• Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • Flaming Anvil returns to destroy 18 deodorant cans, 80 lighters and a big pile of flour. What a video #44Club
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Comments • 6 579

  • jack apperley
    jack apperley Year ago +4221

    George W Bushfire?

  • Braden Bennett
    Braden Bennett 2 days ago

    Flaming anvil vs tannerite

  • giggity gobbler
    giggity gobbler 2 days ago

    Demolitia is here ;)

  • ana wise
    ana wise 6 days ago

    Next time try coffee creamer.

  • MrBullDoppss
    MrBullDoppss 7 days ago

    Someone must've said so by now. Carbon Dioxide is the propellant in those cans. So, yah, flame off...

  • Falcon945
    Falcon945 9 days ago

    Is it just me or should they call it 44 tower not 45 because 44Club

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul 9 days ago

    7:20 I think Scott actually got a science question right. The anvil was most likely smothered by gases and there wasn't any oxygen to burn. O_O

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known 13 days ago

    Use baking pwder and salt for a surprise

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known 13 days ago

    Add turmic and its Ferrari red flame

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known 13 days ago

    Mix powderd sugar and salt and turns green

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known 13 days ago

    Or even better powderd sugar

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known 13 days ago

    P.s suposed to be corn flour more flammable

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known 13 days ago

    Disliked for that ffoul shit at the start...Lit,.. fook off

  • akfrench3579
    akfrench3579 16 days ago

    non dairy coffee creamer is super so is aerosol hairspray!

  • Trevor Nelson
    Trevor Nelson 17 days ago

    Try with coffee whitener. Stuff burns great.

  • Joshua Gadsby
    Joshua Gadsby 19 days ago

    Smokey the bear

  • Funny Crew
    Funny Crew 19 days ago


  • Nolan Huber
    Nolan Huber 20 days ago

    Old spice cheapest you could find?? Seriously?! Not cheap here in the US

  • Devin Birmingham
    Devin Birmingham 21 day ago

    Blokes beans = butt oder

  • Palomar Ohana Adventures

    Flaming Anvil Vs. Butane Cans and small propane tank!!!

  • #SubxGod !!
    #SubxGod !! 22 days ago

    try a balloon on top of the flour, the air from It popping might be enough to aerate the flour and make a fireball.

  • River Norris
    River Norris 23 days ago


  • Ayandhe van Os
    Ayandhe van Os 26 days ago

    Is er iemand Dutch Nederlands?

  • Heroteam 598
    Heroteam 598 28 days ago

    So cool.

  • jackblanche10
    jackblanche10 28 days ago +2

    The slow mo fire was so mesmerising

  • Phil Rawson
    Phil Rawson Month ago

    Philip Jay Fry

  • Darryanne Dever
    Darryanne Dever Month ago

    Watching from Medford Oregon love these videos so much GAUNSON TRAIN

  • Aidan Semski
    Aidan Semski Month ago

    You should hook up a heavy duty laser pointer to the railing on the tower so you can line your targets up perfectly

  • lttomhellhound
    lttomhellhound Month ago

    Do this drops again but have like 5 torches around so when the deodorant cans blow the torches ignite a big ass fire ball

  • marks hepiss
    marks hepiss Month ago

    rojalty fam

  • The Dogemaster [FKB]

    Make a pile of black powder and drop a flaming anvil on it xD

  • Little Ninja 99
    Little Ninja 99 Month ago

    Fire flame (5:20

  • Rainbow6Siege Gamer


  • Bleah Bloobly
    Bleah Bloobly Month ago

    Tape a lit road flare to the anvil & drop it. That should be enough to not have the pressure from the cans extinguish the light.

  • zach craig
    zach craig Month ago

    Anvil vs ballistics head/gel

  • Clementine Rose
    Clementine Rose Month ago +1

    Charles flamin' anvil the third of welshire

  • Thomas Slaney
    Thomas Slaney Month ago

    Non-dairy creamer works great.

