2 King Lion destroy 20 Hyena save Lion God, Lion Poor try call for help from teammate

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • #NAP. #NAPanimal
    2 King Lion destroy 20 Hyena save Lion God, Lion Poor try call for help from teammate

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  • David Hames
    David Hames 3 hours ago

    Ur music suks

  • Pakistani nwardat
    Pakistani nwardat 14 hours ago


  • Billy Pooterson
    Billy Pooterson 20 hours ago +1

    Next time don't let auto-fill name your videos

  • Geoff Halstead
    Geoff Halstead Day ago

    Stopped watching at 1min due to the now normal MORONIC F***ING music‼️

  • mrkareem1975
    mrkareem1975 Day ago

    A fucked up hyena 🤣......made my day!!

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez Day ago

    Bullshit video

  • Boy sakho fit Sakho


  • Morris Williams
    Morris Williams Day ago

    Did I just watch that lion at the very end shake that sht off LoL

  • Juan Salas
    Juan Salas 2 days ago

    Arturo Carmona. yeah same old trick enhanced title, edited mix videos, they just want you to visit to increase the viewers number, then the advertised craps kicks in, annoying as hell but what can you do. It's a trap

  • Chris West
    Chris West 2 days ago +2

    I’m here cause of the illiterate title🤨

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 3 days ago

    Đụ.mẹ mày ác quá cho.mày chết mẹ mày luôn

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 3 days ago

    Đụ.mẹ lủ linh.cẩu nó đói như lủ quây phim chờ mồi.hả.họng táp nuốc như cá vồ táp cức

  • Richard Richard
    Richard Richard 3 days ago +1

    U just took videos from other videos and put it in one sad

  • DAN M.
    DAN M. 4 days ago

    Pure shit

  • Ria StarChazer
    Ria StarChazer 6 days ago

    very poor English headline

  • 808 CANES
    808 CANES 6 days ago


  • Joe Mullin
    Joe Mullin 7 days ago

    It is sadly over for the male lion they have one messed up retirement plan four lions in the wild Mother Nature is a real b**** that poor Majestic creature made from God oblivious to man what a concept

  • Joe Mullin
    Joe Mullin 7 days ago

    Those two male lions must have shaken the Earth when they fought each other

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller 7 days ago

    The cat grabbed the monkey from the dog which had a baby hanging on her when the cat dragged off the mother. The 2 cats were trying to kill the out cast and the other herd of what ever they were saved the injured lion.

  • davut Pekoz
    davut Pekoz 8 days ago

    Suck my dick ashole
    20 vs 2 where I can't see haminakoyim

  • OvertheHillDad
    OvertheHillDad 8 days ago

    Too many ads, mostly blah

  • Justin Debruce
    Justin Debruce 8 days ago


  • Victoria Lee
    Victoria Lee 8 days ago

    This was not a good video

  • Tony Wiez
    Tony Wiez 9 days ago

    Amos Turned Thief and Copyright Infringer, piece of shit, reported

  • Peter Broadey
    Peter Broadey 9 days ago

    Rubbish video

  • devang shah
    devang shah 9 days ago +6


  • MunaEarthly Sounds
    MunaEarthly Sounds 9 days ago

    Rain on window thexvid.com/video/R0r6ep2qb6M/video.html

  • Eliza Perez
    Eliza Perez 10 days ago

    Que terrible..me dio un poco de terror ver como sé alimenta..waouw, tremendos videos..felicidades.

  • William money313
    William money313 11 days ago +1

    The music from pop a lot ?

  • cmdfire
    cmdfire 12 days ago

    Graet video (!)

  • James Hines
    James Hines 13 days ago

    I call bs on that one

  • Caige Johnson
    Caige Johnson 13 days ago

    Sad to say, but these videos fake and mixed up...different footage added, spliced, from other footage...how sad, how 'commercial'...anything for a buck I guess.

  • Richie Stevens
    Richie Stevens 14 days ago

    Gang gang

  • Vidall Wai
    Vidall Wai 14 days ago

    Damn cheetah actually saved the baby 🐒

  • Solomon Gitee
    Solomon Gitee 15 days ago

    am wondering, did the leopard feel guilty for killing the mother of that baboon baby, she cld not eat it? even put it on a tree

  • tomy hendra
    tomy hendra 16 days ago +1

    Poor litle baboon...

