Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - IHE

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • IHE delves back into the latest expansion for Destiny 2, Shadowkeep. This review is from the perspective of a solo player who played on the steam version of the game.
    Time Codes:

    00:00 Introduction
    02:13 Bungie's Destiny
    06:19 Money, Money, Money
    12:52 'Lone Wolf'
    20:43 Let's Play Shadowkeep
    40:15 The Endgame
    47:38 Conclusion
    #Destiny2 #Destiny2Shadowkeep #Destiny
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex 16 hours ago

    I love D2, but I agree with everything you said here.

  • Koby Lynn
    Koby Lynn Day ago

    I will admit that I love the game but I 100% agree with this video. Personally I find your criticism to the most valid criticism I've seen against the game bdobbins attacks stuff that isn't even in the game and renns arguments are just plain stupid. Bdobbins and renns just can't replicate the validity and strength of your arguments and that I can respect. Anyway keep up the good work.

  • MQN
    MQN Day ago

    17:52 yea I really want a "Job" system in this game, like every mmo
    it would be great if Bungo did that

  • david Taylor
    david Taylor 3 days ago

    brutal but interesting lol

  • Devilikg
    Devilikg 3 days ago +1

    Played the shit out of first destiny but didn't buy the very last one , was same crap over again , never got second one

  • Ronnie Cordaro
    Ronnie Cordaro 4 days ago

    Short answer: yes it is a good game. you can go play now.

  • Funky Fettucine
    Funky Fettucine 4 days ago


  • Felicity Malika
    Felicity Malika 4 days ago

    I miss D1's Grimoire. They had entries on every enemy race, their variants, even their weapons. It was really cool.

  • sukabluka gyat
    sukabluka gyat 4 days ago

    Have you tried eve online?

  • Funky Fettucine
    Funky Fettucine 5 days ago +1

    "Battered housewife comes back for more."

  • Junior senior
    Junior senior 5 days ago

    Destiny is living rent-free inside this guys head

  • chillerman 456
    chillerman 456 5 days ago

    T H E P Y R A M I D S A R E C O M I N G .

  • chillerman 456
    chillerman 456 5 days ago

    I'm fine with eververse. They aren't selling exotic weapons, just cosmetics. It's still rather... strange how they realease an exotic and put 2 skins in eververse (almost like they're restricting the cool stuff from the beginning :0) but other than that, they are NOT gonna be able to fund the game off of one-time purchase dlc and season passes.

  • chillerman 456
    chillerman 456 5 days ago

    Do I think its repetitive? Yes. Do I think it's boring? No.

  • Rift_Scorch
    Rift_Scorch 6 days ago

    I feel a god way to improve the story-telling would be releasing a warmind length campaign with every new season, instead of the fetch quests and bounties we get now

    • Sam Reid
      Sam Reid 4 days ago

      Holy shit that's good

  • CactusGaming pie edition

    so the main reason the hive are all around everywhere is because well they kick started most things including taken, scorn, and vex there are the main reasons for those factions

  • BallAxX33 XD
    BallAxX33 XD 7 days ago

    Ok Croatas end was not
    That bad to be said as a bad mini expansion yes it wasn’t amazing but the story was pretty good and the follow up was taken king to end the story

  • Joseph Slattery
    Joseph Slattery 8 days ago

    Destiny saved me from the alt-right

  • GT raider45
    GT raider45 8 days ago

    I hate allot of things because life sucks I wanna die

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro 8 days ago +1

    Destiny was supposed to be wayyyyy better than any of the games we got. There’s a great TheXvid video explaining all the development hell the original game went through and why the story was so garbage

  • Sir Mang
    Sir Mang 8 days ago

    Weren't you done with Destiny years ago? Oh wait, why be done with something when you can keep pushing content out about why you hate the game all the while lining your pockets with ad revenue, likes, and subs. Streamers amuse me.

  • Blake Stratton
    Blake Stratton 8 days ago

    cross save as in I can use my xbox account on my computer?

  • Tar Alacrin
    Tar Alacrin 9 days ago +1

    While I do agree that the Destiny story is disappointing (and was ultimately why I stopped playing the series) I think you do a disservice to the game, and to logic in general, when you make a statement like "full of vague teasers that hint at a depth that isn't actually there unless you become a scholar of destiny lore". That's what depth is? Stuff that isn't immediately apparent to a casual player.
    That said, it is annoying to have a game so focused on story and cinematics be so utterly bad at it. All the interesting narrative in the game comes from the lore, which is kinda seperated from the game in a weird way.
    It's not like dark souls where the mystery and obscurity of the game is part of the whole experience. It's got one foot in the Halo style linear cinematic bespoke story campaign camp, and one foot halfway in the dark-souls style explore world and discover the lore camp and winds up being lackluster in both camps, leaving me both wanting a more defined cinematic campaign or more integrated lore in the world

    • ML Taskmaster
      ML Taskmaster 8 days ago

      Tar Alacrin id disagree on the depth part just because a lot of movies and form of media including games have a lot more depth then destiny and go about it right destiny isn’t a in depth lore it’s a lore that doesn’t care because they don’t even begin the lore to warrant going off on your own

  • Stereo_Fury
    Stereo_Fury 9 days ago

    Thank you on your own opinion on a game which as it seems to me, a game that you love to play even though I personally disagree to the states you say in this video about fans can be idiots

  • PinothyJ
    PinothyJ 9 days ago

    There is always Waframe :)

  • SavageGamerCA
    SavageGamerCA 10 days ago

    Waiting for Destiny 3

  • n1xio
    n1xio 11 days ago

    They've become so DLC orientated, they made it free.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 11 days ago

    One Eyed Mask in PvE, you're disgusting.

