• Published on Jan 14, 2018
  • I always like to explore the Hotpot scene wherever I go, so in Saigon Vietnam, I went on a HOTPOT and BBQ tour ate at some local favorites.
    Location 1: Lau de 304
    This local hotpot place is awesome! The broth is DELICIOUS and the goat is not gamey at all. LOVED that goat leg as well.
    Location 2: Saigon Grill
    The passion fruit hotpot broth is insane! I also loved the view from the roof top.
    Location 3: Quan 909
    I was told that I HAD to try some water buffalo while in Vietnam. The meat was leaner than beef and not as flavorful. The broth I loved but the bbq was a bit underwhelming.

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Comments • 866

  • David Tang
    David Tang 4 days ago

    Vietnamese like chewy meats because we chew while drinking beer/liquor, makes the meat and drink taste better.

  • dgunn4fun
    dgunn4fun 8 days ago

    2am... I'm not doing too bad on my video count. I'm just hungry now.

  • De Tong
    De Tong 13 days ago

    Lol. That menu has seen better days!

  • Jacqueline Roley
    Jacqueline Roley 19 days ago

    I'm so jealous that looks so good

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey 25 days ago

    Mikey he love food go any where for foods and. Spicy foods the hotter the better he live is the. U, S, and. I,m sure he is Chinese guy very good speaking good English very well thank you for sharing Bless you

  • Sean Emil Dela Paz
    Sean Emil Dela Paz Month ago

    Oh yeah air conditioning! Nothin like Eating Hot pot in an air condition... Toink! Place at the Rooftop! LoL

  • Prayashi Kalita
    Prayashi Kalita Month ago

    Clay perfectly balances Mike's excitement! I love it! He seems like a little brother to Mike.

  • kalli b
    kalli b 2 months ago

    You would love how Haitians prepare goat in a dish called griot. I always thought goat was a superior meat cause I’ve only ever had it prepared the way Haitians do and I think everyone should experience it

  • caro caron
    caro caron 2 months ago

    Its impossible not to eat while watching Mikey !

  • Oskar Sverdrup
    Oskar Sverdrup 2 months ago +1



    Thanks for recommending this place! I'll do a food review for this place on my next trip to Saigon. The grilled goat leg looks yummy!

  • Phuong Dien tran
    Phuong Dien tran 3 months ago

    Hey Mikey what you have is not a goat chess I think the is the pig chess

  • Connie Nguyen
    Connie Nguyen 4 months ago

    Why does he remind me of Jackie Chan?

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani 4 months ago

    Do you even have to ask Mike? 🤣 We already know what thigh you'll go for

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani 4 months ago

    13.57 " oh..hello darling! " 🤣

  • Becky Quach
    Becky Quach 5 months ago

    I think the "passion fruit" broth was mistranslated and is actually our canh chua which is tamarind based! (it looks like it anyways and the way that you explained it too, how it tastes similar to tom yum and sweet/sour taste). Also the egg fish is soft enough where we usually just eat the bones too! You were right in that Chinese hot pot is more like dipping, but Vietnamese hot pot is definitely meant to drink the broth! It's not good hot pot if it doesn't have good broth :)

  • yıldız çetindede
    yıldız çetindede 5 months ago

    Wow süper👍❤❤❤😘😘😘😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Shainamae Balagon
    Shainamae Balagon 6 months ago

    Water buffalo is so expensive though but love it so much

  • erica mary
    erica mary 6 months ago

    The hot pot looked delicious!

  • samantha bergeson
    samantha bergeson 6 months ago +1

    When he said water buffalo I instantly thought of bison(or buffalo) I am native so I grew up eating it and yup it’s is so nummy. Also wonder if he has had elk or deer before. Both of those are really good too.

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian 6 months ago

    0:35 Lau De or more like laudey... An indian will get it.. 😂😂😂

  • Mima Begić
    Mima Begić 6 months ago

    Love watching Mike and Clay. Wish I could travel and eat with y'all 😂

  • LowG Vacation
    LowG Vacation 7 months ago

    Goat leg looks tasty some fire eats for sure!

  • Senkai
    Senkai 7 months ago

    Either Im tripping or the smoke is going into the meat 20:02

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 7 months ago

    What's in the hotpot that looks like giant eyeballs?

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 7 months ago

    Wow, I think they need to order some new menus, or is that part of the ambiance?

  • Shoop
    Shoop 7 months ago

    OMG! You are inflicting hangry pain on me...

  • jessie nguyen
    jessie nguyen 7 months ago

    I’ve eaten at that place!

  • Eli LaChapelle
    Eli LaChapelle 7 months ago

    I like his friend he seems cool

  • Ever Hernandez
    Ever Hernandez 7 months ago

    great video thank you for making it

    CHONG 7 months ago

    Went to lamb hotpot today with hype and excitement, the broth was great but the lamb leg was quite disappointing. It's recommended to just show a picture of what you want as they do not speak English or a English menus

  • JML24 jml24
    JML24 jml24 7 months ago

    I think I would love to try the egg fish.

