Documentary 2016 | The Great Escape from Alcatraz Prison

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • On June 11, 1962, bank robbers Frank Morris and Clarence & John Anglin launched a patchwork, raincoat raft into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding
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    The men disappeared, leaving behind a cold case that has mystified law enforcement for over half-a-century. Now, three Dutch scientists have used 3D modeling technology to show that it may have been possible for the men to have survived. Putting their theory to the test, the Dutchmen are recreating the daring escape as closely to the original as possible, right down to launching their own raincoat raft into the bay. Will they make it through the treacherous waters to safety or be swept out to sea? And can they prove once and for all what happened to the escapees?
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  • john doe
    john doe 45 minutes ago

    They robbed the federal reserve. That's not a crime as far as I'm concerned. The federal reserve rubs you bind everday. I hope they escaped and survived.

  • TheThirdMan
    TheThirdMan 13 hours ago

    The problem with this documentary is that they are trying to find a way they _might_ have made it to shore, using the most modern and scientific tools available. Morris and the Anglins didn't have that level of information available to them. They might have known the tides but there is no way they could have known what the currents were like and what was the best and worst direction to go. They _couldn't_ have known about Horseshoe Bay. Building the raft and the life jackets, making the holes, making the dummy heads and getting out of the building was easy by comparison with what was ahead of them once they got to the water. Anyone who has ever done any sailing in bays or oceans will tell you that unless you know precisely what you are doing and have the ability to make back up choices, the chances of dying are good. There was a boat lost at the exit to San Francisco Bay a few years ago, with a number of fatalities and that was a much, much more seaworthy vessel than what these guys were dealing with.
    The only successful escape from Alcatraz by water was John Paul Scott, who went in a completely different direction from the others. He swam towards the city. He was found injured and exhausted on the rocks under the Golden Gate bridge. Alcatraz had another trick up her sleeve - hot showers. It's one the of the things they tell you about when you visit. The water of San Francisco Bay are very cold and the men would have struggled with cold water shock syndrome, drastically weakening them and further reducing their chances of success. I know what that's like because I've done ocean swims (Pier to Pub, Lorne, Australia).
    I am a pretty experienced sailor and I have been to the Rock. I will only concede that survival was mathematically possible. But that is a very, very different thing from a successful escape. _EVERYBODY_ underestimates the difficulties of something like this. I will agree it was possible but I would give them about a one in ten thousand chance of success. But you can't hold onto those kinds of odds and construct a successful escape attempt. Life is not like that.

  • Jr Weedzzz
    Jr Weedzzz 23 hours ago

    Maybe, somwhere, the 3 escapes watching at their house while eating taco bells

  • Joan Mezzacappa
    Joan Mezzacappa Day ago

    they only had 1 person paddling!!! if all 3 paddled, they would have made it for sure

  • Krayakin
    Krayakin Day ago

    Bunch of nerds in a boat. Bet the crims worked out also were fit and strong and all paddled. They made it. Nerds got tired.

  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz Day ago

    Its in another documentary they made it and got killed by a guy

  • Sara Gerlock
    Sara Gerlock Day ago

    But on their death bed.. You gottttaa say IT WAS ME right!? You HAVE to..
    Ehh they were all probably old as hell with different names and dementia... No-one would have believed them anyway

  • Scot Fenn
    Scot Fenn 2 days ago

    I hope you guys understand your little experiment meant nothing. OMG

  • Justin Threadgould
    Justin Threadgould 2 days ago

    Put it in Olivier Hoes

  • MACK D
    MACK D 2 days ago

    US Marshall, Mike dyke is still searching for these guys? Lol

  • Michael Wooldridge
    Michael Wooldridge 2 days ago

    What happens when you have 3 Europeans conduct as an experiment of Americans trying to escape prison. All 3 prisoners would have been paddling and blowing, no doubt.

  • Xoxo 262
    Xoxo 262 3 days ago

    Criminals are not heroes...

  • Ramesh Kanishka
    Ramesh Kanishka 3 days ago +1

    didnt any of the prison guards smelled the glue?

  • sean marshall
    sean marshall 3 days ago

    Great documentary, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, there are several factors which they failed to consider. The first was the possibility that the men were towed across the bay by the prison launch which departed the rock at 12:10 AM. Prison officials could not account for a missing 100ft length of electrical cable which would have been ideal for the job. The departure time of the launch fits their probable escape window. Another factor that this show overlooks is that they had adapted an accordion to use as an air pump. Which was located. These men were meticulous to a fault. Their ingenuity comes across in every aspect of this story. They didn't plan the escape so thoroughly to simply leave their fate to a tide. In fact, they may well have had outside help in getting to Angel Island. Where, according to a long secret FBI intra-agency memo which has only recently been made public, a raft was found, with three sets of footprints leading away from it. Additional evidence exists that indicates a boat was spotted acting suspiciously at the time in question by an off-duty police officer. It may well have helped them complete their escape. Amazing what these men accomplished. After reviewing the evidence - some of which is truly remarkable, I am now convinced that they made it.

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk66 3 days ago

    the sea levels are not rising, I live next to the sea, it is in the same place it was 50 years ago

  • Kayla
    Kayla 3 days ago

    For the people think they died if they were all wearing life vests and got pulled out sea how did the life vests end up at Angel Island

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P 4 days ago

    Lmao those guys are pathetic, you're gonna paddle hard for as long as possible when your life depends on it, they look scared.. not once did this video mention the other raff that was on the roof for the 4th guy or the boat that was reported seen out there, if they did make land fall you think you drug the boat in to town with them?

