Blacksmithing - Forging a bearded axe

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • I show how I make a bearded axe (viking style).
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  • David Morys
    David Morys Hour ago

    it sounds like MG42 :D :D
    but the axe is op

  • Collin Smith
    Collin Smith 9 hours ago

    Amazing work man! 👍

  • Lance Curtis
    Lance Curtis Day ago +1


  • edgar palencia
    edgar palencia Day ago +1

    me encanta


    Beautiful work of art !!!!! Curious as to how long it took?

  • jorge escobar
    jorge escobar 2 days ago +2

    Muy muy bueno todo una belleza cada trabajo los felicito por su gran habilidad

  • Dennis jensen
    Dennis jensen 2 days ago +1

    My grand farther in heaven just called me and told me he is werry happy with the work you do he was blacksmith of the old school that axe is gorgeous ;)

  • Joe deRochemont
    Joe deRochemont 3 days ago +1

    Pretty gosh dang impressive.

  • Peter Goettler
    Peter Goettler 4 days ago +2


  • Белогоръ Ѩ
    Белогоръ Ѩ 9 days ago +2


  • The Legion
    The Legion 9 days ago +2

    I like how you use a coal forge

  • Armand Sanchez
    Armand Sanchez 10 days ago +1

    Beautiful work sir


    Hello, good morning, I follow your videos because my grandfather was a blacksmith I did not know him, more than 50 years ago he died, and an uncle told what he used to put the iron like steel. He says, please, it is the gravel where the iron slowly? and made the metal to join it as he did with the ax?

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  12 days ago

      Great! I use vermiculite for slow cooling and flux to help with the weld. Not sure if that's what you asked?

  • Ricardo Cat
    Ricardo Cat 14 days ago +2

    The axe looks awesome ...but the handle looks a little bit thin i guess. good work :)

  • Justin Y
    Justin Y 14 days ago

    At 4:17 what are you adding to the hole in between hammering?

    • Justin Y
      Justin Y 14 days ago

      +Torbjörn Åhman Thanks for letting me know! I figured it was some sort of lubrication.

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  14 days ago

      Coal powder to help lubricate the punch

  • Bluelightbandit
    Bluelightbandit 15 days ago +3

    Gransfors Bruks better watch out!

      LIVE FREE ORDIE Day ago +1

      I've had my GB for 12 year's. It's amazing, but this was awesome to watch.

  • Bluelightbandit
    Bluelightbandit 15 days ago

    What was the granular substance you used at 10:53?
    Much respect for your craft. #jealous

    • Bluelightbandit
      Bluelightbandit 15 days ago +1

      +Torbjörn Åhman Thank you, sir! Just watched your draw knife making video, I'm on a Torbjorn video marathon it appears :)

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  15 days ago +1

      Flux. To help keeping the surfaces clean during forging!

  • ahmet Karakoyunlu
    ahmet Karakoyunlu 15 days ago +1

    gerçekten çok harika bir balta oldu ❤❤🌳🌳

  • Jordan Krantz
    Jordan Krantz 16 days ago +1

    make Jason Voorhees machete

  • Catarino Ambrosio
    Catarino Ambrosio 17 days ago

    I like American axe 👍

  • cinnamon bear outdoors
    cinnamon bear outdoors 17 days ago +1

    very nice work!

  • sebastian andersson
    sebastian andersson 19 days ago +1

    Villen yxa!! Och massa annat coolt du gör!! Har precis börjat smida och gjort färdigt min första kniv 🔪 var köper du ditt stål ifrån? Jag hittar bara ”färdiga” platta knivstål. Keep up the good work😁

  • vic ferg
    vic ferg 19 days ago +1

    Viking power!

  • buetang
    buetang 20 days ago +2

    There are few things more satisfying to watch, than forge welding.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 20 days ago

    Very fine work, sir. Very fine indeed. Do you take orders?

  • Robert Koontz
    Robert Koontz 20 days ago

    Nice work, You northern Michigan guys got your axe skills honed. You really got an axe to grind. Hey Torbjom what is the brand name of that grinder you wheeled out. They seem popular. Thanks

    • Robert Koontz
      Robert Koontz 19 days ago

      +Torbjörn Åhman Ok thanks for the Info

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  20 days ago

      I'm in Sweden :) The grinder is a 75x2000mm belt grinder. This one is a cheap "noname" brand...

