• Published on Dec 2, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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Comments • 2 503

  • thedevilsmachine
    thedevilsmachine 2 days ago

    Being that I have worked in transportation field for many years, as a trucker, shipper, and warehouse-man. I can safely say that was the crappiest pallet job ever, also the scrape looks rubbed one way indicating it could be a forklift impact or possibly was stored next to a wall which they shoved against. Either way, I'm glad you rejected them.

  • tieme pik
    tieme pik 2 days ago

    Alex you won't have to hit the metal as hard if you stop choking the hammers

  • C_Mike
    C_Mike 4 days ago

    One thing that is really satisfying about these videos, is how the hammer hits and other actions are in time with the beat of the music

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    The humering is beating with the music

  • William Irwin
    William Irwin 7 days ago

    I just started watching your channel this week and subscribed. Found you by way of ZNA Productions channel. Love your videos!

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry

    You guys are trying to drive that square pipe in the ground that might have electrical cables or worse going to the houses on that street. know the codes for construction work and utilities in your state before doing these projects. That is why they are licensed contractors for such jobs as this.

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry

    Why not build a concrete pad for it top sit on and tapper the top of the concrete so the slope is away from the center of the stand and then set bolts on the concrete so you can drill holes in base plate and mount it down so it is a good construction grade addition. Do it right or don't do it at all. Driving it into the ground is not good idea. it will rust out in just a few years.

  • Corey Malone
    Corey Malone 8 days ago

    This is why I want to learn to forge because after the domino of crap Alec kept a level head probably due to the fact he takes it out on the metal

  • Bradly Smith
    Bradly Smith 9 days ago

    Make the damn shovel

  • Martin Itland
    Martin Itland 9 days ago

    Whoever did the editing has a good ear for music, matching the sounds from the video with the music clips. And on top of that, it still looks natural and incredibly cool! Hats of to you, person in charge of the editing. That was no small feat! =)

  • ParanoidJay
    ParanoidJay 10 days ago

    Hey uhhh if you are ever digging near a road always call 811 to check for underground utilities

  • Skellr -
    Skellr - 10 days ago

    As a truck driver I am appalled by the packaging/crating chosen to ship your equipment. They chose the cheapest route possible. I noticed in another video where they shipped some new equipment in a metal frame. Yeah, that's how it should be done.
    Don't accept anything damaged. Once you sign for it and accept it then it's not anyone's problem but yours. And you never know what hidden issues are present. Tuckers/companys are required to carry insurance for this sort of thing. Not your problem, it is realistically, it will cost you time to sort it out, but you shouldn't need to accept anything less than what you paid for.
    Your equipment was probably transported on at least three different trucks. One to pick it up from the refurbisher, then taken to a cross dock to unload it and reload it on another truck to run further with it to the next "terminal" maybe transloaded again on another truck, then transloaded again on a different truck to make the final delivery. The packaging/crating just isn't up to the task.
    Shipping LTL is common and less costly (Less Than Truckload) than a dedicated truck. A dedicated truck will pickup your item and deliver it to you directly, at the cost of paying for the exclusive use of the truck. But, be warned it will be costly. Montana is a consumer state. They consume more than they ship out, so it's harder for a truck driver to deliver and find another load to leave and make a profit. They have to charge more so they can afford to leave empty without a load to make the trip profitable. Nobody wants to work for free. And that should never become your problem. I think the problem originates from the "shipper" who chose how your equipment was to be shipped.
    Sorry for your trouble. Alot of us take pride in what we do to deliver your stuff without a scratch. My heart sinks to see what you are presented with. Unacceptable.
    Maybe in the future you could request a "Full load" shipment. Only your equipment would be on one truck from where it was picked to where it was delivered. It would cost more, but time is money. They would still need to ship it with better packaging that that. They refurbisher cut corners at your expense, IMO.

  • Davin Winter
    Davin Winter 11 days ago

    Whoever editing matched up the hammer hits while forging to the song beat, I love you so much😂😂

  • Ryan Page
    Ryan Page 11 days ago

    Ford, ford their the best, drive a mile walk the rest

    MEAN DAD 12 days ago

    Your going to get hurt kid!

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell 14 days ago

    I am just curious on which episode you broke the Concrete floor. lol

  • Quality Leather Co.
    Quality Leather Co. 15 days ago +1

    Call before you dig dudes. 811 is free.