  • Armando van Haaren
    Armando van Haaren 7 months ago

    Those chilly,s are hot as hell . Don't put more then two slices into your bowl

  • Kimbap Kidding?
    Kimbap Kidding? 9 months ago

    You gotta come to Germany, my mum makes the best Phõ and egg rolls😍
    We're an asian family btw ;)

  • katierose5683
    katierose5683 9 months ago +2

    Vietnam really has the best food

  • i am yayo
    i am yayo 9 months ago

    I find it funny that he looks like jackie chan yet sound like trump. Haha.. Lova ya mike

  • Jose Collado
    Jose Collado 9 months ago

    Water buffalo in its natural habitat 😅😅😅

  • 1995Rebel
    1995Rebel 9 months ago

    Asian mclovin right there lol

  • Minh Hiep
    Minh Hiep 9 months ago

    18:37 FYI, when you eat hot pot anywhere in Viet Nam, you can ask them to refill the stock for free.

  • n a m j o o n
    n a m j o o n 9 months ago

    why is it never sunny in these places its always cloudy but somehow so hot

  • Kevin Alexander
    Kevin Alexander 9 months ago

    Mike you're my boy but you paid around 700,000VND for that goat leg. They TAXED you my dude.

    DANTE ARANDA 10 months ago

    You forgot beefy

  • 8862 Angelo Sheva Sudhana Azwar

    what happen to the mike

  • pearl burns
    pearl burns 10 months ago

    in addition to Mike's fav words: sooo good, delicious, I lovd it

  • Solomon Tirwomwe
    Solomon Tirwomwe 11 months ago

    Mike.....Seriously do you like have a black hole in your stomach??? Lol. I thought I could eat but yeah I've been put in my place. LOL

  • A Place
    A Place 11 months ago

    I've been nearly rammed by a water buffalo. I'd love to see how that mean animal tasted 😂

  • Ngan Bach
    Ngan Bach 11 months ago

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned this but Mikeee you were supposed to cook those greens in the buffalo hot pot instead of eating it raw and wrapping it with the meat lol. But since you did it i might as well give it a try and see how it tastes 🤣

  • nguyen phamkhoi
    nguyen phamkhoi Year ago

    normaly, they eat Water Buffalo so they can drink some liquor or beer with friend. the meat combine with beer or liquor is extremly good.

  • Beo Boo Bee
    Beo Boo Bee Year ago

    Super eat good... Nice vietnam i love food is best no .😀😀

  • wocathoden
    wocathoden Year ago +1

    You are killing me! that looks sooo tasty!

  • Tran Nguyen
    Tran Nguyen Year ago

    $12 for hotpot?? that's pretty pricey for vietnam lol.....he went to a tourist trap place haha

  • avia 123
    avia 123 Year ago

    7-eleven in saigon you should try

  • Hawk Girl
    Hawk Girl Year ago

    His tour guide is probably like, this guy has the same facial reaction to everything he eats lol

  • edgar tuazon
    edgar tuazon Year ago

    mike what happened here? 10:37

  • derek lambert
    derek lambert Year ago

    i m drinking beer but my mouth still watering ??????????????? wtf

  • Shoeb Shaikh
    Shoeb Shaikh Year ago +1

    0:35 LauDe 304... Hahaha... Who else understood this ??

  • Jacky Tang
    Jacky Tang Year ago

    Getting hungry watching you eat 🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋

  • London James
    London James Year ago

    I guess Mike likes the broth. Lol!

  • Rik Rik
    Rik Rik Year ago

    Ppl loves eating goat lamb cuz of their distinctive taste...if they dont hv that taste, why eating goat or lamb..???

  • MonBerry
    MonBerry Year ago

    I think mike is like a toddler height wise.

  • Mike Dang
    Mike Dang Year ago +1

    Mike - As a concerned viewer, I would like to ask if you starve your cameraman.

  • Termeakiss Wilson

    I love your show wow!!

  • cher young
    cher young Year ago

    Dude you really can eat all day long! thumbs up!

  • Anita Boddie
    Anita Boddie Year ago

    Goat is awesome!!! I grew up on goats milk, goat cheese and goat meat. If you have a problem with gamey taste, you can soak the meat in buttermilk and then season well. Actually acid based liquids is great at getting rid of gamey tastes to meats, such as yoghurt, a good flavored vinegar etc.

  • Steve Li
    Steve Li Year ago

    bacon wrapped in shrimp. lol

  • James Le
    James Le Year ago +2

    does the camera men get to eat? XD

  • Snaiz
    Snaiz Year ago

    he did not ask for an egg and boils it in the broth

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose Year ago

    coconut sweet? wtf is that

  • QMCGaming
    QMCGaming Year ago

    That lemongrass part was so funny. The lady nearby said the other head/side. XD

  • Thanglenlal H a o k i p

    im loving this episode .. vietnam food style is so awesome i love green with meat

  • Faith Biete
    Faith Biete Year ago

    You and food ranger are the best food channel. Mark Wien is also good but I hate seeing him when he twist or wind his head when he eats something :D

  • I C
    I C Year ago


  • Taps fan
    Taps fan Year ago

    Mike, you really need to work on your grammar dude!

  • oscar perez
    oscar perez Year ago

    Impressive rider originally fsaribw flour dismiss hard meeting before motive previously chest.

  • Linh Trinh
    Linh Trinh Year ago

    In Vietnam we also put a few things in our hot pot at a time too.