FIRST LOOK: New Land Rover Defender | Top Gear

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • This new Land Rover Defender has to walk a difficult line: It must be an object of desire to the prosperous public - but it also needs genuine utility so the farmers-to-peacekeepers market will show a renewed interest. Can it? Well, let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix walk you around both the new 90 and 110 Defender, then it’s up to you to decide. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • Top Gear
    Top Gear  6 days ago +79

    Everyone’s got their own original Land Rover Defender story. What’s yours?

    • joyal joy
      joyal joy Day ago


    • zyfhami
      zyfhami 4 days ago

      I seen defenders used in the military. Always dreamt of buying one, but this new design - totally rubbish.

    • comanchio1976
      comanchio1976 4 days ago

      One of the very first vehicles I shat myself in, was a Landover Defender. It was a sloppy affair, and aside from the extreme shame I felt, I was worried about the amount of sheer time it was going to take to clean up.
      I needn't have been; all it took was a quick blast from the pressure washer, and it was almost as good as new.
      That's when I knew that the Landy was the one for me.
      Good times.

    • Biddle Love
      Biddle Love 4 days ago

      Why do people love the little faggot looking bead waring trying to be funny Hammond so much?

    • Biddle Love
      Biddle Love 4 days ago

      Ugly piece of shit! Price is a fucking joke, good luck!

  • Commenter Person

    Does this think _actually_ work?

    ...and finally:

  • Hans Im Glück
    Hans Im Glück Day ago

    A Land Rover brings you everywhere...and leaves you there.

  • Rhett Dopwell
    Rhett Dopwell Day ago

    Anyone want to guess why they have those handles for pushing on the dash? :-)

  • Nate Harris
    Nate Harris Day ago

    The British Honda Element.

  • Mike P
    Mike P Day ago

    Why does the optional 'jump seat' back rest need to be higher than the other two front seats?

  • Matthew Griffiths

    Seriously uncool

  • Mario Duci
    Mario Duci Day ago +1

    Very nice car,and it seems very strong y very good 4×4...they were right in the innovation of a very old model,looking to the future...i will buy it

  • aaron names
    aaron names Day ago

    Those cringy attempts at being funny though

  • Luis Pedro Galvez Salazar

    Este Defender para mí perdió su identidad lo bonito del defender era la persiana y las luces, en el momento que le cambiaron la línea adoptando la trompa ó parte delantera y la persiana de la DISCOVERY.😭🤣😂😭🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😭

  • D3Sshooter
    D3Sshooter Day ago

    What a bunch of rubbish, the only good thing about this new def. is that my TD5 110 will be worth a hell of a lot more. Thanks LR. And as for the presenter, please go and get yourself a cup of tea. You are not telling anything new ot usefull. Sorry

  • Steven Hatchel
    Steven Hatchel Day ago

    Top Gear review: 400K viewsRichard Hammond's review: 3.4M views
    BBC don't cha miss the boys?

  • edwin semidey
    edwin semidey Day ago


  • discplayersports

    Land Rovers are notorious for repairs that are extremely expensive. Since the ownership of Land Rover is now in the hands of an India and Chinese coop, the vehicle is manufactured in Slovakia, what will the parts and repairs cost you to own such a cool vehicle?

  • Sean Mccaffrey
    Sean Mccaffrey Day ago

    This man needs a guide dog,the naff white wheels came of a 1970 Lada 4x4! It's just an overpriced discovery ,sad to call it a defender!!not a working vehicle in any shape or form !!

  • КВ-44 М
    КВ-44 М Day ago +1

    The thing is....

    ....what is the price ???

  • Alfa Tang
    Alfa Tang Day ago

    This is Discovery not Defender.

  • cristian flores
    cristian flores Day ago


  • Fred Meyer
    Fred Meyer Day ago

    How much did they pay for this advertising of a useless suv that usurps the name of the real Land Rover Defender?

  • Nick Bennett
    Nick Bennett Day ago

    What they have done here is make a Land Rover discovery , wonder if they realise that?

  • morcosboci
    morcosboci Day ago

    I could see one sold out journalist. Does it look good? Yes! Is it a Deffender? No!

  • Warrick Rencken
    Warrick Rencken 2 days ago

    Ladder chassis two live axles, coil springs, and a steering thick enough to hold onto.

  • Nelson Club
    Nelson Club 2 days ago

    I want something old and clunky and uncomfortable and impractical not this wondrously executed machine

  • The Officer
    The Officer 2 days ago

    Hardly a farmers utilitarian vehicle, but hey we will see how it sells

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 2 days ago

    The 2 door Defender looks like a Honda Element .

  • Fester Addams
    Fester Addams 2 days ago

    I was picked up from Belfast in mid eighties in a 110 with benches to go to a Chris de Burgh concert in Dublin. I was in my early teens and have been hooked on them since - unlike the musician.

  • wahyu nugraha
    wahyu nugraha 2 days ago

    Extorior use old defender, technological and interior use new defender. I don't like new extorior

  • TWE
    TWE 2 days ago

    Nothing more than a common suv not even close to a defender

  • M Harris
    M Harris 2 days ago

    Such a missed opportunity - farewell defender

  • Peter Duignan
    Peter Duignan 2 days ago

    would not buy it in a fit.............

  • Fixing Everything
    Fixing Everything 2 days ago

    Got to say Don't know who this new presenter is, ok may be my bad but.

    This chap, he talks a right load of dribble.
    He says the Old Defender didn't drive that well.
    it is rough and it is tough...Get the word......(Tough)
    It was built as a to do a job not to look pretty!
    Not to look week and feeble with 3/4 plastic.
    This new version has all the markings of the Surrey school run rich people who think they know about off road but have not the first clue.
    The defender was made to Work, to do a job.
    Well this monstrosity is that far from the mark it is on another planet.

