Cate Blanchett on Cannes 2018, Harvey Weinstein & 'Carol,' and a harmonica solo


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  • Sapphic Underground
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  • Zenda Russo
    Zenda Russo 4 days ago

    She always has an answer and her vocab is great lol

  • Hurbii
    Hurbii 6 days ago

    most beautiful woman? ever?

  • Lee Yhenchie Gerez
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  • monkey face
    monkey face 9 days ago

    this woman is so damn beautiful.

  • brynmawr1
    brynmawr1 11 days ago

    So enamored by this woman. I can listen to her talk for hours.

  • Donna Fava
    Donna Fava 12 days ago

    What did the world do to deserve you Cate? Youre my angel flung out of space... 😍

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  • Janie Nolan
    Janie Nolan 16 days ago

    Who were the 55 twats who thumbed down. Phhtttt! Cate Blanchett is so intelligent, talented, authentic and beautiful.

  • onepcwhiz
    onepcwhiz 17 days ago

    Is the voting anonymous? So if Cate thinks a movie sucks, will the director know?

  • Julie Borbely
    Julie Borbely 19 days ago

    Love this interview, shows her true character and personality and feels more like a Melbourne Aussie than someof the other interviews I've seen.I know many of my fellow Melbournians are so proud of all Cate has done since her career started.A great Aussie export for the world to appreciate.

  • Yaroslava
    Yaroslava 20 days ago

    Love her so much

  • Black Life
    Black Life 20 days ago

    She's art .

  • Hizkia Yosurandri
    Hizkia Yosurandri 22 days ago

    When everybody talks about Gal Gadot, i keep expecting Cate. Doesnt mean Gal is not beatiful. But its more like Cate have more inner charisma and more lovable.. She could be an aunty, a friend, a girl friend, a mom, a teacher, a boss, a mistress, or a woman that you wanna date even just 1 day. Hahaha. No. Just kidding. She's just amazing

  • Faye A
    Faye A 24 days ago

    Cate Blanchett is ......Mesmerising

  • Holly Poon
    Holly Poon 25 days ago

    Omg she’s so articulate and wise and i can listen to her speak for hours but only behind a screen cos im so mesmerized

  • Holly Poon
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  • Shiela M
    Shiela M 28 days ago

    Her voice, music to my ears. I can listen to her all day. Divine! ❤❤❤❤

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. Month ago

    Love her and her work.

  • mckavitt
    mckavitt Month ago

    Another US interview? 😕 The interviewer’s pronunciation of Cannes (flat as she would say “can”) is hard to swallow. “Both for Hollywood and for the world at large” means they are the same. Geez, American arrogance isn’t even questioned.

  • sadie choi
    sadie choi Month ago

    What song did her play ?

  • Anne Araujo
    Anne Araujo Month ago

  • Yokie Miller
    Yokie Miller Month ago

    She is very smart.

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  • pollyozz
    pollyozz Month ago

    How can the same person be so beautiful, intelligent, elegant, exceptionally funny.. I mean perfect, you know

  • Jennie Castillo
    Jennie Castillo Month ago

    Does anyone know where to get the same mini harmonica necklace?

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright Month ago

    She's fairly good looking, for a woman that is.

  • Margaret Lewis
    Margaret Lewis Month ago

    Cate the great!

  • Estella Edwards
    Estella Edwards Month ago

    Wise beyond her years.

  • Susan S
    Susan S Month ago

    Canne Weinstein hunting ground and all These women knew

  • Susan S
    Susan S Month ago

    She knew

  • Kristine Willems
    Kristine Willems Month ago

    She is quite a character 😘

  • NT Alive
    NT Alive Month ago

    oooh her smile and eyes 😍😍😍

  • Kaylamariee2186
    Kaylamariee2186 Month ago

    ok but can we imagine cate playing the queen in narnia bc WOW

  • Ponti Pontiveros
    Ponti Pontiveros Month ago

    she's so articulate and smart!

  • Din
    Din Month ago

    Cate was not holding an umbrella when god was raining brains and beauty.

  • Leonita Yncierto
    Leonita Yncierto Month ago

    Very versatile actor.

  • Raxeeyo Wasaye
    Raxeeyo Wasaye Month ago

    Ah, I regret bieng here.

  • phoebe russell
    phoebe russell Month ago +2

    i feel blessed

  • comkid
    comkid Month ago

    Class. Beautiful thinker.