  • mikey jr
    mikey jr 15 days ago

    This is why you have a Chevy not a Ford

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 16 days ago

    They would give you a $1k discount before they would have had the Bridgeport shipped back.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 16 days ago

    Gotta say Will, your weld beads look nice. There is just one small problem, and that's the crater left at the end of them. That's a weak spot in the weld, and thankfully it is something that's relatively easy to fix. There's a number of ways you can go about it (research it yourself, find whatever way will work best for you,) but the way I always did it was to "snap" the trigger at the end of the weld. Another quick *zap* at the end of it usually filled the crater left behind, thus eliminating the weak spot at the end. Other than that, I'd say you seem to have the hang of wire-feed welding.

  • Isaiah Walls
    Isaiah Walls 17 days ago

    Cant wait for the next project. Good luck

  • A Stang
    A Stang 17 days ago

    Ford vs. Chevy???

  • 1234lavaking
    1234lavaking 21 day ago

    Alec does know that FORD=Found On Road Dead right? 😉 from a Ford driver

  • Little Gamerz HD
    Little Gamerz HD 22 days ago

    You need a post hole digger and a back of quickrete from home Depot 😎

  • Paul Critoph
    Paul Critoph 25 days ago

    should be bolted down on proper euro or British standard pallets not two way entry pallets with real bolts not lag screws. the sender is at fault for both of these as the packaging wasn't fit for purpose

  • Lakes Rider
    Lakes Rider 28 days ago

    Only just discovered your channel man, you're one inspirational dude!!

  • De Ranged
    De Ranged 29 days ago

    A good decision on both machines, I would have refused them both also. I worked for Xerox before retiring & we had received 2 extremely large NEW SERIES Full Color printing machines - retail value $55,000 each - that had come off the skids during shipping. No real outside visual damage except that the covers were bent, my thinking said compression damage, they were dropped at least 2ft. and refuse delivery but the warehouse manager (A college kid) said nope just a dent & he signed for them. When we went to set them up for a new sale both machines failed & one of them had very bad frame damage my team couldn't get the processor drawer to come out. All Sales eyes went to the manager who said they were good & my boss said "We should've gone with Dinos eyes he does have 30 yrs experience" It was too late then we had them for almost 60 days.

  • James McGuire
    James McGuire Month ago

    looks like you were almost roasting your chestnuts on an open fire! lol on precision machines you can't take the risk of setting it up to find out something is bent just enough not to work right.

  • John Hyslop
    John Hyslop Month ago

    lol ford, funny joke

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    That mill has fallen, no question! It rubbing against the side of the inside of the truck would not do that kind of damage.

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    It doesn't matter what brand of vehicle you buy, if it has not been maintained and cared for it WILL break down at some point. Abuse is abuse, no matter what brand it is......

  • Big Stank
    Big Stank Month ago

    I feel like I need to buy a shirt, after seeing the astronomical amount of money Alec is spending

  • aserta
    aserta Month ago

    Would not accept any equipment that's tipped damaged in an uncertain fashion and needs to perform in precision. Gears might be broken, slides might be damaged, fine work is upset. No. Packing and shipping was a disastrous failure, you need to deal with these things with an iron fist or this happens.

  • Robert Clolery
    Robert Clolery Month ago

    Once a pone a time my boss gave me a drill press from our wear house that had been dinged , dropped in transit. I refused to touch it for a month till he found a pair and sent it back. Always check !

  • Saki630
    Saki630 Month ago

    sad to see Alec shut down for 2019 when his money vaporizes due to all the 'murica taxes placed on his gear.

  • detroitbob58
    detroitbob58 Month ago

    Have you seigned up for a membership card from ACE Hardware? fter every so many dollars spent at the store they mail you a five or ten dollar discount card to use on your next purchase.

  • Scott Cress
    Scott Cress Month ago

    Wait till he finds out that the concrete floor is only 3 inches thick...

  • Dan The Flan
    Dan The Flan Month ago

    I was half expecting you to forget to buy a shovel and just deciding to make a spade with an extended handle for leverage.

  • Aaron Gerow
    Aaron Gerow Month ago +2

    7:19 👍

  • GeneralChangOfDanang

    Looks to me like somebody went to pick it up from the back and ran the forklift into it.

  • Skewed Maker
    Skewed Maker Month ago

    How about lowering one of your many flags to half staff in honor of those damaged machines?

  • gaston garre
    gaston garre Month ago

    Lol I’ve never seen his truck but it’s probably a ford

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen Month ago

    I hoped Discovery channel were the only ones gaying things down. Guess I am wrong.

  • Dremwolf
    Dremwolf Month ago

    Too bad you cannot get a rep from the company to come out and inspect the machines to see if they are still within tolerances.

