran2016 Month ago


  • Michael Hearmon
    Michael Hearmon Month ago

    Will Orion have 16x the detail

  • InnerRise
    InnerRise Month ago

    Todd Howard DID NAWT Apologize.

  • Miso Honi
    Miso Honi Month ago

    Agreed. The whole show I was waiting for Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 footage and was left with a big nothing burger.

  • Stuart Carlson
    Stuart Carlson Month ago

    Where’s the star field news ??????

  • Brenden Marin
    Brenden Marin Month ago

    "Because who wants to see gameplay for video games" pretty much sums up this year's E3

  • Svetlana Rodriguez
    Svetlana Rodriguez Month ago

    I am really enjoying ESO maybe Bugthesda should have allowed Zenimax online to make Fallout 76.

  • MrBOx195
    MrBOx195 Month ago +1

    The only problem with Wolfstein is the SJW left agenda behind it ....

  • Brian W
    Brian W Month ago

    I quit f76

  • The Gym Brony
    The Gym Brony Month ago

    Doom eternal is the only part I gave a toss about.

  • Lillian Shii
    Lillian Shii Month ago

    I wont touch young blood. The in game purchases undermine the whole game.
    Typo fix

  • dtee taylor
    dtee taylor Month ago

    everybody conference was bad didnt see to much I like but some good things

  • PureMadness25
    PureMadness25 Month ago

    Well I thought they said orien was supposed to go with google stadia and make it faster that’s what they said on stage

  • stevieh6
    stevieh6 Month ago

    I liked it. Games looked good and there was a great atmosphere

  • Dave shrum
    Dave shrum Month ago

    Congrats on the weight loss bro! As someone who lost 35 lbs in the last 6 months I know how hard that was.

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson Month ago

    E3 2019 sucked

  • Lemon Head
    Lemon Head Month ago

    E3 this year was just bad in general.

  • Blake Remy
    Blake Remy Month ago

    Elder scrolls online isnt made by Bethesda and Bethesda is owned by zenimax studios

  • turtletowers
    turtletowers Month ago +1

    What a sorry excuse for criticism.

  • NeoVinyl
    NeoVinyl Month ago

    Good work with the results, Rich. Looking good.

  • TrueFame YT
    TrueFame YT Month ago

    Atleast there trying to fix fallout 76 now. Todd mentioned that the beta should have been longer and he is absolutely right. The game should have been delayed for atleast another year. I think if they take a year more to develop the game it wouldn’t have been half as bad as it was.

  • MrAudi220
    MrAudi220 Month ago

    yeah another battle royal but this time in a broken game wonder how thats going to work,and did you see that girl who HAD to say she was LGBTQ,i thought here we go again with left infused brainwashing politics.i'm also going to start using a name tag for every single excuse i get to get some attention,"I'M SIMPLY STRAIGHT" i can't help it cuz i'm simply straight,hey i don't care about that,i'm simply straight,catch my drift.

    MAC MILLER Month ago

    I wanted to watch the conference in order to participate in the memes but it was so boring I turned it off after 15 minutes