Documentary 2016 | The Great Escape from Alcatraz Prison

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • On June 11, 1962, bank robbers Frank Morris and Clarence & John Anglin launched a patchwork, raincoat raft into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding
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    The men disappeared, leaving behind a cold case that has mystified law enforcement for over half-a-century. Now, three Dutch scientists have used 3D modeling technology to show that it may have been possible for the men to have survived. Putting their theory to the test, the Dutchmen are recreating the daring escape as closely to the original as possible, right down to launching their own raincoat raft into the bay. Will they make it through the treacherous waters to safety or be swept out to sea? And can they prove once and for all what happened to the escapees?
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Comments • 1 794

  • Dionelline Peda
    Dionelline Peda Day ago +1

    who’s with me? April 2019

    • Commander Oh yeah yeah
      Commander Oh yeah yeah 12 hours ago

      Dionelline Peda me bc im bored and staying up all night watching this shit boo😂😭

  • zarcon42
    zarcon42 2 days ago

    No ever thinks that they had a boat wating? Most plausable answer IMO.

  • Dieudonné Kwizera
    Dieudonné Kwizera 2 days ago

    If they weren't criminals,they could have been the best military soldiers.Only soldiers can succeed an operation like this

  • Chriss Young
    Chriss Young 3 days ago

    I really think they had someone pick them up in a boat they made it...

  • Bobbie
    Bobbie 5 days ago

    1:27 dayumn!

  • bouyant
    bouyant 7 days ago

    it just seems to me... if I were in my twenties or thirties and freedom was THAT close, you could bet I would swim hard for what?? how long would it take to swim 2oo yards? granted hypothermia is a real contender for winning but.... freedom would not just give in... & loose easily. But what do I know.. I'm an armchair viewer.
    (initially, they would have started out paddling like mad.. not one stroke by one guy, dee dee dee dee hum.. just my THINKING)

  • Dan Mikolajczyk
    Dan Mikolajczyk 8 days ago +1

    I sure am disappointed with the amount of effort those guys put into their mock escape. They should've all paddled like their lives depended on it.

  • Simply Blue23
    Simply Blue23 8 days ago

    Let’s all thanks a couple seconds and think that they escaped with spoons😑🤔

  • Nikolaos Peterson
    Nikolaos Peterson 8 days ago

    Had it not been for this one disgusting Sokagakkai (NSA at that time) arsehole in Boston that one with the white T-shirt would have been me!

  • Mr602
    Mr602 9 days ago +3

    With adrenaline anyone is cable of anything in almost any situation

  • breakupboss
    breakupboss 9 days ago +2

    How would the inmates know anything about the currents?

  • Vaniza Arcamo
    Vaniza Arcamo 9 days ago +13

    Shared post on Facebook brought me here. April 2019, anyone?

  • bigbigBULKY tortoise
    bigbigBULKY tortoise 10 days ago

    Poor Allen West

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez 11 days ago

    they died in the water no doubt in my mind

  • Resin Boi
    Resin Boi 11 days ago

    Hey thoughts any one the book glue is that the silicone stuff for the spine of a book if so wouldn't that plus stichin be even better

  • denden Sui
    denden Sui 11 days ago +1

    Someone in Facebook.posted about her tour in this I remembered the Escape plan movie of Jason Statham 🍇

  • KM Soledad
    KM Soledad 11 days ago

    Where did they get the dummy head? lol

  • John Patterson
    John Patterson 13 days ago

    I’ve heard they used the guards’s ferry leaving the island to use a rope to hook on to the ferry for their transportation across the bay ?

    • John Patterson
      John Patterson 13 days ago

      The prisoners would know more about the guard changes ; NOT the bay currents !

    • John Patterson
      John Patterson 13 days ago

      The ferry theory sounds better than the current. The prisoners would have more information about the guards leaving the house island!!

  • Ben Natsumi
    Ben Natsumi 13 days ago +6

    Why criminals are so handsome? Damn.

  • Tin Balabagan
    Tin Balabagan 13 days ago +10

    morris probably smirking while watching this documentary..😁

  • CK Manayan
    CK Manayan 13 days ago

    I think Prison Break is inspired by this escape. They also digged holes in their cells and like Michael Scofield in the show, Frank Morris is also a bank robber and has and the highest I.Q and their skills? Are also the same. Mechanical draftsman and blue printman for Frank Morris and Michael is a Strcutural Engineer. Wow!

  • Johan Matthew
    Johan Matthew 13 days ago


  • Iamdbat At night
    Iamdbat At night 14 days ago

    Could there have been a boat waiting for them I Wonder?

    LISA KILLED THIS LOVE 14 days ago

    I feel like I'm watching a horror movie. I was scared throughout. Am I the only one?

  • gene gav
    gene gav 14 days ago

    It's very interesting...studies!!!

  • Graygray Gray
    Graygray Gray 14 days ago +8

    Inside job the wardens have connections with inmate. Simple

  • Snakewind
    Snakewind 14 days ago

    Mythbusters did it first.

