Struggling To Lose Weight Through Cycling? This Could Be Why

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • Weight, and weight loss is a delicate subject in cycling, but it's an essential factor in sporting performance. Sometimes no matter how much exercise and bike riding you do, it can feel like you're just not losing any weight....
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Comments • 774

  • Global Cycling Network
    Global Cycling Network  6 days ago +37

    We hope you've found this insightful. What are your top weight loss tips?

    • TF Ripley
      TF Ripley 2 hours ago

      +Fish Trout how about we just go for no food. A liquid diet. Water only. Not even gruel. Yep, that should help the weight melt off.😁

    • Fish Trout
      Fish Trout 5 hours ago +1

      No carbs after 7, one meal a day make it a salad, workout before breakfast, push ups and crunches before bedtime.

    • GiveMeBackMyNameNow
      GiveMeBackMyNameNow Day ago

      If your starting out and ha e weight loss in mind you ha e to account for metabolic adjustment, your body is going to go crazy and make you want to eat and eat, in this "phase" you have to eat a specific type of food and don't over eat. Focus on lesser amount of good fats IE avocado, nuts, broths, and a larger amount of fruit and veg.
      As your metabolism improves eat a balanced diet of both and lean towards your focus IE strength or endurance. At this point you want to match or be as close to caloric output/input.
      This is not universal, everyone's metabolism is different so balance means to balance it to your metabolic "norm".
      I have a fast metabolism but I maintain 80kg average. A kg either side, if I do a lot if activity it drops and then I rest till its back up to 81 ish and then I go hard till I lose that "conditioning" then rest again etc.

    • TF Ripley
      TF Ripley 2 days ago

      +Chris Eckersen thank you for your in depth reply. I don't think weight is a matter of simple mathematics because our builds vary and our bodies have their preferred set weight irrespective of the ways we try to manipulate it. I always advocate doing the thing which is least harmful to our bodies but I do get that elite sports may make opposing demands. All the best to you.

    • Jason
      Jason 2 days ago

      Maybe the problem is you ride only 12 hours a week. Those a rookie numbers

  • Arif Fauzan
    Arif Fauzan 59 minutes ago

    I never knew Dan was a professional rider for the Cervelo Test Team!!!

  • Adrian Holmes
    Adrian Holmes Hour ago

    Great video, spot on.

  • Bruce Laister
    Bruce Laister 3 hours ago

    and if you cannot just run out and grab a power meter - not cheap!
    always weight yourself at the same time wearing the same thing every time you weigh yourself

  • DJ Jongle
    DJ Jongle 4 hours ago

    While calorie totals are important, it's crucial to keep a track of your macronutrients. Carbs can trigger insulin spikes, which in turns stores and retains belly fat. Even if your'e equaling output, if you're eating a lot of carbs, body fat won't shed.

  • urban larsson
    urban larsson 5 hours ago

    It's the normal advice on food, eat everything that's often taste disgusting and only small potions that leaves you hungry and don't enjoy the pleasures of life like tasty fat food. But what's the point of living then if you can't have a pint or two and only feel miserable?

  • Sicario 47
    Sicario 47 5 hours ago

    This is telling you that losing weight is basically a Question of diet & diet alone.
    Exercises can improve our health but we gain weight by dieting & by it alone can we reverse the effect.

  • Elton Menon
    Elton Menon 6 hours ago

    Pretty rudimentary information. More recent research point to base metabolism going down do to your natural body tendency of fighting weight loss.

  • Daniel Louw
    Daniel Louw 9 hours ago

    This is probably the best general weight lost video I have seen, as this is not only applicable to cyclists but also to any person, whether they exercise or not.

  • Lizzie81sml
    Lizzie81sml 14 hours ago

    Well explained! 👍

  • bukkara tsuppa
    bukkara tsuppa 15 hours ago

    9:27 I cannot comprehend weight concerns from a man, who's dick is so blatantly bigger than his belly.

