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Séan Garnier v Jimmy Bullard 💥 PANNA CHALLENGE!

  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • World Panna Champion Séan Garnier took on Jimmy Bullard in a panna challenge! Who do you think won? Comment below 👇
    ►SNAPCHAT: 'SoccerAM'
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Comments • 55

  • dot jones
    dot jones 20 days ago


  • AirplaneLauncha
    AirplaneLauncha 9 months ago

    That moment when u realise Sean was a freestyler

  • Gabe Thornes
    Gabe Thornes Year ago

    Who knew the bloke who makes that shampoo had this much tekkers

  • Lyric Montoya
    Lyric Montoya Year ago +2

    Sean garnier is a legend 👍🏻👌🏻🎖🏅⚽️🏀

  • Marsiof 17
    Marsiof 17 Year ago


  • fortnite central
    fortnite central Year ago +1


  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson Year ago

    Lol you can tell neither was a defender

  • Craig
    Craig Year ago

    Football freestyle.....gayyyyyyyy

  • Séan Garnier
    Séan Garnier Year ago +120

    It was a pleasure , jimmy you did well!

    • Praveshshobha Kanchan
      Praveshshobha Kanchan Year ago

      Séan Garnier I love your skills . ..plsssssw do reply ...and btw ...r u 7 instagram. .If u r there plsssss tell ..ill join ..and let's chat ...and plssss...say me about ur skills

    • Oscar Buffoni
      Oscar Buffoni Year ago +1

      Séan Garnier sick skills

    • Sergio Agurero
      Sergio Agurero Year ago

      Soccer am do jeez vs billy

  • Sean O’Halloran


  • K lyrics
    K lyrics Year ago +1

    is this the first time sean got nutmeged

  • Train Effective
    Train Effective Year ago +7

    sean is such a humble lad!

  • Matthew Johnston
    Matthew Johnston Year ago

    I love how much fun Jimmy always has. "That's what the bulldog does"

  • Parlin
    Parlin Year ago +1

    jiimmy looks like geralt from the witcher retarded cousin

  • Jack Monk
    Jack Monk Year ago


  • terry spencer
    terry spencer Year ago


  • EGProds
    EGProds Year ago +63

    first time I've seen Sean get megged, yes jimmy

  • The Perfectionist

    Those jogges🔥

  • Ryan Kimbo
    Ryan Kimbo Year ago

    Jimmy ask him to have a knock for Leatherhead

  • quincy
    quincy Year ago

    Posted this same type of video please come check it out

  • darren Kelly
    darren Kelly Year ago +15

    This guy with hat play the soccer ball good. Other guy....not so good

  • Liam Coyte
    Liam Coyte Year ago

    Nice one Sean 🔥🔥

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson Year ago

    Yeah Sean is ridiculous!

  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off Year ago +34

    Sean and f2 need to make a video

  • Jared Trevino
    Jared Trevino Year ago +5

    Dude really said he created panna lol

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago +6

    Ultimate street football was the joga bonito days who remembers watching those videos years ago in school with the slowest ass Internet known to man but watching those videos on repeat

  • Lfc Cruize
    Lfc Cruize Year ago +34

    That was as fake as my mums tits

  • Your dad
    Your dad Year ago +5

    Garnier dabbing on them haters

  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 Year ago +2

    i identify as a sweet potato, I'm transvegetable

  • EO Sports TV
    EO Sports TV Year ago +3

    That moment when Sean Garnier dabbed

  • James 10
    James 10 Year ago +11

    He could of nutmegged him easy, but he wanted it to go on for longer (no hate)

  • James 10
    James 10 Year ago +2

    Sean Garnier 🙃☺🙃☺

  • Whitey Fc
    Whitey Fc Year ago +5

    How much are thoughts mini goals?

  • Ivan Ddj
    Ivan Ddj Year ago

    nice one

  • Sam Sheppard
    Sam Sheppard Year ago +2

    Good vid

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed Year ago +12

    wenger out

  • Pádraic Ó Droighneáin


  • KR Sawmy
    KR Sawmy Year ago


  • Ryan Mcnamee
    Ryan Mcnamee Year ago +17

    He just dabbed😞

  • Tanvirus
    Tanvirus Year ago +2


  • Luis Vickers
    Luis Vickers Year ago


  • SvX Tanglz
    SvX Tanglz Year ago


  • Dylan D
    Dylan D Year ago