  • ben jarmin
    ben jarmin 14 days ago

    They paddled like soft bitches

  • aqua rius
    aqua rius 14 days ago

    They are probably alive, im excited for the part 2 of the documentary..

  • Yam 2017
    Yam 2017 14 days ago +25

    Watching while reading comments 🤔

  • Roden Gaviola
    Roden Gaviola 14 days ago +11

    Ganito ka dami pumunta dito dahil sa FB post.

  • Singularity is my Queen

    Is this the one on buzzfeed unsolved?

  • Johnna Wargo
    Johnna Wargo 15 days ago

    Weren't there 5 guys?

  • Xyn Drome
    Xyn Drome 15 days ago +8

    The man behind of the Alcatraz escape is the vlogger of this video, he discuss this to trick us. 😂✌

  • Zoro Roronoa
    Zoro Roronoa 15 days ago +1

    Is this the real impel down??

  • Christian Dave de Chavez
    Christian Dave de Chavez 15 days ago +5

    Facebook brought me here

  • Jake Portch
    Jake Portch 15 days ago +2

    Those 1k dislikes are the guards 😱

  • low keyy
    low keyy 15 days ago

    Damn I can't even imagine how hard this must have been being the people escaping that's a long ass way to paddle

  • Maraya
    Maraya 15 days ago +139

    Watching 2019 - thanks to that shared post (FB)

  • JR Rosalez
    JR Rosalez 18 days ago

    Clint Eastwood rocks!!!

  • Kennedy Sinclair
    Kennedy Sinclair 18 days ago

    Guys in the back: can't paddle g don't want to get wet. Those prisoners died for sure.

  • OverAchiever 4
    OverAchiever 4 18 days ago +1

    I think the powerful message here is that they could have easily killed a warden with one of those files or a tool, yet they chose to carry on an escape. I mean killing someone might cause alarm, but you could take the gun and the keys off the body

    SKINNYDUDE15 xv 19 days ago

    Block ops 4 anyot

  • Lady Jama
    Lady Jama 21 day ago

    These three are their sons telling the story

  • Chhan The Man
    Chhan The Man 21 day ago +1

    Who else is here because of Cod black out lol

  • Rick Drysdale
    Rick Drysdale 21 day ago

    One thing the producers of these things seem to forget. If I can't understand the dialogue I will not stay and watch it.

  • nathanflngn
    nathanflngn 22 days ago +1

    The guys who escaped are prob sitting there watching these documentaries thinking "you know what that's close" 😅🤣

  • Sadique Yakubu
    Sadique Yakubu 22 days ago +5

    Try and put yourself into their shoes and feel their desperations. Life always finds a way from unsuitable situations.

  • Sadique Yakubu
    Sadique Yakubu 22 days ago +2

    The background music is 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤨

  • Co2112
    Co2112 22 days ago

    The main difference is the guys who tried had too make it or die. Most likely died but human survival may have pushed them over the hump I hope so 50 yards is not that much.

  • Kpex2016
    Kpex2016 22 days ago

    Horse shit. They made the raft. Got in the water. Raft failed. They got swept out to sea . Sharks got them . They died. End of story.

  • Prajapati Manvendra
    Prajapati Manvendra 22 days ago

    Waste of money and

  • Bishal Gautam
    Bishal Gautam 22 days ago +1

    Those who escape from there, or anyone who knows escapee, ...

    you are kindly requested to explain to the great audience- how the hell that happen !!!

  • Neil Brennan
    Neil Brennan 22 days ago

    To not be heard of ever again is saying 3 criminals actually didn't commit in more crimes after escaping says to me they never made it not saying that didn't make it its just to never contact any family ever again is beyond me hope they did but somehow I don't think so

  • Last Knight
    Last Knight 22 days ago

    Maybe they became D B Cooper....

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 23 days ago

    Like a boat didn't pick them up ffs an I the only human alive with any self thinking power left ffs wake up you stupid humans.

  • Benz King
    Benz King 23 days ago +1

    I committed to wasting 55min of my day today on this vid but good thing i woke up at 12min im out this is pointless

  • Christopher
    Christopher 24 days ago

    Nick Diaz has done it three times... easy

  • Carl Wise
    Carl Wise 24 days ago +54

    What you can't replicate is the passion to be free.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 24 days ago

    yo ye ya

  • l maille
    l maille 24 days ago

    FFS!, why when you are describing something, do you not show that effing thing? I don't want to see the frigging person speaking, I want to see the frigging thing they are talking about! FFS!

  • TJ Kilmer
    TJ Kilmer 25 days ago

    If they were planning on heading to angel island the big push north would have been before the channel narrows so they probably made it , plus with everything they had they probably could have sailed out to see and landed on the beach

  • Pierre Roberge
    Pierre Roberge 25 days ago

    West was left behind (he underestimated the size of the escape hole)....there were only 2 people in the raft...not 3.

    • Jordan Martini
      Jordan Martini 20 days ago

      No there were 3 Frank and the 2 brothers . It's true West was left behind but there were still 3 men

  • Perla Janeth
    Perla Janeth 26 days ago

    The marshalls are still looking for them cause they think that these men made it....

