Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
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  • The slime Guy
    The slime Guy 9 minutes ago

    6:40 Jaiden face

  • Janese Rose
    Janese Rose Hour ago

    I'm half way there

  • OakenHeart26
    OakenHeart26 Hour ago

    James and jaiden sitting in a tree

  • crazy king
    crazy king Hour ago

    9:50. NOT THIS ONE
    oh I'm sad

  • DANK craft
    DANK craft Hour ago

    i got 2 skip 5 years of skoooel

  • FW4 Clan
    FW4 Clan 2 hours ago

    We have the same birthday

  • Chicken Nuggie
    Chicken Nuggie 3 hours ago

    Wait....I ate glue in Kindergarden...And paint...And Crayons

  • Joey Shadeslayer
    Joey Shadeslayer 3 hours ago

    4:07 who needs Hyper Sonic when you have Jaiden?

  • Just Stay Hydrated
    Just Stay Hydrated 5 hours ago

    Stay Hydrated

  • Keira Monaghan
    Keira Monaghan 5 hours ago +1

    Omg jaiden has that same birthday as me

  • knock off thanos
    knock off thanos 5 hours ago

    So wait you're part aisan

  • beans
    beans 5 hours ago


  • Junie Kuhnie
    Junie Kuhnie 6 hours ago

    “I think Jax is part of the KKK...”

  • Wolfie Wolf
    Wolfie Wolf 6 hours ago

    I have to go to 5th grade in 3 weeks

  • Kiran Polu
    Kiran Polu 7 hours ago

    I used to cry for leaving school and cry on weekends for pre school

  • Blake Decker
    Blake Decker 7 hours ago

    6:19 6:24

  • The Retjeee
    The Retjeee 7 hours ago

    ur 21

  • Cassidy Zaruba
    Cassidy Zaruba 8 hours ago

    When I watched the birthday on I spat a lot of air out and it looked like I blew the candle out
    Also Mickey Mouse one made me think those people are creeps

  • Drift king dりft キング

    I think Jackson’s part of the KKK

  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales 8 hours ago

    2:50 when here fear started

  • Olivia Holland
    Olivia Holland 10 hours ago

    Jaiden’s dad in the video: “Behind you!”
    Jaiden now: “Oh, I knew which way behind was back then OBVIOUSLY...!”
    Baby Jaiden in the video: *walks to the right*

  • Jerry
    Jerry 10 hours ago

    *Y U M M Y F O R T U M M Y*

  • Seth Piekarek
    Seth Piekarek 10 hours ago

    My birthday is on 25 sep

  • Alex Dopko
    Alex Dopko 10 hours ago

    One time was macking mufons and my mom asked me what are you doing on video I then I see je jest stering

  • Keith Stouch III
    Keith Stouch III 12 hours ago

    OMG Jaiden was the little girl from Monsters Inc.!

  • optimism
    optimism 12 hours ago

    *yummy for tummy*

  • BFBBoy2008
    BFBBoy2008 12 hours ago

    2:14 the bigg bawtle

  • keegan Medeiros
    keegan Medeiros 13 hours ago

    8:50 does the bar say cruising taxes

  • Maximus Ramos
    Maximus Ramos 15 hours ago

    Im in 2nd grade and I like school

  • Travis Ayres
    Travis Ayres 18 hours ago

    my birthday is the day after jaiden's! we're almost birthday twins :)

  • Windows 7
    Windows 7 18 hours ago

    No one
    Not a single soul
    Not an single microbe
    Jaidens dad:Uh I tHiNk JaX iS iN tHe KkK?!?1+!?!?1"!/*&')'!8

  • kurozaki thesniper
    kurozaki thesniper 18 hours ago


  • Lappy and Luna Chan
    Lappy and Luna Chan 19 hours ago

    *B U T C R A B*

  • Såłmøn fåçėpøøł

    Those cookies must be hecc yummy

  • j b
    j b 20 hours ago +1

    *I R A N O V E R F R A N C E*

  • Trevin Le
    Trevin Le 20 hours ago

    6:18 Jaiden's Dad: I think jacksons part of the KKK

  • Booperdooper xd
    Booperdooper xd 21 hour ago

    I didn’t even see the egg on the paint can xD

  • Sofa Bear
    Sofa Bear 21 hour ago

    “I remember we used to take out the bowls and play them like drums.”
    Well when I was 5 I used to use my feet as suction cups and stick bowls to my feet and run around the house... I was weird

  • Mr. Stonk
    Mr. Stonk 22 hours ago

    " I ran over France's "
    France: , _ ,

  • Tkdkid 123
    Tkdkid 123 Day ago

    6:48 OMG I DID THAT TOO!!!

  • Eternal Tem :3
    Eternal Tem :3 Day ago +1

    Baby Jaiden: Daddy hide the eggs '-'
    Jaiden's mom: "makes an devil face behind the camera" >=C
    Jaiden: uhHHhhHhHHhhHHhHhh...
    eAsTEr BunNY :I
    Jaiden's mom: ummmmmm...
    Ok °^°

  • KayKay_Luna LOL
    KayKay_Luna LOL Day ago

    I dont have a super-my name i havr super noodle

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin Day ago

    3:28 OH MY GOD SAME

  • Alfonso_ Peñuelas

    What a crazy thing

  • batatachacha 17738

    I had the same pink car :D

  • austin_is_a_rat
    austin_is_a_rat Day ago

    I also dressed up as spongebob for Halloween when I was five...

  • Da Muffin Man
    Da Muffin Man Day ago

    8:14 I think you said “color”

  • Lookie Bookie's
    Lookie Bookie's Day ago

    I remember powder puff girls, my room was cover the walls the floor and the bed and nightstand... I love them...

