• Published on Mar 2, 2013

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  • Rimi Singh
    Rimi Singh 20 hours ago

    Gordon’s like saiba joichiro from food wars and joe is like Yukihira’s peanut squid tentacles dish

  • NamjinYoonSeok MinVKook

    That goat was warning Gordon from entering the restaurant

  • NamjinYoonSeok MinVKook

    Even the animals know his waffling

  • Cory Upshall
    Cory Upshall 21 hour ago

    Joe needs a punch in the nose

  • jasmine figures
    jasmine figures 21 hour ago

    generally I feel bad because I know that part of it is for tv, that things might be edited, but for this. geez, this waitstaff are absolute saints.

  • Vitor Monteiro
    Vitor Monteiro 21 hour ago

    Joe naggy is a badass

  • McKenna K.
    McKenna K. 23 hours ago

    The plaid shirt Ramsay wore was so wrinkled it physically hurt me.

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat Day ago

    It's my job to be grumpy fuck off,You all have to be happy

  • Mz.Brooklyn Bunnz

    Joe : "Its tender "

    10mins later

    Joe still chewing

  • tycoon lagoon
    tycoon lagoon Day ago

    Narcissism at its best

  • Paul Mallinson
    Paul Mallinson Day ago

    Joe Nagy = joint top dickhead on the entire show.

  • NoriTeru
    NoriTeru Day ago

    32:00 best part lol
    they change quickly

  • Ophelia Sheep loves Sans the Skeleton

    I think the owner's compensating for his own tiny carrot. 😂😂😂

  • Extinct Paradise

    Lol I worked for a “casual fine dining” restaurant called Charleston’s here in Oklahoma City they offer a 12 oz New York Strip steak for $36, they’re 7 oz filet is $29 they’re 10 oz is $40, I mean I guess I’m used to those high prices because Charleston’s bigger fancier brother is Mahogany and their menu offers steaks with sides being a la carte beginning with a 14 oz NY Strip steak at $47 a 12 oz filet at $54, I mean I’ve seen some intense prices on food. Look up their website. I’m not kidding you.

  • Gabrielle Ferguson
    Gabrielle Ferguson Day ago +1

    Joe Naggie the word nag is in his name... his name!!!

  • short step
    short step Day ago

    Is there any programs where chief Ramsey gets SO fed up,he leaves period?

  • Leo Asmaklis
    Leo Asmaklis Day ago

    Joes Brain is as flaky as it can get

  • Leo Asmaklis
    Leo Asmaklis Day ago

    Big League Chew has a new Flavor: tender elk

  • Jean-Ian Simard
    Jean-Ian Simard Day ago


  • Josh Hood
    Josh Hood Day ago +1


  • Josh Schoenberg
    Josh Schoenberg Day ago

    Failure is our great teacher! Except for Joe! He needs a delusional teacher. They're special!

  • Charissa Lie
    Charissa Lie Day ago

    Chef Ramsey is a top shef and you're not so pisst of pls

  • AwesomeAna
    AwesomeAna Day ago +1

    ”Get the ice, cool it down!”

    *_how does one simply?_*

  • Tyler Wilbanks
    Tyler Wilbanks Day ago +1

    Gordon- "you're being defensive."
    Joe- "no I'm not!"


    He's having so much fun

  • Mr.CardCollecter _

    On some of these episodes the food looks good then Ramsay.....

  • Philo Kvetch
    Philo Kvetch Day ago

    Guy doesn't know how to pronounce bruschetta (Italian: [br̃usˈketta])'s not [bruh' shetta], whatever the fuck that is!

  • Illadelphia Freeze
    Illadelphia Freeze Day ago +2

    Gordon: What does catch of the day mean..???...Is the fish fresh joe?!?!?
    Joe: YES
    Gordon: When did you get it???
    Joe: 4 days ago

  • UniClan
    UniClan Day ago

    Fucking Joe man smh

  • Dreamy Idealist
    Dreamy Idealist Day ago

    I think Joe might be a narcissist... he's so degrading in everything he says and does.

