Buttler & Gayle Go Huge In Record Breaking Match | Windies vs England 4th ODI 2019 - Highlights

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • Wow. What a day of cricket. Jos Buttler was on fire, hitting 150 off 77 deliveries. England then went on to break the record for most sixes in an innings. But the Windies fought back, with Gayle hitting 14 sixes of his own, and becoming the first player to pass 500 international sixes. You have to watch this one.
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  • razzaq sar
    razzaq sar Day ago

    Gayle kallu

  • Maaz Chaudhari
    Maaz Chaudhari Day ago

    11:58 babaji ka thullu 😆😆

  • Mo Umar
    Mo Umar 2 days ago

    Chris Gayle king

  • Md noor hossain Md noor hossain


  • RR hitter
    RR hitter 4 days ago

    Buttler fans here

  • Monica Frederick
    Monica Frederick 4 days ago


  • Monica Frederick
    Monica Frederick 4 days ago

    That game was fucket uo

  • thalapathy suren
    thalapathy suren 5 days ago

    Universe boss

  • Mr Infinix
    Mr Infinix 5 days ago


  • paras miglani
    paras miglani 6 days ago +14

    Cottrel: salutes.....
    Buttler: OKAY.!!!! 🙄
    23:24 : BUTTLER- (HITS A 107 M SIX)
    COTTREL: Okay..🙄

    😂 Revenge Taken

  • Md Ismail
    Md Ismail 7 days ago


  • Ak Sahu
    Ak Sahu 7 days ago +1

    Gayle power best

  • dheeraj agrawal
    dheeraj agrawal 7 days ago

    12:07 Babaji ka Thullu😂😂😂

  • vatsal srivastava
    vatsal srivastava 8 days ago +4

    likes for golden charm Jos buttler

  • vatsal srivastava
    vatsal srivastava 8 days ago +1

    likes for universe boss Chris gayle

  • Karthik Aaryan
    Karthik Aaryan 8 days ago

    23:25 Jos Buttler 😆😆😆

  • FashionCloudInc
    FashionCloudInc 8 days ago


  • muzammil sangar
    muzammil sangar 9 days ago

    Everybody know Chris Gayle is a champion.

  • Omar Faruk Tanu
    Omar Faruk Tanu 9 days ago

    I think stadium was small

  • Gowtham Mahi
    Gowtham Mahi 9 days ago

    23:52 that smile made

  • hamdan khan
    hamdan khan 9 days ago

    My favorite Only Gayle and S.Afridi.

  • Md Topu
    Md Topu 10 days ago

    আমার প্রিয়

  • Hunter Schell
    Hunter Schell 10 days ago +1

    Jos Butler fans like this comment

  • Mohsin Chaudhry
    Mohsin Chaudhry 10 days ago

    lol man of the match buttler

  • ahmed ali
    ahmed ali 10 days ago


  • Hameed Ktk
    Hameed Ktk 10 days ago +1

    Jos Buttler fans lik. 👍

  • Sports Live Update
    Sports Live Update 10 days ago

    Watch England vs West Indies live score and onmmentry thexvid.com/video/hpbKqNvxHKY/video.html

  • Yagnit 2704
    Yagnit 2704 10 days ago

    Waiting for today's clash at Southampton.

  • Md Ekbal Sk
    Md Ekbal Sk 10 days ago


  • Manish koli
    Manish koli 11 days ago +1

    Baal Baal bachi England 😂

  • Raman Malhotra
    Raman Malhotra 11 days ago +1

    gayle only best wishis

  • DARK king
    DARK king 11 days ago

    That's we call a cricket team number 7 or 8 player can also hit sixes

  • Hanumanta Hanumanta
    Hanumanta Hanumanta 11 days ago

    Buttler 😍 fans like here 👇👇👇👇

  • Jamsed Ansary
    Jamsed Ansary 11 days ago +2

    WI WIN BY WC 2019

  • Abhishek jain
    Abhishek jain 12 days ago +1

    Gayle played far better than butler

  • Monalisa Badapanda
    Monalisa Badapanda 12 days ago

    Buttler is abd

  • Thakor Hiro
    Thakor Hiro 13 days ago

    Dwayne Smith ko kiyu nahi liya

  • Johndel Grant
    Johndel Grant 14 days ago

    I remember that game in Grenada

  • ZiDi RajpOot
    ZiDi RajpOot 14 days ago +1

    V.Good fight by the Win

  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire 14 days ago +1

    23:25 savage😂😂😂😂

  • Dilawar Khan
    Dilawar Khan 15 days ago

    Nic match

  • Sřavãń cîvìlíänn

    23:15 don't waste ur time😁😁

  • Sadam akram
    Sadam akram 16 days ago

    Wow superb batting West Indies

  • Ravi Rai
    Ravi Rai 16 days ago

    Kitna vhi ho Rohit see Kam hai

    BR GSKP 16 days ago +1

    What kind of players are they England they didn't appreciated the fabulous innings of Chris Gayle. He actually appreciated the innings of butter. Big man with big heart our Universe Boss... Much love from India.

  • TRK channel
    TRK channel 16 days ago

    Gayle fan like here.

