Jake Paul reacts to Logan Paul lost to KSI “ This is rigged, KSI got lucky, Ref didn’t warn Paul"

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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  • CaptainAsia
    CaptainAsia 3 days ago

    Jake Paul is a fucking dumbass that piece of shit doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s nothing but trash just like his brother.

  • i will kill you if you reply to my comment

    the most stupid/retarded funny person ever

  • i will kill you if you reply to my comment

    LMAOO he dresses up like a straight up gangster rapper

  • Ephraim Gomez
    Ephraim Gomez 8 days ago +1

    Jake Paul in the future: *fights JJ*
    Jake Paul after losing: RIGGED

  • PythonPlusPlus
    PythonPlusPlus 12 days ago

    KSI should’ve been given a knockdown. Logan didn’t get the warning because he made 3 fouls in one go which gave him too much of an edge. First he held KSIs head while doing an uppercut, then he punch him in the back of the head while he was down.
    Edit: After doing some research, there is no reason to give Logan Paul a warning. He committed 2 moderate fouls, “Holding” and “Illegal move”. Moderate fouls result in a warning followed be a loss of 1 point. So because he committed 2 moderate fouls, he lost 2 points.

  • Cody Collects
    Cody Collects 16 days ago

    Jake only cried cause he bet 100 grand on Logan winning

  • Anxi Cyni
    Anxi Cyni 17 days ago

    *Wow. It’s like all of the Paul’s believe their own bullshit.*

  • come to roast leave roasted

    Man tf is going on? He’s afraid to fight gib how tf is he going to win against KSI? And he is literally eating Logan’s ass here not just kissing it. Even Logan thinks jake chatting shit. Honest question is jake a real sociopath or just really fucking dumb?

  • Green Acid Ninja
    Green Acid Ninja 18 days ago

    Jake paul and logan paul be respectfull cmon KSI won against you logan and jake shut up stop saying bad stuff about KSI, KSI beat your brother IDIOT!!!

  • oscar lai
    oscar lai 20 days ago

    the match wasn't rigged jack paul is just sad because his brother lost.

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali 20 days ago

    Stfu Jake! You’ve only been in sport of boxing for how long?! This is the same fool that made that sorry ass song, everyday bro. These fools are just insecure people that trying to stay relevant in any way possible no matter how much it dumbs down society. Please stop making these people famous!!! LIKE 👍🏼 if you AGREE.

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    ksi didn't win by much

  • Vailedshark
    Vailedshark 20 days ago

    Every one knows a 12 to 6 puch is illegal mate for fucks sakes put your ego aside

  • Alin
    Alin 20 days ago

    My guy said is fake 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dexito
    Dexito 21 day ago +1

    It not like logan grab k...

  • Corner Talk
    Corner Talk 21 day ago

    All that money and he can’t even buy a decent fucking t shirt 👔

  • Nathan Masters
    Nathan Masters 21 day ago

    Jake needs to fight KSI instead

  • ant wto
    ant wto 21 day ago +1

    2:11 man look at the back of Logan's head, hes fast becoming bald

  • Dannyboy
    Dannyboy 21 day ago


  • Arsenalfan17
    Arsenalfan17 21 day ago

    I’ll be honest this was the first boxing fight that I’ve seen but it seems pretty self explanatory that you aren’t allowed to hit someone when they are on the ground. You don’t really need a warning for that...

  • Harvey Dickens
    Harvey Dickens 21 day ago

    RD1 - KSI 10-9
    RD2 - Logan 10-9
    RD3 - KSI 10-9
    RD4 - 8-8
    RD5 - Logan 10-9
    RD6 - Logan 10-9
    56-55 Logan

  • Jake Mc
    Jake Mc 21 day ago

    “I’ve been in this sport for a year now” Jake Paul stfu you idiot

  • Manav Sing
    Manav Sing 21 day ago +1

    I don't know why but I have a feeling Jake can beat KSI in a fight

  • BeforeAndAfter
    BeforeAndAfter 21 day ago

    He's not loud anymore

  • Nitro Z
    Nitro Z 21 day ago

    I have respect for Logan, and i loved tht KSI won. But Jake Paul is tht annoying, it makes me hate Logan because he is related to him. Jake just gives excuses and excuses but the thing is, at the end of the day ksi won. you cannot change the decision 😊😊😊😊😨😨😨🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Int Gogeta
    Int Gogeta 22 days ago

    Upset boi

  • Arjun VK18
    Arjun VK18 22 days ago

    Oh isn’t little Jackie salty...looks like he shat himself

  • Mikael Nordahl
    Mikael Nordahl 22 days ago

    Jake: "No warning, thats bs"
    Official boxing rules: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • StruckT
    StruckT 22 days ago +1

    Dont speak with pacquiao youre head will get twisted and thats it

  • Tripxn FNM
    Tripxn FNM 22 days ago

    They Should Train Then rematch Again In 2023 or smtn

  • Mohamed Ismail
    Mohamed Ismail 22 days ago

    I need to seed that pretty boy gets smashed his face icantd waite ksi smashing tha face sooner duck it i know this little Boy is not gona take tha fight but you can ran but you cant hode

