BODYBUILDER vs VEGAN CHEAT DAY *8,000 CALORIES* | I made veganism unhealthy...

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
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    BODYBUILDER vs VEGAN CHEAT DAY *8,000 CALORIES* | I made veganism unhealthy...
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  • khadim ndiaye
    khadim ndiaye 7 hours ago

    hahaha, love your content! Have you ever tried Daal (indian lentil based dish), its relatively easy to cook. The lentils have 25g protein (uncooked), which is good no? Would you do one vegan day a week, even if you are not reaching your protein level on that day? Health wise, you have one healthy day and only one day where you dont get your full protein intake....

  • Bailey Woodcock
    Bailey Woodcock 13 hours ago

    Honey isn’t vegan

  • Zoe
    Zoe 19 hours ago

    Where’s Luca at the start

  • Muhammad Vika
    Muhammad Vika Day ago

    10:25 love the music

  • Sheldon Levett
    Sheldon Levett Day ago

    Has anyone purchased both versions of the hypertrophy program as I have purchased v1 many months ago and was wondering is version2 much different. Is there more leg volume in version 2

  • Alvaro Marmol
    Alvaro Marmol Day ago

    What about a low carb high fat cheat day?

  • malaz abdelrahim
    malaz abdelrahim 2 days ago

    i always thought that oreos are not vegan

  • Lady Jane
    Lady Jane 2 days ago

    Hey Matt, thank you so much for this video! I'm not vegan myself (though vegetarian) but more veganism just means less cheap meat and more quality meat! People become more aware of animal suffering and honestly, I would be happy if people just bought quality meat fewer times rather than cheap meat all the time. It doesn't have to be meat-free. So thanks for spreading the message! :)

  • MRah
    MRah 3 days ago

    "You're Amazing Matt" was sarcasm

  • Aliaa Mehrez
    Aliaa Mehrez 3 days ago

    “a bit like you and me” :’)

  • Hope Tang
    Hope Tang 4 days ago

    Milk is not vegan and the list goes on an on but okay🤗👌🏻🤫🤭

  • Jon Bateman
    Jon Bateman 4 days ago

    waitrose posh cunt

  • Phylis Tan
    Phylis Tan 4 days ago

    Are Oreos Vegan??

  • ShellSessions
    ShellSessions 4 days ago

    Loved this video.

  • Taylah Ledingham
    Taylah Ledingham 5 days ago

    love how Sarah made ur breaky 😂😂

  • Emily Hudson
    Emily Hudson 5 days ago

    Please do a Matt does ketogenic diet cheat day! It would be hilarious!

  • Golden Eye
    Golden Eye 5 days ago +2


  • Nung Sirisot
    Nung Sirisot 5 days ago

    Eat Thai food for 24 hours. I mean I’m thai but try it like... breakfast northeastern food(issan) lunch(east) and dinner(thai-Bangkok)

  • Muzammil Alom
    Muzammil Alom 5 days ago

    Man Luka is so GODDAMN cute man

  • Druhrfe Hadishia
    Druhrfe Hadishia 5 days ago

    It seems like you do an absurd challenge everyday. How are you not diabetic?

  • TheEurymonae
    TheEurymonae 5 days ago

    I love your stuff Matt, but please cut out this obnoxious background music during your training sessions. It gives me ear-cancer! ;-)

  • SimonHassaineHD
    SimonHassaineHD 5 days ago

    Also this is a lot of vegans daily diet lool

  • SimonHassaineHD
    SimonHassaineHD 5 days ago

    Vegan food is a lot lighter and usually lower in fat so I'm not surprised you felt fine after that mass of food.

  • Anonymous_J :/
    Anonymous_J :/ 5 days ago +1

    Y'all trippin' he breathed in air and that shit ain't vegan (IT'S HARD TO BE WOKE🤪😲)

  • K x
    K x 5 days ago +1

    no one:
    Matt: ... *silence* ... “cool”

  • houldcroft89
    houldcroft89 5 days ago

    This is a bit random, but where can I get one of those mugs at 11:37 ??

  • K x
    K x 5 days ago +1

    no one:
    not even Luca:
    Matt: “That would be a good prank if...”

  • TheguyTv
    TheguyTv 5 days ago

    How's your bathroom?

  • Sam Kemp
    Sam Kemp 5 days ago

    Best video you've ever done and they are good normally so....