  • Snusmumriken
    Snusmumriken 21 day ago +1

    Snyggt jobbat!

  • Mario Sergio Uliano
    Mario Sergio Uliano 22 days ago +1

    very good

  • Donald Sayers
    Donald Sayers 23 days ago +1


  • Luis Carlos Tamanini Tamanini

    Good morning! I apologize if you have already answered the question I am going to ask because my English is not good, so I did not read every publication, my question is: What is the powder you use as flux to weld the two different steels?

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  23 days ago

      Thanks. Here I use a flux called "Iron mountain forge welding flux". The key component is borax and iron filings. Plain borax works well too.

  • Umut Yandık
    Umut Yandık 23 days ago +1

    Very good

  • sinan doğanay
    sinan doğanay 23 days ago +1


  • David Canales
    David Canales 24 days ago

    What type of hammer are you using?, I am talking about the air or electric hammer. Great Video!

    • David Canales
      David Canales 23 days ago

      Thank you sir. Excellent workmanship skills demonstrated

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  23 days ago

      The larger one is an air hammer ,beche , and the small hammer is a "spring" hammer that goes under the name "abno"

  • DEMON 967
    DEMON 967 27 days ago +1


  • Emanuel Mifsud
    Emanuel Mifsud 28 days ago

    Without sounding the bleeding obvious, most of the handle could have been worked on with a bandsaw or simply an electric hand planer. If he uses an electric belt linisher why not use a simple hand powered tool like the electric planer.

    • Emanuel Mifsud
      Emanuel Mifsud 22 days ago

      Hi Torbjorn, I find using an electric hand planer correctly can quite easily remove most wood to near size , and then finish off with a draw knife. Thank you for the amazing skills you have kindly shown to people, we highly appreciate craftsman of your caliber.

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  27 days ago

      Well I didn't have a bandsaw at that time...not sure an electric planer would be terribly useful here. It's a pretty awful tool actually with bad control.

  • Chris H LookUp
    Chris H LookUp 28 days ago +1


  • nompropre Pascal
    nompropre Pascal 28 days ago +1

    bel outil!! félicitations c'est du bon boulot!!

  • Gregory Hare
    Gregory Hare 29 days ago +2

    I had just seen the work you can do very nice work

  • Choi Musung
    Choi Musung 29 days ago +2

    I love it more than my wife. respect u.

  • landon guinn
    landon guinn Month ago +1

    he has alot of self trust at 5:12

  • Juna
    Juna Month ago

    To anyone asking why people would downvote this: Its amazing but 20:30 no gloves is kinda freaking me out.

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago

      Ha ha, actually working with gloves around grinders is a big no no. If the glove gets caught it will drag your hand into the machine... but in some situations it's quite safe.

  • MA Knife and Rods
    MA Knife and Rods Month ago

    Try using a draw knife for shaping the handle. Just a thought. Liam Huffman who makes a lot of axes uses a draw knife and once you get good can finish a handle in probably 10 mins start to finish. Just a thought. I use to use one when making long bows out of yew.

  • Returning Shadow
    Returning Shadow Month ago

    How long does this take to make, start to finish? and what would you charge someone for one?

    • Returning Shadow
      Returning Shadow Month ago

      +Torbjörn Åhman
      Wow. I hope it would come with a lifetime guarantee.

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago

      +Returning Shadow :) Not sure, probably nothing less than $1000

    • Returning Shadow
      Returning Shadow Month ago

      +Torbjörn Åhman
      And if you were to make one for another person, how much would you charge?

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago

      About 2 days.

  • cweed
    cweed Month ago

    Wicked beautiful job! I could tell that you knew you had done a great job when you first attached the handle then gave it a few practice swings. You are in Sweden? My mother is from Tyskland. I live in USA. 2 years ago I visit family in Bayern with my 16 year old son. He is a welder. My tysk uncle has a wonderful machine shop with a forge, hammer mill and all types of machines and welders. My son had the time of his life even though he spoke no tyska and my uncle no engelsk! They would work from early morning until supper time. Your videos bring back memories to us. Tack.