  • Conrad Hilario
    Conrad Hilario 19 hours ago

    Post ride feeding frenzy

  • michael s
    michael s 21 hour ago

    I commute 3-4 days/75-100 miles per week. I know when I'm losing weight, when I start to think about really large meals, while I'm riding. I don't shy away from from fat. Nor do I consume just fat. A can(tin) of Spam is great for an after ride breakfast. Open. Slice. Heat. And, eat. 4 minutes, tops. Olives, nuts and some(a little) chocolate. And a lot of water. Electrolytes when it's really hot.

  • Peter H
    Peter H 22 hours ago

    Really good video - nothing to critique. My tip is to spread meals out by eating breakfast late or do small exercise while reading or watching tv to keep the calorie clock burning. Bars and gels are too much for rides which aren't long enough. Banana and a fruit drink are enough for a couple of hours of mountain biking. Water has no calories remember.

  • Compscilaw
    Compscilaw Day ago

    Wow. That one weird looking guy looks just like Ollie.

  • Adam Baxendale
    Adam Baxendale Day ago

    Didnt know dan was on the cervelo test team...

  • helolumpy
    helolumpy Day ago

    Comment: You know it’s time for “GCN does science” when Ollie puts on the glasses!

  • DeadBugEngineering

    For those who struggle to loose fat with the outdated "calories in, calories out" paradigm: Check out the videos on intermittent fasting by Dr. Jason Fung here on TheXvid. Our bodies didn't evolve in an environment where eating highly processed foods every 2 hours was a thing. This keeps the insulin level high, which doesn't let us access the energy stored as fat in our bodies. That's why one can loose fat while eating the same amount of calories, as long as food intake is done in a smallish time window per day. The best part is: I don't get hungry (and hangry) every few hours and have to spend less time on preparing / getting food and have a steady amount of energy throughout the day.

  • Albert S.
    Albert S. Day ago

    Can you recommend the apps for tracking the training with BPM readers. And also the weight loss tracking app? Would be really useful! Thanks.

  • John Daroza
    John Daroza Day ago +2

    I train cyclist professional cyclist
    Doing the math been at work for you !
    There’s a simpler way to do this .
    First stop all alcohol consumption because you have a goal set in front of you!
    Next don’t eat until your stomach is crying for food .
    Eat a healthy diet .
    If you’re cycling for one hour and you’ve been doing it for months and you’re holding at X amount of weight .
    But your body is used to being on that bike for one hour .
    You’ve got to shock your body and increase that ride to an hour and 25 minutes!
    Next biggest thing is working on your air intake.
    You’re going to be riding up hills and you’re going to be in hills and exhaling as hard as you can for 30 seconds at a time this will increase your VO to Max !
    Next four times a week you’re going to do three sprints for one minute !
    All out sprints , this will increase your strength and your VO to Max at the end of your sprint you going to do heavy breathing and keep going .
    Most people at the top of the hill will slow down and rest.
    You’re not going to rest you’re going to push it harder and increase your speed at the top of the hill this is how you drop people. !
    If you use just the simple techniques your increase your speed of your cycling and drop weight. !
    Good luck !

  • Will Beardshall
    Will Beardshall Day ago

    This all time concept of muscle is heavier than fat is rubbish. It's that old saying a ton of feathers and a ton of sand which is heavier? What should be said is that as you lose hopefully fat that you are creating muscle mass instead so your weight may still be the same. Great dietary info though just that one comment I didn't like.

  • kerry phelvin
    kerry phelvin Day ago

    As always, another great story. you guys rock

  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott Day ago +2

    This video just made me hungry. Damn you Ollie!

  • Andy M
    Andy M Day ago

    You increase your insulin levels when you cycle or eat. Best to have a window of max 6 hours for eating and exercise to achieve weight loss.

  • middle finger
    middle finger Day ago

    My biggest problem is all the weight ppl lose I always end up finding

  • Red Knight 2014
    Red Knight 2014 Day ago

    Stop cycling and start walking - hill walking especially.
    Walking is proper load bearing exercise and you also get to enjoy nature a lot more!
    I'm almost 46 and thin - I walk and don't cycle - I also drive and make no apologies!
    Cycling disrupts the flow of traffic including buses and is a danger to pedestrians.
    When walking, you don't need all that lycra either - it looks stupid on grown men!

