2019 iPad Pro Impressions: Incredibly Thin!


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    i wish apple create 6 inch iphone pro same design and shape........with type c...who knows

  • Fenne Verrecas
    Fenne Verrecas Day ago

    Apple wants to be wireless so bad but refuse to provide wireless earpods.... ok. Instead they want more money so they want you to purchase it separately

  • A to Z
    A to Z Day ago

    What is the price

  • Joe Knaggs
    Joe Knaggs Day ago

    I wonder when Apple get rid of the headphone jack in the iPod

  • Russell Schmidt
    Russell Schmidt Day ago

    Ha tryna be like surface

  • ItsHazza
    ItsHazza 2 days ago +11

    The new iPad Pro 15% Off right now: *vdіgіtаl. іnfо*

  • Super Luigi 64
    Super Luigi 64 3 days ago

    What's the intro song?

  • Manideep Srirangam
    Manideep Srirangam 3 days ago

    Is the title wrong??? It should be 2018 iPad Pro I guess.

  • Giraffeee
    Giraffeee 3 days ago

    The black square on the right hand side is not in line and it’s very annoying

  • kangta13
    kangta13 3 days ago

    Here's a thought, marketing.. Let's call it the iPad Pro so we can justify a higher price. Should have be regular iPad update a long time ago

  • Krill Siluroid
    Krill Siluroid 5 days ago

    Looks thin and fragile. Please bend test on the first unit you get. Bend that thing into a letter A until the lithium battery shoot a jet of orange flame out the sides.

  • Anthony Cook
    Anthony Cook 6 days ago

    I'd like to see a demo of sketching and painting on the screen with the pencil ;)

  • Ethan9750
    Ethan9750 6 days ago

    The inclusion of USB-C over the lightning cable indicates to me that Apple is now considering the iPad as part of their Mac family rather than their Mobile family, especially considering the nature of their recent advertisements with its predecessor focused on "what is a computer" and updates to iOS 11 onwards adding in the option for a file-system and more work related features such as document scanning. That's also why they're improving features such as the pencil pairing and support and mainly showing note-taking and document editing as usecases. The days of multimedia consumption being the primary usage of these tablets seems to be over, at least in Apple's eyes. Corporates looking to purchase devices for employees seem like the primary target consumer here when the price of these devices is taken into account.

  • Isaak Weidman
    Isaak Weidman 6 days ago

    Also, that hoodie is cool af

  • Miller
    Miller 6 days ago

    Are you doing a full review?

  • Nikhil Anand
    Nikhil Anand 7 days ago

    More powerful than 92% laptops but cant compile a c++ code
    More powerful than consoles but no AAA title to play (not counting mobile versions of pc games rip pubg mobile fans)
    If it ran android maybe it had less limitations,maybe any android tablet had a ipad like hardware,maybe it ran mac os, maybe macs had touchscreen,maybe it ran windows.......
    Wait windows comes on a ipad like hardware as surface.
    Surface can compile c++ code
    Has AAA titles coz it's a fucking PC.
    Already has photoshop.
    Can edit video professionally.
    Can connect any device
    Has stylus
    Has keyboard.
    get gtx1060 in keyboard part of surface book
    A surface pro is what can replace a laptop but I love my PC and droid

  • Chad Roberts
    Chad Roberts 7 days ago

    "Now with no home button, face ID unlock." So now the only way to use the iPad, is for them to spy on you and your surroundings...great news.

  • SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha
    SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha 7 days ago

    The boxy shape with the sharp corners might cut your fingers

  • Nag Tube
    Nag Tube 7 days ago

    Title is worng, its 2018 not 2019

  • adam paul mahiya
    adam paul mahiya 8 days ago

    Why dont you change your channel name to Apple Defender or Apple among the rest?

  • redflames19
    redflames19 8 days ago

    The OnePlus 6t broke within a week of getting it and then customer service would not do anything to help me. Oneplus needs better quality control and better customer service. I will no longer recommend Oneplus devices and products to my friends and family. I will continue to let people know that if they want quality customer service that they should stick to companies such as Apple and Samsung. I was a loyal Oneplus customer but they have really let me down and I feel sorry for anyone that put their trust in a company that claims to love their fans but in the end does not care in the slightest.