  • Kent Costello
    Kent Costello Month ago +2

    Man you need to video all of your shop and show off all you tools of trade good video

  • Red Mashine
    Red Mashine Month ago +1

    Он будет убивать

  • Eowens Pa
    Eowens Pa Month ago +2

    For me....another saved you tube video. This is such an education....sublime work,a Rolls Royce of an axe
    Very well done! The shape is just about perfect for the bearded axe,nice and curvy,

  • royothebuzz
    royothebuzz Month ago +1

    I have a request. I'm sure there are other viewers like me who don't know anything about blacksmithing but are interested to know what the processes are called and what materials you use. For example when you squirted something into the joint for the spring steel and when you dipped the head into steel container after heating it up what was in the container? Maybe just a quick caption would do it. Cheers. P.S. Are you a Viking raider?

    • cweed
      cweed Month ago

      It is forging flux. Sometimes borax. Used to clean impurities so the weld sticks. Similiar to what plumbers do when soldering copper pipe or the coating on welding rods. I noticed the Made in USA label. It is a global market so we all get the best products.

  • royothebuzz
    royothebuzz Month ago +3

    I can't imagine what kind of person would dislike this. Ah well!

  • Sharon Walter
    Sharon Walter Month ago +1

    Very nice

  • RДЪ moon
    RДЪ moon Month ago +1

    very goood jobs

  • golgus 84
    golgus 84 Month ago +1

    excellent work my friend.

  • LuckyB
    LuckyB Month ago


  • Oliver Willows
    Oliver Willows Month ago +2

    who in their right mind would dislike this video. Incredible mate, you have a skill in which you have made an art

    • Redblade
      Redblade 29 days ago

      You must be the same twit that always says that on youtube.

  • Jim Burig
    Jim Burig Month ago

    That was engrossing. I love fabrication and look forward to watching all
    of these videos. Thank you, Mr. Åhman. It is a privilege.

  • jawed iqbal
    jawed iqbal Month ago +1

    Conversion of a MS piece to masterpiece .

  • 1959Berre
    1959Berre Month ago

    Never! chop in the direction of your legs!

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago +1

      I know that but ended up like this anyway... not sure why. To my defense it's just light cuts no heavy chopping.

  • Omar Lugo
    Omar Lugo Month ago +1

    Just Waoooo es terapeutico verlo

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith Month ago +2

    Bravo...again. Love watching you forge and create!

  • Damir Dzakula
    Damir Dzakula Month ago +1

    Every honor of the guy, you're really a magician ! ! !

  • Sir Steam
    Sir Steam Month ago +1

    uses axe to make axe

  • Barış Çelik
    Barış Çelik Month ago +1


  • J. Adamuska Knives and tools

    Nice work :) I like it

  • Keith Lincicum
    Keith Lincicum Month ago +1

    It saddens me as I watch these wonderful, POSITIVE videos of a man being useful and creative to the extreme, to see 2.7K thumbs down votes. In my opinion you people will always be negative toward those like Torbjorn with childish jealousy that they probably could never even begin to make tools that are truly priceless. His "TA" on these things will be collectors items long after your great grand-kids are dust. KL

  • Vary Anomaly
    Vary Anomaly Month ago +1

    10:07 double bladed axe! ;)

  • K.A. G.
    K.A. G. Month ago +1

    Cool vid.

  • Brdycnt
    Brdycnt Month ago +2

    11:30 "salt and vinegar on your axe?"
    "Yeah g'wan"

  • Villain
    Villain Month ago +1

    10/10 💫

  • Xero the Slayer
    Xero the Slayer Month ago +2

    I was like “man that’s a nasty split on the blade” then I was like “oh that’s for an insert” 🤦‍♀️

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Month ago

    More heat!!

  • Joe Burks
    Joe Burks Month ago +1

    Beautiful. Just doesn't get any better. Thanks...

  • Felipe Thomas
    Felipe Thomas Month ago +1

    absolutely amazing "

  • fatihk55
    fatihk55 Month ago +1

    güzel iş usta... eline sağlık...

    YINGCAI LI Month ago +1


  • poo why not
    poo why not Month ago

    how come you wear a respirator in all your smithing work?

  • kurbat filin
    kurbat filin Month ago +1

    Парень ты на своём месте!!!

  • From My Point Of View
    From My Point Of View Month ago +1

    Mmm sexy

  • Roderic Hall
    Roderic Hall Month ago +1

    What a great idea to chisel teeth into that insert!

