Kevin Brennan - Rudy Giuliani, Twitter, Podcasting - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

  • Published on May 29, 2018
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Comments • 126

  • Herbie Shapiro
    Herbie Shapiro Day ago

    Bitches do march around proudly displaying their coffee.

  • Mr Lovely
    Mr Lovely 2 months ago

    Kevin (love) sounds like Ron Jeremy.

  • Vinnie Queenan
    Vinnie Queenan 3 months ago

    sam gels well with Kevin.. (even better than with Jim i think.. Jim needs to compete with someone funny sometimes)

  • Evan Tisdale
    Evan Tisdale 4 months ago +1

    Sam looks like a fruit bat....

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 4 months ago +1

    Youre always scheming like a dirty jew.

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 4 months ago

    I sleep naked and walk across 2 rooms to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night.. windows open. Idgaf. My girl laughs at me doin it.

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 4 months ago +1

    Kevin Brennan is a lunatic and I love him for it.

  • TG
    TG 4 months ago

    Kev - ' I dont want to make jokes about my brother in law dying'
    Jim ' He's not listening'
    Norton is the fastest motherfucker in the game

  • Jewels inSD
    Jewels inSD 5 months ago +1

    Kevin Brennan you are too cute. 💙

  • Nic S
    Nic S 7 months ago +1

    Kevin looks like a China doll that didn't pass quality inspection

  • Neil M
    Neil M 7 months ago

    9:08 bored and chugging liquor

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 8 months ago

    isn't troy quan's job to make sure the show sounds fine? to adjust the levels to make sure it doesn't sound all over modulated when someone is louder? that motherfucker is useless. Sitting there like a lump.

  • Max Meier
    Max Meier 8 months ago +3

    you'd be pissed too if your little brother made millions with a thing you did first, and you are 50 and still doing roadwork.

  • Matt 91
    Matt 91 9 months ago

    "Their tits are cock blockin 'em" Best thing ever

  • Mitchael Hollingsworth
    Mitchael Hollingsworth 10 months ago

    kevin's a fuckin beast, love it

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 11 months ago +1

    Kevin is hilarous.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 11 months ago +2

    Sam should still be an intern

  • BlueShift
    BlueShift 11 months ago

    1 hour of non-stop complaining... Do you all only like him because you like anything conservative? I just don't get how simply complaining can garner so much respect from people in the comment section. Would much rather hear someone like Lewis Black complain than this guy....

  • joe winkler
    joe winkler 11 months ago

    This Sam kid is such a douche bag should call him forehead frigging homo

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B 11 months ago

    This asshole ain’t funny

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey Year ago +3

    I love how Kevin doesnt give a shit who he trashes. Hes hilarious.

  • Pinky Schultz
    Pinky Schultz Year ago

    Ugh. Kevin is repulsive. And Sam is the most Jewish looking non-Jew I have ever seen!

  • Scott Bergey
    Scott Bergey Year ago +4

    Kevin is the best guest on Jim and Sam!

  • Elliott G
    Elliott G Year ago

    Sam sucks big dong this episode.

  • Felipe Segura
    Felipe Segura Year ago

    Troy looks completely disinterested everytime the camera goes to Kevin Brennan lol

  • orphan arrows
    orphan arrows Year ago +1

    Racist shithead

    • Chism
      Chism 11 months ago

      @orphan arrows oh, good proof....

    • orphan arrows
      orphan arrows Year ago

      all over his twitter and other interviews. talking about "jungle nwords" and such

    • Elijah Solomon
      Elijah Solomon Year ago

      orphan arrows - Where was the racism?

  • Lions 88
    Lions 88 Year ago

    Jim and Kevin Show after October

  • G E
    G E Year ago

    This guy is miserable, and wants everyone else to be too. This fat lazy guy talking about Vos's chest. For his age Vos is in very good shape. Healthy people have great sex lives as they get older. Kevin is probably impotent most of the time.
    His negativity ain't no act. This guy hates himself....