  • AxiFy
    AxiFy 8 days ago

    If an iPhone had the same shape as this. It would be awesome

  • Soup Or Man
    Soup Or Man 8 days ago +1

    Wireless is the future. Apple took out the floppy drive and cd disk drive too. The headphone jack is just the next step.

    • djlobb
      djlobb 5 days ago

      Nah. The Flppy drive and CD drive reached their limits and were quickly surpassed by more convenient and/or larger space devices. A headphone jack ages remarkable well because it quite literally is a circular hole, that passes analog audio, which can be used with an infinite amount of other equipment with no potential drop-outs or issues. Therefore the headphone jack is still the future. Dongles are not the way. And pro audio/visual equipment used at venues and events don't receive Bluetooth signals and for good reason.

  • Boland
    Boland 9 days ago

    Out of interest, which tablets would you consider worth buying other than the iPad Pro?

  • Joao de Oliveira
    Joao de Oliveira 9 days ago

    Shame no reviewer mentions the fact that most apps are not optimized for the new iPads and will look like crap (cropped with huge bezels ) . Think before you buy at this point.

  • Sophal Polkor
    Sophal Polkor 9 days ago +1

    I pad Pro very slim and think

  • D3VILZ
    D3VILZ 9 days ago


  • Nicolas Vollmer
    Nicolas Vollmer 9 days ago

    Just wish the'd bump up that base storage to 128 gigs. 64 is just cheap, considering the mind-boggling price for this slate...

  • Hbomer
    Hbomer 9 days ago +2

    No headphone jack is a dealbreaker man

  • R Anonimo
    R Anonimo 9 days ago +2

    Should the title be 2018??

  • Callen H
    Callen H 9 days ago

    when are iPhones getting USB c

  • Lucca Coscarelli
    Lucca Coscarelli 9 days ago

    omg who gives a fuck about the head jack just buy wireless headphones

  • almighty
    almighty 9 days ago

    in the name of design apple just doin business 👍🏻😕

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73 9 days ago

    Great new hardware but software needs works.

  • Pieter Rossouw
    Pieter Rossouw 9 days ago

    Runs a dumb OS for this form factor. Ideally this would run OSX, but even android is better for productivity because it has an actual file system.

  • Leo Phoenix
    Leo Phoenix 10 days ago

    I don’t understand why people are always so annoyed about removing the headphone port! Wired headphones are nothing but a pain and I often end up having problems with the jack and port anyway. Wireless headphones solve pretty much all these problems. People say Apple are just trying to make more money but I don’t see how this I really the case. Firstly, at least with the iPhones, you just have to use lightning headphones or an adapter if you wanna stick with wired. If you actually live in the 21st century, there are tons of cheap wireless earphones/headphones out there as alternatives to AirPods. I think the reason why they have removed it is simply to push for the future of completely wireless, port-less devices, as they only ever cause problems, but also for aesthetics, as that couldn’t be any more 'Apple'.
    Now having said all this the *only* exception for when wired headphones are actually necessary is when recording music, as wireless headphones have a very small but noticeable delay, however this is usually done on computers, which currently have many ports to choose from, (though you can still get headphone adapters for your Apple devices if you wish to record music in this way!)

  • Bigfrie19
    Bigfrie19 10 days ago +1

    Please compare it to the previous iPad pros

  • Wilizm
    Wilizm 10 days ago

    Put some MORE bass in your voice, man

    I DO IT FOR THE RAP 10 days ago

    It's funny how you guys will consider spending hundreds on Apple but then complain about not having wireless Bluetooth headphones

  • Rusu Florin
    Rusu Florin 10 days ago

    Frățioare trimite si mie 1000 de coco in Romania sa imi iau si eu o tableta de asta! Te chem la o țuică daca trimiti si tu ceva.

  • Lewis Li
    Lewis Li 10 days ago

    Is it weird that I got a note 9 ad before the video started 😂

  • Nabeel Amer
    Nabeel Amer 10 days ago

    Wait wait wait... you want oled IPAD???? that boy will burn fast Plus it will lose it’s amazing touch and speed

  • PaulAbayAbay
    PaulAbayAbay 10 days ago

    would you really be hurt getting the last iPad Pro vs getting this new one? only cuz the prices dropped so I'm wondering if y'all really think the extra money is worth putting in to the new iPad Pro?