  • Leif Gunnarson
    Leif Gunnarson Month ago

    Hej Torbjörn, jag har undrat så mycket om hur ett s.k.vingspjut är smitt. Man ser dem aldrig från baksidan på de bilder som finns. Är vingarna en del av holken, eller tillhör de en påsmidd bit järn för sig? Du får ursäkta, men jag kan inte Engelska tillräckligt väl för att formulera frågan helt korrekt, så det får bli på Svenska. Tack på förhand.
    Om ditt smide, saker och ting går ju inte så värst bra utan talang :)
    Om guden Vulcanus eller Tor fanns i verkligheten, skulle du nog ganska säkert beskyddas av honom :) Jag såg förövrigt att en av dina hammare heter så :)

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago

      Tack Leif! Di, jag är osäker på hur ett vingspjut ser ut. Jag gissar ändå att det är smitt i ett stycke.

  • Mick Parsons
    Mick Parsons Month ago +2

    that is excellent real craftmanship - can you buy one?

  • BravoFoxtrot LLC
    BravoFoxtrot LLC Month ago

    Power Hammer? I wanted to see some Blacksmithing

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago

      So, a blacksmith does all by hand in your eyes, right? Traditionally a blacksmith never worked alone (at least not with larger stuff), there was always a helper available to strike with a sledge hammer. A power hammer is just that, a helper. It just provides force nothing else.

  • Eifel-Wandern
    Eifel-Wandern Month ago

    Hello Torbjörn, what kind of attachment disc do you use on the polisher machine at 16:45? Is it hard foam or woolfelt? I want to polish my knife blades and ax blades. Alex
    Hej Torbjörn, vilken typ av bifogad skiva använder du med kvarnen klockan 16:45? Är det hårt skum eller ullfilt? Jag vill polera min knivblad och axelblad. Alex
    Hallo Torbjörn, welche Art von Aufsatz benutzt Du bei der Schleifmaschine bei 16:45? Harten Schaumstoffscheibe oder Wollfilz. Ich möchte meine Messerklingen und Beilklingen polieren. Alex

  • Vaping For Charity
    Vaping For Charity Month ago

    what would you charge for a custom bush craft axe

  • Mubashir Hussain
    Mubashir Hussain Month ago +1

    Very very lovely. I want one. Can you make one for me???

  • Troy
    Troy Month ago +1

    Working piece of Art

  • Jovan Kovacevic
    Jovan Kovacevic Month ago

    Might be a stupid question but why didn't you drive a steel wedge in after wooden wedge to hold the handle?

    • Torbjörn Åhman
      Torbjörn Åhman  Month ago

      Some say you should have one some say not to bother with a steel wedge... I can always add one later on if I find I need one.

  • Егор Петровский


  • Егор Петровский

    Раньше в каждом крупном селе был кузнец, а сейчас культура кузнечная практически утрачена. Работа мастера смотрится как чудо.

  • MLW Outside life
    MLW Outside life Month ago +2

    As good an axe as any 👍🏻 pleasure to watch 😁 thanks for the video.....true skill my friend 👍🏻

  • Ajmal Hussain
    Ajmal Hussain Month ago +2

    Awesome video... It will be more informative if you could name the processes involved

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter Month ago +2

    That is a beautiful, quality piece that any person would be proud to own.

  • Micah Swett
    Micah Swett Month ago +2


  • Jim Morvay
    Jim Morvay Month ago

    I just discovered your channel and I must say, you do beautiful work.

  • arano ilean
    arano ilean Month ago +1

    Really beautiful job,,

  • Dick Dale
    Dick Dale Month ago

    Your steel got too cold, son

  • Houssein Khalaf
    Houssein Khalaf Month ago

    Älskade den här videon. Mycket välgjort!
    Har alltid funnit en lugnande anda i smide - en gedigen fin yxa också!
    Tack Torbjörn!

  • Hobbypyrotechniker 73

    How long have you been working on the axe?
    Good job 💪

  • Дмитрий Журин

    handle of axe is made of pine ?

  • Дмитрий Журин
    Дмитрий Журин 2 months ago +1

    Nice work boys !

  • Дмитрий Журин
    Дмитрий Журин 2 months ago +2

    axes, knives are good to forge on charcoal, the old fashioned way !