  • Debra Miles
    Debra Miles Day ago +1

    I’m in 1st grade now and I’m gwing to 2nd gread now

    • Debra Miles
      Debra Miles 14 hours ago

      And I’m gonna go get a dog tomorrow

    • Debra Miles
      Debra Miles 14 hours ago

      I have to go to summer school tomorrow morning

    • The bootiful Witch
      The bootiful Witch 22 hours ago

      Debra Miles r/youngpeopleyoutube

  • Close To Me
    Close To Me Day ago


  • if there is a chogiwill there is a chogiway

    1:53 i have tha exact same plate since i was 3 ooop

  • FRM YT
    FRM YT Day ago

    Hitler: 8:46

  • Yan h liu
    Yan h liu Day ago

    i had that spongebob costume too.

  • caldurrr
    caldurrr Day ago +2

    Acknowledging the fact that jaiden can’t understand her kid self 😂

    Color! Cuddle?
    I ran out of gas! I ran over France!

  • Crystal Fogg
    Crystal Fogg Day ago

    My birthday is on the 28
    Of september so were so close

  • blood moon wolf
    blood moon wolf Day ago

    Lil jaid is to damn cute T>T

  • Lucia Rodriguez
    Lucia Rodriguez Day ago


  • Greta Frank
    Greta Frank Day ago +1

    Am I the only who ships Them both like for forever

  • Lizzy Blenker
    Lizzy Blenker Day ago

    Had the same jeep my sister would push me because the battery was so bad

  • XxWendy WolfxX
    XxWendy WolfxX Day ago +2

    Jaidens birthday and birth year exposed!! (jk)

  • Davide strazzulla

    8:40 funny referance

  • thunder
    thunder Day ago

    ... Didn't she say color and not cuddle

  • poision plant kitten

    Dad:this is your brother
    Jaidain:*but crab*

  • Ari Lanouette
    Ari Lanouette Day ago

    James is a uncle

  • S McG
    S McG Day ago

    jaiden my older brother is as old as you

  • Samuel D
    Samuel D Day ago

    My birthday was September 27 to!

  • GTH004
    GTH004 Day ago

    2:59 when you read tom’s basement

  • Bomb Bro The Plush
    Bomb Bro The Plush Day ago +1


  • Tom Greenwald
    Tom Greenwald Day ago

    B U T C R A B

  • Galaxygirl1290
    Galaxygirl1290 Day ago

    Omg ur birthday us 1 day before mine! And the same day as my dad's! I NEVER KNEW THAT!

  • AngieYaz
    AngieYaz Day ago

    Jayden and James: *Laughs about BJ joke*

  • Kenny Mcormick
    Kenny Mcormick Day ago

    So your birthday is on Sep 27

  • Kaitlyn!LPS 111
    Kaitlyn!LPS 111 Day ago


  • FREzer 391
    FREzer 391 Day ago

    Оу, ты нашёл русский коммент .-.

  • ghost banana
    ghost banana Day ago

    I bought a mini mouse doll just because i am dumb

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master Day ago


  • Bvanessa0627
    Bvanessa0627 Day ago

    The old videos the animation for people looked sooo cute but at least these look more real

  • Sandy DeHaven
    Sandy DeHaven Day ago +1

    I'm going to start third grade in two months and I am excited about third grade

  • DatGorelaBoi NombaUn

    That scared me

  • elflee34
    elflee34 Day ago

    Jaiden: But Crab
    I’m gonna live by that phrase

  • penguins gaming
    penguins gaming Day ago


  • Cheddar Cheese
    Cheddar Cheese Day ago

    Im on 3thgrade my bro is on 6thgrade and my oldest bro 9thgrade

  • P C
    P C Day ago

    im in second grade and im 7

  • Hahahahaha I hate you

    Ok so Jax’s costume is the kkk right?
    But it’s pink right?


  • freddy and foxy
    freddy and foxy Day ago

    I love watching this

  • Tracey Grim
    Tracey Grim Day ago +1

    I'm starting 3rd grade

  • ElineMaster Master

    So u are almost 21

  • Dexter Vong
    Dexter Vong 2 days ago

    jaiden you should have sensor super jax's pen15 5:29

  • Lumber Princess
    Lumber Princess 2 days ago +1

    I looked at my 100 days of school thing from kindergarten and i said i could eat 100 bananas. (Or "banidas" as i put it)

  • IceCreamGamer29
    IceCreamGamer29 2 days ago

    well in lke a month im going into the hellhole of middle school

  • FierceLegends Unite
    FierceLegends Unite 2 days ago

    Me on my 1000th day of driving

  • Owen Meyer
    Owen Meyer 2 days ago

    save me im going into 5thgrade

  • Lumiose Princess Snowheart

    I like EESSA

  • Mayson Miller
    Mayson Miller 2 days ago

    *Is this loss?*

  • Flying Pandas
    Flying Pandas 2 days ago

    They think it's cuddle..but it's color -3-

  • Everything Forme
    Everything Forme 2 days ago

    Im in 5 th class

  • Wyatt Petelle
    Wyatt Petelle 2 days ago

    8:18 so I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy but past you said color

  • Dat 1 Snivy
    Dat 1 Snivy 2 days ago

    1;18 looks like master belch from earthbound

  • Isabella Kim
    Isabella Kim 2 days ago +2

    Two minutes ago: I remember when I bought a hat in Disney land
    James: Do YoU ReMEmBeR AnYThIng FroM diSnEy LanD