  • Ásgeir Bergmann Pétursson

    This is probably the only YT channel that allows that much hardcore drilling and grinding with out being shut down

  • Adam Lynch
    Adam Lynch Month ago

    Longer post and a plate on bottom then drive it and I’m sure it would be stable. Concrete footing will ensure its stable.

  • Alien X Gaming 57
    Alien X Gaming 57 Month ago

    Ol' jeep still comming in clutch tho @2:59

  • Andrew Burgess
    Andrew Burgess Month ago

    Still cant see a big union jack

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. Month ago

      His Union Jack is in the crate with all his tools which he hasn't received yet

  • Shawn Begley
    Shawn Begley Month ago

    Got to have a stick paper holder !!!,,,,

  • Angus Uchiha
    Angus Uchiha Month ago

    Chevrolet is better than Ford.

  • Da vid
    Da vid Month ago

    That´s why I would never ship a machine on a pallet. Always gives you that false sense of security. Just put it on some rubber pads directly onto the truck, strap it with some adequat straps and you´re good. Nothing´s popping, banging, rattling or tipping anywhere.

  • DeadEyeDillard
    DeadEyeDillard Month ago

    Forge a shovel!

  • NorthOfAtlanta65
    NorthOfAtlanta65 Month ago

    Lag bolts? I bought an inexpensive 60 gal compressor from home depot and it was bolted to the skid, you would think a Bridgeport would have at least 4 bolts through a hardwood frame.

  • Paul Andreasen
    Paul Andreasen Month ago

    BTW Alec,
    Welcome to America!
    You picked the best country the World has to offer, warts and all. Chin up, grab a hammer, power through this whole startup thing and do what you do so well.

  • Paul Andreasen
    Paul Andreasen Month ago

    I'm so fond of the editing. I hope you insist on the same from the new lucky Editor. They have some BIG shoes to fill.

  • Luis F. B
    Luis F. B Month ago

    Good call on sending them back.
    Especially if internal damage was done , and unable to pass visual inspection. Been down that road...
    It may be a pain waiting for replacements, but safety shouldnt be compromised .

  • hoseqt1
    hoseqt1 Month ago

    send it back....professional before Loser.send it back....professional before Loser.send it back....professional before Loser.send it back....professional before Loser.send it back....professional before Loser.send it back....professional before Loser.send it back....professional before Loser.

  • drblmt
    drblmt Month ago

    Hi, i just had a thought it is not a replace for a mill, but have you considered Radial Drill Press

  • hogfry
    hogfry Month ago

    the box would have moved with the machine if it was lifted by a speed bump.... most likely it was moved in transit to get more freight on the truck.... and the damage happened then.

  • asdf jkl;
    asdf jkl; Month ago

    Bad day. Guess that was the motivation for the toilet paper holder......

  • Wing Nut Bert
    Wing Nut Bert Month ago

    Something that size should be on a pallet made of 4x4's and lag bolted and glued with construction adhesive together, not lag screwed. Plus the side should be more than just OSB. PLUS should be braced along the height with lumber so it can't rock in the x or y axis. Hope the company does better on the crating of the next one, and drops the table down too.

  • TheAnywhosavoy
    TheAnywhosavoy Month ago

    Ford it is so notorious for having electrical problems it’s not even funny so I get to serve a good ol silverado

  • Josh D
    Josh D Month ago

    I've seen heavy machinery dropped on concrete heaps of times and that's what looked liked happened to me also if it was rubbed on the truck where is the paint from the truck on the machine u won't rub paint off without rubbing paint on

  • Travis Miley
    Travis Miley Month ago

    A+ editing

  • barry bigballs
    barry bigballs Month ago

    Hot poker and anal cavity springs to mind for the people who bashed those beautiful machines about.

  • iTzAlPhA RoM3O
    iTzAlPhA RoM3O Month ago

    That's what up Alec, Refuse the crap out of those things because you or someone paid for shipping not destroying. Accepting it now would only enable that lack of quality service to exist. Shame on them whoever they are for putting that option in your hands. They should have owned up to it and made their mistakes right. Cant wait to see your new gear come in and yes.. driving through Montana was amazing but you should see British Columbia... views to die for.. and wildlife that is deadly. ha. keep up the hard work! P.S. If you do come to central Texas to visit Matt on the ranch.. You gotta lemme know!! ha.

  • realvictim
    realvictim Month ago

    Correct call on the machines. Definitely inadequate packaging and dreadful handling.