  • Nicholas Tomaiko
    Nicholas Tomaiko 11 days ago

    Leaving Activision is the greatest thing Bungie has ever done. Destiny is a game that I fell in love with, but was then disappointed by heavy monetization, and then in September I heard about Shadowkeep, and I fell in love again with a game free of Activision’s awful grasp. They had escaped them and I am happy they’ll finally start making good things again.
    Edit: Also I believe all of the season passes come with Shadowkeep. At least until the next big expansion.

    HOTSTUFF ROCKET 12 days ago

    lmao look at this hater with brain cells

  • Joey K
    Joey K 12 days ago

    Anyone notice how they never seem to bring Atheon back for these "look at all the old bosses" fights

  • Troy Powers
    Troy Powers 13 days ago

    What's better? The oppressor mk2 or destiny 2 dlc?

  • RamaLlama
    RamaLlama 14 days ago

    A good way to earn more stuff to get progressing in Destiny 2 as a new player is simply by playing through the old campaigns.

  • MrGeneralism
    MrGeneralism 14 days ago +1

    This franchise and IHE is like peanut butter and jelly. On their own they can suck pretty bad, even though sometimes you’re in the mood for them. But when you put them together, you have a fantastic fucking sandwich.

  • D grave
    D grave 14 days ago

    Theyre gonna add in moth people

  • Crazy assCat
    Crazy assCat 15 days ago

    i play destiny alot and i am one of those addicts i genuinely like the lore but the campaigns i dislike a lot.I liked Forsaken campaign wise it was a great story but when I finished the Shadowkeep campaign I felt just empty,I didnt feel anything I was just like ok sure cool that happened.It pales in comparison to forsaken or taken king.I also agree that destiny sets up what are basically cliffhangers for example in shadowkeep we learn that darkness is on the moon and we have a mysterious encounter with it and now we have to wait a shit ton of time for it to become meaningful in any way

  • Ateher Emperor
    Ateher Emperor 15 days ago +2

    Finishers absolutely do not give you invisibility frames. I proved it myself

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke 16 days ago

    I went back due to friends nagging me, I was completely pi**ed off, absolute rubbish, overstretched repetitive content is the truth as far as i'm concerned...Not once have they listened to the original players needs, yes they keep pretending and promising they are but it's just empty promises...I can seriously see them burying themselves, eververse was a good start to that along with the same weapons re skinned over and over again. Iron banner hasn't had any new weapons for a long time and the recent new armour as they called it just looked the same as the iron lord stuff we had eons ago..The repetitiveness will eventually come back and bite them in the arse!
    1 keep the content changing, something they don't do and one of their biggest mistakes
    2 more dungeons with extra special weapons and armour you can't get anywhere else in the game, the dungeons we've experienced are vast spaces, we pass many doors, corridors, why not have different routes and rewards, different bosses, so many possibilities they don't use..
    3 Specialised full armour sets different to everything else, for example, iron the rewards you get armour pieces same as everyone else, why not make it so if you do the rewards and the full quest you receive one full different set specific to that iron banner, different to the ones in the rewards, give us something special, spoil us bungie, we put enough fu**ing hours into this repetitive crap as it is
    4.....Sorry, I could go on and on, i'm a player from day one, got every game, that's it i'm done.., People from other clans joined ours due to their clans players loosing interest in destiny so we accepted them, however, everyone's starting to feel the same,our top players are sick of it just like me......It's a shame, they have ruined something that could have been fantastically out of this world....
    Another thing Bungie! stop giving new players light jumps, nothing pi**es us off more than grinding our arses off through all this repetitive crap, then you give new players a light boost to catch us original players up and they havn't done a thing in the game....Original players should be like demi gods or gods to new players, all new players should have to go through everything as we have to build the light, we should be passing through worlds with begginers still on light level one looking at our characters hoping they can achieve that one day..But no you don't do that 'cause Bungie knows everyone would get pi** bored and switch it off....
    A very pi**ed off player that's put a lot of time into destiny listening to promises that are never kept....Eventually people will start to realise they're kidding themselves and getting ripped off in the process....