  • Krakeon
    Krakeon 10 days ago

    "Lmao the next iPad will have no hardware, just pay for the satisfaction."
    -Apple 2050

  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo 10 days ago

    i've ordered the 12.9 1tb as it's got 6gb's ram and hopefully will be more future proofed than the other models which only have 4gb ram

  • Jt W
    Jt W 10 days ago

    new ipad pro looks good and new pencil but expensive for me

  • Tau M'howell
    Tau M'howell 10 days ago

    Yes yes yes it's a nice they took a turd turned it into a giant iPhone and still charge you $130 for the pen that doesn't come with it great job Apple. Oh and it doesn't have a headphone jack because they bought beats and beats is now Wireless so they want you to buy Beats. It used to be Beats by Dre now it's Beats by a company that turns turds into giant iPhones thank you Apple.

  • ARS
    ARS 10 days ago

    I don’t use USB-C that much. What do you use it for?

  • Boxe YT
    Boxe YT 10 days ago

    that iPad is ugly AF

  • Dhanu niteesh S
    Dhanu niteesh S 10 days ago

    Does apple pencil support on display with screen protector or tempered glass?

  • RD Rae
    RD Rae 10 days ago

    Has the display glass gotten thinner? Pressing on it in the Apple store it seemed quite easy to push through onto the panel.

  • Nav Sahota
    Nav Sahota 10 days ago

    smart for them to discontinue the lightning

  • Balaji Dasari
    Balaji Dasari 10 days ago

    Why the title is "2019 iPad pro" in 2018 ?

  • Abdullah Akbar
    Abdullah Akbar 11 days ago

    Can i get 100 dislikes

  • WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    How to close the gap and catch up with Apple and take sells from them: Add headphone jack, lower price. Done.

    But I guess Apple doesn't even care. They got their upper class sheeple that swarm around Apple stores like zombies and just buy everything that's new and integrate it into their Apple ecosystem. And don't get me wrong if you are that rich and can spend 10k to get everything Apple, you won't need a headphone jack or adapters. But you need to buy all Apple for this to work out. If you buy one thing not Apple, everything falls apart.

  • Eon Lee Music
    Eon Lee Music 11 days ago +1

    That Assassin's creed game looks dope.

  • Eon Lee Music
    Eon Lee Music 11 days ago +28

    2038 iPad will have no screen.

  • fetus deletus
    fetus deletus 11 days ago

    But does it bend

  • Tri Circle
    Tri Circle 11 days ago

    And also incredibly flexible😐😐
    Perfect student of iPhone 6

  • versatileguy87
    versatileguy87 11 days ago

    Hello Marques, Why is all apple product so expensive? Could you make a video on it?

  • Veselka
    Veselka 11 days ago

    so thin wow technology

  • Lio Mwabile
    Lio Mwabile 11 days ago

    "Wireless person"

  • Ryan affan Officiel
    Ryan affan Officiel 11 days ago

    déjà c'est pas 2019 c'est 2018 ok

  • Ajnabi Khan
    Ajnabi Khan 11 days ago

    They got back in time with this design, this is the design which started the whole game changing. iPhone 4 my first iPhone bought it only because it has the sharp flat edges.

  • Zulkifli Mohd
    Zulkifli Mohd 11 days ago

    That intro !!!!!! That graphics !!!! Damn .......

  • Starfals
    Starfals 11 days ago +2

    This is one gorgeous tablet.. sadly i use mostly 8-9 inch tablets. Smaller = phone. Bigger = Laptop.. but i guess its cool. I always wanted a big tablet but i also wasn't sure if i need it lol.

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez 11 days ago

    I thought he was announcing the iphone xr giveaway

  • Nathan Siukuta
    Nathan Siukuta 11 days ago

    i would love it if MKBHD reviews the Galaxy j6

  • Ran S.
    Ran S. 11 days ago

    THank you, this vis very nice

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi 12 days ago

    which 3 tablets are worth buying?

  • Howie F
    Howie F 12 days ago

    They need to stop being silly and just make a convertible touch screen laptop. They have a touch screen ipad that is turning into laptop. Just embrace it and do it apple. The touch bar was silly and accept usb C throughout product lines.

  • justin xiang
    justin xiang 12 days ago

    Ngl iPads are my favorite products from Apple. And this year they didn’t disappoint and I actually like it. The headphone jack is a bummer, but the rest of what’s there is amazing

  • Abdalla Mohammed
    Abdalla Mohammed 12 days ago

    Return of the MAC......Book Air. I see what you did there.

