• Published on Mar 2, 2013

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  • Quarter Crow
    Quarter Crow Hour ago

    Fun stuff but some of the reaction edits are so forced and supplimented that its no wonder people these days are shit at reading others. North American media is laden with false reactions, manipulated context, and other things which ultimately give off this juvenile cornball inclination towards melodrama whenever american socializing is shown. Weird how that awkward cringe and underhanded bullying is something the US hasnt grown out of yet. Young country i guess.

  • Zoe Mc Cauley
    Zoe Mc Cauley 3 hours ago +1

    Joe. YoU CaNt HuRt MY FeELiNgS

  • Clint Gerard Bascon
    Clint Gerard Bascon 3 hours ago

    Chef Ramsy giglging is mood

  • Johnnysabboy
    Johnnysabboy 7 hours ago

    Don’t forget that xfactor auditions begin wednesday march 6!!

  • Negan20
    Negan20 13 hours ago

    Damn. Cant get enough of this episode. Ramsay kicked him off his own kitchen it was one hell of a moment. 😂😂😂😂

  • Peder Almroth
    Peder Almroth 13 hours ago +1

    Me: That looks good
    Me: it’s disgusting

    • _Horus_
      _Horus_ 11 hours ago

      I read this now for like the 5th time...

  • untamedoffice
    untamedoffice 14 hours ago

    great episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RickRoll A-Rod777
    RickRoll A-Rod777 14 hours ago

    My television need to be filled with different Chef Ramsey shows and Cooking shows they are AWESOME

  • Kevin Yang
    Kevin Yang 15 hours ago +1

    lol uk gordon ramsay is a different person compared to us gordon ramsay.

  • Fate Controller
    Fate Controller 16 hours ago

    Its like a game of league of legends. At first they meet with friendly greetings. And then when everything goes to shit they blame each other.

  • Deepti Ambroise
    Deepti Ambroise 17 hours ago +1

    Joe's staff are heroes so far...I'm not halfway through yet

  • Kate Demarchi
    Kate Demarchi 21 hour ago

    Fish was fresh 9 months ago

  • SimpleCaster
    SimpleCaster 23 hours ago

    Sanji is better than that stupid guy

  • VenVil PH
    VenVil PH 23 hours ago

    Those are probably the worst and expensive food i have ever seen so far.

  • Cotton 49
    Cotton 49 23 hours ago

    I would've jawed this prick long ago if I had to work with him.

  • Avrille Ancheta
    Avrille Ancheta Day ago

    I am self taught..... by old school European masters.... who took a liking to me

  • Jack Sparroot
    Jack Sparroot Day ago +1

    Joe: "Get your shit together "
    Customer: "You got customers out here"
    Joe: "I honestly appreciate you all and what you're doing"
    *what a save*

  • sathish chandran

    She loves to return the foods to mr.old school chef

  • chelsy lian
    chelsy lian Day ago

    that one kid in class

  • chelsy lian
    chelsy lian Day ago

    joe is a fucking showoff

  • Slimes by Kawthar

    Those videos are oddly entertaining lmao

  • MissMeow 25
    MissMeow 25 Day ago

    I loved the fact that Amy said "Thank You" when Gordon said that the place was nice knowing how Joe treated the staff. That shows how professional she is and I hope she found a great job.

  • Ashleigh L
    Ashleigh L Day ago

    “awlive oil”

  • Beckysaurus
    Beckysaurus Day ago

    Joe: I’m tough, maybe a little to tough for this business

  • MarchMonster13th

    31:57 im deceased 😂

  • Paras
    Paras Day ago

    and look how is ass got bruised by ramsay .

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M Day ago

    32:07 looking at the camera likes she's on the office

  • evelyn Wilkins
    evelyn Wilkins Day ago

    Kent weeeeeeeeeeed

  • The Simelo
    The Simelo Day ago

    29:19 that waiter got me laughing so much 😂😂😂 don't even know why 😂😂😂

  • AmateurOtaku Gaming

    Joe is the type of person to grade his teacher

  • The Pro Gamer 21

    Joe should die someday

  • Jäger Main
    Jäger Main 2 days ago

    “I can cook, Joe”

  • Owais Ali
    Owais Ali 2 days ago

    At 4:14 the girl looks like a ghost

  • Zekr0gen
    Zekr0gen 2 days ago

    31:53 goes to show how easily public opinion can change your fate

  • Grace Bandiola
    Grace Bandiola 2 days ago +1

    I love Joe...joe in the masterchef😅😅👏

    • Negan20
      Negan20 13 hours ago

      Grace Bandiola
      Damn. At first I was like wait wut 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️

  • Sanjana Singh
    Sanjana Singh 2 days ago

    Joe = jake Paul when old. They're from Ohio too !

  • Ngataiawa Pirini-Maika

    Tht dude look and sound like fix it felix

  • Megan Thomson
    Megan Thomson 2 days ago

    Drinking game. Every time Joe says ‘elk’, you take a shot of tequila !

  • cathy cooper
    cathy cooper 2 days ago

    That is not fine dining

  • Imperator
    Imperator 2 days ago

    32:00 He started backing up so fast I'm surprised he didn't start beeping!

  • Cinnamon Troll
    Cinnamon Troll 2 days ago

    5:34 Gordon senses the first red flag

  • Saziy Saziy
    Saziy Saziy 2 days ago


  • Emily Brunhilde
    Emily Brunhilde 2 days ago

    He's actually really sweet I love how friendly he is with Skinny and keeping him as a pet

  • Nerdmusicz
    Nerdmusicz 2 days ago +1

    " *W O W* "
    You never know if the chef fucked up or if he did a good job when gordon says that.

  • Ayman's channel
    Ayman's channel 2 days ago +1

    The dude who was cooking: *insulting ramsay and waiters*
    Old man: I'm about to to end this chef's respect

  • sean derek
    sean derek 2 days ago

    But still its funny tho hahahaahaa

  • sean derek
    sean derek 2 days ago

    Why does ramsay so choosy it aint digusting its just food.

  • Dalpheno Dragon
    Dalpheno Dragon 2 days ago

    Gordon’s so nice to the waiters

  • Anti Jio
    Anti Jio 3 days ago

    That's Dominic Torretto's joint 😀😁😂

  • Neji Hyuga
    Neji Hyuga 3 days ago

    Went to get a bite to eat at another restaurant and said he’ll be back for dinner,
    Fucking legend

  • Yap Xuan
    Yap Xuan 3 days ago

    This bitch is so hilarious like if he cooked for a high class restraunt, it will get bankrupt or taken down lol

  • Yap Xuan
    Yap Xuan 3 days ago +1

    "I feel like Christmas is coming early" made me laugh like mad

  • a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    Joe is so vulgar its disgusting. He is also so cocky

  • BlazePower Channel
    BlazePower Channel 3 days ago

    6:15 that cow said lier

  • Ignacio Rodriguez Arias

    23:55 joe saying he is not going to have something better hahahah that was a good joke even burgerking got better food lol

  • JeroChunks
    JeroChunks 3 days ago

    At 29:17 she made a nuclear explosion😂😂😂

  • Jeziah Lewin
    Jeziah Lewin 3 days ago

    Bill kinda looking like matt damon tho

  • Liya Weinberg
    Liya Weinberg 3 days ago

    small man, small brain, small pp

  • Naina Billore
    Naina Billore 3 days ago

    *I love how kind Ramsy is with waiters and workers*

  • lachie Bosman
    lachie Bosman 3 days ago +6

    Bruh, the dude that uploaded this looks like captain sparklez