• Published on Nov 26, 2018
  • Tonight, we are all the Irate Gamer.
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  • High Brow Comedy
    High Brow Comedy 10 months ago

    Who else is picking this game up when it comes to Switch?

  • teddyharvester
    teddyharvester Year ago

    So the first hour of the missions is basically "Vandal for Hire Simulator". I can dig it.

  • IronPiedmont1996
    IronPiedmont1996 Year ago +1

    I think there needs to be a WW2 game where it focuses on the espionage aspect of the war.

  • DubskiDude
    DubskiDude Year ago +1

    Holy shit, that thumbnail got me audibly chuckling.

  • Artemis Arrow
    Artemis Arrow Year ago

    This game actually looks pretty fun

  • Nicholas Wilkowski
    Nicholas Wilkowski Year ago +1

    North African Front would be cool

  • angelarose765
    angelarose765 Year ago

    I couldn't spell the second suggestion of classical music you mentioned near the end of the stream, could anyone type what it is again? Thanks.

  • Foster Davies-Smith

    I dunno, from what I heard about the twit carrying on John McCain's legacy by being a massive fucking hypocrite sounds pretty on the nose.

  • William Christy
    William Christy Year ago

    Exterminatus on Razorfist.

  • RaiRaiRai999
    RaiRaiRai999 Year ago

    I think you might enjoy Streets of Rogue. Basically Hitman + Spelunky + Tom and Jerry.

  • MJ A
    MJ A Year ago

    Love you guys, but could you please raise Terrans mic for the next Arcade? There's a huge audio level difference between Terran speaking gently and Razor screaming down the mic. Thanks

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter Year ago +1

    Killzone 1 'death match's'

  • Jay from the redneck riviera

    This game is just an antifa simulator

  • slowerthinker
    slowerthinker Year ago +2

    2:41:15 Job1 "break their window"; job2 "break their toilet"; job3 "break their tv"; job4 "break their sink"; job5 "break their dishes"; job6 "break their glasses".
    I feel that there should be a job "spill mead on some taffer's rug"

  • HellMinion88
    HellMinion88 Year ago +2

    @1:02:24 "what ww2 [event] is most deserving of a video game?" We haven't had a had a hidden and dangerous style of ww2 game in a while.... pretty sure some vaults have been unlocked regarding commando raids and such and that would make an interesting game.

  • pagansforbreakfast

    Amy Schumer, who would tap that?

    • RaiRaiRai999
      RaiRaiRai999 Year ago

      Could probably tap her for syrup, like a tree.

    • Aleister Gein
      Aleister Gein Year ago +3

      Heinrich Himmler would double-tap that.

  • Steffen Bolz
    Steffen Bolz Year ago +3

    If you pick a lock and the homeowners discover it, they call the police. It's weird, I enjoy the game but it needs polish... and a bit more paint.
    Still very fun and it's legitimately entertaining to watch you first-time it without restraint, lotta you-tubers practice endlessly beforehand or save an established level just so they look super-slick.
    I enjoy it when streamers do what you do, just play the game and show the mechanics, learning-curves with the pros and cons on full display. Would still LOVE to see you stream Hunt Showdown with T-boogie or Eve.

  • Joe Wilde
    Joe Wilde Year ago

    I know you might not ever see this, but thanks for covering good games dude. I feel like these indie titles never get a mention.

  • Voivoda
    Voivoda Year ago

    What the song that played before the stream? Something about a thief.

    • Voivoda
      Voivoda Year ago

      @The Rageaholic
      Thx. Awesome stream btw.

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  Year ago +2

      Wendy O. Williams - "Thief in the Night"
      (KISS also recorded the song a couple years later)

  • Klayton Mayeaux
    Klayton Mayeaux Year ago +1

    1:04:11 Holy fuck the timing of that!!!

  • RockHumper
    RockHumper Year ago

    Hilarious Carlos mencia simulator

  • Steve of Unknown Kadath

    I adore the thumbnail... Carlos Mencia. Classic!

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf Year ago

    mark of the ninja for steam upgrades to remaster for free if you have that.

  • StrikeTeam7
    StrikeTeam7 Year ago +36

    Sony is playing so much to japan they moved to california and are censoring weeb games and telling japanese devs to write them in english... we live in a world where nintendo has lewd games and sony is censoring everything to be soy friendly

    • Der Kolben
      Der Kolben 3 months ago

      Nintendo is also censoring.

    • Zoomer Waffen
      Zoomer Waffen Year ago

      Nintendo is just as shit.
      Everything from japan is cancer.

  • Zeno96
    Zeno96 Year ago +2

    You are masta teef.

  • Megasabertoothtiger V2

    It really makes you FEEL like a teef

  • 300 Spartans 1 cup
    300 Spartans 1 cup Year ago +7

    Love the Razorfist Arcade intro. Synthwave is my jam

  • Ardent Orchid
    Ardent Orchid Year ago +3

    "It doesn't have stats"
    Neither does Skyrim.

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva Year ago +8

    Stream starts at 00:00

  • Starscream
    Starscream Year ago

    What happened to your DS9 retrospective series? I noticed some of them got tagged for copyright (fuck fair use, amirite)
    Did you upload the rest elsewhere or did you just can the project?

