• Published on Mar 2, 2013

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  • Lark Laporte
    Lark Laporte 35 minutes ago

    Ramsay: Wake up
    Joe: No u

  • Aisha Bee
    Aisha Bee Hour ago

    im eating burnt popcorn that probably tastes more delicious then his food :///

  • Lola Chevok
    Lola Chevok Hour ago

    When Gordon roasts joe I love all the servers reactions lmao

  • Trey Stone
    Trey Stone 2 hours ago

    27:06 "I have been eating elk for 30 years..." *and am just now realizing that that doesn't make me an expert on cooking elk.*

  • Phuoc Vo
    Phuoc Vo 3 hours ago

    Can I just say, his staff look like they enjoy the customer service end and I applaud them for putting up with his bs even though they quit after. I wanna experience their service :D (not at his restaurant please)

  • Two toned Tina
    Two toned Tina 3 hours ago

    Joe look like a fucking dwarf my god that man is such a cockhead

  • Duddy Boy
    Duddy Boy 3 hours ago

    I feel this is fake

  • Dab That
    Dab That 4 hours ago

    The owner talks some shit.

  • Just a Wimpod
    Just a Wimpod 4 hours ago

    "I can cook, Joe."
    My balls tensed up and my hairs stood up. What a legend.

  • MacIsNotCool
    MacIsNotCool 4 hours ago

    “Oh yea back in Scotland” oh. My. Fucking. God. Oh. My. God. I’m. Fucking. Triggered. The mother fucking audacity of this man!
    Edit: “back over in Scotland” I’m... so fucking offended. Soo fucking offended.

  • MacIsNotCool
    MacIsNotCool 4 hours ago

    “Those carrots go to the White House”

  • v0d3r
    v0d3r 5 hours ago

    20:09 Wait, earlier she said it was a largemouth bass, now she says sea bass. Two entirely different species of bass. So which is it? Was it even bass? I bet it was tilapia. I've seen restaurants try to pass off tilapia as other, more expensive fish.

  • Go shitaka
    Go shitaka 5 hours ago

    I love the staffs reaction

  • v0d3r
    v0d3r 5 hours ago

    "I am self-taught by old school Europeans." I think Gordon knew he was gonna be full of shit by that contradictory statement alone. lol

  • orxalot
    orxalot 6 hours ago

    15:53 rule of thumb: if you can critique your dish in a GR voice and have it sound legitimate, don't fucking serve it

  • Hu Kares
    Hu Kares 6 hours ago


  • Fortnite Gaming YT
    Fortnite Gaming YT 6 hours ago +2

    I wish I was a chef

  • Panda-4U2C Studios
    Panda-4U2C Studios 7 hours ago

    6:11 so a hippie?

  • ORYX X
    ORYX X 7 hours ago

    The guy have delusional disorder. I feel bad for him not really.

  • Cellular Plus
    Cellular Plus 8 hours ago

    Why does the owner look like doctor evil from Stephen powers it's just the way he shakes he's head

  • Cellular Plus
    Cellular Plus 8 hours ago

    All the food is fresh pulls meat out of freezer

  • xXlilpapelXx mendoza
    xXlilpapelXx mendoza 8 hours ago

    Ha was making fun of his accent

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts 8 hours ago

    I like blow jobs, but I don't like pork chops.

  • sister britney
    sister britney 8 hours ago

    *en croute my ass*
    thanks gordon

  • _seejanesart_
    _seejanesart_ 9 hours ago

    Duck Newton would be so sad to see that French onion soup

  • k castro
    k castro 9 hours ago

    I hate Joe🍕🍔🍞🍝🌯🍣🍗

  • Jonathan Gliniak
    Jonathan Gliniak 10 hours ago

    Almost every restaurant that Gordan attempts to revamp and rehabilitate inevitably results in bankruptcy. Why? Because as soon as Gordan leaves, the owner(s) resort back to their destructive and counter productive tendencies. It's enormously difficult to change obstinately stubborn habits and replace them with new ones. You can change the appearance and serve impressively savory food, but if the owner or manager is incompetent and mistreats his employees and customers, the place will inexorably succumb to bankruptcy.