  • RainyDezert
    RainyDezert 22 days ago

    If boxing is rigged than why did you beat deji you idiot

  • Jinny Weasley
    Jinny Weasley 22 days ago

    Thats the way the curry crumbled

  • Xavier Cruz
    Xavier Cruz 22 days ago

    “Ref didn’t warn Paul” motherfucker he shouldn’t cuz you should know the rules of PROFESSIONAL boxing

  • Adam Evans
    Adam Evans 22 days ago

    For someone who seem to know everything about boxing in the 'year' he's been apart of he needs to check the rules....
    .You can't hold your opponent and hit him at the same time, or duck so low that your head is below your opponent's belt line. Which logan did after that upper cut....
    . If you "floor" your opponent, you cannot hit him when he's on the canvas.
    .You cannot punch your opponent's back, or the back of his head or neck (rabbit punch), or on the kidneys (kidney punch)....which logan did all at the same time 😂
    If the foul results in an injury that causes the fight to end immediately, the boxer who committed the foul is disqualified.
    If the foul causes an injury but the bout continues, the referee orders the judges to deduct two points from the boxer who caused the injury.
    So the 2 point foul stands in my eyes.
    Also the bullshit about no warnings... Ngl the pair of them were warned multiple times in that fight about....
    .When the referee breaks you from a clinch, you have to take a full step back; you cannot immediately hit your opponent--that's called "hitting on the break" and is illegal
    So take the loss bro logan learn to fight clean 😂 and jake learn the rules

  • FINN Huckle
    FINN Huckle 22 days ago +1

    Where my paulers at? We know Logan won

  • Tenzaa
    Tenzaa 22 days ago +2

    even logan started creasing when jake said “this sports rigged” l0l

  • YungDeath Star666
    YungDeath Star666 22 days ago

    Jake Paul look and sounds so salty what a whiny little bitch #letsgoKSI

  • chloet182
    chloet182 22 days ago

    Such sore losers !! But the BS “sickness” aside with Logan’s height and size advantages it should have been an easy win !

  • Nidal Kashmiri
    Nidal Kashmiri 22 days ago

    Ksi will beat the sh*t out of him tho lol there is no point

  • Harut Marut
    Harut Marut 23 days ago

    LOGAN = Goku
    KSI = Vegeta
    And it was only their 1st professional fight

  • Brandon Retberg
    Brandon Retberg 23 days ago

    He wouldn’t be saying that if logan won 🤣🤣

  • AKASH7 3.14444444444
    AKASH7 3.14444444444 23 days ago +1


  • Mas Nature
    Mas Nature 23 days ago

    The Paul family is just so entitled everything they say is “bullshit”

  • MelleYT
    MelleYT 23 days ago

    KSI wasn’t lucky, KSI is good! He is good at boxing

  • Joy Jane
    Joy Jane 23 days ago

    Logan 2019
    "I know how to box now"
    He doesn't need warnings wtf that's the dumbest excuse

  • Lukas Uppgård
    Lukas Uppgård 23 days ago +3

    When you got no excuses left:
    ” its rigged ”

  • Domenic Tronnolone
    Domenic Tronnolone 23 days ago

    I know why logan slipped because JJ made him lol

  • Hdscrekkk D
    Hdscrekkk D 23 days ago +1

    Not so cocky now

  • Luke Khang
    Luke Khang 23 days ago

    At the end of the day if either fighter would’ve lost it would’ve ended in controversy because of the knockdown KSI scored but didn’t count and obviously the -2 points w/o warning. But what happened, happened. CONGRATS KSI!!

  • jAv BX
    jAv BX 23 days ago

    I think ksi won many rounds because he landed more punches

  • David Attenborough
    David Attenborough 23 days ago +1

    excuse after excuse with this guy, just accept your brother lost Jesus Christ

  • graniga juan
    graniga juan 23 days ago

    Jake pual:the fight is rigged 😭
    Yhea say to the guy who alawys clickbait video alawy started the drama to other youtuber and steal a gamer gamplay footage

  • Ricky BankS
    Ricky BankS 23 days ago

    You're missing something Jake dumbass Paul KSI knock your dumb ass brother down and he didn't get any point, even if the judge didn't take away 2 point from Logan yet KSI is still winning coz he'll get two point he didn't for the knock out therefore your logic sucks just take the Capital letter L .

  • FINN_brosneak
    FINN_brosneak 23 days ago

    Jake just looks like a clown i dont know why even when he tries to look serious and cool he still looks like a fucking fool lmaoo

  • Victorious -
    Victorious - 23 days ago

    First of all it’s in America second it’s an American company the refs are Americans so that doesn’t help

  • Vicstar123 Fifa
    Vicstar123 Fifa 23 days ago

    Who’s this kid 😂

  • Dylan Woods
    Dylan Woods 23 days ago

    Just when I thought Jake couldn't be any more pathetic, Logan lost, he put up a solid fight, but he lost, like, he is actually such a tool

  • munch kra
    munch kra 23 days ago

    How is it rigged? You guys were the one who do the paperworks

  • Youtube Media
    Youtube Media 23 days ago +1

    is the beginning of memes