Playstation 5 | PS5 V GAMING PC'S | Which One Is Better?

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Have a watch and make your own mind up about which one is better?
    Playstation 5 | PS5 V GAMING PC'S | Which One Is Better?
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Comments • 117

  • Tobe Gaming
    Tobe Gaming  28 days ago +2

    So what will be better? PS5 or PC Gaming... Let me know below!

    • Video games Bloke
      Video games Bloke 26 days ago

      @random person tbh More No shit!

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 26 days ago

      @Video games Bloke You can play on a controller on pc???

    • Video games Bloke
      Video games Bloke 26 days ago

      Not this argument again. Lol.
      I use to be a PC gamer along time ago but I got old and lazy and decided to switch to PlayStation it's more relaxing in the livingroom on my 70inch TV.
      I haven't upgraded a PC ever since the Ps4 first came out.

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 27 days ago

      @Bruno Rodrigues PC hardware/system specs is ahead by 2-3 years already and when it comes out it will be more.

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 27 days ago

      PC by far so many more benefits and will still be head for a few years in terms of specs.

  • Spuddicus Maximus
    Spuddicus Maximus 22 days ago

    ... We don't even have tear-downs of the PS5... BECAUSE IT'S NOT RELEASED YET!

  • ShutUpAndListen79
    ShutUpAndListen79 24 days ago

    Anyone thinking they'll get a console that has the same performance as A PC with a RTX 2080 is a complete moron and an even more of a moron to think it would cost $500. Unless Sony made a 75% loss on every console.

  • JustJack Gaming
    JustJack Gaming 24 days ago

    Don't think any thing will ever compare to PC gaming to be honest

  • Daisuki Prince
    Daisuki Prince 25 days ago

    Ps5 is a pc, but by the time ps5 comes it will be mid range pc instead of high end. So 2021 ps5 becomes obsolete if not before. The problem with consoles is they don’t allow you to upgrade. I think sony should continue making consoles but should as well sell their orbis freebsd os to install on pc and turn any pc into a ps5 . This way if ps5 specs sux we just make our own custom upgradable console.

  • Ray Vanderbush
    Ray Vanderbush 26 days ago

    I am a member

  • JSU’s Jxjxjx 7 years ago

    There is so many PlayStation fanboys saying that the pa5 will be better than a pc gamer😂😂😂

  • Pepo The pig
    Pepo The pig 26 days ago

    Can you do a vid like games to play till next gen like games that take ages to complete like gta5 campaign hours 40ish to complete

  • SnapKase Seth
    SnapKase Seth 27 days ago +1

    Well now,this is a very difficult situation for me.I want to get an MSI gaming laptop because I love steam games.on the other hand I think with buying the PS5(when it comes out)would be a better idea because of the value and exclusives that PlayStation has to offer.

    • Pepo The pig
      Pepo The pig 26 days ago +1

      I’d get a ps5 as you have to keep upgrading pc

  • nathaniel kempher
    nathaniel kempher 27 days ago

    I agree with you about witch to get

  • Borderlands808
    Borderlands808 27 days ago +1

    These type of videos are pointless as consoles will never come close to PC. Lol

    • Pepo The pig
      Pepo The pig 26 days ago

      Borderlands808 really think about it won’t be high pc but midrange pc

  • Sean Doyle
    Sean Doyle 27 days ago +1

    I think the ps5 will be better than a gaming pc

  • LookAtMe
    LookAtMe 27 days ago

    Cant wait to get a ps5 for fortnite 😂😂

  • luke mcmillan
    luke mcmillan 27 days ago

    PCs are so 1992

    • Spuddicus Maximus
      Spuddicus Maximus 22 days ago

      +luke MCmillan 1992 huh? Oh yeah... Right -

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 26 days ago

      @Aj Daniel Lastly we can port alot of ps exclusives anyways and sometimes it's even better on pc.

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 26 days ago

      @Aj Daniel Also if you dont play Triple AAA games then PCs the way to go and that's facts. If you like triple A get both (The power on pc and the exclusive games on pc. Also PC do have exclusives too and tbh I dont care much about graphics when I can just mod and have freedom.

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 26 days ago

      @Aj Daniel And I hate a controller and lack of freedom so I'd say fuck no and also I want to do my homework, have freedom, be able to change my settings, more keyboard choices and I can also customise.

  • Leon Engle
    Leon Engle 27 days ago +1

    Sony has stated that they will be taking a loss of money the system (ps5) but they will make that back by the games and playstation now and playstation plus. They will be selling the system for a price between 399 and 599usd. We will see a major jump in everything from graphics to sound I truly can't wait for the playstation 5

  • Zenbloke
    Zenbloke 27 days ago +1

    No drivers no buying new bits give me consoles every time

  • boukharrouba mabrouk
    boukharrouba mabrouk 27 days ago +2

    Ps5 will have according to the latest benchmark rtx 2080 power and seeing that consoles are better and easier optimised it will perform better and have better graphics as they will be able to push this one hardware to the limits easier . So ps5 with rtx 2080 will perform better than pc with rtx 2080 which by the way will cost +1200$ when the ps5 will cost like 500$ . Ps5 will make most of the pc gaming division irrelevant in both price and power .

