• Published on Mar 2, 2013

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  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan 28 minutes ago

    After loseing his Job I wonder why

  • Alex Dias
    Alex Dias 51 minute ago

    Joe: Your my twin
    Ramsay: I can cook Joe
    Joe(in his mind): oh no he has verbally destroyed me.
    Edit: can you guess the reference

  • Shannon Allen
    Shannon Allen 56 minutes ago

    "I was self taught by master chefs who were Europeans"... How the fuck does someone self teach you? Idiot.

  • Cameron
    Cameron Hour ago +1

    Amy ohmygosh I love you

  • Daniel Silecchia
    Daniel Silecchia Hour ago

    27:19 racist owner

  • VoidKeeper
    VoidKeeper Hour ago

    Nah man! It's fresh frozen!

  • VoidKeeper
    VoidKeeper Hour ago

    Is it me or do they just add squishy sounds to the food for effect? XD
    I know it's gross but come on...

  • Max Vargas
    Max Vargas Hour ago

    Yo Ramsey got everyone on their toes. "Yes, Chef!" Lmfao 😂💀

  • VoidKeeper
    VoidKeeper Hour ago

    I'm self taught by old europeans.
    I think he means he watched old people cook and thought he was learning.

  • marcelino bolesa
    marcelino bolesa 2 hours ago

    I think this is too much and edited just to gain profit Ramsay on your populaeity

  • The Lads
    The Lads 2 hours ago

    The owner: I haven't had a plate of meat come back to this kitchen in ten years.
    Couple minutes later.
    Gordon: how long have you had the restaurant?
    The owner: 5 years

  • Theodddragonout Animations


  • the boss
    the boss 4 hours ago

    Says this is the finest elk, his chef is in the background grabbing frozen elk.

  • Stephanie Sun
    Stephanie Sun 5 hours ago

    “The freshest” (picks up a frozen box of who knows what)

  • dt6v7v wyt6d
    dt6v7v wyt6d 6 hours ago

    I would knock out joe prety quik if he start yelling at me potato head joe

  • a r i • v a r g a s
    a r i • v a r g a s 7 hours ago +1

    Gordon is so SKINNY

  • Eddie Bower
    Eddie Bower 9 hours ago

    Elk has long been extinct in Scotland.

  • Mërćvüy
    Mërćvüy 9 hours ago

    Wtf is *” Crude “*

  • sankha raj
    sankha raj 12 hours ago

    All are paid actors

  • Drizzle
    Drizzle 12 hours ago

    oh joe
    oh shit joe

  • Jwan Tahir
    Jwan Tahir 12 hours ago

    38:00 the dramatic music made those pictures look like a crime photo 😂

  • Golden Girlol123
    Golden Girlol123 12 hours ago +2

    90% *i can cook, joe*
    10% other...

  • artemis houdelis
    artemis houdelis 13 hours ago

    I think he suffers from micro carrot envy

  • AnY Flex
    AnY Flex 13 hours ago

    Chef Gordon really like putting things in his mouth...

  • Jwan Tahir
    Jwan Tahir 13 hours ago +1

    "I'm self taught by European chefs"
    How can you be 'self taught' when you have a mentor?!?

    • VoidKeeper
      VoidKeeper Hour ago +1

      Runnin' his mouth to sound inpressive x'D

  • Shayayaya
    Shayayaya 14 hours ago +1


    Gordon : let's just make do with this cake. Entertain amirite?

    CRINGY YUSTEN 16 hours ago

    Serves a steak
    No OnE hAs EvEr DoNe ThIs BeFoRE

  • odiumsfist1
    odiumsfist1 18 hours ago

    !!This guy is such a dick!! Good on Gordon for not rubbing his face in his accomplishments

  • George Stokes
    George Stokes 18 hours ago

    just another guy who thinks his shi doesn't stink

  • Harry Browneigh
    Harry Browneigh 18 hours ago

    I would like to beat the living hell out of asshole Joe for disrespecting the help.
    Treating Kayleigh like that deserves a broken jaw.
    Asshole Joe is a gutless coward.
    Glad to know the jerkoff is out of the restaurant business.