    • Henuman
      Henuman Day ago

      Haters gunna hate. :)

  • Marcus Berggren
    Marcus Berggren 2 days ago

    Love this video.
    Ordered a Crescent Deca. I'm at 196 cm 135 kg at the moment. the goal is to gradually lose weight to reach the 100 kg mark or as you said in the video I may not reach that mark because well muscle weighs more than fat :) heck if I reach 110 kg I'd be very happy. I've experienced in recent years that I hit a wall once I reach around 123 kg mark. from there down to 110 kg seems to be impossible. Hopefully, some tough intervals training will help with that. Thanks for the video and cheers from Sweden!

  • michael williams
    michael williams 2 days ago

    Ditch carbs, simples.

  • יאיר חגג
    יאיר חגג 2 days ago +1

    I think you're amazing, you helped me a lot !!!!!!
    But a lot of people told me that ( ) it was very helpful to them . I do not understand it so much.
    Can you review this and recommend me? Thanks for the help.
    This link to the site

  • James Whitehead
    James Whitehead 2 days ago


    Weight loss is math. Calories are calories, no matter if you get them from twinkies or kale. So many trendy diets are worthless and unsustainable (and I live in the world's capital of diet woo, Los Angeles). There are no short cuts.
    Get out and ride.

  • Noel Delfin
    Noel Delfin 2 days ago

    Fundamental health info in this video is based on old and flawed study. With rhe advent of high fat low carb diet and intermittent fasting, i'm enlightened and losing weight fast and right. Exercise is definitely a must - MTB noob.

  • Juan San Francisco
    Juan San Francisco 2 days ago

    If you need gadgets to lose weight you're not serious in the first place.

  • Kasper Vestergaard
    Kasper Vestergaard 2 days ago

    Can can it be so hard for people to stay normal weight? Just don't eat so damn much.

  • Harvey's Cycling Channel

    Thanks guys, I’m struggling with this exact problem lol. 👍🏻🚴🏻😀

  • Phil Adams
    Phil Adams 2 days ago

    It's not really about the calories though, it's about the hormones. Calories control the hormones but are only 1 contributor.
    I can gain a ton of weight on Steroids, for instance, while not changing calories. That's just a hormonal imbalance.

  • G Mallory
    G Mallory 2 days ago

    yeppers. Less sugar more pedaling.

  • anwarx2
    anwarx2 2 days ago

    Its not calories
    Its kilo calories...
    Great mistake

  • jon louis
    jon louis 2 days ago

    Nutrition can be such a dry topic, it's much better when explained by a hot guy.

  • mike the bike
    mike the bike 2 days ago

    I ride at night for a couple of hour's that seems some to work then come home and maybe have some fruit then go to bed

  • bru Bna
    bru Bna 2 days ago

    When I ate more I lose weight. When I ate less I weight more.

  • Kvlt Hipster MGTOW
    Kvlt Hipster MGTOW 3 days ago

    Go lift weights, yeah it sux but building muscle helps lose weight/fat.

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons 3 days ago

    3 bars and 2 gels for a 2000 calorie ride?! How can you even manage to eat that?!

  • Ultron Max
    Ultron Max 3 days ago

    How much weight I can lose by 10 km per day cycling in a month. My weight is 112 kg

  • Joseph Hoover
    Joseph Hoover 3 days ago

    Fruits and vegetables as much as I can find. My meals are eaten from a small cereal bowl. My snacks are from a very small jello bowl. My post rides are an apple first, then banana and a 100 cal. granola bar.

  • Leo Sho-Silva
    Leo Sho-Silva 3 days ago

    Muscle weighs more than fat !!???

  • Igor Bujanović
    Igor Bujanović 3 days ago +1

    Very good ;-)

  • Liam Shaughnessy
    Liam Shaughnessy 3 days ago

    Well done Ollie
    One of the best yet

  • Alex HofVANder
    Alex HofVANder 3 days ago

    One of the best videos on the matter I have seen. Regardless activity. This is helpful to anyone. Cyclist or not.