  • Hawkgunny
    Hawkgunny Day ago

    If I had a doller for ever time he said passion I would have 83 bucks

  • wesam Boss
    wesam Boss Day ago

    25:30 no we don't

  • BrightEyes
    BrightEyes Day ago

    The staff was so gracious

  • Fiery Chronos
    Fiery Chronos Day ago

    I haven’t had someone send back a piece of meat in 10 years
    Because nobody’s ever in the restaurant

  • The Solo King
    The Solo King Day ago

    Give our boi gordon some glove pls xD

  • Jaemin Kim
    Jaemin Kim Day ago +1

    Rawr onions

  • Vulkain He'stan
    Vulkain He'stan Day ago

    Joe looks like Turbo from wreak it Ralf.

  • Shikha Chopra
    Shikha Chopra Day ago

    Take a shot everytime he says Wow

  • Traveling Tal
    Traveling Tal Day ago +1

    14:59 "I know a lot of Chefs" I will guarantee not one of those clowns he knows have a "Michelin Star" let alone Multiple. Once again we have a guy running around calling himself a Chef who obviously isn't.

  • Yuqing Hua
    Yuqing Hua Day ago

    3:45 I had and im still having a working mate who is condescending and arrogant as well that I have had put up with since she worked with me. I'm feeling very disgusted but I can't leave cuz it's good money. Totally relate to this girl.

  • Bagel time
    Bagel time Day ago

    Throws raw meat on the green board, clearly red one next to him. Gordan has every right to be mad

  • Bagel time
    Bagel time Day ago

    Throws raw meat on the green board, clearly red one next to him. Gordan has every right to be mad

  • Álvaro
    Álvaro Day ago

    I hear his dignity falling from here. Spain, Catalonia.

  • RandomlyGenerated

    “Have a look at yourself man”- Gordon Ramsey.
    Best fucking line ever.

  • LES'T ZA
    LES'T ZA Day ago

    6:17 i love to think that he sad "the waffle" so funny

  • Logan Grimes
    Logan Grimes Day ago

    “I’m not deluded”

    Earlier:best friends a goat and almost kissed it

  • LES'T ZA
    LES'T ZA Day ago

    0:16 THE best? it the best sir.

    • LES'T ZA
      LES'T ZA Day ago


  • Planet Life
    Planet Life Day ago

    Man they absolutely destroy this guy.

  • Brian Calhoun
    Brian Calhoun Day ago

    Putting meat on a green vegetable cutting board next to the red meat board lol

  • PixelAceSGN
    PixelAceSGN Day ago

    33:25 the crap kind of kitchens is that? No communication? Bruh this owner does not deserve to be the damn owner. You need communication to work a kitchen!

  • Blueberry maple syrup Pancakex

    Joe still chewing on dat elk shit (so offense to the elk its not the elks fault its joes fault no hatw plz)

  • ProudNothing
    ProudNothing 2 days ago

    This guys a real jerk.

  • Ryne Mcgriffin
    Ryne Mcgriffin 2 days ago


  • arnold labrache
    arnold labrache 2 days ago

    Who is this guy reminding me of?

  • Bony Island
    Bony Island 2 days ago

    35 bux for elk? You don't even pay hardly ten dollars at Cheesecake factory for fillet mignon.

  • Earthwise
    Earthwise 2 days ago

    I used to think Ramsay was unnecessarily rude, but now I just wish I could hear more

  • Bony Island
    Bony Island 2 days ago

    You'd get butchered alive for serving raw food like that in ATL

  • Youssuf karim yt
    Youssuf karim yt 2 days ago

    “That did not go well”.
    Me “u think”

  • badbeerbadger 88
    badbeerbadger 88 2 days ago +1

    gar mashay, majey keeper of cold food

  • DJ PurplePaws
    DJ PurplePaws 2 days ago +1

    Wasn’t the Five Seasons a hotel? In Hotel Hell?

  • n
    n 2 days ago

    Joe: ESTJ

  • Vọt Motovlog
    Vọt Motovlog 2 days ago

    28:49 shes adorable

  • magno Rod
    magno Rod 2 days ago

    Do you know how Hard is to talk to a stupid Person? (stupid like the owner)

  • Chris Douglass
    Chris Douglass 2 days ago +3


  • Owen Friend
    Owen Friend 2 days ago

    The owner was in the intro

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 2 days ago

    Joe says who the fuck does he think he is to one of the greatest chefs in the world

  • sam holness
    sam holness 2 days ago

    lmao this man switched up so fast when he saw those customers

  • Jacob Beritich
    Jacob Beritich 2 days ago

    I'm allergic to bull shit so I'll be dead at the end of the video

  • Johnson Adam
    Johnson Adam 2 days ago

    The guys surname is Nagy... must be of Hungarian origin. Is as arogant as my dad. Yep... seems legit.

