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  • Flashback FM
    Flashback FM  9 months ago +819

    This scene is completely Joss Whedon. "Thank" him for IT

    • michiel
      michiel Month ago

      can't blame his overrated ass. He got hired because marvel didn't won't hire him anymore. blame WB for interfering, blame them for not letting snyder finish his film or to fire any sooner...

    • Alan Richardson B
      Alan Richardson B Month ago

      Flashback FM well whedon like to keeps things simple, no wonder why everyone hates snyder because he actually makes you think and put atention.

    • hijhiysonikku
      hijhiysonikku Month ago

      Cyborg: "Should have died."
      Is that Buffy speak?

    • Dan Robinson
      Dan Robinson Month ago

      Batman doesn't kill, but look at the death count in BvS. Bruce isn't exactly preaching here either.

    • way231
      way231 Month ago

      i thought this was the worst scene of the movie. Batman doesn't preach.

  • YasGawdOkurrr
    YasGawdOkurrr 4 hours ago

    Ben is so hot

  • potted plant
    potted plant Day ago

    I love this movie ❤️

  • Ellah Heart
    Ellah Heart 2 days ago

    "What's on your weird mind ?"
    - AQUA MAN

  • mike ktd
    mike ktd 2 days ago

    Ben's acting is much better than anyone in this scene! damn under the right script and direction Affleck would have been great batman

  • jf
    jf 7 days ago

    Cyborg looks too distracting. They messed up with his design.

  • Herr Starr
    Herr Starr 7 days ago

    3:04 "Superman was a *vegan* to the world" that makes sense

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 9 days ago

    2:11. Thank me later ✌️

  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira 11 days ago

    i think that conversation betwen bruce and diana had to be opposite. Batman dont take tisk, Wonder Woman takes to much risk

  • zen 1991
    zen 1991 13 days ago

    graphic is so suck man

  • Roman Kramer
    Roman Kramer 15 days ago +1

    I love both the Movie and The tv show !

  • rohmad nr
    rohmad nr 16 days ago

    flat bitch

  • Joshua Rivers
    Joshua Rivers 17 days ago

    Bruce - Steve Trevor tell you that?
    Theatre including myself - Oh shit.

  • amir guillenghoncheh
    amir guillenghoncheh 17 days ago

    what did Aquaman got in batcave ?!?!? :/

  • Raja Pamungkas
    Raja Pamungkas 19 days ago

    i can't see anything unless Diana's cleavage

    YOU'RE ROAD 20 days ago

    justice league=box

  • Em Paz
    Em Paz 21 day ago

    This movie succeeded where Batman vs. Superman failed. It had a weak villain but BVS was an all around bad movie. Rushing these movies and characters was a huge mistake

  • OneofInfinity
    OneofInfinity 21 day ago

    Reminded me of TV Flash on his first visit to the DEO in the Supergirl cross-over 😂

  • Clusteronandon
    Clusteronandon 22 days ago

    Ben definitely wasn't fat, but he certainly wasn't as fit as he was in BVS.

  • Inspira Vault
    Inspira Vault 24 days ago

    Batman is better in the *comics, video games, and Dark Knight movies* trust Me

  • vauntace26
    vauntace26 24 days ago

    This has got to be the brightest batcave

  • Ken Lewis
    Ken Lewis 24 days ago

    whole scene was reshoot... the real one was understanding motherbox and with camera rounds them and seeing superman's hologram and with their suits tho then discussing bout something darker

  • Narhyl Bennett
    Narhyl Bennett 25 days ago

    not my batman and not my bat-cave glad i didnt spend money supporting this project

  • TalioniesRex
    TalioniesRex 27 days ago

    Ben Really need to learn how Batman doing things, like Batman talks as less as possible and doing things as efficiently as possible, he is the dark knight, the coolest people. Ben acted batman with humor, talks too much, ask too many questions. I mean Ben is a good actor but he needs to learn this character better

  • germanvisitor2
    germanvisitor2 28 days ago

    Anyone else getting the Batman vibes from Affleck? Me neither. I will blame it on the script and direction, though.

  • X makenarya
    X makenarya 28 days ago

    batman is the iron man of this universe . that guilt

  • Anymation
    Anymation Month ago

    All I see is green screen

  • JackDerAufreiss
    JackDerAufreiss Month ago

    I liked the batcave in BvS because the it looked like it could be made by 2 people over the course of many years, but this warehouse section in this movie is a bit ridiculous

  • Black hand of Canada

    Everyone complaining the dceu is gonna fail but guess what the flash movie is supposed to be flash point witch can fix the franchise

  • Herr Starr
    Herr Starr Month ago

    Why does batman looks unhealthy and slow?

  • Chipwood
    Chipwood Month ago

    0:18 LMFAO

  • Harrison C. Smith
    Harrison C. Smith Month ago

    I'm just gonna say it. Batman wasn't in this movie.

