2019 iPad Pro Impressions: Incredibly Thin!

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • The new iPad Pro widens the gap between itself and every other tablet.
    3rd generation iPad Pro: apple.com/ipad-pro/
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Comments • 13 820

    UMA SHARMA Day ago

    after seeing dat apple watch , the will even give him this for free

  • Dafi Nete
    Dafi Nete 4 days ago

    Apple: Make a problem, Sell a solution.

  • Elon Husk
    Elon Husk 5 days ago

    what should i keep, my kidney or this?

  • No channel found ,
    No channel found , 5 days ago

    Nobody brought the new iPad mini or air?

  • riley busse
    riley busse 7 days ago

    You know the iPod touch still has a headphone jack but who cares it makes room for better sound And there will probably be a budget one that looks like this with the headphone jack seeing its still on the iPod touch

  • Stroller Boy
    Stroller Boy 10 days ago

    The fro has got to go!

  • Alexander Dahl Hansen
    Alexander Dahl Hansen 11 days ago +1

    There is no headphone jack but you can still use... AIRPODS

  • KillerHax
    KillerHax 14 days ago

    Apple is always good at making Tablets but not phones.

  • Morte Jaffo
    Morte Jaffo 24 days ago

    why we dont have bezel less tablets yet?

  • Cristie Zamot
    Cristie Zamot 25 days ago

    1824: we predict there will be flying cars In the 20th century
    2054: Welcome to the foldable iPad X

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 14 days ago

      Cristie Zamot *cars in 1824*

  • Regular Spire
    Regular Spire 26 days ago

    In 2050: iPad will be 3D!

  • Dead Gamer
    Dead Gamer Month ago

    Better than iPhone XS Max is my opinion

  • sunny John
    sunny John Month ago



    Not impressed ... I’ll stick to my IPad mini 2

  • Nikolai Semb
    Nikolai Semb Month ago

    the future iPad will probably not be a tablet, but more like a jarvis in iron man xD just floating around you

  • Patrik Potoczky
    Patrik Potoczky Month ago

    Make 60hz pro notebooks, and then 120hz tablets, fuck our customers -apple

  • Jan van Ierssel
    Jan van Ierssel Month ago

    Isn’t this the 2018 pro?

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 14 days ago

      Jan van Ierssel yes

  • S.O. Janneh
    S.O. Janneh Month ago

    Surface Pro is still better. What are you talking about it's the best tablet in the world? And I'm an Apple guy myself.

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G. Month ago +1

    I'm confused? Is this the 2018 iPad Pro?

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 14 days ago

      Jesse G. Yes

  • Jonesy Jonesy
    Jonesy Jonesy Month ago

    No headphone jack is not a big deal considering we have wireless headphones with top quality sound these days ,my Bose wireless sound awesome with Apple products tbh

  • Shreyas Kambhampati
    Shreyas Kambhampati Month ago +2

    Apple is bad at making bad tablets and good at making good tablets

  • Rick Lelienhof
    Rick Lelienhof Month ago

    Hi, thanks for the info, nice!
    at :05.01, Apple seems to think we don’t need a headphone anymore? Really? Don’t you think they are
    pushing us to buy a wireless headset? 🙄

  • Arjun Carbon
    Arjun Carbon Month ago

    No USB data transfer

  • Arjun Carbon
    Arjun Carbon Month ago

    No real improvement

  • Arjun Carbon
    Arjun Carbon Month ago

    I need folder, type c mouse pointer, Bluetooth mouse pointer. 24 mb camera, 5g, keep price low.

  • Ramireddy Meda
    Ramireddy Meda Month ago

    Y not a thunderbolt 3 !?

  • Stephen Bonin
    Stephen Bonin Month ago

    What would be wrong with adding a mini Home button to the newer ipads to fit the thin Bezels.

  • Zak Srdanovich
    Zak Srdanovich Month ago

    That’s gonna help with the structural integrity

  • Mhara GouBri
    Mhara GouBri Month ago

    Thanks! Very helpful; you’re wonderful !