  • 24oz pinesolcan
    24oz pinesolcan 12 days ago

    we need a pad os though. otherwise it's still just a big ass phone.

  • Rene Henriquez
    Rene Henriquez 12 days ago +1

    This new ipad pro 6gb ram version or the new Huawei matebook pro 3k i7 version???

  • insekt
    insekt 12 days ago

    I want a mini

  • Muhammad Aamir
    Muhammad Aamir 12 days ago

    Honestly i dont know why people dont want a camera on tablet? I mean there are many benefits of camera on a tablet

  • Joshua Hand
    Joshua Hand 12 days ago

    I think this iPad pro is great. Love the new design. If they translated these changes to the iPad and iPad mini would definitely buy.

  • SmokyFrosty
    SmokyFrosty 12 days ago

    USB C ALL THE THINGS! That *doesn't* mean... No Headphone Jack all the things...

  • APM Gaming
    APM Gaming 12 days ago

    That stupid photographer lady in the behind at 2:21 almost broke the mac book...

  • pstaehlin
    pstaehlin 12 days ago

    I feel it would have really been more tempting if Apple released this with an OLED display. Ya'll agree??

  • Alex Bravo
    Alex Bravo 12 days ago

    Do a comparison of the 11 vs 12.9 inch!

  • ssplintergirl
    ssplintergirl 12 days ago

    iphone 5 tablet

  • Ajax 01
    Ajax 01 12 days ago

    My Nexus 7 2013 has a headphone jack 😁😁

  • Vamsi Krishna
    Vamsi Krishna 12 days ago

    Hey does anyone know the RAM on the iPad Pro, I thought it’s 4gb but I’m not sure they increased it

  • Antonio Campos
    Antonio Campos 12 days ago

    I agree about the missing head phone jack. All of my devices including my car all use Bluetooth. Haven’t used a head phone jack since the 6 plus.

  • Oluwatobi Omotayo
    Oluwatobi Omotayo 12 days ago

    Magnetic Pencil reminds me of Surface Pen that just snaps to the side of the surface tablet. They added wireless charging because charging the former Apple Pencil sucks (the poorest design i've ever seen from Apple).

  • Fancyguyy
    Fancyguyy 12 days ago

    I’m trying to beg me dad to get the 11 inch iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil, & That Keyboard Case.

  • TheLdoubleE
    TheLdoubleE 12 days ago



  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 12 days ago

    60fps video would have been great

  • ArmorOfGod
    ArmorOfGod 13 days ago

    I'm not a fan of them making electronics super thin. They start to feel like I'm going to break them.

  • MindinViolet
    MindinViolet 13 days ago

    Being incredibly thin is nice, but it has hard corners on the back, making it uncomfortable to hold without a case. I prefer the feel of the iPad Air I currently use.

  • TJ Israelsen
    TJ Israelsen 13 days ago +1

    A pro tablet without OLED in what will be 2019 soon 🤔

    • djlobb
      djlobb 5 days ago

      AMOLED still can't sufficiently do 120Hz perfectly, at a reasonable cost. Which is why Razor uses LCD in their 120Hz Razor phones.

  • Arpan Kumar Nandi
    Arpan Kumar Nandi 13 days ago

    When's xr review coming???

  • Samuel Tzvi
    Samuel Tzvi 13 days ago

    Marques, can the iPad's lack of being to read portable thumb drives be addressed in a software update... Even if Apple doesn't plan on doing so?

  • Resize Films
    Resize Films 13 days ago +2

    People want the headphone jack for better audio quality but they listen hardly compressed music in mp3 anyway through apple music or spotify (most of audio information is lost, mainly the low and high end frequencies, not to mention dynamics). If you don't listening uncompressed formats like WAV or AIFF, listening through wireless AirPods won't make any difference.

  • cance7984
    cance7984 13 days ago

    Jeez! All you people whining about Apple for doing away with the headphone jack are acting like it’s the end of the world!

    CHARLES LIM 13 days ago

    surface LTE

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 13 days ago

    This tablet looks gorgeous

  • SimpleMan.45
    SimpleMan.45 13 days ago

    Sorry but the iPad Needs a headphone jack. People use the iPad for Card Transactions at their businesses which uses the Headphone Jack.