  • miss epicure
    miss epicure Month ago

    Loved how Arthur moved outta the way 😂😂😂

  • Hamtar ino
    Hamtar ino Month ago

    LOL I think Diana is the oldest one of them all because she was in world war 1 right? and the others are wayyyy later born right? (wait Aqua man)

  • Adam Baum
    Adam Baum Month ago

    If Wonder Woman babysat Batman's kids, he would totally bang her.

  • Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen

    Been wondering if Aquaman knows that Wonder woman is also a god and are they related? like siblings?

  • crazy.funny,dumb, jerk

    Diana go to hekland die. You f . Just want to be the best . F u and sit down

  • Furpa Lama
    Furpa Lama Month ago

    yo the bruce wayne doesn't even sound like batmann ..

  • shashwat singh
    shashwat singh Month ago

    bitch please, he almost killed superman, dont u dare touch him for ur own sake lol

  • manish parikh
    manish parikh Month ago

    Batman? More like ironman..

  • A雲
    A雲 Month ago

    1:58 Bruce captioned booth.

  • EpicYEET
    EpicYEET Month ago

    Well, Let's try to follow the scientific methods in batcave I guess?

  • Zi Cheng
    Zi Cheng Month ago

    suddenly this whole conversation abt bringing clark back to life takes on a new meaning. i suppose diana somehow brought steve back as well and she knows what that does to a person.

  • mnbnbmlkjlvcx
    mnbnbmlkjlvcx Month ago

    They are talkers...

  • Red King
    Red King Month ago

    To be honest Bruce sound like Tony from Avengers 2

  • Pounch Controller
    Pounch Controller Month ago

    The fact that this dialogue scene is the only good thing of the movie tells us how bad this movie was
    I don't blame Snyder for that, I actually love Snyder
    no, I'm sure this movie was victim of money

  • Jonathan Sweeney
    Jonathan Sweeney Month ago

    DCEU Is in a League of it’s own in terms of superhero In comparison to MCU But the cohesiveness and thoughtfulness is huge

  • Malibu LeStrange
    Malibu LeStrange Month ago

    "Did Steve Trevor tell you that?"
    Uh-uh. It seems like Bruce is jealous.

  • Señiorita Maldita
    Señiorita Maldita Month ago

    Aquaman’s reaction when dianna pushed bruce is me escaping my depression lol

  • Xxcon Ninjaxx
    Xxcon Ninjaxx Month ago

    Wisdom is better than smartness in every way

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez Month ago

    Barry:"If she kills you we will cover for her"
    Bruce: gee thanks you ungratefull cunt

  • AVenged13m
    AVenged13m Month ago

    everything looks like a green screen

  • Sarura Ahamed
    Sarura Ahamed Month ago

    0:18 that face

  • anticul 23
    anticul 23 Month ago

    A lot of jews in this movie

  • stitcha123
    stitcha123 Month ago

    Affleck- always got a bit of a gut.

  • stitcha123
    stitcha123 Month ago

    The flash was annoying as fuck. Like the whole film

  • Rush gameing
    Rush gameing Month ago

    3:30-3:36 savage

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson Month ago

    To be fair if it has been Steve she wouldn't have hesitated for a second to bring him back.
    Batman is totally right in this scene she is a fucking hypocrite.

  • Royal Sovereign
    Royal Sovereign Month ago

    Why would they make Aquaman like a felony hobo who got out of a joint yesterday.

  • That Boi
    That Boi Month ago

    I know amazons are strong in all but she has no muscle mass

  • Maritina Xánthe
    Maritina Xánthe Month ago

    Ezra Miller was A M A Z I N G as Flash. The whole dorky personality really made his character even better.

  • Connor O'keefe
    Connor O'keefe Month ago

    What a rubbish movie

  • Sina Abedi
    Sina Abedi Month ago

    2:54 i have no idea what barry did there. but if u look closely thats 100% his speed

  • MrTron
    MrTron Month ago

    "Excuse me while I go cough up some blood."

  • Alan Richardson B
    Alan Richardson B Month ago

    I would like to see the real scene from the trailer but it seems that it changes the whole plot of the movie, including that part when bruce is looking at the hologram.

  • hijhiysonikku
    hijhiysonikku Month ago

    Cyborg: "Should have died."
    Why? Why do you want your own life to be taken? Look your father cares about you! He rebuilt you so you could keep on living and being his son! Come on Cyborg! You're actually hotter than you were before! Who cares if you've got no dick! BTW, pull the sweatshirt hood up. You look even sexier that way.

  • FFSetto
    FFSetto Month ago

    What a team ! Like IT ! :) 1:12 :D

  • Water Droplet
    Water Droplet Month ago

    Batman just doesn't seem to be respected like in the animated series

  • M Velez
    M Velez Month ago

    how Aquaman just took one of his batarangs . Smooth .

  • RustyKoi
    RustyKoi Month ago

    I don't like most of his changes or choices, but this was one of Whedon's best scenes, and I think if it were only shot with a more powerful dramatic atmosphere a la Zack Snyder, it would have been incredible.