  • Gary Wheeler
    Gary Wheeler 17 days ago

    Where was the 2 lions destroying 20 heyinas? This is just like the rest. Get you enthralled with the title with not a glimpse of what the title says! Need to stop this false advertisement!!!!

  • liger angry
    liger angry 18 days ago

    this i different videos clips....no good!

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel 18 days ago

    No me gustó si el vídeo sería real la hiena los matan a los leones es como los lobos y perros 1 contra 10 el lobo muere lo mismo acá que descontar wey que mala informacion

  • Steve Mason
    Steve Mason 19 days ago

    A bunch of chopped up different same ole' same ole' videos to make one big bull~shit video with a bull~shit title...
    Damn rip~off and waste of time!!!

  • Trent Hughes
    Trent Hughes 19 days ago

    Click bait and blocked

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 20 days ago


  • Les Pottenger
    Les Pottenger 22 days ago


  • Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo

    So, you STOLE other TheXvid videos, paste them together and then upload along with a deceiving bull shit title. I hate to thumb down people's videos, but ... I'm out!

  • SSR
    SSR 22 days ago

    *These annoyingly irritant hyenas seem to depict zionist hindu Indians.*

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 days ago

    I'm guessing English isn't your primary language.

  • xtrariter
    xtrariter 23 days ago

    One of those lions was Mr T of the Mapogos I think.

  • Pier
    Pier 23 days ago

    Last Lion is Mr T?

  • Theo N de Bray
    Theo N de Bray 24 days ago

    Guess that hyena didn't taste too good.

  • Ben Czyrny
    Ben Czyrny 24 days ago

    Brutal !

  • Ashley Farquhar
    Ashley Farquhar 24 days ago

    Why end with 2 lions killing another wank vid

  • roch durand
    roch durand 24 days ago

    Animal Kingdom,God creation,sun of a bitch !!! If the story of creation is true...Well,i don t want to meet this crazy maniac God ,he is a lunatic,a murderer,psychopat......

  • Nhadzmi Malali
    Nhadzmi Malali 24 days ago

    Tagalog love story

  • Daniel Roland
    Daniel Roland 24 days ago

    Pourkoi il coupe kelke scène

  • Willis Williams
    Willis Williams 24 days ago

    Such a fantastic video. Going to watch it another 50 times before bed

  • Julian Kennedy
    Julian Kennedy 24 days ago

    Chase rather than destroy the hyenas!

  • Don Trump
    Don Trump 24 days ago

    who's the dumbass who tried to make a sentence in the title and failed?!?

  • cerebrus prime
    cerebrus prime 25 days ago

    Zazzuu was teh refffff....😹😹

  • Leojr Medenilla
    Leojr Medenilla 25 days ago


  • HangGonnaSec Huey
    HangGonnaSec Huey 25 days ago

    Recycled trash

  • Memphis Sommers
    Memphis Sommers 25 days ago

    Click bait trash. What a video thief! You're blocked.

  • david harper
    david harper 25 days ago

    Glad to see the title matched the content - blocked

  • Anura Jayantha
    Anura Jayantha 25 days ago

    Why you not help to this Injury poor Lion? you making Movies, but you can help Animals. if not how are you filming the Animals? please think about this.

  • Sergio Del Valle
    Sergio Del Valle 25 days ago

    Clickbait don't waste your time it's a bunch of poorly edited different crap somebody owes me 11 minutes and 39 seconds out of my f****** life

  • Michael Hope
    Michael Hope 25 days ago

    Utter BS click bait.

  • Paki Terrorist
    Paki Terrorist 25 days ago

    *F*ucking fake video ... using old videos to cook up a new one ... !!

  • María Cabrera
    María Cabrera 25 days ago


  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak 25 days ago

    Which brain dead photographers take all these fantastic and dangerous nature shots ?
    Are they completely crazy and fearless ? Do they all have a death wish ?
    It is amazing to watch the various nature shows and see the incredible close up shots of all kinds of animals from the very large to the very small, to those that walk on land to those that swim in the oceans to those that fly in the skies and in all places in between.
    Sure, some of these shots are made with telephoto lenses....but not all
    GREAT CONTRIBUTORS TO MANKIND'S enjoyment of the wild life and wild places of our planets which most of the rest of us mortals will never venture to try to see in person

  • John Beazeley
    John Beazeley 25 days ago

    Don't waste my time knobhead.