    Ok rant over.

  • Matthew Godwin
    Matthew Godwin 2 days ago

    Traditional Defender customers won't buy this car. It might be better than the old one, but it's nowhere near as good. The new 'Defender' may be perfect for taking the kids to school and their mum to yoga class, but it won't take the sheep to market, and you can't throw bails of hay in the back. And if you try to climb every mountain or ford every stream, many of the 85 ECUs will fail and you'll be stuffed. At least you could still winch it up the side of a dam though, so it's not all bad. My overall verdict? Er, Suzuki. About that new Jimny..........

  • JR Gb
    JR Gb 2 days ago

    If you can get a 110 for 50k-it’s gonna be a huge hit.

  • 13:13 Love is Love
    13:13 Love is Love 2 days ago

    Well as an loving original landrover driver and refurbisher of them , i had a 109 series three ( did 3 refurbs) and had a ninety ( refurbed two) with the power lacking Leyland engine ( garbage) .....and drove in the army the 109 mil and 88 mil .....did had a discovery series three wow that's the one who looks and stuff are all into these , and yes admit i love the new one but the price in the EU will be the only thin i can,t even handle . 110 model will be up to 120.000 eu ( as an experienced off road driver ) lol awesome .so i have to stick with my 90 from 2001 ....but wow i am done :)

  • W-James
    W-James 2 days ago +1

    I really like it. Looks cool and functional.

  • Kamaal Hussain
    Kamaal Hussain 2 days ago

    Looks shit. Lost it’s aesthetics!!

  • lemi
    lemi 2 days ago

    This presenter and his fascination with buttons and jewel lights clearly doesn't understand what made the original defender the beloved legend it is.

  • Jon Seymour
    Jon Seymour 2 days ago

    Nice, but it looks just like a Landrover or Range Rover. Very generic.

  • Elite Gamer ANDREW
    Elite Gamer ANDREW 3 days ago

    First 1 minute 30 I’ve never heard someone speak so much shit about a classic Land Rover 😂 the new defender is not a true Land Rover, it will never match the series 1’s pedigree.

  • Ben Hadnam
    Ben Hadnam 3 days ago

    Ford and Isuzu would pull this in half what a load of rubbish

  • Sid Stevens
    Sid Stevens 3 days ago +1

    Built in Slovakia, designed by Indian Tata wallahs with only the mud flaps even resembling a Land Rover. A huge fail for the Indians

  • maydate86
    maydate86 3 days ago +1

    What a collection of crap. Its worth nothing at all. No wonder no investor wanted to buy land rover.

  • joe skuse
    joe skuse 3 days ago

    what an awful car. looks like a Nike trainer

  • Petr Klic
    Petr Klic 3 days ago

    Fj cruiser bad copy

  • Petr Klic
    Petr Klic 3 days ago

    Rip land rover

  • Cable tie Technician

    Cheeky tw@t, calling all us traditionalists "farmer Giles" and beardy people.
    Yes, my 90 is unusual to drive and has ripples in every panel but she has soul and character. If I wanted to have a comfortable journey, wrapped in luxury, I would have bought a Rangey.. You do not understand our passion.

    We love
    The clunks and the clonks
    The knocks and the rattles
    More welding next year
    For that MOT battle
    You ice up within
    Drip oil on your drive
    They are permanently broken
    But you fix them with pride
    No gadgets or gizmos
    No computers to go wrong
    Just good old engineering
    Propelling you along
    You freeze in the winter
    And boil when it's hot
    A luxurious ride?
    A defender is not

  • mauritsvw
    mauritsvw 3 days ago

    Neither Top Gear nor the Defender is what it used to be.

  • Shooting,models and more

    Hate it just hate it

  • demeanor76
    demeanor76 3 days ago

    Is this the same cars and location as this?

  • Howardsend88
    Howardsend88 3 days ago

    Proper door handles that wont break, the pinnacle of engineering excellence, the door slam sounded like my garden shed what a heap on shi£

    WAY TO GO 3 days ago

    Oh look, its a Skoda Yeti on steroids

  • MisterLeng
    MisterLeng 3 days ago

    even more ugly than the 2012 concept car

  • Djordjeblrs
    Djordjeblrs 3 days ago

    He has voice similar to Richard Hammond

  • casey wong
    casey wong 3 days ago

    You’ve lost that loving feeling. Should change the name to land loser. Too bad

  • Anthony Price
    Anthony Price 3 days ago

    Well there we go, Landrover now make no proper 4x4s just Chelsea tractors. It's going to be useless for the people who want a proper landrover, cant imagine your farmer crashing across a ploughed field, throwing a dead sheep in one of these, and the electricity board will have to look somewhere else for the 120" version with a cherry picker on the back. They have ignored their core clients for the sake of sales. I hope it sells, because if it bombs Landrover/ Jaguar are gone.

  • William Dryden
    William Dryden 3 days ago


  • Bulldog Drummond
    Bulldog Drummond 3 days ago

    I will be interested to see ìf the Police or Armed forces want buy this here or abroad.

  • IamCombustible
    IamCombustible 3 days ago +1

    Absolute pap. Land Rover should just go ahead and change the brand name to Range Rover like they clearly want to.
    Dead and buried.

  • keith g
    keith g 3 days ago

    its an overgrown FREELANDER and it looks................rubbish

  • Kevin john Hustings
    Kevin john Hustings 3 days ago

    Wow, hes an idiot who knows nothing about defenders. They were the best all round 4x4 ever made. This is a freelander on steroids. Don't get me wrong if I want a motorway driver for trailers it's not to bad but to bat round the farm or off roading then I think land rover have lost a massive niche to the Japanese pickups.