  • Melissa Holland
    Melissa Holland Month ago

    I'm thinking Cate Blanchett could replace Meryl Streep as the actress every other actress wants to be. The woman is crazy talented. Crazy glamorous, and crazy intelligent!

  • Betsy Kirkland
    Betsy Kirkland Month ago +4

    I don't know what it is about Cate Blanchett; perhaps, an unusually gorgeous facial bone structure, but: She is one of the few women where no matter how many wrinkle she accrues she seems as beautiful and captivating as a beautiful woman in her early 20s. Even more so, given with age comes a type of wisdom. Anyone else with me on this observation?

  • Danii Carrizo
    Danii Carrizo Month ago

    I love the way she speaks my god. So powerfuly and feminine

  • LoserlyCool
    LoserlyCool Month ago

    She has Galadriel's wisdom... Wtf

  • Gaialy
    Gaialy Month ago

    Her presence, her elegance, her intelligence, her talent - I could listen to her talk the whole day.

  • princepeterwolf
    princepeterwolf Month ago

    Greatest actress alive

  • Romanchiikku Kijun
    Romanchiikku Kijun Month ago

    we have ALWAYS spoken off these issues , especially as women of color or poorer women , people just didnt listen and it took or a certain elite to say it for people to listen which yeah its cool and all but it should have happened a long long long long time ago.

  • Việt Đỗ Tú
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  • TayTay BeyNippy
    TayTay BeyNippy Month ago

    I can only dream of being an ounce of the intellectually well spoken person Cate is.

  • Bazinga!
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  • BadGuy RiRi
    BadGuy RiRi Month ago

    Cate blanchett so beautiful and charming

  • Balen Mars
    Balen Mars Month ago

    if i watch her, listen to her forever i won't look away, i am soooo fondvof her and her acting, voice, accent, anything and everything about her. wish her the very best

  • Sacha Lee
    Sacha Lee Month ago

    cate uses a beauty treatment made from the forskins of baby boys from korean who had it take without their consent. her face is LITERALLY now made from dicks, the byproduct of baby torture. she is an abomination of nature. stop paying her and watching her movies as she will only promote this treatment. this is worse than hunting endagered animals, she is cruel and now a sick freak her face made from baby penises.

  • dumbuser
    dumbuser Month ago

    stupid feminazy

    • D Walker
      D Walker Month ago +2

      At least I'm sure she can type Feminazi right...

  • thealchemist 7895
    thealchemist 7895 Month ago

    Love love LOVE this woman!!

  • Stone Roses
    Stone Roses Month ago

    All these celebs are bloody hypocrites. Cate is really to skewer Harvey, but has nothing but praise for Woody Allen who rapes his own daughters.

  • Oktavia Obinger
    Oktavia Obinger Month ago

    My perfect woman

  • Googley Eyed
    Googley Eyed Month ago

    What a beautiful, intelligent and charismatic woman. You can’t take your eyes off of her.

  • Ooo Kay
    Ooo Kay 2 months ago

    Most of the time i just look at her exquisite face. How elegant she is. And her voice.. i had to re watch cause i don't understand a darn thing just because i can't stop being amazed by her beauty and that voice. I love her. I love her even more in Carol. Binge watching her videos is so worthwhile. ♡

  • Vita Violetta P.
    Vita Violetta P. 2 months ago

    Oooh, I just know now, she's play in Carol Movie, but that movie is not correct, hopefully she's not like that, ☺

  • Vita Violetta P.
    Vita Violetta P. 2 months ago

    Wow, she's (Cate Blanchett) very very great actress, I know her movie in Cinderella and Thor Ragnarok

  • guarddog22
    guarddog22 2 months ago

    Yawn. Go blow Stephen Connolly, muss.

  • Carolyn Perkins
    Carolyn Perkins 2 months ago

    Gosh-she is so beautiful. Hard to hear what she's saying when I look at her :)

  • katex
    katex 2 months ago

    So eloquent and so smart

  • Robert Galdr
    Robert Galdr 2 months ago

    She's perfect

  • Julie Trapp
    Julie Trapp 2 months ago

    I couls easily get lost by her voice 😍

  • avhi viii
    avhi viii 2 months ago +2

    i’ve never wanted to be a harmonica until this

  • Aydinarium
    Aydinarium 2 months ago

    We will but offend, we can but fail... So beautiful and original

  • Francesca Franks
    Francesca Franks 2 months ago

    She's lovely!

