Chelsea vs Arsenal (2-2) | Premier League Highlights

  • Hector Bellerin scored a late equaliser as 10-man Arsenal twice came from behind to secure a point away to Chelsea.
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Comments • 80

  • Ella Rw
    Ella Rw 5 days ago

    1:28 look at the referees pace

  • Aubameyang The GOAT
    Aubameyang The GOAT 17 days ago

    Limbs in the away end 🔴⚪️

  • m zeib
    m zeib Month ago +1

    2.46 the way xhaka reacted. he wanted him to score in the end🤣

  • Jeremy Shao
    Jeremy Shao 2 months ago +1

    I'm just here watching the 10 seconds of Martinelli's goal over and over and over and ovee and over

  • M .S
    M .S 2 months ago

    1:30 Pepe REALLY messed this up 😂. Lacca was on point tho

  • SZGamingHD
    SZGamingHD 2 months ago +1


  • Matt Barber
    Matt Barber 2 months ago

    Bellerin looks like a new signing on his debut.

  • stephen laver
    stephen laver 2 months ago

    Replay of the rvp goal.When John terry slipped over

  • Michelle Nicole
    Michelle Nicole 2 months ago

    Games like this var would get involved but they didn’t

  • Demon 1
    Demon 1 2 months ago +1

    This draw must be arsenals biggest result for years judging by they’re comments. Obviously dread playing against London’s no1 club 💙

    • Callum Tanner
      Callum Tanner Month ago +2

      Shaikul ! - only London club to have a champions league. Keep dreaming yourself

    • Shaikul !
      Shaikul ! 2 months ago

      Londons no.1 club :) thats cute keep dreaming 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Merida O'hara
    Merida O'hara 2 months ago

    1.17 look how easily he just dashes pass Emerson. Damn

  • Franklin Johnson
    Franklin Johnson 2 months ago

    And this is why Chelsea suck, they ruin it at the last minute

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King 2 months ago

    That ref did well to keep up!

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 2 months ago

    Proud of Arsenal for finally showing they want to play football as a unit!! Well done 👍

  • Mini Tekkerz
    Mini Tekkerz 2 months ago

    I feel bad for kante 😂😪

  • rymxo
    rymxo 2 months ago

    I feel bad for Azpilicueta, he's the only Chelsea player who is consistently up to standard.

  • James Anwar
    James Anwar 2 months ago

    How was that a red wtf

  • A K
    A K 2 months ago

    Cant wait to see martineli play for brazil ☺️

  • M M
    M M 2 months ago

    Wasn't a penalty or a red card. Abraham kicks the floor and Luiz falls over him

  • julien horvath
    julien horvath 2 months ago


  • Juri Han
    Juri Han 2 months ago

    leno has been the player of the season so far. only one mistake (against chelsea funny enough) and many points saved.

  • Fifa Wis
    Fifa Wis 2 months ago

    Leno knew jorginho’s tactic and still managed to concede

  • khanage360
    khanage360 2 months ago

    Good goal Martinelli

  • Steven Amoah
    Steven Amoah 2 months ago +1

    I'm a Chelsea fan but that arsenal but that arsenal goal was goal of season let's sell conte get a striker

  • Yung mikes11
    Yung mikes11 2 months ago +1

    Luiz card was mustafi's fault

  • Emiko Aiko
    Emiko Aiko 2 months ago

    Some rw could've saved that bellerin goal

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 2 months ago

    Kante got put out in a spliff

  • Lawrence Simmons
    Lawrence Simmons 2 months ago

    draw draw or draw, we don't care, COYG

  • Mason Hanley
    Mason Hanley 2 months ago


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  • SZGamingHD
    SZGamingHD 2 months ago +1


  • Peeper
    Peeper 2 months ago +1

    Both captains scored
    Both were Spanish
    Both were fullbacks
    Both scored in the last 10 minutes

  • Joes Life
    Joes Life 2 months ago

    1 video no views

  • reg man
    reg man 2 months ago

    Mustafi has a world cup winners medal at home. Proof that the world sometimes makes no sense...