  • CQEflash
    CQEflash Month ago

    This channel is becoming a comedy blunder show haha

  • greensmoke
    greensmoke Month ago


  • Knifemaking with Fritz

    would love to see a collab between you and zna productions

  • Mikey Makey
    Mikey Makey Month ago

    "Less yak, more whack!" = LOL. :)

  • Zain M
    Zain M Month ago

    Lived in both the US and the UK and I dont know why anyone would move from the UK to the US

  • Branden Lee
    Branden Lee Month ago

    bullshit ,,speed bump would not do that !!..it fall one way and then they tip it back and they did that wrong and it fell again ,,thats why there holes on both sides!!!!..do not accept it..send it back!!!!

  • TilDeath1776 US
    TilDeath1776 US Month ago

    You should buy a gun for home defense or hunting. Your in Montana the animals will eat you there.. You wanna feel. Good and like a real man, have someone take you to shoot guns. You can't be a real. American u til then.

  • Project Constantine

    they're both blond

  • Project Constantine

    it's fine. you need to practice on raising jokes

  • kooky flukes
    kooky flukes Month ago

    That was the only sensible outcome. You buy anything that gets damaged in transit you refuse the delivery. The vendor has to take back and put in a claim against the protagonist. The buyer should get a replacement with no animosity.

  • JexxVexx
    JexxVexx Month ago

    Good news! Welcome to the USA!

  • Ben Burnett
    Ben Burnett Month ago

    First mistake was buying a ford. Chevy is the way to go. Especially diesel.

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza Month ago

    I'm glad you made the choice to return both machines

  • Mikel Cope
    Mikel Cope Month ago

    I’m glad you didn’t budge and refused the machines... hey sign here for the crap we damaged... no that slop was there when we picked it up...

  • Xiolan Wolf
    Xiolan Wolf Month ago

    You should make a scythe

  • Ashfi Takbir
    Ashfi Takbir Month ago

    Is it weird that I want Alec to be my brother :c ?

  • Martin D
    Martin D Month ago

    Everything in America remotely suburban has been paved over and paved over again, parking lots three deep. Roadsides three, four, five parking lots deep.

  • Gobo Kinje
    Gobo Kinje Month ago

    Dat sheetmetal work tho'

  • James Haun
    James Haun Month ago

    Keep up the good work ! You always have such a positive outlook on things. Keep the stiff upper lip

  • Ramin Azimi
    Ramin Azimi Month ago

    No matter the brand, issues like that are going to keep running into more issues. return it and get a different truck. Preferably one that can live up its reputation.
    Since you are going to be in a cold weather climate, I would look to see what the construction workers use to keep their work going. More than likely you will only run into Fords, Dodges, and Chevys. Go with a different brand if you need to in order to replace your truck. Do not keep that one.

  • ev8ting 74
    ev8ting 74 Month ago

    Make a Damascus snow shovel and why did you not make a had crafted Alec Steele stand for your mail box

  • C Smith
    C Smith Month ago

    Alec, this is M'erica your allowed to fist fight people for breaking your stuff.

  • MFOX
    MFOX Month ago

    Congrats to the editor I love the edits.

  • Andrew Beder
    Andrew Beder Month ago

    Raptor should be in the future!

  • Hannes
    Hannes Month ago

    What does 'run the arons' mean? English is not my mothertongue so if anybody could help it would be awesome :)

    • Hannes
      Hannes Month ago

      +Timothy S. Ah, thanks man

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. Month ago

      It means going out and doing tasks that need to be done, examples: grocery shopping, paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, going to post office

    LIKE A BOSS Month ago

    I think you made the best decision! 😁

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz Month ago

    Great decision to refuse and get fresh machines. Good luck with that truck.
    1. Found on road dead
    2. Fourteenth on race day.
    3.Friggin old rusty dumpster.
    4. Just kidding - Chevy and Dodge all have their foibles as well!

  • DoWhutNow
    DoWhutNow Month ago

    Do you still sell hammers? I cannot find them anywhere

  • louspinuso
    louspinuso Month ago

    You really should've bought a Toyota Tundra. I know you wanted an American pickup truck, but I'd like to say, for arguments sake, that more parts and labor in a Tundra are directly made in the USA than any other truck (including the Fords)

  • Jesse Hires
    Jesse Hires Month ago

    I hate to say it, but as a Ford fan, I don't think I would buy any Ford pick-up built after 1970. Everyone I've talked to who has had a ford built in the last 35 years has had nothing but problems.

  • bigtonkakid
    bigtonkakid Month ago

    You need a Texas built Tundra!

  • Blogzyboy AF
    Blogzyboy AF Month ago

    Hot tip: Get a japanese truck. You need a truck that you know.... works. Doenst matter how cool it looks(... as much lol) as long as it doesnt fail you doing otherwise simple tasks.

  • BackCountryAdventures

    Should have bought A Ram Truck!