  • Станислава Тимофеева

    *H˚O˟T˟˚ C˚Н˚А˟T˟˚ W˟I˚T˟H˟ М˟Е˟˚ R˚I˟G˟H˟T˟˚ N˚O˟W˟˚! 1˚8˟+ О˟N˟L˚Y˚ ***

  • Snowshadow Gaming
    Snowshadow Gaming 10 hours ago

    Back over in Scotland? Well me and Gordon are from Glasgow. So we know how to give assholes a right kick in the balls

  • Abigail Casuga
    Abigail Casuga 10 hours ago

    Joe be overreacting over fucking small garnishes. His ego high as hell

  • What Ever
    What Ever 10 hours ago

    29:58 “I fell like Christmas has come early” lol😂

    KPOP ANIME 11 hours ago

    I like whenever he spits the food out and says "fuck me"

  • katie I
    katie I 11 hours ago

    omg joe needs to get his life straight oh and do u have a daughter if you do is she named matilda you call he tilly she is on tv

  • Dimitar Stein
    Dimitar Stein 12 hours ago

    My goat is my buddy and it is very loving and kind.
    Gordon : ArE wE GoNnA sLaUghTeR HiM

  • Matthew Surabian
    Matthew Surabian 12 hours ago

    Ocean fresh

  • Shane Berry
    Shane Berry 12 hours ago

    He was trying to be like Gordon in the beginning scene lmao

  • Xavier Rose
    Xavier Rose 12 hours ago

    When the only thing that loves you is a goat naked Skinny

  • Hayden Gill
    Hayden Gill 13 hours ago

    29:02 is no one gonna talk about that face

  • Ryan Linden
    Ryan Linden 13 hours ago

    I can't stand egotistical americans.

  • Mikhael Miranda
    Mikhael Miranda 13 hours ago +1

    Joe seems like the kinda guy that would vote for trump...dudes an ass

  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 13 hours ago +1

    Already having visions of Joe's ancestors wanting to kill him

  • Nizama
    Nizama 13 hours ago

    Pfft, the "That doesn't happen here...but it happened now" got me so hard..!

  • Shiela Ingram
    Shiela Ingram 14 hours ago

    Joe: this is a tender pieces of elk.
    But it takes him about 10 minutes to chew it. LMAO

  • BtsArmy Potato
    BtsArmy Potato 14 hours ago

    Joe:You have to get your sh*t together!
    Customer:you have customers out here...
    Joe:I appreciate what you do...

  • Ma yfLOwEr
    Ma yfLOwEr 15 hours ago

    "European chefs" are not this far away ancient thing he seems to think.

  • Judy Segovia
    Judy Segovia 16 hours ago +1

    28:58 oooooof

  • Jerry
    Jerry 17 hours ago

    The former staff looks like the fat lady from Two and the Half men

  • 30kitagreen
    30kitagreen 18 hours ago

    I bet you the camera crew wanted to bash his head in. And why do he look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?

  • 707 bb
    707 bb 18 hours ago +1

    Skinny was the bets part of this video

  • royaldor zed
    royaldor zed 18 hours ago

    Bobo naman nitong dalawang to parang bata nag aaway

  • Callum Whiteley
    Callum Whiteley 19 hours ago +1

    Trying to come up with an excuse why they're cold - "I guess we could cook them... piping hot? *pulls confused face* ", Are you kidding me; no shit dickhead

  • Magic Steve
    Magic Steve 19 hours ago

    Something tells me the staff enjoyed watching this

  • Gabe
    Gabe 19 hours ago

    "The 5 seasons"?

  • Deplorable Trumplican
    Deplorable Trumplican 19 hours ago +1

    Let’s hear it for the waitress! Unsung heros, tip well, folks. GOD only knows what they go through 😃

  • Lexy Reza
    Lexy Reza 19 hours ago

    “I feel like Christmas has come early”. Dead 😂😂

  • Marriott Performance
    Marriott Performance 19 hours ago

    Nino wouldn’t let this happen

  • b017ni3
    b017ni3 20 hours ago

    how would one be “self taught by old school europeans” exactly?
    this dude puts the moron in oxymoron...

  • Milan Nguyen
    Milan Nguyen 20 hours ago

    Now I know the origins of the Paul brothers...

