Malan hits record 100 as England level series | New Zealand vs England 4th T20I Highlights

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
    Dawid Malan smashed the record-fastest hundred for England in T20I cricket as the visitors hammered New Zealand by 76 runs in the fourth international in Napier, levelling the series at 2-2 with one to play.
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Comments • 67

  • James Wiley
    James Wiley 12 days ago

    One of the battles of the game Boult v Bairstow
    Banton was on strike hmmm,

  • Dawar Bakht
    Dawar Bakht 15 days ago +1

    how bad is this game yup darts

  • Pipskweek Pipskweek
    Pipskweek Pipskweek 20 days ago

    Is that artificial turf?

  • Alexander T Keith
    Alexander T Keith 27 days ago

    I like how this was England's B/C team and they're still breaking records

  • Assassins Unite
    Assassins Unite 28 days ago

    Playing like the world champions

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie Month ago +1

    Tap right arrow on keyboard forward then back arrow 5 times back and you can watch Jordan's wicket

  • Persecuted Catholic

    Looks small ground?

  • MrPicklerwoof
    MrPicklerwoof Month ago +3

    I'll keep downvoting these videos until media organisations stop ruining their own youtube videos by blocking the screen with links to other videos near the end.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    This ain’t cricket,it’s basically tip and run!Give me Test cricket or the 50 over one day game over this mindless smash and run.Its crap cricket for “fans” with the attention span of goldfish.

  • Comeon Man
    Comeon Man Month ago

    Great to see Dawid Malan back in the international fold. As a player who toured Australia and played much better that most he should have been retained rather than the crazy revolving door that had been England's batting order over the last 3 years.

  • Underground101
    Underground101 Month ago

    That final wicket was terrible batting technique from Boult. He just swung at it, like he didn’t know how to play cricket! What was he thinking??

  • BenG
    BenG Month ago +2

    this england one day/t20 side has to be the best one day squad of all time.

  • Jingle Ma
    Jingle Ma Month ago +5

    You can't have ads blocking the final two wickets, make your highlights longer!

  • Jingle Ma
    Jingle Ma Month ago +1

    England were 19/1 after 4.2 overs and 241 after 20.
    So they scored 222 runs in 15.4 overs.

  • FreezeBurn 1
    FreezeBurn 1 Month ago +1

    If anyone deserves a T20 Cup position, it's Malan

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown Month ago

    T20 is the worst format

  • Subhojit Roy
    Subhojit Roy Month ago

    Poor highlights .

  • Bilal Qadar
    Bilal Qadar Month ago

    All am.going to say is
    England have found a good player called malan and in the world cup 15 men should be
    This squad take england the cup

  • Murray Sneddon
    Murray Sneddon Month ago +1

    T20 is garden cricket. Nice little watch but will I remember it in 20 years... Nope! No wider context, no meaning, no point!

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark Month ago

    Terrible highlights!
    Topped off with the insertion of a dirty great sky sports logo right where the action is happening! You people are morons

  • Ye Ma
    Ye Ma Month ago +7

    Wow, would've loved to have seen that run out

  • hameed urrehman
    hameed urrehman Month ago +5

    No Roy,No Butler,No Hales,No Ben stokes,No chris woakes,No Joe Root and England are still firing..........Loving it

    • A5R
      A5R Month ago

      No archer either

  • Realist
    Realist Month ago +2

    what drugs was hales droped for

    • Realist
      Realist Month ago

      @ANDREW SMITH I suspected so. If it was weed I wouldve thought wtf. But even if its coke.. thats not the same big deal these days as its so weak. Buy I heard he lied about things to the ECB. He's also an idiot as its out of the system in max 48hours. (But theres no doubt hes talented & england have missed him).

      ANDREW SMITH Month ago


  • Cristiano Arrogantaldo

    Malan putting pressure on Root for the no 3 spot in t20s

    • Luca qwerty
      Luca qwerty Month ago

      hopefully, then Root can concentrate on the important stuff aka test cricket.

  • callum bishop
    callum bishop Month ago +3

    Awful ending to highlights....