  • Jamari Young
    Jamari Young 2 days ago +2

    his staff are the most patient people

    because i would’ve already been in jail

  • Jerrod P
    Jerrod P 2 days ago

    Joe made a simple mistake. He meant "freezer to table". It's an honest mistake. Freezer and farm both start with the letter F. Joe is a good man, lol.

  • shahreif taylor
    shahreif taylor 2 days ago

    Why does everything have a bite to it.

  • MJWill1
    MJWill1 2 days ago

    Joe is the biggest horses ass on the planet. His momma and dad raised a little asshole!

  • Ramager #WheresTheCoffee

    Joe is such a sleezeball.....

  • Jordan Keith
    Jordan Keith 2 days ago +2

    Do people not understand that this man will beat your a** of you argue with him?

  • babassoonist
    babassoonist 2 days ago

    Owner: My business is failing, help me fix it
    Gordon: the foods shit
    Owner: :o

  • USELESS humanbeing
    USELESS humanbeing 2 days ago

    "....i cant even chew it.."
    ((How does he chew it))

  • USELESS humanbeing
    USELESS humanbeing 2 days ago

    Watching this makes me hungry except the fact that it tastes like rubbish. It just makes me hungry coz i see people eat.

  • USELESS humanbeing
    USELESS humanbeing 2 days ago

    Lol. Just my 2nd episode and i labbbb "dish" "already".
    Already since when they say in the restaurants.. when they serve um...ya know??....

  • |KYE|SickHead
    |KYE|SickHead 2 days ago

    30:27 They are literally saying "People seemed to enjoy it"

  • Janace Cook
    Janace Cook 2 days ago +1

    Ok we can all admit that the only thing joe cares about is BALLS

  • Amano Ryo
    Amano Ryo 2 days ago

    Wistle~~ Boom!!

  • Virginijus Kupliauskis
    Virginijus Kupliauskis 2 days ago +1

    "self-taught by oldschool europeans" -- some dude who has no idea what he's talking about

  • Isai Lopez
    Isai Lopez 2 days ago

    This arrogant dude that type of neighbor that complains for everything you are doing on your own property 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Christopher Florio
    Christopher Florio 2 days ago

    I saw Cedar Point!!!

  • flying nuggets
    flying nuggets 2 days ago

    Look how f***ing sun burn is joe look at him

  • Lucifer Herring
    Lucifer Herring 3 days ago

    "*chew chew* It's *chew* tender *chew chew* delicious *chew*"

  • Aydin Sahin
    Aydin Sahin 3 days ago

    17:09 dude said “five seasons” instead of the four seasons hotel😂

  • Beautiffully Made
    Beautiffully Made 3 days ago

    Joe is full of shit

  • Beautiffully Made
    Beautiffully Made 3 days ago

    Lol. When Joe eats the elk. His jawline is pretty strong 💪 💪

  • Beautiffully Made
    Beautiffully Made 3 days ago

    Joe is an habitual liar. Lol. He has the most outrageous imagination.

  • dwight coppieters
    dwight coppieters 3 days ago

    epic farm though

  • Jayne O
    Jayne O 3 days ago +3

    that is n o t how we do it in Ohio just sayin

    EDIT: Berry's is the bomb

  • Peter Bird
    Peter Bird 3 days ago

    He's not in business anymore

  • Smiles For Everyone
    Smiles For Everyone 3 days ago +1

    Joe:”good luck go find something better”
    Me: ok welp imma go to McDonalds

  • Caydon Sieverding
    Caydon Sieverding 3 days ago

    Lol. He fucks goats. 🍷 🐐 🍆

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern 3 days ago +1

    Joe: iv got to cook right now
    Gordon: I wish you would!

  • elphmic_ s
    elphmic_ s 3 days ago

    he said that he was self taught by old school Europeans....

  • Lukas Belcher
    Lukas Belcher 3 days ago +1

    When the customers are listening in and then he changes his speech so positive 😹

  • AndyM
    AndyM 3 days ago