  • Sam Kemp
    Sam Kemp 5 days ago

    Nice one Sez for positive vegan gains 😏

  • Super Moosie
    Super Moosie 6 days ago +1

    Eat the whole alphabet in a day, in the correct order. E.g. Apple, Baked beans, Cucumber, Donut, Edamer etc. ☺️👌

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 6 days ago

    If you ever are interested, Vivolife do I good range of vegan protein powders (25g per scoop)

  • Keara Huneidi
    Keara Huneidi 6 days ago

    Showing that vegan food is just normal food lol

  • Sophie Morrison
    Sophie Morrison 6 days ago

    As a vegan I appreciate you showing it’s not green juice n salad everyday, balance is key and veganism is a lifestyle as with a meat eater you can be as healthy or unhealthy eat as much or little as you like

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 6 days ago

      U literally have the best table manners 😂

  • Jayden Henrick
    Jayden Henrick 6 days ago +1

    Does this make anyone else hungry for a nice juicy steak?🥩 😎😂

  • José Mourinho
    José Mourinho 6 days ago

    Sairs needs leave his fuckin food alone

  • Hannah Scanlon
    Hannah Scanlon 6 days ago

    Love you Matt. I tend to follow a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Your humor and personality is incredible. Keep up the awesome videos. Watching from Australia 😊

  • Lukas Larsson
    Lukas Larsson 7 days ago

    do vegetarian

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 7 days ago

      love your videos your the best!

  • Ella smith
    Ella smith 7 days ago +3

    None of us are vegan to be healthy... we are vegan for the animals

  • Doublepump
    Doublepump 7 days ago

    Isn't it awkward to go outside place the camera turn it on then go inside and then come running outside again like bafoon?

  • Realty Stitch
    Realty Stitch 7 days ago


  • Imogen White
    Imogen White 7 days ago +2

    Hazlenut milk in coffee is the bessssst and for absolutely everything else oat milk is the winner.

  • SoakingPigeon3
    SoakingPigeon3 7 days ago

    Congrats!! England won the Cricket World Cup in one of the best world cup finals I have ever seen.

  • KhifieWestBodyBuilding x

    When it’s 8 minutes past 7 and there’s still not a new video from Matt......

  • Ben
    Ben 7 days ago

    Just placed an order on my protein using matt35 👍

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover 7 days ago

      Vegan food will not make u sick unless u really overeat bc it doesn’t have the animal harmones ect

  • Ziy4DP 71
    Ziy4DP 71 7 days ago

    Are you competing in logan Paul's event

  • CrazyPolishVEGAN
    CrazyPolishVEGAN 7 days ago

    Vegan 🌱💪❤️

  • Nikola
    Nikola 7 days ago +1

    30 year old man justifies not being vegan(but agreeing with the reason)because of taste and convince and 14 year old are doing if by themselves in a house/schools of non vegans/vegetarians. not hating but if you agree with the reasons there is nothing stopping you

  • Stephanie Kaye
    Stephanie Kaye 7 days ago

    U literally have the best table manners 😂

  • infernoAA Yt
    infernoAA Yt 7 days ago

    Do a video with living for 1 dollar for The Whole 24 hours

  • gamerlad 16
    gamerlad 16 7 days ago

    Do Logan Paul's Sprint challenge

  • Eloise Newman
    Eloise Newman 7 days ago

    If you ever are interested, Vivolife do I good range of vegan protein powders (25g per scoop)

  • Nigga Big Bird .I.
    Nigga Big Bird .I. 7 days ago

    Luca is the cutest kid I've seen on TheXvid no joke

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 7 days ago

    Just to say the apple cider vinegar is known to kill down fat very easily look up Sarah’s weight loss discovery its reallyyy good for u it will help lose weight

  • AliasAlias
    AliasAlias 7 days ago

    Ruin paleo diet? ;)

  • matthew cordeiro
    matthew cordeiro 7 days ago

    i dont usually like videos but u put a lot of effort in stuffing those leaves down ur throat so cheers mate

  • Cool Bersu
    Cool Bersu 7 days ago

    love your videos your the best!

  • Bodybuilder rocker zai Seymour

    Vegans =eyerole

  • Christie Marsh
    Christie Marsh 8 days ago

    This was amazing!! Been wanting you to do a vegan food challenge for the longest time and you came through😭🙏🏻
    Also, if anyone is interested in a vegan bodybuilder’s what I eat in a day, I would be so appreciative if you checked out my channel🙏🏻♥️

  • rick blair
    rick blair 8 days ago +1

    I would like to think that was the first time Matt ever stuffed a fistfull of cucmber into his mouth.

  • Dri
    Dri 8 days ago +1

    He got pit off by the ingredients in the mylk should look up whats in milk...

  • Tears of sadness
    Tears of sadness 8 days ago

    I am 25 years old. I am sick. My dream is to treat and be healthy. I ask you to help with a surgery of one million dollars. Help me. I am an orphan. I live only with my father and father. He does not work because he is old for anyone who wants to help me. I will give him the bank

  • Christina Glows
    Christina Glows 8 days ago

    As a vegan myself I love our lifestyle! So abundant

  • Crystal Johnson
    Crystal Johnson 8 days ago

    Vegan food will not make u sick unless u really overeat bc it doesn’t have the animal harmones ect

  • Erica Fernandes
    Erica Fernandes 8 days ago

    If you’re a fan of spicy food pls do 24 hours of eating nothing but spicy noodles or the spicy noodle challenge😂😛

  • Sam Kelly
    Sam Kelly 8 days ago

    Matt playing with his sausage...Nice one Matt :)

  • Caitlyn Aasman
    Caitlyn Aasman 8 days ago

    The acv is to react with the plant milk and act as a buttermilk replacement in the pancakes

  • lebartonne
    lebartonne 8 days ago

    Sairs is amazing. I love how she's totally unimpressed with all of your youtube passion.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 8 days ago

    Do you not realise that that the geezers who watch your vids only wanna watch your other half. You love yourself. Not that big eithef, just defined

    MK EXTRA 8 days ago

    Matt you eat so much, whats the reason of not getting that fat 😂 no hate luv

  • bobby Evans
    bobby Evans 8 days ago

    Is the chocolate vegan on the donut????