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 27 days ago

      Also Consoles come out every 7 years so in a few years PCs will have the same power for about the same price most likely just like now.

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 27 days ago

      Even if they are optimised PCs have more benefits and they wont be irrelevant as of the benefits. Also the best pcs will still be more powerful then ps5 and not just that you can customize the keyboard, upgrade the pc, port games etc.

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      boukharrouba mabrouk i agree the price compared to power on consoles is always magnificent at the start of each Gen, a few years down this will deteriorate, but the ps5 will still be a beast, and able to pump out stella even better games to make up for the rising PC power gap, consoles are just in general more value for money

  • Antoine Rogers
    Antoine Rogers 27 days ago +2

    Hopefully ps5 will be better. If not, I’m still getting one!💯💯💯

  • Jacob Shultz
    Jacob Shultz 27 days ago +2

    5 minutes in and haven’t heard a word you said. Brit.

  • מוטי אהרן
    מוטי אהרן 27 days ago

    Noting will be better then a TOP PC hardware.....

  • A19KratosFULL PS5
    A19KratosFULL PS5 28 days ago

    Ps3 Online without Ps plus
    ps4 online with ps plus
    ps5 online without ps plus

  • George Carroll
    George Carroll 28 days ago +1

    I’m keeping my expectations grounded. I like PlayStation , but I l’ll believe the hype when I see it

    • Angelo louisjeune
      Angelo louisjeune 27 days ago +1

      @Jacob Shultz lol 😂 you burned the crap out of him

    • Jacob Shultz
      Jacob Shultz 27 days ago +3

      George Carroll don’t believe the hype look at the confirmed specs and specs we know about the SSD and controllers. Why tf you think there’s hype kid

  • Walter Harrington
    Walter Harrington 28 days ago

    PC will be more powerful but the ps5 will be easier to optimize games for because itll have one set up, rather than multiple graphics cards, processors etc. I love gaming and prefer consoles so ps5 rock on!

  • Legion frost gamer a Triton

    Yeah I don't think the PS5 and PS Xbox Scarlett are going to be as better than the PC Master race because the PC every likes about PC is the games you can play on the PlayStation like for free besides a pain to play online like a Playstation Xbox star I don't know why they're I don't know why would they upgrade I just think they should just update the PS4 and just cancel the PS5 is it's never going to be better than PC Master race and I'm just Indian people play it and then I don't think it's going to do to buy a PlayStation 5 because if I can pay on the PC with better graphics and you can do all these upgrades I don't think the PlayStation going to be as great as the pc Master race

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 27 days ago

      @Pitch Black Gta V is better on PC and Rdr2 is shit on pc because rockstar hates optimisation for pc. Also PC have more exclusives which some people may prefer over ps4. Most dont but some do.

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      Legion frost gamer a Triton plus Pc will not be able to play ps5 exclusives and Console generally has better third party support that PC hence why we get games like GTA V and Red Dead 2 better, as it is easier to develop for one standard than a wide range, just these reasons alone make PC obsolete in terms of games

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      Legion frost gamer a Triton bruh they cant just update old parts to perform at current gen, they need to upgrade the parts so that they can match the performance, cancelling the ps5 would be a bad idea

    • Harry Toogood
      Harry Toogood 27 days ago

      True story mate, tell me more

  • kratos zeus
    kratos zeus 28 days ago

    What is this game? 0:20

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      kratos zeus Skyrim with mods lol

  • Chris Chupp
    Chris Chupp 28 days ago

    Pc will have nicer graphics and you have to make games work on them

  • Silvacruisa
    Silvacruisa 28 days ago +4

    Ps5 all the way!

  • Rickiwot
    Rickiwot 28 days ago

    By the time the PS5 releases it will be outdated again, the noted specs are newish for this year, also PC can have better frame rates actual 4k native now, it's also a computer when not playing, emulation, mods, mouse and keyboard are still better, this is coming from someone who's on both so

    • מוטי אהרן
      מוטי אהרן 27 days ago

      @Pitch Black PC hardcore hardware Will be better in time the ps5 launch.....

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      @מוטי אהרן optimization for a game and optimzation for hardware is completely different, you are getting the maximum performance out of that part due to it's functionality with other parts, that makes it supreme, compared to game optimization which just means certain things become more efficient and take up less space, so PS5 optimization will be better

    • מוטי אהרן
      מוטי אהרן 27 days ago

      @Pitch Black every game have optimization per is system, you sound like dev for pc not optimization the game for PC lol, what you need to see the different it's hardcore PC and set everything on ultra......

