How I Buy and Finance My Supercar Collection! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 38

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Let's talk about the finance side of my car collection and how I work with Approved Motor Finance to buy and manage the money side of the supercars. We've also got a second Lamborghini in the garage, and plenty of progress cleaning up the Shmuseum!

    There's no specific formula behind how to buy and pay for a car; everybody will be different in their circumstances and of course they way I go about it is quite unique. However, with some cars that are financed from new, some that have been re-financed, and some that are owned outright, let's talk through some of the pros and cons of why these options make sense with a look at the Shmeemobiles, joined by Krish from AMF with a fabulous Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

    In today's vlog at @The Shmuseum we also have a new carpet for the office that takes quite some effort to put in place, as well as a lot of work to be done for the cleaning of the floor thanks to the loan of a suitable machine from Cleaning Equipment Services.

    You can find much more information about Approved Motor Finance here:

    Thanks also to Cleaning Equipment Services:

    Thanks for watching!

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  • James Finch

    Tom doing the Shmee cheers at the end 😂😂. Tim clearly wasn’t impressed but it was all in good humour 😂

  • Lukáš Carda

    The Shmuseum is turning out more and more lovely each day.

  • Sid Rens
    Sid Rens  +18

    I have massive admiration and appreciation for just how hard Tim has worked over the years to bring us new content on a daily basis! This is not an easy job!!! So much research and planning goes on behind the scenes!!! Thanks Tim and your team for entertaining us 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Blade1310
    Blade1310  +49

    I certainly don't expect Tim to disclose his full financial history but there wasn't much info given here. Just came across as a 10 minute advert for AMF to me. More insight into the income and outgoings may have been more interesting rather than "I buy some cars and I finance some." Plenty of gullible people watching will believe they can afford cars outside their limits and end up in severe debt.

  • Elliot Wilkie

    The disappointment on Tim's face at the 'Cheeeers' at the end is hilarious!

  • Marcin Zaleski

    As usual, great video.

  • John Ringhisen

    I want to be part of the meetings where all the TheXvidrs gather, discuss content schedules, and decide to simultaneously talk about the same topic. This is my fifth or sixth 'how to finance' video in the past two weeks.

  • stivesyy
    stivesyy  +48

    I work at a bank so I’m always interested in hearing about this kind of thing!

  • Michael Jackson

    I love the day in the life videos! It was fun to see you three doing the cars move, clean the floor thing. Long ago, when I didn't speak German well enough, I drove floor cleaners in large grocery stores in Trier, Germany. They are so much fun to use!

  • chintu krishna

    I am following @Shmuseum since the day it started, I love the content and the way they have fun it is so awesome. Sharing insights I love Tim all the best waiting for more cars.

  • Stetts Family

    Love this channel more and more. You guys play off each other very well. Loved the cheers at the end.

  • James Spicer

    It’s all humble beginnings. Don’t stress about the office tent! We can all imagine what is to come. Awesome watching the journey

  • Alec The Car Guy
    Alec The Car Guy  28 days ago +1

    I hope everyone will be able to buy their dream car in the nearest future!

  • nightshift

    I’ve noticed the blue walls interfere with seeing the cars a bit-lack of contrast, blue draws attention to itself. Know you just painted, but think white or light gray on the walls would really show off the cars themselves and make them pop! Just a thought!

  • Mark C
    Mark C  +6

    so happy you decided to make this video, only the other month i was commenting that i was super interested in how you buy/afford all the cars and also how you stay on top of so many cars and looking after them all etc...

  • Matt Harte

    Love the Shmuseum and your collection of cars!

  • Mário Duch

    That rug brings back so many memories, I installed it into my kindergarten with my dad, when I was 5. Love the idea!

  • JonGib
    JonGib  +3

    Work hard, play hard! Great video as always & thanks for the transparency, Tim 👍🏼

  • Will Lee

    TO hear each machine indivisauly sounds amazing mind blowing its a soundcheck. THIS IS GOING PLACES.CAN"T WAIT THANKS GUYS.

  • Jordan Dempsey

    Oh my God I knew it! The first thing that came to my mind when Brought up the rug was the classic children’s play mat. Excellent choice.