Will It Milk? Taste Test


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  • PELON49ER 79
    PELON49ER 79 23 minutes ago

    Season 15 premiere was a sack of fun 😅😅😅.

  • PELON49ER 79
    PELON49ER 79 26 minutes ago

    4:29 "squeezing a nut sack is not easy" the quote of 2019 already, congrats Rhett 🏆👌👍👏.

  • PELON49ER 79
    PELON49ER 79 29 minutes ago

    4:29 no sir, squeezing a nut sack is not easy, preach my homie... Preach! 😅😅😅

  • Hyena-Gaming
    Hyena-Gaming 2 hours ago

    Where is skittle milk?, y’all loved that in will it cereal

  • JDa Hawke
    JDa Hawke 3 hours ago

    Remember the white flag you can wave just in case...

  • Daniel Tarver
    Daniel Tarver 4 hours ago

    This episode is going to be a dirty joke Marathon

  • Emperor Ehryn
    Emperor Ehryn 4 hours ago

    "Year of the twink" and everyone in the background laughing.. they all know what that is. They're going to heck

  • Sarah Skegrud
    Sarah Skegrud 5 hours ago

    Twink-alicious, perhaps?

  • videopcaccess
    videopcaccess 5 hours ago


  • Will Radney
    Will Radney 6 hours ago

    Can y'all switch to 4k

  • Rodsella Aragundi
    Rodsella Aragundi 6 hours ago

    Will it Soup?! 🍜

  • Rodsella Aragundi
    Rodsella Aragundi 6 hours ago

    Will it Soup?! 🍜

  • Jaxon Frazee
    Jaxon Frazee 7 hours ago

    like the new intro

  • Killer bean
    Killer bean 8 hours ago

    8:10 it’s called being full lmao

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 8 hours ago

    Link sounded like a cow when he was milking

  • Brandi Mullins
    Brandi Mullins 8 hours ago

    "The year of the twink!"
    me: *trying to hold it in*
    Me: *smiling like a nut*

  • goku son
    goku son 9 hours ago

    Why are rhett and link so childish man😂😂
    I knew alot of puns and jokes were incoming before the video even started.

  • Daria Brown
    Daria Brown 9 hours ago

    the word for food hydrated is "nourished"

  • Snazzy Stables
    Snazzy Stables 10 hours ago

    I miss the old intro! Just me? Ok. 😂

  • Ally Singley
    Ally Singley 11 hours ago

    I think the word he’s looking for is nourished

  • Dashiell Gregory
    Dashiell Gregory 12 hours ago

    Will it kombucha

  • Nickojijus
    Nickojijus 12 hours ago

    I don’t like the new intro

  • Pierce Irvin
    Pierce Irvin 14 hours ago

    Dry-drated is the word you were looking for. You're welcome

  • Little Miss
    Little Miss 16 hours ago

    Satiated is the food equivalent of hydrated haha

  • Prachi Kalra
    Prachi Kalra 19 hours ago

    7.54 its a smoothie rhett. Or a shake.

  • Meh Smeh
    Meh Smeh 19 hours ago

    There IS an easier way to make nut milk (Which I think we should rename to Nut Juice personally.)
    You need to make sure that whatever you’re using is softish, so with Almonds and other nuts you roast them for a few seconds first. Then you add the stuff you’re using and a little bit of water into a blender and blend away, and then you pour the mixture into the cheese-cloth bag, and you actually milk it in the same motion that you milk a cow. Because the stuff has been ground up before, you don’t have to do as much work!

  • izzes
    izzes 21 hour ago

    Poor spiders, though :(

  • Mr. Very Kool
    Mr. Very Kool 22 hours ago

    I had never considered beverages as a possibility. I'd love to see will it beer or will it soda
    P.S. it just occurred to me that this video is basically "Will it Tea?"