  • Caesar The Spicy
    Caesar The Spicy Month ago +50

    You blocked Jordan’s amazing run out with your stupid logo after your too short highlights. Thanks a lot.

  • Great Jamie
    Great Jamie Month ago +2

    Very good indeed from
    Malan! That’s the batting we want. Not the garbage last T20

    • Josh Hanson
      Josh Hanson Month ago

      Great Jamie Can not believe he wasn’t anywhere in the test set up this year. Gutted he’s going to Yorkshire but I doubt he expected to be so long in Div 2.

  • Darrian Snowden
    Darrian Snowden Month ago +23

    Poor atmosphere, poor commentary, poor ending to the video and even a pretty poor ball tracking graphic doesnt do justice to how entertaining the game actually was. Records falling all over the place and was raining big hits. They made 241 sound like a below par achievement...

    • Luca qwerty
      Luca qwerty Month ago +1

      Was it really that entertaining? Sure, England's batting was good, but does big hitting come as a surprise to you in this format? Also the chasing side just collapsed like the majority of T20s. T20 cricket is boring to be honest.

    • Muhammad Sami
      Muhammad Sami Month ago


  • michael adams
    michael adams Month ago +2

    chris gafney is from new zealand . so whats he doin umpiring a game featuring his own country? i thought umpires had to be from neutral countries.

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott Month ago

      michael adams Can have one home umpire in ODI and T20 cricket mate with the other neutral, two overseas umps in tests.

  • gonnaw1n
    gonnaw1n Month ago +3

    Some great stuff and England back to their best! I have said for a while now but that Banton kid will be a star if he keeps his form!

  • Saoirse del Tufo
    Saoirse del Tufo Month ago +77

    Poor highlights. Only showing two of Banton’s shots then spending ages on the review? Missing most of the shots and the drop/two no ball catches. Should upload longer highlights

  • Kaden Godfrey
    Kaden Godfrey Month ago +2

    I think it’s very clear who needs to play our final game.

  • Are you still talking?
    Are you still talking? Month ago +70

    Down voted because the end was ruined

  • Abu Tahir
    Abu Tahir Month ago

    If England can learn to chase better a complete side

  • Arrun Sandhu
    Arrun Sandhu Month ago

    Imperious batting from England

  • rstar345
    rstar345 Month ago +166

    Logo and end card blocking the final wicket, cheers lads

  • Tate Callingham
    Tate Callingham Month ago +18

    Absolutely shocking commentary not respecting how big the performance was

  • OFV
    OFV Month ago +11

    Wow and Malan just signed for my county a few days ago as well, can't wait for next year

    • Saif Ullah Khan
      Saif Ullah Khan 9 days ago

      @Luca qwerty Scored 140 in Australia, pretty good that lad

    • OFV
      OFV Month ago

      Malan is a proven first class player

    • Ljggd Hhfcv
      Ljggd Hhfcv Month ago +2

      .... he had a good average in last seasons county Championship

    • Luca qwerty
      Luca qwerty Month ago

      @Ezra Barker and wasn't very good at it.

    • Luca qwerty
      Luca qwerty Month ago

      wouldn't get your hopes up mate, he's not this good in test.

  • Munraaj Mangat
    Munraaj Mangat Month ago +2


  • Reza Majarally
    Reza Majarally Month ago +1

    🏏Middlesex boys breaking records...🚥 London N15 🇲🇺🚥

  • azdovsirhc
    azdovsirhc Month ago +5

    T20 cricket is so boring

    • Luca qwerty
      Luca qwerty Month ago

      agreed. All these people in the comments are so excited and are yelling about how the commentary doesn't do it justice, and sure, 241 is a good total but was the game exciting at all? First side to bad dominates, chasing team collapses. The thing about test is the best team almost always wins, in T20 the team that bats first usually wins.

    • Jim 83
      Jim 83 Month ago +3

      Compared to test cricket it is

    • OFV
      OFV Month ago +4


  • Slabhead
    Slabhead Month ago

    Why is chris jordan in the team he is shite