  • Claudia Leyva
    Claudia Leyva 18 hours ago

    Yo Bill is cute 👀🤭

  • Ravioli Formuoli
    Ravioli Formuoli 19 hours ago

    I consider this episode almost as good as the amys baking company one. The owner is one of the worst people alive haha.

  • Peanut butter Jelly time

    “Cool the ice!”

  • toddyellow16
    toddyellow16 19 hours ago

    why would a frozen oyster matter if a frozen piece of meat or hamburger would not matter?

  • Mya Sandry
    Mya Sandry 20 hours ago


  • MercyBanisher
    MercyBanisher 20 hours ago

    100$ Joe has at least three guns in his room, not his house

  • Mya Sandry
    Mya Sandry 20 hours ago

    Joe. We make the food with passion hands down

  • Qwerty Y.
    Qwerty Y. 21 hour ago +1

    Joe sounds like a dickhead name for a dickhead man..

  • notyoureverydayperson 1231

    Can we talk about the animals that look half dead?

  • zoro thegrand
    zoro thegrand 22 hours ago

    acts like a complete booty cheek then customers " i appreciate each and every one of you"


    Joe to staff: You all need to get your SHIT TOGETHER!!!!
    Customer: You've got customers out here....
    Joe:And I oop-

  • The Mangle
    The Mangle 23 hours ago

    This guy reminds me of my best friends brother

  • Amber Dawn
    Amber Dawn 23 hours ago

    Not a single soul:
    Joe: "they were pEtiTe cArRotS!"

  • unknown
    unknown Day ago

    joe:"if im all that you are my twin
    gordon:"i can cook joe"
    yes hello 911 i would like to report a crime
    yes murder

  • Naturallyus _Carol

    I really hope, another restaurant hired the waitress. She's calm and really knows her job.xx

  • unknown
    unknown Day ago

    i dont care what he thinks of my food
    minuets later
    he can fuck off his taste buds are fucked up my food is the best in the whole wide world

  • unknown
    unknown Day ago

    he is like a try hard in TF2
    he thinks his opionion only matters

  • unknown
    unknown Day ago

    the most 2nd grader responce on the planet
    gordon:"THEN WAKE UP!!!!!"
    joe the arrogant retard:"tHeN YoU WaKe uP!!!"

  • Tyler Lavoie
    Tyler Lavoie Day ago

    “That elk is tender, its deicious” as he continues to chew vigorously trying to eat it

  • Yovng Scoob
    Yovng Scoob Day ago

    30:11 HOOH!! Anyone else feeling a little hot after that? 🥵😂

  • empress shay
    empress shay Day ago

    Lmfaoo when she said and I quote lol lord

  • no
    no Day ago

    Pee pee

  • Makeyejr
    Makeyejr Day ago

    "Does that say fresh fish!?"

    *cut to menu board, which says "fresh catch of the day"*

  • Tahmas
    Tahmas Day ago

    When’s the boxing match between Ramsay and Joe?

  • Amy W
    Amy W Day ago +1

    *“I can cook...JOE.”*

  • Tyasia Price
    Tyasia Price Day ago

    Here’s an idea
    1)he can’t cook
    3) or u could have one of the servers take over

  • Raidingtriangle YT

    There mad cause gordon ramsey is right and they dont won't to admit it

  • Tim Baaij
    Tim Baaij Day ago

    Gordon: why is the entire country of Brazil on my plate?
    Joe: ItS a GaRnIsH

  • Anna Moonlight Babe

    This boy joe is disgusting😒

  • Sherry Bergstrom

    Gordon: You treat your workers badly.
    Also Gordon: (holds two slices of bread onto his workers head) WHAT ARE YOU?!
    Gordon’s worker: An idiot sandwich.

  • Galaxy Cupcake
    Galaxy Cupcake Day ago

    My sister Cooks better than Joe.

  • Stephany Redfield

    Joe "we do things with passion, with integrity " 😂 you don't know nothing about that, sir. And then "our food is the freshest. " no it ain't LMAO. .he calls the specials "features " ahahahaah what a fucking joke. Some people should not be owning a restaurant at all Bruh. Andd Joe is cheap and delusional. Charging a lot for shitty food.

  • John Ryan Dapetilla

    Please tell me what happened to this restaurant and the "MAN" who happens to own it

  • Miss Rose
    Miss Rose Day ago

    32:07 I love how he changed in a sec 😂

  • - EisukiSenpai -

    That lady with the short hair looks cute.