  • Grunchy
    Grunchy 3 days ago

    Holy Cow I have zero criticism. I agree with everything presented, disagree with nothing. I am flabbergasted 😮

  • Alex de Leon
    Alex de Leon 3 days ago

    When I want to make upgrades to mi bike I´m looking for lighter components, but in certain point it becomes more and more expensive. Its cheaper to loose 500 grams on body fat than reducing 150 grams in bike components.

  • Jazz echos
    Jazz echos 3 days ago

    Great subject and well explained but keep the shirt. jk :)

  • Max Roth
    Max Roth 3 days ago +1

    actually a very good simple explanation for people who wouldn't know this. good job i am impressed.

  • Wozza
    Wozza 4 days ago

    Great video 👍 very helpful

  • Ted Edwards
    Ted Edwards 4 days ago

    Good advice Ollie like you my problem is cakes and biscuits. Oh and who knew Dan rode for the Cervelo test team !

  • Sophal27
    Sophal27 4 days ago

    Not all calories are equal. Fast carb like sugar or bread will release more insulin which is the real problem for weight and health problems.

  • Lee Ann Hansen
    Lee Ann Hansen 4 days ago

    "No Short Cuts' very true Excellent

  • okhouri
    okhouri 4 days ago

    An amazingly helpful video

  • Vegan Simber
    Vegan Simber 4 days ago

    A low fat, high carb plant based diet gets my vote.

    at the very least, quit eating dairy!
    There are plant based alternatives of all dairy products available and are far better.

  • stripybadger
    stripybadger 4 days ago +1

    "eat as much non-processed food as possible" - um...

  • Hans de Groot
    Hans de Groot 4 days ago

    Very informative video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dawn
    Dawn 4 days ago +3

    'You can't out burn a bad diet...' Why you shaming me GCN?

  • glenny oc
    glenny oc 4 days ago

    I lost weight faster once i took up extra exercise on top of cycling. 3 extra 5k runs plus some tennis and light weights.

  • Anelor Rolena
    Anelor Rolena 4 days ago +1

    Now i know why i'm not losing weight even i do cycling every other day...Thanks for this video, very informative..

  • HowTo
    HowTo 4 days ago +1

    Doing 18h a week over the winter for 2 months works for me.

  • Gareth VW
    Gareth VW 4 days ago

    really enjoyed the topic and felt it was delivered with the right amount of info without the "bla-bla" of adverts or promotions (besides the GCN Italia shirt :)).

  • Raw Vegan Performance

    For me there are just two reasons, after 15 years of Training 2 - 4 hours / day multiple kinds of Sports: Training to less (I mean to short - not intense!) or eating to much. While you Train the Body makes what he Needs out of what you ate, no matter what. Mind over Body. But if there is not enugh time for your Body to transform during the Training, nothing happens, or, if the Digestion is to full, and to much Energy is needed to Digest, theres no energy left for transforming the Body. I know a helathy eating can help - thats why i call me raw vegan Performance - but after all, it just raises your consciousness, and what you eat, doesnt matter any more.

  • maltebruns226
    maltebruns226 4 days ago

    ....."even if you doing 12 riding a week". Oh boy, I did that monday and tuesday combined. Still able to outeat THAT training though -.-

  • Richard Neil
    Richard Neil 4 days ago

    very basic treatment of the subject. No mention of the benefits of protein

  • jay collins
    jay collins 4 days ago

    Post poo 😂🤣

  • Marcus Thornton
    Marcus Thornton 4 days ago

    There's an argument too for simply working on your power. A rider putting out more power over a given time period will burn more calories than a rider putting out less power. If as your ftp improves you don't consume more calories then you should get to the point where calories in are less than calories out.

  • rj *
    rj * 4 days ago

    Don't eat

  • Ian James Lake
    Ian James Lake 4 days ago

    Live to ride.
    Ride to eat.

  • J.L. Goodman
    J.L. Goodman 4 days ago

    I got hungry half way through this video. Maybe it'd help if you put a black censored bar over those pastries. Thanks mate!