  • Dave Ridlespriger 2
    Dave Ridlespriger 2 26 days ago

    Fuck whodini ???

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall 26 days ago

    Didn't someone say one of them was spotted years later

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall 26 days ago

    They made it

  • The Problem
    The Problem 26 days ago


  • Jonathan farias
    Jonathan farias 26 days ago

    Who did this person a myth busters or this documentary because The myth busters made it

  • the conquering truck driver Can/USA

    Good watch

  • SirDarkon IF
    SirDarkon IF 27 days ago

    Didnt Mythbuster already do an experiment that it is possible to escape.

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate 27 days ago

    Did ma man say "I make glittery elves"?

  • Zeebra Tamer
    Zeebra Tamer 27 days ago +7

    is it possible they were picked up by a boat or had a boat waiting for them somewhere? has that theory ever been looked into? i have a feeling they made it.

  • fanobennemsi
    fanobennemsi 28 days ago

    They never find me, myself, and mini-me. LOL. A cool test they did. Congratulations, guys!

  • ExoticYZ
    ExoticYZ 28 days ago +2

    My Assumption Is That They Jumped Out Of The Raft And Hopped On To A Nearby Boat That Would Explain The Raft Washing Up On Shore Then They Probably Sailed Off,

  • ExoticYZ
    ExoticYZ 28 days ago

    Imagine Alcatraz In 2019 😮

  • Captain H
    Captain H 28 days ago

    There are so many variables when it comes to what the actual conditions were. It's very possible they could have made it with some luck.

  • Ev Sev
    Ev Sev 29 days ago


  • Brian O'Neil
    Brian O'Neil 29 days ago

    What if they jumped out and swam the last 200 meters? Too cold?

  • Rolo Bart
    Rolo Bart 29 days ago

    Very good documentary and well worth watching. The only things i would contest is the fitness of the prisoners including diet and the desire to go free. Dont forget, they were all long term prisoners and as the saying went, you never leave the rock on your feet, or something like that. Very good doc, thankyou very much.

  • Jonesey Default
    Jonesey Default Month ago +1

    So they’re the 3 bodies i found in the beach last year...

  • Diana Prince
    Diana Prince Month ago

    wow, great to find this documentary, hoping for a good ending!

  • Ali Hackalife
    Ali Hackalife Month ago

    the cgp gray tshirt :3

    THE GUARDIAN Month ago +3

    This has already been proven by U.S.Marshals.....They lived to a ripe old age and have passed away.
    Check out the true story.

  • ronaldo Duran
    ronaldo Duran Month ago

    Those escapes weren't hero's, never were hero's, aren't hero's, and never will be hero's.

  • Namo Again Jai Hind

    They were untraceable after they escaped!!!! Seems got shot dead

  • Greenish
    Greenish Month ago

    Marshal Dyke. Beautiful Name

  • Huggo Weaver
    Huggo Weaver Month ago +2

    I 💯 percent believe that they survived.. 3 men and they didn't find atleast one of their bodies?
    I've also heard that depending what time they actually left in the night could determine whether they survived or not..
    Their stuff washed up on shore yeah but out of 3 bodies.. 3 whole bodies they didn't find anything!
    Clearly escaped!

  • Jeff Cesnik
    Jeff Cesnik Month ago

    i think they escaped they were strong enough to make it.

  • Mr. Ponce
    Mr. Ponce Month ago

    I fell like the three people trying to know what happened was the three people that escaped

  • Milton Holley
    Milton Holley Month ago

    This test was flawed" these 2 candy asses and one lard candy CANDY ASS" can't compare to hardern CRIMINALS fighting for there freedom an Life"

  • Kunal Roy
    Kunal Roy Month ago

    They still alive?

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK Month ago

    Dude that’s stupid.
    They could have made it let alone if they were escaping and their lives depended on it.
    They would have made it.
    They could have & would have even jumped in and swam the last bit if they had to and also even if 1 Guy was paddling they could of switched spots and took turns paddling which would have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE.
    Those Guys made it.
    Trust me.
    If I could get that close I would make it.
    If you are locd out enough to make that escape from The Rock then you would have made that last bit to shore
    for sure.

  • KingsWorld2015
    KingsWorld2015 Month ago +4

    ”That's one of the benefits of alcatraz, you have plenty of time to practise!” - the warden. LOL

  • xiomy quintanar
    xiomy quintanar Month ago

    Devils Island..Dooo..OoO

  • KingsWorld2015
    KingsWorld2015 Month ago +4

    LOL - Morris was a good looking fella, model material!

  • c6gav
    c6gav Month ago +2

    Didn't the FBI find evidence of them being on Angel Island..?

  • Big Changes
    Big Changes Month ago +3

    there are three escaped prisoners and three scientist....coincidence?

  • rambo Alweher
    rambo Alweher Month ago +1

    I wonder how they made it

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Month ago +1

    At least Mythbusters did it