  • Eric Vahl
    Eric Vahl Day ago

    Of all the spider stuff, that is by far the creepiest one so far

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Day ago

    How do u milk a almond yet alone a cheeto

  • Gaming Nubula
    Gaming Nubula Day ago

    Wh.Wh. where's the *SKITTLE MILK* man. WTH

  • Dikdikdikdikdik
    Dikdikdikdikdik Day ago

    The food equivalent to hydrated is "sated"

  • Kristine Garrett

    I gagged when I saw Link pull the spider out of the glass. I'm just going to hide in the comments for a bit...

  • silver8o 07
    silver8o 07 Day ago

    Omg stop the cheeto water is NOT GOOD thats gross 😂😂😂

  • AlexanderNN ?????

    peta says save the spiders

  • vanny
    vanny Day ago

    its always so weird when they change the intro

  • LynX 476
    LynX 476 Day ago

    "sQuEsE iT"

  • BHWolfVenom27 Dude

    You guys should make a will it soda but if somebody else came up with that I idea I don’t want to steal that idea

  • Journey Faith
    Journey Faith Day ago

    Link: This needs bourbon
    Rhett: I think it could use some lemon

  • Cheyenne Colvin
    Cheyenne Colvin Day ago

    Replenishing not hydrating 😂😂😂😂

  • Genni Sipher
    Genni Sipher Day ago

    Yall do some nasty shit for us, thank you.

  • Jasmine Bost
    Jasmine Bost Day ago


  • Proud Panda
    Proud Panda Day ago

    How does wood milk for Link...but Cheeto doesn't

  • Emma Campbell
    Emma Campbell Day ago

    "it's an excretion, which they then eat."
    *"Y U M"*

  • Matthew Duer
    Matthew Duer Day ago

    Will it Juul pod?

  • Montenegro Gaming

    I would dig the old intro anyday.

  • Autumn Peacock
    Autumn Peacock Day ago

    The fact that skittle milk was not brought back as promised in the Will It Cereal episode is heartbreaking

  • TheStoneMason
    TheStoneMason Day ago

    i think u looking for the word "nourished"

  • Gabriel Poche
    Gabriel Poche Day ago

    I’m surprised that they did not do skittles bc they discovered that in the will it cereal episode

  • DanforthSalunek
    DanforthSalunek Day ago

    wood milk is actruely wood

  • garlaicīgs cilvēks king

    if u truly want cheeto milk put cheettos in real milk BOOM U GOT UR SELF SOME CHETOMILK

  • Adam Long
    Adam Long Day ago


  • potao beer
    potao beer Day ago

    I love seeing how the intros changed

  • JonathanSnowden
    JonathanSnowden Day ago

    I swear every year the break makes me forget them but when I come back and click on the video and the animation is different and I always freak out

  • EB4EnderBlaze
    EB4EnderBlaze Day ago


  • The Jam Man
    The Jam Man Day ago

    It’s literally been years since I last watched your show.

  • Elise stillman
    Elise stillman Day ago

    LACTOSE FREE?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is like fake milk, Half of milk

  • Toshinori Yagi
    Toshinori Yagi Day ago

    I like this

  • Hannah Childs
    Hannah Childs Day ago

    I think the word for food in “stay hydrated” terms would b nourished “stay nourished!”

  • My name is [dan]

    Link looks like my grandma

  • asia black
    asia black Day ago

    I Wish i had some of these milks when I was stuck on a liquid only diet.

  • Gregory Charlemagne
    Gregory Charlemagne 2 days ago


  • Miss Aria
    Miss Aria 2 days ago

    I think the word that Rhett was looking for to go beside "hydrated" was "nourished".

  • Josiah Pettway
    Josiah Pettway 2 days ago

    "Stay eatdrated?"
    Maybe fed is the word

  • Autumn Frank
    Autumn Frank 2 days ago

    OMG I live in Columbus ohio

    JDMALLDAY 2 days ago

    Will it tea

  • Alexis Alexander
    Alexis Alexander 2 days ago

    Why do I feel like this is how they make all those crazy flavored drinks in Wall-E that tastes like whole meals?