  • Jman LPGuy
    Jman LPGuy Year ago +4

    I'll try to narrow down the gist of the Blizzcon diablo immortals presentation, but there is a lot to collect to understand this situation. It was in all intensive purposes, supposed to be a major reveal at the end of blizzcon. It was announced on the itinerary that Diablo would be the last to announce its games, and for every blizzcon up to this one. Blizzcon always finished with a heavy hitting game reveal to finish off their main fan convention to show off new incoming titles. Well Blizzard Diablo devs were hinting at a major reveal for this years blizzcon. Turns out, what the majority of blizzard fans for diablo, primarily pc users who have been waiting over season release and small patches of diablo 3 for something new and invigorating for the series, hopefully a sequel but many were also hoping for remastered Diablo or Diablo 2. Sadly what the fans of diablo got was an intense sucker punch to the gut when the reveal that many fans paid money to not only travel by plane but a myriad of other expenses. Just to see their most favorite franchise, turn out a mobile phone/tablet diablo game that is a reskin of a diablo 3 clone made by the Chinese company diablo is partnering with to develop Diablo immortals. And from many speculations, with it being a Chinese developer that specialized in microtransaction mobile games it does not look good for the final product which is Diablo Immortals. The fans at the reveal had some rather interesting questions, and the devs on stage responded rather poorly which had sparked even more backlash from fans and has created a series of memes on just this reveal alone. It's not looking good for the future of gaming when Blizzard and Bethesda are going hard on microtransactions, furthering that the videogame industry is really falling heavily into greed.

    • Goob
      Goob Year ago

      "intensive purposes"

    • Berserk Shirt Bear
      Berserk Shirt Bear Year ago

      @Jman LPGuy it is a mod

    • Jman LPGuy
      Jman LPGuy Year ago

      @Berserk Shirt Bear You mean the mod or an actual fully developed remastered Diablo? Because it's rather difficult to hunt down a good copy of diablo, download a mod and enjoy diablo again. I can't for the life of me find a diablo disc worth spending ridiculous amounts of dollars on.

    • Berserk Shirt Bear
      Berserk Shirt Bear Year ago

      There's already an excellent remastered Diablo but 2 would be fantastic

  • sorearm
    sorearm Year ago +4

    That was a sweet live stream

  • Phil Burnell
    Phil Burnell Year ago +18

    "Thief Simulator" So you get to play as Bob Kane?

  • Shane300x
    Shane300x Year ago +26

    Carlos Mencia. Thief. I see what you did there.

    • Steffen Bolz
      Steffen Bolz Year ago +4

      His only funny jokes are the ones he jacked from other people

    • Steffen Bolz
      Steffen Bolz Year ago +1

      First thing I noticed.

  • Just a Bloke
    Just a Bloke Year ago +2

    This is wonderful 🙂

  • Muck006
    Muck006 Year ago +1

    You wouldnt have to "repair" a horse ...

  • Asum Jessen
    Asum Jessen Year ago +28

    Razor would have been a Rebel.
    inb4 Confederates did nothing wrong.

  • Hardcore Bunny
    Hardcore Bunny Year ago +2

    I wonder if razorfist learned about this game from my twitter message....nah he never reads my messages.

    • Hardcore Bunny
      Hardcore Bunny Year ago +2

      @Steffen Bolz I'll need it as I attempt to kill the hydra in Underworld Ascendant.

    • Steffen Bolz
      Steffen Bolz Year ago +2

      Comrade Hardcore Bunny has been recognized by Commissar, Comrade may have extra rations of goulash.
      Ура для Хардкор буни!
      Now return to usual schedule.

    • Hardcore Bunny
      Hardcore Bunny Year ago +3

      @The Rageaholic I am glad to know that, I saw this on my steam page and I was like "this would be so good if Spooney streamed it, but he doesn't stream anymore so I'll get Razorfist instead."

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  Year ago +11

      @Vimorain Actually, it was exactly Hardcore Bunny's message that led me to check out the game, you leering e-drama queen.
      Which I said. In this video. In the first 5 minutes. I just couldn't remember who sent the message. Now hit the bricks, shitbird.

  • TheGM
    TheGM Year ago +5

    Something is wrong with the characters hands. is it a bug?

  • Nicole Mellott
    Nicole Mellott Year ago +5

    i was at work so i missed the start lol missouri is the meth capital of the us sadly or to get Bill maher's goat show up as a guest with a copy of "Amazon Women in the Avocado jungle of Death" (Billy boy was in this "Soft Porn") the stunt was a one take as the stunt man didn't want to do it a second time, the stunt was filmed as he did it on the first take!!!!! it was a very scary stunt that could of gone way wrong fast but the stunt man pulled it off

  • Doomed To Respawn
    Doomed To Respawn Year ago +1

    I found the symphony Razorfist was referring to at the end of the stream for those who have trouble finding it. thexvid.com/video/4jBt0M4L4Qs/video.html

  • Nic Winstead Art
    Nic Winstead Art Year ago +1

    You and Nostalgia critic should collab! You would cancel and compliment each other so well

    • Andrew Fralinger
      Andrew Fralinger Year ago +1

      Razorfist and Spoony at his prime. For some strange reason, I get a lot of the same vibes. That would be a time, lol

    • Chris Hope
      Chris Hope Year ago +1

      @Nic Winstead Art do it, that way I'm rid of my brother

    • Nic Winstead Art
      Nic Winstead Art Year ago

      chris campbell good thing or bad thing?

    • DT Scurvy
      DT Scurvy Year ago +1

      @chris campbell
      Just another reason to do it