  • Benjamin Lake
    Benjamin Lake 4 days ago

    I don't have enough thumbs up for this video!!!

  • Justin Hardwick
    Justin Hardwick 4 days ago


  • DerekTac
    DerekTac 5 days ago

    not sure if it's the kit...or if ollie is wearing a thong onsie... xD

  • T bear
    T bear 5 days ago


  • Fontina Amoris
    Fontina Amoris 5 days ago

    "You cannot out train a bad diet" should be on banners in every gym.

  • normie x
    normie x 5 days ago

    Yesterday i went for a 40 minute bike trip and after returning i made myself a huge pizza and fell asleep. Didn't lose any weight that day, still wondering why...

  • LethalBB
    LethalBB 5 days ago

    Noisy canteen, cmon lads.

  • David Slater
    David Slater 5 days ago

    Post poo weigh in!!! Really??? LOL 😂😂😂😂

  • Jason McGrody
    Jason McGrody 5 days ago +7

    30 seconds in: "You can't out train a bad diet". Absolutely. I've been cycling (all on a stationary bike so far) for the last five years. Power is up 50%. Weight is down 0%.
    Guess what the problem is?
    Thanks for the tips, GCN!

  • Peter Rimmer
    Peter Rimmer 5 days ago

    did you really get served spag bol in Italy?

  • Glenn
    Glenn 5 days ago

    one tip I use - sure I like ice cream but for me - a greek-style plain or raspberry yogurt tastes just as good so I swap the good one for the not so good other - also - there is this crazy thing that when you are riding yourself into "form" your body STOPS craving cookies and starts looking for healthy alts to feed the heightened demand - if all you want is treats during the season then you are NOT doing enough to get into form and might consider upping the daily / weekly rides to get there - happens for me all the time - if I am looking for cookies at the checkout I KNOW I am not in form and workout harder !!! - lastly - people just do not realize that having that one small chocolate bar or donut a day is killing their calorie count - in many cases that single hit is all it takes to go from deficit to overspending - sure one day is no biggie but if you do it 3-5 times a week its 3-5X hit that adds up quickly so after one month do the math - fattie you eat fattie you get - the other thing is that if you do get in form your fat will turn to muscle so don't expect the scales to dive - weight measurement is for losers - so are diets

  • Glenn
    Glenn 5 days ago

    good well-balanced discussion - pretty much hit everything I would say if I gave the same chat - spot-on comments throughout - one thing I would say is this - if you have ridden your bike enough you will get to a stage where you are "in form" - this occurs when you naturally find yourself attacking even the slightest incline instead of going backwards - your legs are spinning on auto-pilot at high cadence and it feels effortless - you do not feel winded even with big climbs - in short it is a nirvana-state the makes you feel like the k's just slip by unnoticed - it takes a LOT of effort to get "in form" but you WILL know it when you arrive - also - when you are not in form you know it - point being - throw out your weight scales since this whole video shows just how false an indicator it is of form - focus instead on getting in form and you will find when you are there suddenly your body is "healthy" for you - what your weight is at that moment is inconsequential - most riders will take several months of concerted effort to get themselves in form - so you need to be patient and put in consistent rides - in short - what you weigh means nothing - whether or not you are in form means everything to indicate your health level and in the end that is what riding is about - a healthy recreation for most

  • Simon Beasley
    Simon Beasley 5 days ago

    Very good point, on cycling not being a licence to eat everything!

  • jonnelsonjdn
    jonnelsonjdn 5 days ago

    Of course I'm eating while watching this!
    My problem is that when I'm training hard I get SO hungry that I still feel the need to eat even when I've replaced what I've burned.