  • cottoncandyswirls :3

    I have high metabolism so even if i do eat alot...i gain a little but not alot XDD

  • Can we get 1000 subs with no vids ?

    Hobnobs are in fact vegan. And the chocolate ones are vegan too 🌱

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 8 days ago

    Just to say the apple cider vinegar is known to kill down fat very easily look up Sarah’s weight loss discovery its reallyyy good for u it will help lose weight

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 8 days ago

    Honeys not vegan

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 8 days ago

    Anyone else catch that lady staring at 1:20

  • Nigel Kievit
    Nigel Kievit 8 days ago

    It looks like you always have a arm pump. What is the secret?

  • Samuelson baker
    Samuelson baker 8 days ago

    He should be careful his son will take steroids too one day and it may well cut both their lives short .
    Just saying .

  • Unknown_X _Toxic
    Unknown_X _Toxic 8 days ago

    Ice is vegan because it’s water lol

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 8 days ago +1

    Getting enough of protein is maybe the last thing I have to struggle as a vegan 🤔

  • Sam Doddington
    Sam Doddington 8 days ago


  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 8 days ago

    Is it just me or was he he speaking really fast this video

  • Clo Lonsdale
    Clo Lonsdale 8 days ago

    Oreos aren’t even vegan are they?🤣

  • TheOnlyXP
    TheOnlyXP 8 days ago

    Do a sugar-free challenge

  • Yasmin Seah
    Yasmin Seah 8 days ago +1

    "fake coconut chocolate"
    dude, chocolate is vegan, it's probably real chocolate with coconut milk/cream instead of regular milk/cream

    • sowhat
      sowhat 6 days ago

      Some chocolate vegan but yea you don't need milk to call it chocolate that's like saying regular dark chocolate which is usually vegan is not chocolate. Makes no sense.

  • Ketocarbs
    Ketocarbs 8 days ago

    Avocados aren't 100% vegan. It's impossible to not have some kind of exploitation of nature to eat. You can only do your best.
    Not to mention that anything with palm oil is killing the rainforests and everything in them through deforestation.
    So where would you draw the line?

  • Wietsche Roetz
    Wietsche Roetz 8 days ago

    What's up with the adds in the vid?

  • Ahmed Boudjeltia
    Ahmed Boudjeltia 9 days ago

    I thought that the sausage was octopus

  • J G
    J G 9 days ago

    16:18 ah the old vegan shit-on-a-stick

  • JustAnotherLondoner
    JustAnotherLondoner 9 days ago

    There are special vegan milks marked as "barista" for your coffee. The ones that aren't barista are apparently shit 😂

  • jar
    jar 9 days ago

    dislike for pushing vegan propaganda. Plants do not contain Vitamin, A, b12, D, k2 and omega 3s

    • jar
      jar 7 days ago

      @Phoenix Conti no human population on earth has ever lived on a vegan diet yet we are told a vegan diet is healthy

    • Phoenix Conti
      Phoenix Conti 7 days ago

      You’re pushing propaganda 😂😂

  • Milica Vujović
    Milica Vujović 9 days ago

    It would be nice if you make challenges about eating food of certain color for 24 hours.
    I'm sure you will make it interesting.

    Edit: I watched this video when it was uploaded but youtube recommended it again .

  • Sethi77
    Sethi77 9 days ago +1

    Just to say the apple cider vinegar is known to kill down fat very easily look up Sarah’s weight loss discovery its reallyyy good for u it will help lose weight

  • Martin lyons
    Martin lyons 9 days ago

    Body builder- he’s got arms like a little girl- what goes on with these blokes under 6ft tall - body builder an idiot in a child’s t shirt- prick

  • Caro AP
    Caro AP 9 days ago

    I watch you from México your content is great and I love Luca’s intros :)

  • Arnold Willie
    Arnold Willie 9 days ago

    i swear you want to make us fat fucks lol...awesome video as usual

  • Heather Shea
    Heather Shea 9 days ago

    Love the metal straw Matt!!

  • Pikadrian
    Pikadrian 9 days ago

    I would’ve kept them donuts for myself haha

  • Saara H
    Saara H 9 days ago

    Getting enough of protein is maybe the last thing I have to struggle as a vegan 🤔

  • Earthling Lucy
    Earthling Lucy 9 days ago

    Just wanna say, did you track your protein with this challenge? I guarantee you got plenty, especially after eating THAT many calories..