  • Josh Knight
    Josh Knight Month ago +1

    7:31 your welcome

  • rocxr100
    rocxr100 Month ago

    Use powdered coffee creamer instead of flour, PLEASE!!!

  •  Month ago

    I'm late but, corn dust is more flammable.

  • Wittig
    Wittig Month ago

    So refreshing seeing good quality slow-mo. Y’all should invest in doing that more, it really ups the viddy quality :)

  • tom ee
    tom ee Month ago

    flaming dart!

    N1GHTW0LF GB Month ago +1

    Literally got a fking axe deodorant ad.

  •  Month ago +1

    Flaming anvil into mini=pool full of petrol.

  • W Yoder
    W Yoder Month ago

    Who else got a Degree ad?!

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen Month ago

    Can we talk for a second about the one deo can that went straight up like a rocket? My goodness that had some force.

  • Hulk Slayer
    Hulk Slayer Month ago

    WTF?! Flour is flammable?!

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin Month ago

    Throw a powerwheels off

  • RM SemFl
    RM SemFl Month ago

    The anvil is noisy cutting the air. You exploded the base stump and almost took out the gopro.

  • kruigi
    kruigi Month ago

    6:58 hey camera, you stink! Have some extra deodorant!

  • cy bay
    cy bay Month ago +1

    Blokes name is Get The Bellon

  •  Month ago

    Getting more flash off flour

  • Nathaniel Moseley
    Nathaniel Moseley Month ago

    You guys should try a flaming dart or flaming Clayton it could be more accurate and you won't be holding it so it would be safer also

  • The RE3flection
    The RE3flection 2 months ago


  • Jeden Life
    Jeden Life 2 months ago


  • Thegeek Conservative
    Thegeek Conservative 2 months ago

    Next time light a flare and stick it at the bottom and dump a 5 gallon bucket of loose flour over the side onto it.

  •  2 months ago +3

    A FLAMING ANVIL? Now this is my jam. Count me in.

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago

      Just watched some amazing fire slow mo. Top marks.

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason 2 months ago

    Replace the flour with coffee cream powder. *WHOOSH*

  • Fifia Dunn
    Fifia Dunn 2 months ago


  • Floof The Bird
    Floof The Bird 2 months ago +1

    Avail vs giant pile of squeak toys......just imagine that sound.

    • Floof The Bird
      Floof The Bird 2 months ago

      @xxlgamerpro Yeah, I just found the video. Not like making a comment on an old vid does any harm.

    • xxlgamerpro
      xxlgamerpro 2 months ago +1

      2 hours ago

  • Hunter Pardy
    Hunter Pardy 2 months ago


  • kingofkings69ner k
    kingofkings69ner k 2 months ago +1

    How about fire anvil vs a gas tank or fire anvil vs fireworks

  • Anthony Pacheco
    Anthony Pacheco 2 months ago +1

    Do you mean I'm going to get pinned

  • Thomas Davidson
    Thomas Davidson 2 months ago

    Bob j-fred

  • Trent Reynolds
    Trent Reynolds 2 months ago

    Flaming dart vs gas bottle

  • Secrets YT
    Secrets YT 2 months ago

    What did the trinagle said to the cricle? Ur life is so pointless

  • milan pitalia
    milan pitalia 2 months ago

    flaming anvil vs petrol pool

  • Thomas Cekola
    Thomas Cekola 2 months ago

    Non dairy creamer is good too and so is brake parts cleaner

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 months ago


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 months ago


  • soccerking10 alex
    soccerking10 alex 2 months ago

    What about smoky

  • soccerking10 alex
    soccerking10 alex 2 months ago


  • Pandaboi 444
    Pandaboi 444 2 months ago


  • Dani McCarthy
    Dani McCarthy 2 months ago


  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz 2 months ago

    Something more combustible would need to be on the lighters