    • Aj Daniel
      Aj Daniel 27 days ago

      Next year the RTX 2080 will still cost a lot and thats the price of the GPU alone. PS5 all the way in 2020. Im a PC Gamer now but next year im switching to PS5

  • bue maher
    bue maher 28 days ago +3

    I’m getting a ps5 and I think it’s going to be $400- $500 Australia dollars

  • BillyT
    BillyT 28 days ago +4

    Its preference really. I prefer to game on a console

  • Jiggery Pokery
    Jiggery Pokery 28 days ago +4

    Don't forget the most important aspect. PS5 fans are bigger/tighter down there.

  • Victor Hugo Alvarez Damasceno

    At least PS5 Pro must be the Big Navi Rdna 4.096 cores at 2ghz to do 16 teraflops or 14 teraflops if Sony left at 1.8ghz

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      מוטי אהרן has Sony confirmed this information or are you just speculating

    • מוטי אהרן
      מוטי אהרן 27 days ago

      @Pitch Black will not be any pro at all, the ps5 have huge jump compare ps4, is hardware will be more then ok for the last 6 years....

    • Pitch Black
      Pitch Black 27 days ago

      מוטי אהרן corretion there wont be a pro at launch we dont know about latter on in the Generation

    • מוטי אהרן
      מוטי אהרן 27 days ago

      Will not be any pro in this generation, sony already learned their lesson with ps4... Maximum we see PS5 slim in the future.....

  • Harry Toogood
    Harry Toogood 28 days ago +8

    So apparently Microsoft aren't worried about the Ps5..
    Funny that because if they were worried then they'd have something to seriously worry about then wouldn't they.
    Clearly Microsoft isn't learning if they aren't worried about what Sony are doing.
    NEWS FLASH... Microsoft does care and they are shitting there pants..

    • VipDips - Osu
      VipDips - Osu 12 days ago

      Microsoft owns pc tho and pcs the most powerful. I agree ps5 will be better then project scarlett but not pc

    • Angelo louisjeune
      Angelo louisjeune 27 days ago +2

      Lol just like they wasn't worried about apple iPhone, now look at the iPhone. Pouhahah. History is bound to repeat itself. Anybody with an Xbox should get ps5

  • Victor Hugo Alvarez Damasceno

    I don't want your amazing PS5 gift cause i don't have money to be member!

  • Victor Hugo Alvarez Damasceno

    bro if PS5 costs 1.000 Dolars you will be broken

    • boukharrouba mabrouk
      boukharrouba mabrouk 28 days ago +1

      Ps5 will cost 500$ when graphic card needed to match its power will cost 800$ let that sink in

  • Tom Parrilla
    Tom Parrilla 28 days ago +7

    I will like vote is PLAYSTATION 5!!!! 😎👍

  • Simao Joao
    Simao Joao 28 days ago +7

    I get PS5

  • Andy Watts
    Andy Watts 28 days ago +7

    Very SWISH!! I will get a PS5

  • xcalibur1011
    xcalibur1011 28 days ago +6

    i,m a Sony fan and have respect for pc gaming which i don,t invest my time playing for me 2020 is Playstation 5 in my home.

    • Aj Daniel
      Aj Daniel 27 days ago

      Me too. I play on PC now but next year PS5 is the way to go. Backwards compatibility with previous playstation titles, multiplats, the best exclusives all at one place and so much more as far as gaming is concerned. Seriously can't wait

  • The Super Hero Guy
    The Super Hero Guy 28 days ago +3

    I'll still be getting a PS5 although I think PC Gaming will still be slightly better!

    • Lord Kat
      Lord Kat 22 days ago

      random person tbh More fuck PC. There are WAY MORE console players than PC players you idiot. Go ahead and waste your money on a PC that you will have to pour more money into a year later.

    • Video games Bloke
      Video games Bloke 24 days ago

      @random person tbh More Ok fair enough I'm going to stick with consoles myself because I feel comfortable with them. I've done my time spending lots of money on upgrading PCs over the years but at the end of the day it's what makes us happy.
      Peace to all gamers in General no matter what Machine they use.✌✌🎮🕹

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 24 days ago

      @Video games Bloke I literally have had experience on console I'm not wasting my money I'm saving up for a good pc. Also the exclusives dont make me want to buy one

    • Video games Bloke
      Video games Bloke 24 days ago

      @random person tbh More Yeah buy a Ps4 for experience as I said in my previous comments it doesn't hurt to drink out of dirty glass now and again.

    • random person tbh More
      random person tbh More 24 days ago

      @Video games Bloke I might get a ps4 next year to play with friends but I'll still mainly play pc by far

  • Ben Gaming
    Ben Gaming 28 days ago +1

    Sorry I haven’t really been active on your channel

    • Tobe Gaming
      Tobe Gaming  28 days ago

      Do NOT worry Ben... Good to hear from you again!