  • Assassin Jacob
    Assassin Jacob Day ago

    Jen you deserve better than this place you may know me from high school if I said my name

  • D N
    D N Day ago

    32:16 yes it’s the finest elk you can get but it becomes garbage after you cook it

  • Janet Gregory
    Janet Gregory Day ago

    Why does he keep saying hes from Scotland? Thought he was born in the UK?

  • Martin Jovanovic

    Funeral cake

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy Day ago


  • dato salukvadze
    dato salukvadze Day ago

    self- Confident idiot ...

  • dato salukvadze
    dato salukvadze Day ago

    I love your show you our best... bravo...

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez Day ago

    Did anyone catch that subliminal message at 6:15 when joe says he’s a passionate loving person, then it cuts to a scene of, a BULL lol!

  • Depression 420
    Depression 420 Day ago +1

    *Does he know what self taught means??? He said he was self taught by Europeans but being self taught means you teach yourself but he said other people taught I'm confused....*

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee Day ago

    We not gonna talk about how he said adios at 19:05 ..? Aight

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy Day ago


  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence Day ago +1

    I love how Joe is trying to criticize Ramsay to his chef and his chef is like leave me alone man

  • Phsyplecx Lololol

    Someone: Wow Gordon can taste between raw, fresh, frozen, and microwaved
    Gordon: yup my tongue is nice

  • Cloutboi 1400
    Cloutboi 1400 Day ago

    I like how almost every comment is a meme😭

  • J.
    J. Day ago

    You know a guy is bad when he takes his goats affection as conclusive evidence that he is wonderful.

  • Arachnids Domain
    Arachnids Domain Day ago +1

    I live in Utah and Mormons and white people are fucking stuck up pricks fucking bitches I’ve gone to Wyoming Arizona Colorado Texas and i swear Idaho and Utahns are fucking dicks i hope cancer gets to every one of them stuck up bastards

  • Doom 123 23
    Doom 123 23 Day ago

    The food is not fresh at all it looks like 💩💩💩

  • gmoneyfresh8
    gmoneyfresh8 2 days ago

    “They serve them at the 5 seasons”

  • A VA
    A VA 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the owner. He's trying his absolute best. Everyone gangs up on him and bullies him. :(

  • Hildegunst von Mythenmetz

    I'd be scared to get shot doing something like that in America

  • Jacob Lehnen
    Jacob Lehnen 2 days ago

    I thought Gordon was British

  • Jacob Lehnen
    Jacob Lehnen 2 days ago

    I don't want you to blow smoke up my phony ass. lol He admits it

  • kk1209
    kk1209 2 days ago

    Fake. When he suddenly changes to "I appreciate what you're doing"
    Nobody in real life does this.

  • PeteZahHut
    PeteZahHut 2 days ago +1

    Gordon: *BEEEEP*
    Joe: *BEEEEEEP*


    *Serves raw carrots
    *Gives back raw carrots
    “You dont hand me RAW carrots”

  • Denmark
    Denmark 2 days ago +1

    He probably got taught by South Spanish ghetto cooks.

  • Sudhanshu Mital
    Sudhanshu Mital 2 days ago +1

    poor little petite carrots

  • Whats up
    Whats up 2 days ago +1

    Well, on the bright side, I reckon he's at least quite good at managing live stocks, maybe he should just be a farmer or something.

  • lonelydxnce [Joshua Elise]

    i love the waitresses lmfao

  • lonelydxnce [Joshua Elise]

    the "lets do it" after gordon says he's going to taste some of the passion joe puts into his food is so nervous lol

  • Big Chungus Is Bae
    Big Chungus Is Bae 2 days ago +1

    Wow. 22 million people witnessed this bullshit. This bitch will turn into a meme

  • Big Chungus Is Bae
    Big Chungus Is Bae 2 days ago +9

    I love how the staff are just watching them argue not saying one word except for “ohhhhhh”

  • Phoenix Artist
    Phoenix Artist 2 days ago +2

    *Ramsey should do the roast yourself challenge*

  • Eugene Kim
    Eugene Kim 2 days ago +3

    11:30 the food here is FRESH