Try Not To Eat Challenge - Marvel Food | People Vs. Food

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Marvel Food | People Vs. Food
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Comments • 5 351

    REACT  Month ago +708

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    • BishouNoTeresaX
      BishouNoTeresaX 8 days ago

      Me and the MLQC community would LOVE to see a "try not to eat MLQC food" episode!!! Victor's pudding is like the #1 food item and we Need an irl version!!!
      There are loads and loads of foods and snacks and cakes in that game, you'd be able to pick from like 50 things! ♡♡♡

    • Nicole Gamble
      Nicole Gamble 9 days ago

      REACT you should do try not to eat river dale food

    • zoom hex
      zoom hex 9 days ago


    • pAnCaKe D a D d Y
      pAnCaKe D a D d Y 9 days ago


    • lee dane
      lee dane 11 days ago

      REACT u Guys should try

  • John Luu
    John Luu 4 days ago

    10:52 fun fact: it is him. he had a beard and a stuntdoubles mask to cover it up, hence the hand in the face

  • Milan Djurdjevic
    Milan Djurdjevic 4 days ago

    That paprikas looks a lot different than my grandmother's.

  • Amber B
    Amber B 4 days ago +1

    I love how all the females don't care they just wanna that :)

  • Jonathan Moor
    Jonathan Moor 5 days ago +3

    I must say, people that eat only one thing or pass with knowledge they will fail are dumb, go all out or don't eat anything. Anything in between is stupid.

  • Lexi
    Lexi 5 days ago +4

    try not to eat but it’s famous mukbang food?

  • mrschrisbrown416
    mrschrisbrown416 5 days ago +5

    You should do a holiday movie meal medley of foods from or inspired by famous Holiday movies Try Not to Eat Challenge. That would be torture.

  • Jboi Sports
    Jboi Sports 5 days ago +4

    Try not to eat THE OFFICE

  • King Dragon
    King Dragon 5 days ago +2

    Try not to eat food from Ignas's "recipehs" from Final Fantasy 15

  • Michael Ian
    Michael Ian 5 days ago +41

    Hulk’s Ice Cream was shown in “Endgame”

  • Kiera Quast
    Kiera Quast 5 days ago +6


  • Zöld Tea
    Zöld Tea 5 days ago +6

    4:22 Hungarian food 💪🏻🖤 Paprikás csirkeee ^^

    • Baddie Hannah
      Baddie Hannah 5 days ago +1

      Zöld Tea yasss but homemade paprikás is the best

  • NMW Made In Berlin
    NMW Made In Berlin 5 days ago +1

    Jordan is just gorgeous and her charisma melts you away...

    And the food was good too^^

  • Jesus D. Hernandez
    Jesus D. Hernandez 5 days ago +2

    Jordan is bae

  • Kelvin Black
    Kelvin Black 6 days ago +8

    Izzy and Jordan are not even trying 😂

  • Professor Prestige
    Professor Prestige 6 days ago +6

    Honestly izzy is me if i had that card just eat everything except the olives 😂😂

    DEMONIC GAMER 6 days ago +2

    doesnt jordan look like kiera bridget?

  • NattyNat
    NattyNat 6 days ago +6

    Do food from Narnia pls🥰

  • Tye
    Tye 6 days ago +1

    id lose every challenge

    • super king fighter
      super king fighter 6 days ago

      @PrimeSano so disingenuous ugh

    • PrimeSano
      PrimeSano 6 days ago

      unbreakable creeper You clearly started this first of all by calling a stranger a kid because he can‘t type correctly... btw you made a mistake aswell so you are a kid aswell? 😂 Gtfo and don‘t try to act old

    • super king fighter
      super king fighter 6 days ago

      @PrimeSano None of your concern it's not your buisness to interrupt me well I'm , technically right for saying this as this kid is only 12

    • Tye
      Tye 6 days ago +1

      @super king fighter talk to me when you turn 12 and dont play roblox

    • PrimeSano
      PrimeSano 6 days ago +1

      unbreakable creeper You‘re playing Roblox and you have a Creeper as your profile... You shouldn‘t be talking

  • drackon54 ye
    drackon54 ye 6 days ago +2

    Is it just me or is Ryan rrly cute😍

  • Roman Arana
    Roman Arana 6 days ago +5

    Pause at 6:18 they’re making the Same face or did he Do that on purpose and I’m just stupid 😂

  • Ilikebird5 101
    Ilikebird5 101 6 days ago

    Wait next video can u do a food one but at the end u let them eat their 3 favorite or give them a really good type of food u choose

  • Stephanie Graf
    Stephanie Graf 6 days ago +7

    Oh my god please please pleaseeeeee do a try not to eat Christmas movie edition !!!! There is so much to choose from

  • Not So Retro
    Not So Retro 6 days ago

    Izzy is a queen 😍😍

  • Kenyér_
    Kenyér_ 6 days ago

    Magyarok fel a kezekkel!

  • Dog Gamer
    Dog Gamer 6 days ago +5

    4:25 she sounds like mrtop5

    • Crimson
      Crimson 5 days ago

      Wow you watch him? Didn't expect to see MrTop5 Viewers here, but yes I'm a MrTop5 viewer myself

  • Loop De Loop
    Loop De Loop 6 days ago +6

    “It feels like the back of a DoLphin”

  • Brayden Mower
    Brayden Mower 6 days ago +1

    Pizza time

  • Hei ko
    Hei ko 6 days ago +2

    OMG Izzy is sooo cute. Her flawless beauty is just stunning.

