Brilliant Idiots: Air Misery (FULL EPISODE)

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • This week Charlamagne and Andrew discuss Russel Westbrook’s confrontation with a fan, J Prince on Instagram asking to point out YBN Almighty Jay’s attackers, What it's like to be a Knicks fan, thoughts on Captain Marvel, and lots more!!
    Video by: ALEXXMEDIA
    The Brilliant Idiots is a comedy podcast from the Loud Speakers Network featuring Charlamagne tha God, host of Power 105.1’s radio show, The Breakfast Club. Andrew Schulz is a world touring stand up comedian known for his work with MTV and
    independently successful comedy projects, “4:4:1 - a comedy experience by Andrew Schulz” as well as “52 weeks of stand up.”
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Comments • 443

  • Barrack O’Bezzy
    Barrack O’Bezzy 22 minutes ago

    R kelly anit do nun wrong

    PRIMO XP Month ago

    anybody watching this 4 months later like i am?

    TERRELL TURNER Month ago +1

    52:40 TO 55:29

  • Brian Crusoe
    Brian Crusoe Month ago

    6 hot chicks-Dan Bilzerian.

  • RATEDRsensei
    RATEDRsensei 2 months ago

    Poor Chris 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭😭

  • Pamela Lee
    Pamela Lee 2 months ago

    Doesnt Jay Z own the Nets?

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant 2 months ago

    Westbrook should have said tell ur ..... i can't hit it raw no more

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant 2 months ago

    Well the blueprint that Jordan is showing is to make ur money work for you. Going from and athlete to a spokesman, to an owner. #ShultzCalmDown #GoToSleep #ToWoke

  • TheTekvine
    TheTekvine 2 months ago

    Captain marvel by DC is a dude, marvel's always was a woman as far as I know

  • Susan Q
    Susan Q 2 months ago

    idk i think intention matters for ALL words, even the n word. You cant just assume everyone using the n word is usuing it in a racist way or an evil way.

  • Raj Shi
    Raj Shi 3 months ago

    These earnin app commercials are buggin, like if you don’t have money to get a haircut right now...wait until you get paid. Even if you’re fresh, you’re still too broke to go out lmao

  • Raj Shi
    Raj Shi 3 months ago

    On the Russell Westbrook thing, I thought he was telling Russell to suck his dick.

  • Raj Shi
    Raj Shi 3 months ago

    Isn’t Lyme’s disease completely curable, why does he still have it ?

  • Nawmsaying
    Nawmsaying 4 months ago

    The blue print for comedians? Bitch it’s TheXvid lol

  • Big Beard Game
    Big Beard Game 4 months ago

    Andrew just like hearing himself talk.

  • Almost Evil
    Almost Evil 5 months ago

    did Jay-z sell the nets? Drake own the raptors?

  • FreshleySnipes
    FreshleySnipes 5 months ago

    one of the dopest podcasts but Andrew's laugh is CRINGYYYYYY... dont nobody make him laugh please

    SEVEN WILLIAMS 5 months ago


  • Nina Nina
    Nina Nina 5 months ago

    Omg Andrew cuteeeee and hot 😍

  • Kadija Kelly
    Kadija Kelly 5 months ago

    Charlemagne always saying some GAY SHIT !!!! (‘ BUT HE GOTTA (#WIFE) ‘)

  • Siphiwe Jiyane
    Siphiwe Jiyane 5 months ago

    Top 2 so far

  • ChimeU95
    ChimeU95 5 months ago


  • ButterMyScotch
    ButterMyScotch 5 months ago

    That charlamagne dude is 100% cringe feeling proud of that bullshit. Like being a decent person is so damn hard. I appreciate Schulz that dude is funny he has a lot going for him the other guy, yeah not so much. Make your space and grow your product dude. The talent you have for comedy and your fearlessness is what makes you remind us of the greats. Keep doing you.

  • Uncle Grizz
    Uncle Grizz 5 months ago

    I don't think most people we pissed about Captain Marvel being a woman, I think they saw the way Bring Larson acted before the premier and got turned off immediately. Saying things like she didn't want too many white male reporters around definitely left a bad taste in people's mouth. Shitting on the movie because they don't like the actress is stupid though, we have to separate the artist from the art but have a hard time doing so.

  • Rui Lopes
    Rui Lopes 5 months ago

    Me: athlete
    CTG: No, its afleet
    CTG: old man shkremf
    Me: strength? 🤔🤔

  • elena 240
    elena 240 5 months ago

    Its like lottery winners ,,,big high ,,,deep low,,,Charla don't get it

  • Ruben Ramos
    Ruben Ramos 5 months ago

    The Agenders!!! 😂😂😂

  • Richard Lovelace
    Richard Lovelace 5 months ago

    Andrew Schultz I'm a big fan of yours. I came and saw you at Zanies in Chicago when you were here and had a great time. Charlamagne has already lost me. Please don't stand by Cardi B because you're the only reason I haven't stopped following the brilliant idiots yet. Be a good person. ( Bill Cosby bad, Cardi B "a genuinely good person.") Be strong enough to disagree.