  • Ifti Hossain
    Ifti Hossain Month ago +1


  • Mt Nicke
    Mt Nicke Month ago

    It's funny how they changed the line from "superman was a beacon to the world" to "you are an inspiration diana", diana didn't do anything during zod's invation, she pretty much ignored the event. As far as i am concern it was superman who saves us from zod and the end of the human race. And he did this again by killing doomsday and his self sacrifice even through the world hate him. Diana hardly was an inspiration, she only appeared when doomsday was created.

  • Mukibi White
    Mukibi White Month ago

    Love my justice league

  • Herbert Erdferkel
    Herbert Erdferkel Month ago

    "With wonder woman we finally have a strong female character, you know we should do? Lets cast a model and give her a very deep shirt cutout to see some tits!" ... its still a joke how hollywood handles female main characters :D not that I would mind the eyecandy, but anyone throwing the idea of points for feminism around when talking Wonder Woman makes me laugh seeing this shit.

  • Kishore Kumar
    Kishore Kumar Month ago

    I hate how they had to dumb down Batman for this movie. Like you see BVS, Injustice 1 and 2 (yes I know they were games but the character is what matters), he's like a total alpha dog, and here in this movie, nothing more than a bitch. This isn't Batman, this is discount tony Stark.

  • Techno Kreep
    Techno Kreep Month ago

    batman maybe the weakest but in the comics he can kill all DC heroes

  • Raportagens Oma
    Raportagens Oma Month ago

    Do you think its oke whem Flash with is speed Light load up my phone?

    NURUL AMIN Month ago

    miss.diana tec hellps us

  • renald ray
    renald ray 2 months ago

    Still waiting for the accurate character of Bruce Wayne/batman. In the comic/game/animation he always speak and act arrogantly smart and like he's in charge even among the JL's team, makes everyone shut their mouth everytime he speak his mind and always has a savage way to put it. They need to implement that in the movie, then they at least save at least the Batman's character from the fan.

  • GNP Subaru
    GNP Subaru 2 months ago

    “Do you bleed?’

  • Makoto Mikami
    Makoto Mikami 2 months ago

    Batman and his fractions, lol xD

  • ɢ3x ᴇᴛᴇʀɴᴀʟʟɪғᴇ

    Steve trevor is like the n word of diana

  • iFaceYourPalm
    iFaceYourPalm 2 months ago

    Why did they make Flash seem like he has autism? I don't understand. The tv show adaptation is completely different...

  • christopher corvino
    christopher corvino 2 months ago

    Does anyone else think that the real reason bruce wayne looks so serious here is because he is secretly trying to scratch his balls in his left pocket?

  • E-MAN
    E-MAN 2 months ago

    Worse flash ever

  • Fleece Johnson
    Fleece Johnson 2 months ago

    Straight garbage. This movie will go down as one of the worst failures of all time. Good job Warner Bros!

  • John Martin
    John Martin 2 months ago +1

    Something I noticed about the Batcave here. There's a lot mor light here than in BvS. Almost as if to say, "Okay we've had enough darkness here for awhile, time to bring some light and stop being bitter about Jason's death

  • David Trinidad
    David Trinidad 2 months ago

    4:26 LOL they not even in the same place fuckings reshots and fuckin warner

  • By Way Of Deception
    By Way Of Deception 2 months ago

    Batfleck got this about right. Good job Ben.

  • Anto P K
    Anto P K 2 months ago +1

    Why I remembered Age of Ultron debate with Tony and Caption

      JOHN BOKO SHOW 8 days ago

      Oh yeah because it's fucking copycat of it.

  • SAiGaL GowDA
    SAiGaL GowDA 2 months ago

    When Diana pushed Bruce.....I was like ooooo Diana is dead.

  • Rocky Reuben
    Rocky Reuben 2 months ago +1

    Gal gadot is hands down the worst thing happened to justice league. Not only does she look and sound like an autistic vegan dinosaur but her acting is all cringe

  • warforged 79
    warforged 79 2 months ago

    Cyborg was alive before superman died.

  • Jonas Weissinger
    Jonas Weissinger 2 months ago

    Diana looks like a pornstar

  • Austin Ling
    Austin Ling 2 months ago

    this isnt how batman speaks. he is more like. this is happening.

  • scottydu81
    scottydu81 2 months ago

    You know, this movie might not have been what we wanted... but it is super cool to see the Justice League in the flesh. It helps that Diana’s casting was spot-on. Aquaman is a good casting, too.

  • Wreav M'dama
    Wreav M'dama 2 months ago +1

    “Did Steve Trevor tell you that?”
    Bruce...you’re now on Diana’s shitlist.

  • Jeff Zhang
    Jeff Zhang 2 months ago

    wtf the captions are so bad. Diana says "Bruce" but it says "Booth" in the captions lol. who did this

  • Per Shop
    Per Shop 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, saying "Superman was a beacon to the world" was not believable in this movie universe, because he barely had any time to establish himself as some kind of beacon. Many people, including Batman, were all against him.

  • Johnny 6-feet
    Johnny 6-feet 2 months ago

    Batman- Iron man
    Wonder Woman- Black Widow
    Aquaman- Thor
    Flash- Spiderman
    Cyborg- Vision
    Superman- Mary Sue