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 16 days ago

    This is how i feel about destiny. I'm forcing myself to play. I hadn't get into my stream account so I'm buying everything again and now i don't even want to play anymore lol it's boring. U have to pay for the game plus the best loot is in eververse

  • Heroixse FTW
    Heroixse FTW 16 days ago +1

    I. Fucking. Luv. When you. HATE. On. THINGS. !

  • Toy 884
    Toy 884 16 days ago

    bro play striker its like easy mode

  • Joshua Fuentes
    Joshua Fuentes 17 days ago

    Yeah, yeah, yeah... but what about Moth People, though?

  • Winston Fuller
    Winston Fuller 17 days ago

    I must admit, as much as i hate (.... ha ha ...) to, that yes, this is exactly how i felt. Really had the same reaction to the new D2 as you. In fact, i found myself literally playing with the sound off, even through the ghost talky points, that were not cut scenes, so that i could just get through the grind faster. Frankly Nolan Norths' voice is starting to get boring to me. What is worse, is that Stardew Valley is more engaging to me than this game. Perhaps it is because i do not have a dedicated raid group and I do not get to see the "end content". I disagree with you with one thing though, D3 is probably when we will see a possible new enemy group (yes i would like to see moth people too).

  • Username999
    Username999 17 days ago

    Do you hate yourself?

  • Zachary notzach
    Zachary notzach 18 days ago

    As an absolutely avid destiny fan since like 2015, I think you've nailed everything about what I dont like in shadowkeep, oh also now you can equip multiple finishers which is nice

  • RAW asshitshow
    RAW asshitshow 18 days ago

    I see you hate yourself

  • Parminder Jaura
    Parminder Jaura 18 days ago

    IHE: bungie is blue-balling us with scary pyramids
    Me: no, they are purple-balling us

  • Leisure
    Leisure 18 days ago

    2:00 dude...

  • Teon Daye
    Teon Daye 18 days ago

    I am so glad I discovered this guy! I would have been so pissed if I actually played the game😂😂😂 I downloaded it for free and the first 5 minutes of the game is boring as hell but I wanted to give it a chance, dude saved me a lot of time.

    • Tom de los Reyes
      Tom de los Reyes 15 days ago

      Teon Daye You do realize that this is highly opinionated and that this isn’t even a part of the free content right? Believe me if you don’t like the shooting or the looting then it’s not for you. If you want to give this game an actual chance than judging it by its cover then complete the free content or play Forsaken.

  • jbsosa100
    jbsosa100 18 days ago

    I take shits. Good day.

  • IMMentat
    IMMentat 18 days ago

    Confidence is nice and all, but where’s the damned matchmaking for heroic and other tougher content?

  • Nikkove Wolfe
    Nikkove Wolfe 19 days ago

    Destiny has one of the best stories of all games if you actually do a bit of reading. Don't judge by campaign

    • ML Taskmaster
      ML Taskmaster 8 days ago

      Nikkove Wolfe except that’s how you judge a story is by the campaign your talking about lore which in itself is fucking horrible anyway even if you read everything

    PANCAKEMINEZZ 19 days ago

    The best way to describe Destiny as a series is amazing ideas, but terrible execution. A lot of the concepts and ideas they have are great and interesting, but the way the events play out or how it's shown/told is so awkward and poor.
    Forsaken, for instance, has a great idea of going on a wild Western revenge quest... But the way it's presented is just disjointed "levels" of killing bosses. Even those levels had good ideas in them:
    -A pike boss you have to chase down. However, the way it plays out is more of just a slight strafe battle with the AI.
    -A sniper boss you have to hunt, but are also hunted by: plays out like a small scavenger hunt where the boss just stares at you for five minutes before his big purple Lazer gives him away.
    -A trickster who plays on your expectations of game mechanics: dumbs the tricks down by falling into the same routines after their one trick gets you once.
    Those are just a few examples that sum up Destiny as a whole. There are some good things here and there, but they aren't above average (especially when execution is taken into the mix). The only thing above average, even great, are their ideas... Bjt you don't get credit for ideas. Everyone has ideas. The real talent is putting those ideas into a tangible state in a way that makes sense.

  • luck notskilled
    luck notskilled 20 days ago +1

    It is it!

  • Dogsruleu12
    Dogsruleu12 20 days ago

    22:24 you can equip more than one finisher at a time

  • Adopted Lobster
    Adopted Lobster 20 days ago

    I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain

  • Funnypilz
    Funnypilz 20 days ago

    Why do i watch this? Idc about how someone who doesnt play any endgame shit thinks about the game. I just want to be confirmed in my anger against sandbox changes.

  • Max Jablow
    Max Jablow 21 day ago

    The biggest story problem is that the lore is way too expansive to fit into the linear campaigns

  • InHUM44n
    InHUM44n 21 day ago +1

    You should do a review of Titanfall 2. Have you played it already?

  • Eva San
    Eva San 21 day ago +10

    Destiny 2 in a nutshell:
    Level Designers and Detailers: Give them a 7 figure salary.
    Everyone else: Fire.

    • Chris Rodgers
      Chris Rodgers 16 days ago +1

      I don't know how bungie gets away with it