  • Hatakikomi
    Hatakikomi Year ago

    16:46 lol

  • Linda Miller
    Linda Miller Year ago +2

    New advice show from Kevin Brennan; Jumping Off Bridges

  • DJ Kento
    DJ Kento Year ago

    listening to an old man complain about how he hasn't made it and why nobody likes him. So tough to sit through.

  • Roy Maugeri
    Roy Maugeri Year ago +6

    "He's got a body like Paul Cobblepot."
    Great almost reference, you zilch.

  • Andrew Ou
    Andrew Ou Year ago +2

    Suddenly I’m a neal brennan fan

  • The Mayor of Titty Town

    Put Ramrod from Vice Squad on soon, bitches

  • Brendon Brucale
    Brendon Brucale Year ago +1

    best comedian right now

  • Helterz Skelterz
    Helterz Skelterz Year ago

    Im a white woman. White as fuck. Like cannot get a tan. White! And kevin is the funniest guy i have ever met.

  • Jason Ambrose
    Jason Ambrose Year ago

    Kevin is fucking hilarious. He's so jaded that he hates everything. He's like the old man sitting on the front porch yelling at kids "get off my Lawn"

  • Autocuck 8000
    Autocuck 8000 Year ago +2

    "for your social skills, you've done great." :P

  • Tito
    Tito Year ago +1

    Neal Brennan's brother is a way better interview than Kevin Brennan's famous brother

  • Bronald
    Bronald Year ago +1


  • Truth Detector
    Truth Detector Year ago

    Sam "I don't really go to the beach" - you don't say you pale lookin Pennywise sewer dwelling clown!

  • KingKoopa
    KingKoopa Year ago

    Sam is really in his shit.

  • Nick F
    Nick F Year ago +2

    Weeks later and still with the "I'lll call the police!" right out of the gate. Kevins the best and if you don't like him I simply don't want you in my life.

  • D C
    D C Year ago

    Well Kevin can do what would you do for a free prize bit on the street. pay him a few bucks for that.
    Then watch him get himself knocked out by someone when his temper flares up.

  • Juventus Belko
    Juventus Belko Year ago

    who is this douche again?

  • Misterlaxx d
    Misterlaxx d Year ago

    the truth of Kevin is reflected in the sheen over Tro-quans face at around the 00:04:00 min mark

  • Chris Frederick
    Chris Frederick Year ago

    This guy needs some love... bitter mofi

  • rickvaughn
    rickvaughn Year ago +2

    Sam chuckles nervously at Kevin's political incorectness

  • wolftone69
    wolftone69 Year ago +8

    wheres the bobby lee interview ?

  • Emily Cole
    Emily Cole Year ago

    neal is a far superior human but not as funny as kevin

  • Suffering Brings Wisdom


  • Chris Unick
    Chris Unick Year ago +1

    I'd like Brennan more if he didn't complain about his career and pretty much beg for $ (but Sam is worthless and Jim is a fucking worm so...)

  • jesper heglingegård jensen

    1 minute in and Kevin is Talking about money....

  • Adam Perry
    Adam Perry Year ago

    Kevin, let me count everyone's money, Brennan

  • CalvinSomething
    CalvinSomething Year ago +31

    Kevin is the perfect mix of cunty and beaten down...

  • Walker Johnson
    Walker Johnson Year ago

    Kevin Brennan is the white guy who doesnt give a fuck about anything, strive to be like him

  • hooch87
    hooch87 Year ago +3

    such an unlikable guy...but always entertaining and never boring.

  • Cory O'Brien
    Cory O'Brien Year ago +3

    To answer Kevin's question around the 11 minute mark, we all wait for the TheXvid posts.

    • Jesse Guy
      Jesse Guy Year ago

      Cory O'Brien no shit, because we are all on youtube right now.

  • Bobby Marm
    Bobby Marm Year ago

    Roflmao @ Jimmy's doodoo butt on his white couch

  • tedatlas
    tedatlas Year ago +4

    White women are the most privileged people on earth but try so hard to compete in the oppression olympics with people who actually have had a hard time in the past.