  • Fernando FERREIRA
    Fernando FERREIRA 25 days ago

    Que triste pessoa não se escreve neste canal não 👎 quem se escreve não tem coração e respeito por estes animais

  • Fernando FERREIRA
    Fernando FERREIRA 25 days ago

    Misericórdia estes turistas filma não faz nada seu tem cara com amar aí com estes merdas de turistas TheXvid tecia proibir estes canais que estas pessoas são mostro filma Sena assim é acha é normal 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • John Coley
    John Coley 25 days ago

    Title isn't true. No lions taking down 20 hyena. Just an attention grabber for views. You are now on my block list.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 25 days ago

    Hey dude,what you give bad name for video?? Brainstorm?? Fake you!

  • the one and only
    the one and only 25 days ago

    This is so stupid

  • jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt
    jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt 25 days ago

    Harriet Mallinson's article on safe countries to shelter to survive in the event of nuclear war.... Harriet , have you heard of nuclear winter ?...90% of world population will die of starvation . Where have you been

  • Christoph Fercowicz
    Christoph Fercowicz 25 days ago +1

    Poszarpane , wszystko jakies' ... Nie wiadomo , kto kogo chce gonic' ... ?!! Momentami , naswietlenie , bardzo zle !!! Dylemat mial ten leopard , z mala, malpka, , ktöra, tak trostkliwie lizal ...

  • Niki Dk
    Niki Dk 25 days ago

    another topic that got nothing to do with the video.. wtf ?

  • kirby smart
    kirby smart 25 days ago +1


  • Oliwia Burczymucha
    Oliwia Burczymucha 25 days ago

    Hyenas are cats too

  • Srbija i Rusija 100
    Srbija i Rusija 100 25 days ago

    extremrly,extremly stupid headline

  • Too Cold
    Too Cold 25 days ago

    Several old diffrent videos edited to look like one

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveira 25 days ago

    7:38 coisa mais Linda 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Dave Manthei
    Dave Manthei 25 days ago

    Youre all a bunch of whiners

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 26 days ago

    that male lion no joke

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 26 days ago

    Thumbs down from me the editing of the same old clips shame would have been good if it was a natural shot

  • Rafael Regalado jr
    Rafael Regalado jr 26 days ago

    Why do heyna packs always carry a Fox with them

  • mars and moon anomalies

    I don't know how that young male with this small Maine is still there usually by that time they been ran out Never to see their family again they usually roam farr away and develop portner ships with other lines to eventually take over a pride this prevents inbreeding The brothers that are driven all match stick together or Separate usually partners in Coalitions are unrelated

  • marcel vaz torres
    marcel vaz torres 26 days ago

    q bien el jaguar como salvo sl monito q madrasa

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin 26 days ago

    What a pile of shit

  • Element El
    Element El 26 days ago

    I don't discriminate. I root for every animal that may be possibly eaten ( while alive ) . But I eat meat , does that make me a hypocrite? 🤔

  • Catfish Hunter
    Catfish Hunter 26 days ago +2

    TheXvid is just as much to blame. If not more. Getting old.

  • Atanie pfithu
    Atanie pfithu 26 days ago

    Hyenas are the ugliest predator with the ugliest scream

  • Darki 115
    Darki 115 26 days ago


  • Dave C
    Dave C 26 days ago

    The cape buffalo is the real king of the jungle.

  • Jamal Aliou
    Jamal Aliou 26 days ago

    Yeah whatever

  • Miss Heird
    Miss Heird 26 days ago

    Your command of the English language really sucks!

  • Motor Terbaru
    Motor Terbaru 26 days ago


  • Roger Freeberg
    Roger Freeberg 26 days ago +1

    Hyenas get a bad rap. They have to live too...................

  • Jamie Dfab
    Jamie Dfab 26 days ago

    I can hear everyone that watched this video go AWWWWWWW when the leopard started caring for the baby monkey

  • شارع الظهيرة

    سبحان الله الحيوان يرحم أخيه الحيوان
    والانسان لا يرحم إنسان ولا حيوان