I Lost My Friend Forever | The Teddy Bears Sad Story | Toca Life Story | Toca Boca *Part 1*

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • I Lost My Friend Forever | The Teddy Bears Sad Story | Toca Life Story | Toca Boca *Part 1*
    Music by thexvid.com/user/ikson || Ikson - Alive | Ikson - Anywhere | Ikson - Alive | Ikson - Throwback
    Editing Program: Wondershare Filmora
    Game: Toca Life World by Toca Boca

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  • Toca MLD
    Toca MLD  +24

    This story is soo good I cried!

  • Maja Krzemińska

    How do you make such amazing films and how do you take ideas for them to evoke emotions every time. And yes of course !!

  • oakley..briellemoon

    Is there a part 2 to this? I love it! it almost made me cry when she grab Melisa's teddy, so heartwarming 😭😢🥺

  • Toca Blueberry

    Nooooooo, I literally started crying when she died!! So sad but I love your stories keep it up!!

  • •SagEditz• #RoadTo600!

    Omg, this was so saaaadddddd 🥺 Your videos are amazing! I’m so addicted to them, their awesome! Keep up the great work ✨

  • Jocvlogs

    Omg it was so sad. i really wanted to cry. Poor Melissa. And also love you all❤❤❤

  • coco toca 🐱🍎

    This story is so sad and memorable for when you lose a family member or friend l Literally just cried 🥲🥲🥲☹

  • ツ

    That was so sad! 😭 Your videos are awesome. 💕 I know that I am not watching this video early, but that is still good, Toca Julia. 💗

  • Kaylee’s Adventure

    2 tears from my face and this is heartbreaking...

  • Busi Fatyi

    This is the first time I have watched a video and I cried omg I love it 5 stars

  • Yap Qianyi

    Maybe part 2 will be amazing!

  • rajendra Prasad

    this is so sad poor malisa the teddy bears really helped every kid irl and amazing videos good job you derserve more subsribers sm!!!

  • A name
    A name  +2

    I actually started to cry!!!

  • DxrkDaisy - used to be aesthetic kaivalya

    OMGG me and my sister cried and cried and cried so badlyyy you are so good at making stories, I hope Melissa had a great life 🥺😭💗

  • Silvana Walter

    i cried my brother walked in all scared because he heard me crying lol

  • Sofia Roblox 456

    This story make me cry u are so good at making story 🥰❤️

  • Sheena Ofamen

    Ty for that story it warms my heart pls make more vids like this ☺❤

  • Lyndlet Yashril Escalona

    Yes part 2 I love it!

  • Hee Haaa

    I became sooo emotional when there is a sad ending 😭😭

  • cotten candy

    I cried and watched it 10 times