  • Apoorv Golwankar
    Apoorv Golwankar Month ago

    Dream iPad Pro:
    Mac OS
    Mouse support
    Thunderbolt 3
    & all the current features ofcourse, please can anyone tell Apple to make it possible.

    • Lbc _
      Lbc _ 5 days ago

      Not macOS mojave

  • Yorky Gonzalez
    Yorky Gonzalez Month ago

    i need a headphone jack if i wanna watch porn i dont want nobody to hear the moaning of the porn stars duaa

  • Hu Man
    Hu Man Month ago

    Can anyone tell where to make such intro? Very good one. Thanks!

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 2 months ago

    Why does the title say “2019”? Isn’t this 2018?

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar 2 months ago

    I want to buy one but am discouraged by the bendgate. Should I buy this or go for the 10.5?

  • Pranav Kulkarni
    Pranav Kulkarni 2 months ago

    Why is it called the 2019 iPad now?

  • Enrique Alcala
    Enrique Alcala 2 months ago

    While I was watching this all I could think of was "Damn"

  • Emily Bujor
    Emily Bujor 2 months ago

    There is no such thing as an iPad Pro 2019. What you are looking at is the 2018 iPad Pro.

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 2 months ago

    How to unbox ipad:
    *Open box,*
    *Pick up ipad,*
    *Cry because it just snapped and it cost more than a samsung tablet that wont snap and is just better.*
    No hate.

  • Faizan Masroor
    Faizan Masroor 2 months ago

    Literally just an iPad X, I personally love the home button, so I have my 2018 iPad 6 9.7in.

  • Aminize
    Aminize 2 months ago +2

    Can you get Snapchat on this?

  • Daniel Attallah
    Daniel Attallah 2 months ago

    the year 2092: The new iPad will have no screen or keyboard.

  • Leo Yuan
    Leo Yuan 2 months ago

    Why does it say it's 2019?

  • Johnny TheJonathan
    Johnny TheJonathan 2 months ago

    Mark Ass Browwwwn

  • •unicorn lover•
    •unicorn lover• 2 months ago

    Does it have a screen recorder?
    For iPhone 6 and + users: how to get screen recording:
    1. Go to settings
    2. Go to control center
    3. Press customize thingy thingy
    4. Press 'screen recording (or something that says screen recording)'
    And ur done :) :D

  • Quinn Y
    Quinn Y 2 months ago

    “JerryRigEverything” JOINED THE SERVER
    “iPad Pro” LEFT THE SERVER

  • Clone clutz
    Clone clutz 2 months ago

    do not worry you still can use wired headphones but you need to use a headphone jack to USB C adapter for an extra $10 - $20 which is a bit annoying

    how do i know? because i have one! :) ... and the adapter too
    edit: also it is 2019 and it came out in like dec 2018

  • jet the gamer
    jet the gamer 3 months ago +2

    Incredibly thin - *_and bent_*

  • kishan parekh
    kishan parekh 3 months ago

    Can you do a review of the sony rx 100 m6

  • Chris Vela
    Chris Vela 3 months ago

    Format of the video perfect on iPhone Xs👌

  • Keisha Allen
    Keisha Allen 3 months ago

    iPad pro executives "And now there's no more home button and it cost more!" *APPLAUS*🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Hare Coakley
    Hare Coakley 3 months ago

    I have an iPad Pro 12.9 and the only only best thing about the new line up is the pencil. Magnetic snap on, pairs, charges and double taps which is the biggest improvement from the gen 1 pencil. I’m waiting for the new airpods to come out.

  • Stoned Anims
    Stoned Anims 3 months ago

    _Sup markass brownlee_

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith 3 months ago

    Eveyone complains about there being no headphone jack but the jack has been in the past for a long time now. Havng a cord connecting to my phone gets in the way and is a huge inconvenience. I use beats and they connect to my phone or other devices within a few seconds and I get good sound quality. Of course if you are into music as a profession you might need a headphone jack, but in that case don't use a ipad, use something made for music. Otherwise quit bitching and move forward.