  • Shaun Twed
    Shaun Twed 2 months ago

    Mustafi, one of the Worst players in Premier league history. Get rid already!!!

  • toby adowye
    toby adowye 2 months ago +1

    yo ref showed good pace to keep up with martinelli almost

  • Red Rebel
    Red Rebel 2 months ago +1

    Lampard Out!!!

  • Sketchygaz
    Sketchygaz 2 months ago

    Some good challenges in this game well deserved draw both teams played their heart out.

  • BMT F4M
    BMT F4M 2 months ago

    Least ozil shows the pitch

  • Wilf Manley
    Wilf Manley 2 months ago

    When does double jeopardy come into effect? Is it not in that scenario

    • Wilf Manley
      Wilf Manley 2 months ago

      @f0x thanks

    • f0x
      f0x 2 months ago

      Clear goal scoring opportunity, doesn't play the ball and he plays the man, double jeopardy doesn't apply to intentionally fouling, the case is it only applies to accidental challenges, which the rules state result in a yellow card, while it was obvious that Luiz knew exactly what he was doing.

  • seong thong
    seong thong 2 months ago

    poor kante

  • Final Season LegaC
    Final Season LegaC 2 months ago

    That last goal from arsenal was spot on😚

  • Evan Maskill
    Evan Maskill 2 months ago

    Chelsea has almost 20 shots and scored two terrible goals arsenal has 2 shots and 1 amazing goal and 1 good goal against Chelsea’s terrible defence hahahahaha Chelsea suck 😂😂🔴

  • Mel Cyrille
    Mel Cyrille 2 months ago

    That guys hair is so messy just like his life😎😎😎

  • Mel Cyrille
    Mel Cyrille 2 months ago


  • M .S
    M .S 2 months ago

    Red card seems kinda harsh IMO

    • f0x
      f0x 2 months ago

      Intentionally fouling someone with a clear goal scoring opportunity is a red. Especially as he had beaten the keeper. Double Jeopardy doesn't apply to that situation

  • Frank Russell
    Frank Russell 2 months ago

    We need better players. This is not the Chelsea I know

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan 2 months ago +1

    Imagine having the most expensive keeper in the world yet he ranks as on of the worst in the league and cant save a shot from bellerins weak foot

  • Anthony Roe
    Anthony Roe 2 months ago


  • John John
    John John 2 months ago

    The celebration though 😂

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons 2 months ago

    Arsenal are trash

  • James Harris
    James Harris 2 months ago +2

    No one asking why David Luiz got sent off, he wasn’t last man nor a dangerous challenge, I would understand a yellow because he stopped a goal scoring opportunity but that’s not a red card offence.

    • Yusuf Khan
      Yusuf Khan 2 months ago

      I think if they challenge for the ball it will be a yellow but he just brought him down

  • 46.56.A.
    46.56.A. 2 months ago

    Kante's mistake was funnier

  • IamFirtyDucker
    IamFirtyDucker 2 months ago

    Kante has been average for almost two seasons now, with the occasional great performance. No one wants to admit it.

  • Saf
    Saf 2 months ago

    Martinelli i can’t wait to see how he becomes. He is our future

  • Shabab Choudhury
    Shabab Choudhury 2 months ago

    Here’s a question. If Kante had handled that ball, would he have been sent off? Probably not. The ref would have said it’s not a clear goal scoring opportunity despite the deliberate hand ball. But clearly martinelli scored so it was a goal scoring opportunity. The rule is broken.

  • Pete Stathopoulos
    Pete Stathopoulos 2 months ago

    of all the people to slip, why does it have to be the nicest human being on earth.

    • Mr Pepper
      Mr Pepper 2 months ago

      Pete Stathopoulos Martinelli goal tho

  • Mo Johal
    Mo Johal 2 months ago

    Wen are we gonna get rid of the c**t mustafi, thank god for Martinelli.

  • Sam Dyer
    Sam Dyer 2 months ago

    Chelsea need a CF, Cavani puts them away in front of goal everytime

  • Kalyanavata Sundhararajan
    Kalyanavata Sundhararajan 2 months ago +1

    Cheese vs Arsnell

  • A R
    A R 2 months ago +1

    *Man of the match by far, goes to Mustafi*

  • Hannah Warren
    Hannah Warren 2 months ago

    slope twenty found far back produce device wound prospect steep guard.

  • Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
    Jack 'The Lad' Stevens 2 months ago

    Perfect result, I said before the game a draw would be most ideal for Spurs. With City beating Sheffield Utd, it was a decent night of results. Now we have to stop making excuses, stop with the passing sideways, stop with the negativity and play the free flowing football we know we can. Get the ball down those wings and run at the full backs, don't be afraid to take risks. Having said that Mourinho is definitely NOT the right manager, dinosaur management style and dinosaur tactics.

  • S. G.
    S. G. 2 months ago

    Watford, Arsenal, Newcastle. Three times that are physically carried through games on the backs of absurdly good goalkeepers.

  • Don't Worry
    Don't Worry 2 months ago

    That penalty could have been saved

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 2 months ago +1

    I will take that draw we had 10 men most of the match 💪🏻

  • Harry Evans
    Harry Evans 2 months ago +1

    As a CFC fan for over 45 years, oh how the mighty have fallen,As for us we were slow, predictable, devoid of any ideas,the youth we`ve brought through are good and promising,but its getting more and more evident that they`re now struggling, im sticking to what i predicted at the start of the season,that we`d finish 6th,7th at worst. And as for arsenal,well,jumping around like they`ve won the champions league,because they got a DRAW, i mean if thats what its come down to then hey how far have arsenal fallen and like chelsea we`ve fallen from grace too quickly. It just highlights how far the two teams have to go, and now,they`re basically good teams on their day,which isnt very often, whereas previously they both could beat anyone.There`s a long road back for both teams.And to think we`re still hanging onto 4th by the skin of our teeth,only because those below cant capitalsie when we inevitably lose and for arsenal to be 10 points behind at this stage says it all.

  • UnderscortGaming
    UnderscortGaming 2 months ago

    Y can't it be on sky I can't watch it

  • Timo Crompinen
    Timo Crompinen 2 months ago

    I said to a mate we would play better after Luiz was sent off. I'm happy at how right I was.

  • Max Pollitt
    Max Pollitt 2 months ago

    Worst referee decision ever that was its not even a foul 😂😂

  • D E
    D E 2 months ago

    Arsenal need to Appeal the red card. Mustafi was behind the other three of Leno, Luiz and Tammy. So, Mustafi as the last man

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295 2 months ago

    How many of them are English.??? 😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • Callum Tanner
      Callum Tanner Month ago

      8 are English. 4 for Chelsea and 4 for Arsenal.

  • hari kasbia
    hari kasbia 2 months ago +1

    0:28 Mustafi is soooo bad that after his shocking back pass he kicked the the ball at David after he took one for the team to stop Chelsea from scoring.

  • Dream Clean
    Dream Clean 2 months ago +1

    Arteta and Lampard. Mud.

  • TheTony70504
    TheTony70504 2 months ago

    See Lampys face when Chelsea went 2-1 up, big smile on his face jumping all over the place, wow did it change quickly when Arsenal struck back to level at 2-2..He had a face like a yard of gravy lol..

  • ::
    :: 2 months ago +1

    The shots at goal to scoring ratio at Chelsea, is pathetic...... Most of these clownzzzzz in blue, couldn't hit a barn door with a shotgun...
    Frank LimpHard is taking us bad to the 70s...... And trust me, it was horrendous......

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 months ago

    What Chelsea done tonight is what arsenal do all the time, coming from a gooner

  • Shei A
    Shei A 2 months ago +2


    • ::
      :: 2 months ago +1

      Frank LimpHard

  • martin cinderey
    martin cinderey 2 months ago

    I’m a Chelsea fan and it’s getting apparent to me We need a better keeper.

    • ::
      :: 2 months ago +1

      We need much better defenders and strikers, too....

  • Ernest Foros
    Ernest Foros 2 months ago

    arsenal deffenders are more dangerous to own goal then enemy strikers 🤣🤣🤣