  • Ana acedo del olmo
    Ana acedo del olmo 2 months ago

    i can´t i can´t she is just......ahhhhhh i love her

  • rainbowknight pepper
    rainbowknight pepper 2 months ago

    she can probably give good blowjobs

  • Chris Michael Burns
    Chris Michael Burns 2 months ago

    Cate I love you so much holy shit

  • Metin Bahtiyar
    Metin Bahtiyar 2 months ago

    The way this lady looks, so hypnotizing its like diving into oceans countless times gettng that sweet chill of cold water . what a fine human.

  • Richard Leclerc
    Richard Leclerc 2 months ago

    she bores me.

  • laurent kaye
    laurent kaye 2 months ago

    Love Cate. Ever since I saw "Carol" and later sat 30 feet away from her on Broadway in "The Present" (went twice) I've really developed such an admiration for her. Brilliant, intelligent, fearless, beautiful, just extraordinary. Beautiful person on so many levels. Thank you. 😊❤💗❤

  • Amber Fleischman
    Amber Fleischman 2 months ago

    My god she is a goddess and is so talented. Her beauty and well spoken words, we don't deserve her.

    EKA SPS 2 months ago

    i love this woman

  • Dr. Benway
    Dr. Benway 2 months ago

    Females are such dingbats. Actresses are practically retarded.

  • Projects
    Projects 2 months ago

    A beautiful, articulate and inspiring artist - I wasn't expecting anything from - Carol - It blew me away.

  • K August
    K August 2 months ago

    She should have at least six Oscars by my count.
    Amazing lady/talent/artist...!

  • Sergey Popirechnik
    Sergey Popirechnik 2 months ago


  • Michael Yan
    Michael Yan 2 months ago

    Is MeToo applicable to the likes of the Magdalene Sisters?

  • Jonathan Pitman
    Jonathan Pitman 2 months ago

    Bob Dylan can't play the harmonica either.

  • Azalea Phinata
    Azalea Phinata 2 months ago

    It’s a delight and honor listening to Cate speaking passionately bout film industries she lives in

  • Frau Huebner
    Frau Huebner 2 months ago

    She is so intelligent, beautiful and amazingly talented!

  • renbenpaq
    renbenpaq 2 months ago

    "The art is the provocation that produces the conversation." Brilliant.

  • Lauren Stow
    Lauren Stow 2 months ago

    I just adore her

  • Theresa Helmer
    Theresa Helmer 2 months ago

    She is beautiful, in and out. I LOVE how intelligent she is. The whole package indeed

  • 8654 65487
    8654 65487 2 months ago

    누나 어벤져스4에서 헬라로 컴백하는거 맞죠. 그쵸 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Sukran Pala
    Sukran Pala 2 months ago

    Probably the MOST polite and elegant British on Earth..

  • Wu Yijie
    Wu Yijie 2 months ago

    Four children!That is a blessing!

  • Lang Tham
    Lang Tham 2 months ago

    Toi thich dien vien cate dien rat hay

  • Chloe.13
    Chloe.13 2 months ago

    The world would be a better place if it was filled with Cate Blanchetts. Such perfection. It would nice to have someone like her in one's life ❤ For now, I'll just try to be content knowing that someone like her exists ❤

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson 2 months ago

    She's a smug arrogant cunt. who lives in a world of privilege, named her son Roman after Roman Polanski, and works with Woody Allen. enough said.

  • Cecile schmitter
    Cecile schmitter 2 months ago

    Ses les kangourous qui on touché sa fousta de chienne de chatte PETASSE de lesbiche plus de sous puis se venge

  • Kevin Joe
    Kevin Joe 2 months ago

    She speaks English so elegantly with all the subtle movements of each gesture, facial expression and posture.

  • Skye 98
    Skye 98 2 months ago +14

    You know what I really love (aswell as Cate Blanchett) is journalists/interviewers that actually ask real questions. It's so damn refreshing to see and hear. Rather than the diet and fashion based questions

  • AR DEE
    AR DEE 2 months ago

    Perfection .

  • sean love
    sean love 2 months ago

    Helga is alive after all 😲

  • caitlin
    caitlin 2 months ago

    I have never wanted to be a harmonica so bad in my entire 18 years of life. Her influence.