  • Oh Yeahyeah
    Oh Yeahyeah 6 days ago +3

    DC Foods

  • Kyle Buchan
    Kyle Buchan 6 days ago +3

    12:28 that looks like a pigeon on that guy on the lefts plate😂😂

  • Kyle Buchan
    Kyle Buchan 6 days ago +3

    0:37 well u obviously have a very easy life and get everything done for you

    • Kyle Buchan
      Kyle Buchan 6 days ago

      Alaska Ag yeah but-but it’s not

    • Alaska Ag
      Alaska Ag 6 days ago +2

      Kyle Buchan it’s-its a joke

  • Caleb Brokaw
    Caleb Brokaw 6 days ago +51

    Do a Try not to eat Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 1 and 2. Tacodile, Jello palace, giant hot dogs, Cheese spider. Winning food: Ice cream snow day. Punishment food: Sardines.

  • magic jalapeño
    magic jalapeño 6 days ago +4

    i live in the UAE so shawarma is not something I can't get so I wouldn't care if I lost because I can eat shawarma 10 times a day if I want

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    • HEE HEE
      HEE HEE 5 days ago

      bruh stop begging for likes

  • krxlii
    krxlii 7 days ago +7

    You could do a try not to eat with all the Barbie movies

    • Tropical Forrests
      Tropical Forrests 6 days ago

      Omg ive been watching barbie films this whole week with my friends and this idea! That would give us lifr after we have just finished all the films😂

  • Tijana Novaković
    Tijana Novaković 7 days ago +10

    When I’m from Serbia and for me is so weird cuz they never eaten paprikaš before 😂

    • Tijana Novaković
      Tijana Novaković 5 days ago

      Liah Dinsmore shawarma? I never heard ‘bout that,in my country we have sarma that’s like meet,rice and other veggies covered with sour cabbage.

    • Liah Dinsmore
      Liah Dinsmore 5 days ago +1

      Im just wondering where shawarma is so rare its a prize 😂 i eat it like once a week

    • nat mushi
      nat mushi 7 days ago +1

      Same , that aint even paprikas

  • James Katu
    James Katu 7 days ago +5

    I wouldn’t eat olives either & the rest of the food dang.

  • PiNeApPle
    PiNeApPle 7 days ago +4

    I agree. RDJ is a S N A C K

  • Rizal Kurnia Huda
    Rizal Kurnia Huda 7 days ago +3

    Passing a gourmet food for what?

  • cookiesncream789
    cookiesncream789 7 days ago +2

    Chicken shawarma is one of my favourite foods. I would love to win this challenge!!!! 🌯

  • Jokebox133
    Jokebox133 7 days ago +6

    Kick jordan off the show. No self control at all lmao

    • AfroNinja
      AfroNinja 6 days ago +1

      i'd take the L and eat 4 dish too lol, you only get 1 dish if you win!!!

  • Shaimomh Shaimaa
    Shaimomh Shaimaa 7 days ago +3

    Omg you should have take the shawarma from Arab countries more better than this one of course

    I'm actually so happy that I ate shawarma everyday so😎

  • do not sub jk plz do
    do not sub jk plz do 7 days ago +12

    did you know that Robert Downey hid food through out all the studio and when he was hungry he would just pull it out and eat while filming like the time he was eating pistachios

  • Lora
    Lora 7 days ago +3


  • A Name
    A Name 7 days ago +3

    My paprikas looks much more different than this lol

  • Please like My comment

    What you get if you win

  • aleksandar olic
    aleksandar olic 7 days ago +3

    If you do movies then use Ned Flanders hot chocolate he gave to Bart.

  • August Moon
    August Moon 7 days ago +6

    You should do a try not to eat Steven Universe
    Here are some ideas from the show:
    Snack Sushi
    Ube Roll
    Fry Bits
    Pizza Burrito
    Cookie Cat
    Bagel Sandwich
    Lars Pumpkin Bread
    Together Breakfast
    Restaurant Wars

  • ElCapitanVerisoru
    ElCapitanVerisoru 7 days ago +4

    I need to say that shaorma is sad

    • ItsKad
      ItsKad 7 days ago

      Sa se duca si ei la dristor ia zi le

  • Riham Rizvi
    Riham Rizvi 7 days ago +7

    firsttt....that is chris...they shot the scene last minute so chris had like a beard or something

  • Linamostafa07
    Linamostafa07 7 days ago +9

    Y'all this isn't shawarma you have to try the original one!

  • Selena Mien
    Selena Mien 7 days ago +4

    Great vid!!!

    ALL FIGHTS 7 days ago +2

    And if you go all around the world should come to utica new York and do Julian in jfk

    ALL FIGHTS 7 days ago +2

    You should do these reacts videos everywhere

  • Cristina T
    Cristina T 7 days ago +2

    You can find shaorma at liteally evry single fast-food here in Roamania..

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy 8 days ago +5

    Brandon shows up a lottt

  • April Kelly
    April Kelly 8 days ago +11

    I think who eat most of food are actul winner.

  • izzah zilionaire82
    izzah zilionaire82 8 days ago +9

    Girls just wanna have foods

  • BishouNoTeresaX
    BishouNoTeresaX 8 days ago +3

    Me and the MLQC community would LOVE to see a "try not to eat MLQC food" episode!!! Victor's pudding is like the #1 food item and we Need an irl version!!!
    There are loads and loads of foods and snacks and cakes in that game, you'd be able to pick from like 50 things! ♡♡♡