  • L.A_ GHXST17
    L.A_ GHXST17 3 months ago

    kinda reminds me of the iphone 5s back in the day

  • Yoon Mi
    Yoon Mi 3 months ago

    Oh when will that thin new ipad will be released??

  • dark ashes
    dark ashes 3 months ago

    2020 ipad pro will be the biggest change of all ipads

  • norma angelica noemi salas lopez

    you apple?

  • Computer Curry
    Computer Curry 3 months ago

    Usb C is the way!

  • Dylan Likes doughnuts
    Dylan Likes doughnuts 3 months ago

    I’ve got one of these and they are beautiful and amazing to hold in person. I would definitely recommend it.

  • ian mafuta
    ian mafuta 3 months ago

    Pixel Slate vs The iPad Pro vs Surface?

  • UltraKryptonian
    UltraKryptonian 3 months ago

    Hey, I use my iPad Pro camera for stop motion animations. Some people WANT the camera.

  • Fatal FuZion
    Fatal FuZion 3 months ago


  • Benjamin Malave
    Benjamin Malave 4 months ago


  • itcc
    itcc 4 months ago

    Subscribe me

  • Frex.
    Frex. 4 months ago +1

    this ipad is dope guys !! :))))

  • Arun D Solomon
    Arun D Solomon 4 months ago

    Still Lcd display ? All kind of reflections. I didn't liked it.

    M HASSANUZZAMAN RIHAD 4 months ago

    i wish apple create 6 inch iphone pro same design and shape........with type c...who knows

  • Fenne Verrecas
    Fenne Verrecas 4 months ago

    Apple wants to be wireless so bad but refuse to provide wireless earpods.... ok. Instead they want more money so they want you to purchase it separately

    • Frank
      Frank 3 months ago

      Apple is not a charity of course they want more money..Are you stupid?

  • A to Z
    A to Z 4 months ago

    What is the price

  • Joe Knaggs
    Joe Knaggs 4 months ago

    I wonder when Apple get rid of the headphone jack in the iPod

  • Russell Schmidt
    Russell Schmidt 4 months ago

    Ha tryna be like surface

  • Super Luigi 64
    Super Luigi 64 4 months ago

    What's the intro song?

  • Manideep Srirangam
    Manideep Srirangam 4 months ago

    Is the title wrong??? It should be 2018 iPad Pro I guess.

  • Giraffeee
    Giraffeee 4 months ago

    The black square on the right hand side is not in line and it’s very annoying

  • kangta13
    kangta13 4 months ago

    Here's a thought, marketing.. Let's call it the iPad Pro so we can justify a higher price. Should have be regular iPad update a long time ago

  • Krill Siluroid
    Krill Siluroid 4 months ago

    Looks thin and fragile. Please bend test on the first unit you get. Bend that thing into a letter A until the lithium battery shoot a jet of orange flame out the sides.

  • Anthony Cook
    Anthony Cook 4 months ago

    I'd like to see a demo of sketching and painting on the screen with the pencil ;)

  • Ethan9750
    Ethan9750 4 months ago

    The inclusion of USB-C over the lightning cable indicates to me that Apple is now considering the iPad as part of their Mac family rather than their Mobile family, especially considering the nature of their recent advertisements with its predecessor focused on "what is a computer" and updates to iOS 11 onwards adding in the option for a file-system and more work related features such as document scanning. That's also why they're improving features such as the pencil pairing and support and mainly showing note-taking and document editing as usecases. The days of multimedia consumption being the primary usage of these tablets seems to be over, at least in Apple's eyes. Corporates looking to purchase devices for employees seem like the primary target consumer here when the price of these devices is taken into account.

  • Isaak Weidman
    Isaak Weidman 4 months ago

    Also, that hoodie is cool af

  • Miller
    Miller 4 months ago

    Are you doing a full review?