  • Hairy Pooter
    Hairy Pooter 21 hour ago


  • Totorock Fam
    Totorock Fam 22 hours ago

    Joe:”you need to get your______ together!”
    Customer:”you got customers out here”
    Joe:*looks at customers*
    Joe:”I appreciate each and everyone one of you🥰”


  • Totorock Fam
    Totorock Fam 23 hours ago

    “I feel like Christmas came early “ 😂

  • pablo segura
    pablo segura Day ago

    The staff was so stoked 🤣

  • capt
    capt Day ago

    28:04 add some rap music and it’s a Mic Drop👏

  • Why Not
    Why Not Day ago +1

    Omg this guy is a narcissist×100000

  • incognitush 19
    incognitush 19 Day ago

    fuck they had a roast battle for 7 fuckin min and thats with editing. Ramsay smoking that arrogant asshole

  • Basma Abdullah
    Basma Abdullah Day ago

    Happy new yearbook

  • Basma Abdullah
    Basma Abdullah Day ago

    Good moorning very early a day keep you doctor away 🇰🇼👱🏻‍♀️💋💐👋🙏🌧🤷‍♀️

  • Basma Abdullah
    Basma Abdullah Day ago

    Hello 👋 noisy sheeef 👵🏻🇰🇼🇰🇼🇰🇼🇰🇼👱🏻‍♀️💪🏼💐💋💋🌧👍🍎

  • William Argus
    William Argus Day ago

    Joe screws the goat 🤣

    CLUB AMERICA Day ago

    Nino would of taken a picture with the old school european chefs.......

  • Carol lam
    Carol lam Day ago


  • Ptaradactle Time

    GR: His food, WHACK! His atmosphere, WHACK! The way he treats his staff, WHACK! Me, i can fucking cook!

  • assassin nitrogen

    Lmao he was still chewing the elk

  • Victoria Suárez

    Ramsey 😍😏

  • Haydn Kuiper
    Haydn Kuiper Day ago


  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark Day ago

    I can't believe that sous chef has dealt with so much bullshit. Seems like a real genuine guy trying to learn how to master cooking but unfortunately is/was under this fucks leadership

  • ASH
    ASH Day ago

    “That called common sense that in your tiny mind is not common”
    I’m actually wheezing 😂

  • Joshua Tang
    Joshua Tang Day ago


  • Hailey Mcguire
    Hailey Mcguire Day ago

    "I can cook Joe" He is a savage lol

  • john Smith
    john Smith Day ago +2

    I love when the have hot waitresses

  • Adam Gilmore
    Adam Gilmore Day ago

    I think this dude is bangin his goat.

  • Altknightrises 124

    The cook in the back listening to his boss bitch all the time i can only imagine.

  • Hailey Mcguire
    Hailey Mcguire Day ago

    He is gonna loose his entire staff if he doesn't change his attitude

  • Acidic Vexx
    Acidic Vexx Day ago

    Idk about you guys, but seeing these vids makes me want to go the and try the food for myself

  • Erin Clarke
    Erin Clarke Day ago

    "Do you have Elk on your menu?"
    "Yes, seasonly"
    Damn Gordon gottem 😂😂

  • Owen Billock
    Owen Billock Day ago

    I feel like Christmas has come early🤣🤣🤣

  • Scotty Sire
    Scotty Sire Day ago

    I know the guy cooking by Joe is tired of his shit and just like smh

  • Phantom NightWolf

    "You want me out of here Im going to leave!"
    *points to Gordon*
    I want to PUNCH this guy

  • John Moreta
    John Moreta Day ago

    At 32.20 lmaooo I cringed so hard

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus Day ago

    This may be by far the best episode for this show

  • Joy !!OwO!!
    Joy !!OwO!! Day ago

    *T H A T I S A T E N D E R P I E C E O F E L K*

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson Day ago

    I couldn't work with or for this guy.

  • Sherrell Turner
    Sherrell Turner Day ago

    Some Farm to Fork... All bad.

  • Homelessman 52
    Homelessman 52 Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a damn superhero. Better than Batman and Spider-Man combined.

  • Max Bien
    Max Bien Day ago


  • A M A R A N T H
    A M A R A N T H Day ago

    Legend has it, that he is still chewing that hard ass elk.

  • TITAN 74
    TITAN 74 Day ago

    Joe : If im all that Your my twin
    Ramsey :I can cook joe........OOOOOF

  • jenni feliz
    jenni feliz Day ago

    I feel bad that the employees are busting their ass in that "fine dine" restaurant.

  • Olga Marroquin
    Olga Marroquin Day ago

    I imagine what Gordon said: don’t fucking come at me when your restaurant is down to dust! You fucking asshole

  • Nguyen Kim anh
    Nguyen Kim anh Day ago

    Honestly,he comes as a customer. So he have right to show his opinion about the food.