  • Bradley
    Bradley 5 days ago

    +1 on the daily post poo weigh ins

  • Rosenlaui Switzerland

    Cracking video Ollie

  • thynchyca
    thynchyca 5 days ago

    its really important here to bring up the menstrual cycle. Through the cycle, the weight fluctuates very significantly. Hereby, women should only weight and compare the weights at one specific point in the cycle!!! A few kilos more before your period starts is a totally normal thing one has to accept and consider #womenarenotsmallman #trainlikeawomen

  • Dean Hankin
    Dean Hankin 5 days ago

    Dont eat, problem solved

  • skateski
    skateski 5 days ago

    I think losing weight cycling is a dumb idea. There are other much more aerobically efficient activities, cross country skiing, roller skiing, martial arts (thai, karate, kwondo etc.), basketball, whatever. If your knees are gone or something I can understand it but otherwise I wouldn't use cycling. Maybe If I lived near a mountain where I could climb 2000 meters or something.

  • Neckelism
    Neckelism 5 days ago

    I'd say my first tip is buy a calory counting watch to get a relative feeling of how many calories you burn. Even if the absolute count is not dead-on, you will see that a bit more moving (I am working in an office), produces impressive differences. Otherwise, I lost 21kg by stopping eating the "big label" sweets and stuff like potato chips and salted nuts. Replaced the sweets by dark chocolate and fructose based cookies. In the evening, an apple, orange or avocado, and if I fancy something salty, I have small dried french sausages that go well together with cherry tomatoes. Then, what I have given up years ago is carbon rich food (spaghetti and the like) after a ride. I am eating before a ride and cookies/water during the ride. After the ride re-hydration, and light food such as a mozzarella salad, and magnesium/vitamin b to avoid cramps. Also, funny enough, and if I can trust my calory counting watch, a walk around the hilly parts where i live in the evening after work for 1h or so burns 900kcal whereas 45min on a home trainer only burns ca 350kcal. I'm 49 by the way, and the bad news is it doesn't get easier with age ;-).

  • Hassin Ayaz
    Hassin Ayaz 5 days ago

    after cycling you will feel very hungry that time eat a LOT of water .. this has helped me lose 5 kg over 1 month

  • E M
    E M 5 days ago

    0:18 SCARRED FOR LIFE! After seeing this view of Ollie........

    MARK FURLOW 5 days ago

    I'd buy a shirt, but soon I'll be losing SO much weight, I don't know which size I might need! :)

  • mista gregory
    mista gregory 5 days ago

    It's not only about how many calories you eat vs burn, but WHEN you eat. Our circadian rhythm allows us to produce digestive enzymes for a maximum of 12hrs per day. If you limit your "feeding time" to less than 12hrs, ideally about 8hrs (eg, 10am - 6pm) and extend your non-eating time to about 16hrs you will metabolize calories much quicker. If you fast, you will be purely burning fat after about 24hrs. I recently did a 72hr water fast and dropped 20lbs and now I intermittent fast (8 on, 16 off) every day and feel amazing. Your body gets used to the new eating schedule quickly and I rarely feel hungry. Late night snacking is the worst for weight gain.

  • Bjarb J
    Bjarb J 5 days ago

    The easy solution is for him to bike until he is so exausted he sleeps the rest of the day. That is the only way for me.

  • GermanOsorio
    GermanOsorio 5 days ago

    This guy knows nothing about nutrition.Calories are not the problem here,but where they come from.

    • GermanOsorio
      GermanOsorio 4 days ago

      +Ken Wray Then you believe in the calories in calories out thing,dont'you?If so then 1000 calories from cookies are the same as 1000 calories from ribeye steaks,aren't they?

    • Ken Wray
      Ken Wray 4 days ago

      In its most simplest form; weight loss is about creating a calorie deficit, if you're consistent with that then you'll lose weight. Have a calorie excess then you'll put it on

  • StolenCreation
    StolenCreation 5 days ago +1

    I'm 5'11"(180.3cm) and 155 lbs(70.3kg) and havent lost weight in over 2 years. Stuck at that number and I just assume it's my healthy weight. Not too sure if I should try to lose weight of not. Anyone else with the same issue?

    • Ken Wray
      Ken Wray 4 days ago +1

      Not sure if you want to lose weight? The question should be do you feel like you need/want to? I'm the same height and I have a good 19kg on you, if I was your weight I'd want to put some on