  • Brett Weber
    Brett Weber 5 months ago

    new to the pod/ why you call shulz hezzy?

  • Denis Devenaire Brown
    Denis Devenaire Brown 5 months ago +1

    Crazy I use to be a day one and haven't listened or watched this podcast for a year now.

  • Natinat
    Natinat 5 months ago

    Andrew's speech about control/gratitude is straight from Abraham Hicks. And i love that he listens to them btw

  • Dez Reams
    Dez Reams 5 months ago

    I don't think Andrew is actually your friend ctg

  • Joshy Posh Esq
    Joshy Posh Esq 5 months ago

    great discussion, lets have it!

  • Casanova Jackson
    Casanova Jackson 5 months ago +3

    I'm going 2 start saying that my eye isn't lazy it's just gay

  • Casanova Jackson
    Casanova Jackson 5 months ago

    Swear I've been saying that 4 years. I view comedians as philosophers

  • Alexander Morman
    Alexander Morman 5 months ago

    1:48:49 peak brilliant editiots

    VUDU ROMANCE 5 months ago +1


  • Keahey Killmonger
    Keahey Killmonger 5 months ago

    That postmates ad was misleading fam 😑

  • QueenGwen xoxo
    QueenGwen xoxo 5 months ago

    That white guy got to #cthagod because he is right

  • Emerson Herndon
    Emerson Herndon 5 months ago

    Sport fans are retarded. Y'all support teams and have "pride" in being a "real" fan but the team sucks because y'all still support no matter what. Y'all cancelled Kanye in a day but support the Knicks lol

  • Dessss
    Dessss 5 months ago

    White women are not superheroes, they voted for trump.

  • Cleo Vibez
    Cleo Vibez 5 months ago

    Im only 19 but if it wasn't 21 up I would definitely go see you in Orlando. Im trying to get my sister to go so she can tell me about it.

  • Wayne Odhiambo
    Wayne Odhiambo 5 months ago

    This dude Andrew is stupid talking about MJ while making zero sense.

  • waxpants
    waxpants 5 months ago

    no one is complaining that captain marvel was a women that doesnt even make sense thats just the shill media protecting marvel look how many other female leads there are no one complained about the wonder woman movie the captain marvel movie was just boring and Nick Fury loosing his eye to a cat was bullshit

  • Tobias Harris
    Tobias Harris 5 months ago

    americans wouldn't survive 5 minutes at a european sports game

  • Cleo Vibez
    Cleo Vibez 5 months ago

    I have recently got into looking for comedians because I wanted to find jokes with my sense of humor and you and Neal Brennan are my #1 favorite comedians so keep doing you and don't censor it up.

  • Jae
    Jae 5 months ago +1

    Schulz always finds a way to bring things back to his comedy

  • Anthony Donnell Blair
    Anthony Donnell Blair 5 months ago

    Yeah, white women are captain planetish

  • Julius Barber
    Julius Barber 5 months ago

    CTG got to come out man,his Gay references has went up since not cheating

  • EdiBle
    EdiBle 5 months ago

    michael jordan def isnt fucking every night nor can he fuck hookers

  • Michael Bland
    Michael Bland 5 months ago

    I actually thought Captain Marvel was kinda boring. I've watched every MCU movie in theaters (except antman lol) and while this definitely wasnt the worst one, I found it to be the most boring. And the character's gender was irrelevant to me finding it boring, I actually really like that actress

  • 6sixty1 Gixxer
    6sixty1 Gixxer 5 months ago

    Charla that CB is nice but I'm bout to close first time. I'm bringin Tank. WE SAVAGE🌶🌶🌶

  • annabanna666
    annabanna666 5 months ago

    Andrew the man but I cant stand this wanna be char god fuckwit cant watch aye he a fucking tool

  • Jonathan Liddell
    Jonathan Liddell 5 months ago +1

    Yooo imagine bragging about not cheating for "2 years" 😂🤣😭 That's wild

    • Rey Thomas
      Rey Thomas 5 months ago +1

      2 years of a 15+ year marriage 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jarred gardin
    jarred gardin 6 months ago +1

    that promo code doesn't work for Postmate

  • Carlos Camarillo
    Carlos Camarillo 6 months ago +1

    Why are y’all guys always trying to duck the camera. WE SEE YALL 😂😂

  • AdAstraPerAspera2011
    AdAstraPerAspera2011 6 months ago

    How did they do all those hogtie jokes and not say Trapped In The Hogtie

  • D Menz
    D Menz 6 months ago

    The Agenders lmao

  • Deja Houston
    Deja Houston 6 months ago

    if the aliens weren't friendly that song would def bring out the rage LMAO

  • Mike
    Mike 6 months ago

    Wtf is Andrew talking about on the Jordan subject?