  • Shatrudhan Mandal
    Shatrudhan Mandal 16 days ago +9

    Jos bettler amazing betsman last 15 year he is great too watch

  • Zahoor Ahmad 22
    Zahoor Ahmad 22 17 days ago


  • Alone Lucky
    Alone Lucky 17 days ago +3

    Well Fighting WIndes
    Love From Pakistan

  • Laxman Rawal
    Laxman Rawal 18 days ago


  • MD Mahin ALi
    MD Mahin ALi 18 days ago +1

    গেল ভালো খেলছে

  • Dreamers point
    Dreamers point 19 days ago +3

    Gayle: I only swing the bat
    Ball: I am out of the ground

  • Top 4 You
    Top 4 You 19 days ago

    Criss gyle fans like here

  • Top 4 You
    Top 4 You 19 days ago

    So sad

  • Foreskin 69
    Foreskin 69 19 days ago +1

    Tip: Watch in 2x. ;)

  • king kong
    king kong 19 days ago +1

    Russell hota to masal deta

  • Md Antor4224
    Md Antor4224 20 days ago +4

    C. Gayle fans like here👇

  • gourav singh
    gourav singh 20 days ago

    England walo ke fatti toh bahut hogi

  • My Private
    My Private 20 days ago

    40:34 lucky England

  • My Private
    My Private 20 days ago

    Alex hales , Roy , Bairstow,Buttler,Morgan,Stokes
    best squad ever for batting line up
    Red Alarm for All teams

  • ankit kumar
    ankit kumar 20 days ago

    Any Indian
    Who is fan of batting lengends

  • Killer Saini
    Killer Saini 20 days ago

    Universe boss

  • Thakur Yash Vardhan Singh

    Buttler jab six marta hai to lagta hai ball ko patt se headshot diya 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anuroop Sabharwal
    Anuroop Sabharwal 21 day ago +1

    Anybody here for Chris gayle 😎

  • Muhammad Waseem
    Muhammad Waseem 21 day ago

    Shahid afridi fan like here

  • Ubaid Qureshi
    Ubaid Qureshi 22 days ago

    Maza no ha

  • James Zenos
    James Zenos 22 days ago +1

    The song used for highlights is - All for one(scott stallone)

  • bubg game
    bubg game 22 days ago

    very very good

  • Hassan Achakzai Official


  • Samir Khan
    Samir Khan 23 days ago

    gayle is more better ✌✌

  • Akash Thadavena
    Akash Thadavena 23 days ago

    Gayle is a sixer machine

  • Ferdousi Hussain
    Ferdousi Hussain 23 days ago +1


    • Ferdousi Hussain
      Ferdousi Hussain 23 days ago


  • Mr. Unparalleled
    Mr. Unparalleled 24 days ago +99

    Star sports: 2 minutes highlights
    ECB: 5 minutes highlights
    WCB:50 minutes highlights

    • Divya Saini
      Divya Saini 7 days ago +1

      ICC : hold my beer 😂 😂 😂

    • Mitran
      Mitran 15 days ago +4

      Mr. Unparalleled WICB

  • Shaik Shavali zain
    Shaik Shavali zain 24 days ago +33

    Hit like for Buttler's saluting scene 😁😁😁😂😂😉

  • Mubeen Ali
    Mubeen Ali 24 days ago

    Record of full tos

  • anand patel
    anand patel 24 days ago

    Bravo is best khiladi I am Bravo 🤗🤗👌👌👌✌️✌️✌️

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  • Vinu Dewangan
    Vinu Dewangan 25 days ago +1

    Stadium Name plz...

  • my world
    my world 25 days ago

    Bairstow and butttler are unbleveble player

  • Saad Qureshi
    Saad Qureshi 26 days ago

    That was WI victory but they lost cause everytime they want to hit the ball for six & fours that's why they lost the match 16 balls 30+ runs is not impossible it's easy to chase they should take double singles & sometimes six & fours

  • Banu M
    Banu M 26 days ago

    Both are danger batsmans.but,I like Gayle.because,gayle hits super fast century and outground of sixes.so,"Gayle the monster".

  • Hamza Rahman
    Hamza Rahman 26 days ago

    Past, present, future of power hitting in one game❄️

  • Shahid Zaki
    Shahid Zaki 26 days ago

    I love gayle

  • hi vision
    hi vision 26 days ago

    Buttler is like ab deviller 2.0

    I M JOKER 26 days ago +1

    But buttler is amazing

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali 26 days ago

    Buttler 😘❤❤❤

  • Sibghat Ullah
    Sibghat Ullah 26 days ago

    Please like share and subscribe this channel. Your one subscription gave me a lot of happiness.

  • AZ LovE
    AZ LovE 27 days ago

    ghatiya players hn england ke gyle ko appriciate nh kiya jab k inke buttler ko gyle ne khud appriciate kiya
    Well played legend Chris Gyle ❤️👌
    lOve from Pakistan ❤️

  • Your IT Master
    Your IT Master 27 days ago +1

    gayle 3 over or khail jata tu west in,. aram se jet ajty

  • esther esh
    esther esh 27 days ago +2

    I'm here only for buttler salute 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Md Azad
    Md Azad 27 days ago


  • Md Azad
    Md Azad 27 days ago +1


  • shahil verma
    shahil verma 27 days ago

    Gayle what is this.
    This is not a twenty-twenty match.

  • Kavi Kavi
    Kavi Kavi 27 days ago +1

    Gayle storm fan like

  • Martial Art Maniacs
    Martial Art Maniacs 27 days ago

    Imagine Russel playing in the match...

  • Martial Art Maniacs
    Martial Art Maniacs 27 days ago

    Gayle showed who is the boss...

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Awesome 🔥

  • Sanjay San
    Sanjay San 28 days ago

    Who is here for gayle's firerockets.

  • Ch Hani
    Ch Hani 28 days ago +2

    people who like Gayle like my commet and pakistan zindabad

  • zafar saeed
    zafar saeed 28 days ago

    Shahid afridi fans like