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 4 months ago

    More powerful than 92% laptops but cant compile a c++ code
    More powerful than consoles but no AAA title to play (not counting mobile versions of pc games rip pubg mobile fans)
    If it ran android maybe it had less limitations,maybe any android tablet had a ipad like hardware,maybe it ran mac os, maybe macs had touchscreen,maybe it ran windows.......
    Wait windows comes on a ipad like hardware as surface.
    Surface can compile c++ code
    Has AAA titles coz it's a fucking PC.
    Already has photoshop.
    Can edit video professionally.
    Can connect any device
    Has stylus
    Has keyboard.
    get gtx1060 in keyboard part of surface book
    A surface pro is what can replace a laptop but I love my PC and droid

  • Chad Roberts
    Chad Roberts 4 months ago

    "Now with no home button, face ID unlock." So now the only way to use the iPad, is for them to spy on you and your surroundings...great news.

  • SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha
    SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha 4 months ago

    The boxy shape with the sharp corners might cut your fingers

  • Nag Tube
    Nag Tube 4 months ago

    Title is worng, its 2018 not 2019

  • adam paul mahiya
    adam paul mahiya 4 months ago

    Why dont you change your channel name to Apple Defender or Apple among the rest?

  • redflames19
    redflames19 4 months ago

    The OnePlus 6t broke within a week of getting it and then customer service would not do anything to help me. Oneplus needs better quality control and better customer service. I will no longer recommend Oneplus devices and products to my friends and family. I will continue to let people know that if they want quality customer service that they should stick to companies such as Apple and Samsung. I was a loyal Oneplus customer but they have really let me down and I feel sorry for anyone that put their trust in a company that claims to love their fans but in the end does not care in the slightest.

  • AxiFy
    AxiFy 4 months ago

    If an iPhone had the same shape as this. It would be awesome

  • Soup Or Man
    Soup Or Man 4 months ago +1

    Wireless is the future. Apple took out the floppy drive and cd disk drive too. The headphone jack is just the next step.

    • djlobb
      djlobb 4 months ago

      Nah. The Flppy drive and CD drive reached their limits and were quickly surpassed by more convenient and/or larger space devices. A headphone jack ages remarkable well because it quite literally is a circular hole, that passes analog audio, which can be used with an infinite amount of other equipment with no potential drop-outs or issues. Therefore the headphone jack is still the future. Dongles are not the way. And pro audio/visual equipment used at venues and events don't receive Bluetooth signals and for good reason.

  • Boland
    Boland 4 months ago

    Out of interest, which tablets would you consider worth buying other than the iPad Pro?

  • Joao de Oliveira
    Joao de Oliveira 4 months ago

    Shame no reviewer mentions the fact that most apps are not optimized for the new iPads and will look like crap (cropped with huge bezels ) . Think before you buy at this point.

  • Sophal Music
    Sophal Music 4 months ago +1

    I pad Pro very slim and think

  • D3VILZ
    D3VILZ 4 months ago


  • Nicolas Vollmer
    Nicolas Vollmer 4 months ago

    Just wish the'd bump up that base storage to 128 gigs. 64 is just cheap, considering the mind-boggling price for this slate...

  • Hbomer
    Hbomer 4 months ago +2

    No headphone jack is a dealbreaker man

  • R Anonimo
    R Anonimo 4 months ago +9

    Should the title be 2018??

  • Callen Hurley
    Callen Hurley 4 months ago

    when are iPhones getting USB c

  • Lucca Coscarelli
    Lucca Coscarelli 4 months ago

    omg who gives a fuck about the head jack just buy wireless headphones

  • almighty
    almighty 4 months ago

    in the name of design apple just doin business 👍🏻😕

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73 4 months ago

    Great new hardware but software needs works.

  • Pieter Rossouw
    Pieter Rossouw 4 months ago

    Runs a dumb OS for this form factor. Ideally this would run OSX, but even android is better for productivity because it has an actual file system.

    • Pieter Rossouw
      Pieter Rossouw 3 months ago

      +Frank sure, but Apple is promoting this as being able to do nearly everything and it won't because it runs the wrong OS.

    • Frank
      Frank 3 months ago

      Not every gadget is suppossed to be for everybody...besides it is outselling all the other manufacturers mobile computing devices