  • ARey 1010
    ARey 1010 2 days ago +2

    Is Rhett not lactose intolerant anymore?

  • Carter Brooks
    Carter Brooks 2 days ago

    It doesn’t make chicken feel better

  • Oof
    Oof 2 days ago

    мїlк нДяd

  • Ace_-_Unitz
    Ace_-_Unitz 2 days ago

    Will it suggestion will it pot pie like a chicken pot pie but instead of chicken other meats

  • asimple pie
    asimple pie 2 days ago

    walle did the whole food in a cup in the future lol

  • Jaycee Is Weird
    Jaycee Is Weird 2 days ago

    I gagged when they drank the spider milk...

  • Sammy Mancuso
    Sammy Mancuso 2 days ago

    Loewdrated. Hydrated and loewdrated. 😉

  • Nigel Cooper
    Nigel Cooper 2 days ago

    Rhett and Link milking their wood together 8:28

  • UndisclosedCameraman
    UndisclosedCameraman 2 days ago +2

    that intro is so heckin cool but it startled me don’t do it ever again

  • EducaFinn
    EducaFinn 2 days ago

    Was “Spider Nipple” your nickname in High School, Rhett?

  • Pilly Idol
    Pilly Idol 2 days ago

    "Squeezing a nut sack is not easy"

  • Pilly Idol
    Pilly Idol 2 days ago

    They talk about not making dirty jokes but then just go all out with "year of the twink" lmfao 🤣

  • Christina .p.
    Christina .p. 2 days ago

    Fed is the food version of hydrated

  • sarah clark
    sarah clark 2 days ago

    wood milk looks like cider...tastes like cedar

  • nathan palmiter
    nathan palmiter 2 days ago

    8:10 it's called being fed Rhett

  • nathan palmiter
    nathan palmiter 2 days ago


  • Lauren Bates
    Lauren Bates 2 days ago

    they lost me at spider flesh

  • Larry Bushey
    Larry Bushey 2 days ago


  • Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn

    "The year of the twink"
    I have a feeling they don't know the other meaning of twink...

  • kyrie not kylie
    kyrie not kylie 2 days ago

    I have never once been this disgusted at anything they've tried on the show until now....new year, new spiders, and new throw up...!!

  • Tashiro Sato
    Tashiro Sato 2 days ago

    Can u do one on Will it Easter,Will it St Patrick,Will it 4th July Will it Thanksgiving

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 2 days ago

    Yes, typically when you milk a cow you just squeez the whole udder

  • Kyle Osial
    Kyle Osial 2 days ago

    Just subbed

  • CaptainOfLunch
    CaptainOfLunch 2 days ago

    I feel bad poor the people who cleans up for them

  • Zack Cook
    Zack Cook 2 days ago

    "I think it needs bourbon"

  • Kailen Tucker
    Kailen Tucker 2 days ago

    “Hydrated” is to “water” as “Satiated” is to “food” but...

    your words work too love u guys stay awesome

  • Jasper Ghostly
    Jasper Ghostly 3 days ago

    "The year of the twinks" good lord.

  • Vomitedtoe71
    Vomitedtoe71 3 days ago

    I wood make it after the hockey player woodrow milkson

  • Naomi Soot
    Naomi Soot 3 days ago

    Poor Twinkie kid got smashed

  • gmm lover
    gmm lover 3 days ago

    Yessasssss I’m so happy you finally come to Maryland I live so close to oxen hill

  • Bre's Bunnies
    Bre's Bunnies 3 days ago

    I gagged when they gagged for the spider milk. I have never done that! I thought I was actually going to puke!

  • Baconbooty 19
    Baconbooty 19 3 days ago

    You guys should’ve used a breast pump for the breast milk. Make things easier