  • Scott Davidson
    Scott Davidson 4 days ago

    Their all dead.

  • Gabriel sotelo
    Gabriel sotelo 4 days ago

    Let the glue dry right

  • Shut up Idiot
    Shut up Idiot 4 days ago

    Legend says they flew across the sea..

  • Benjam Mo
    Benjam Mo 4 days ago

    I think they made it... one they would have been in good shape working at the prison and two they were scared for their lives all three would have been paddling two with oars the other probably with his hands... this show showed one guy paddling if it were two on the show that probably would have been enough even without imminant danger of dying.

  • Sauer Sig
    Sauer Sig 4 days ago

    Find them and give them medals. Nothing is impossible to these 3 men.

  • Jonathan Nilsen
    Jonathan Nilsen 4 days ago

    personal affects left behind to look like they came up short. if ur escaping u will eventually be re united y keep photos? better to leave them for police to think u drowned

  • Jonathan Nilsen
    Jonathan Nilsen 4 days ago

    proof that every generations weaker than the previous one. prisoners would of been in better shape and would of all been paddeling. the recreation is w out of shape men that lack the fear of capture.

  • Michael Truhett
    Michael Truhett 5 days ago

    I watched a program where it showed proof positive that they made it. They actually tied the raft to the back of one of the boats the guards took to go ashore at midnight every night. Not sure why, but anyway they knew this as I’m sure everyone there knew it. Anyway, it was dark, the guards obviously aren’t looking for a raft behind them. Why would they? So they went about half way across, released the rope and paddled to a boat that was sitting there waiting for them. As someone mentioned earlier, an off duty guard saw a boat all by itself just sitting there. Anyway, after they got on the boat they were gone for good. There was no mention of what happened to Frank Morris, but the Anglin brothers, probably not spelled right, but the two brothers made it to Brazil I believe it was and they were farmers there until they died of old age. They learned this by examining the writing on Christmas cards and such to the brothers writing that they had on file. The cards had been sent to their family members back in the states. By the time they learned all this the brothers had already passed away so there was no reason to try and hide the cards from the authorities. Just as a side note, if they hadn’t made it and died in the frigid water, I would think at least one body would’ve been recovered. Anyway, I truly believe those guys made it. As someone else pointed out earlier, if a human being makes it, it will fail. It’ll sink, it won’t hold, it’ll stop flying, whatever and so it goes with Alcatraz. It obviously wasn’t escape proof.

  • Chris Gage
    Chris Gage 5 days ago

    They had multiple weeks to reinforce their raft which you didnt, which would lead to more men paddling than blowing. To get the full effect you would have to duplicate it exactly. I believe they made it and started a new life

  • Charles Fitch
    Charles Fitch 5 days ago

    maybe they left the back side of Alcatraz instead of where people think they got in.

  • Si TheBugGuy
    Si TheBugGuy 6 days ago

    (46:29) is the actually raft launch. I watched most of it. pretty cool.

  • Caleb Williford
    Caleb Williford 6 days ago

    0:46 Allof Yourhoes😂

  • Suppergillow
    Suppergillow 6 days ago

    I love carrots 🥕

  • markymarc b
    markymarc b 6 days ago

    Unless they had a boat waiting for them nearby, I see no conceivable way how they survived. It was a cold drizzly night and early morning....this intensifies the coldness of the water. For them to sit and wade in the water until a passing boat came by for them to hitch a ride. I mean, I don't think they paddled aimlessly into the night. I'm sure they had a gameplan. But for them to make a break for it, and swim in that freezing water with clothes on, thus making it all the more colder....I'm gonna say, they had about less than 20 minutes to catch a boat/swim to a boat.

  • Salvador Rrapi
    Salvador Rrapi 6 days ago

    Who pays these people

  • barry waite
    barry waite 6 days ago

    There's a picture of the clarance brothers sent to a aunt of theres and the resembles is unbelievable

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts 6 days ago

    so we are still paying some marshall to work this case? Yeah we got money for the wall then

  • Omertha Davos
    Omertha Davos 6 days ago

    The start sounds like emenim rap god

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero 6 days ago

    my theory is that they paddled to angel island since It was closer and they had a boat waiting for them and took them to Asia and went into hiding so they did make it for sure. but that's just my opinion.

  • Ameer Ullah
    Ameer Ullah 6 days ago

    I dont think they made it, potentially or even scientifically impossible to survive for almost two hours minimum in the fridges waters. Impossible,''''''' fools still would believe though....i am not ready to believe this raincoat boat story.... completely bust story

  • Drunken FPV
    Drunken FPV 6 days ago

    They never took into account any cross wind that may of helped

  • Drunken FPV
    Drunken FPV 6 days ago

    Putting aside the fact that these guys are dead by now, if they came out of the wood work for interviews or just a single interview, do you think they would get a pardon or thrown back inside?

    • onlyfacts
      onlyfacts 6 days ago

      They should go back murderers get life

  • e ma
    e ma 6 days ago

    They definitely made it

  • e ma
    e ma 6 days ago

    If they are dead wouldn’t there bodies show up somewhere?

  • Joseph Banke
    Joseph Banke 6 days ago

    Who else watching this video had been to Alcatraz?

  • Wild9066
    Wild9066 7 days ago

    They barely broke sweat in the raft before giving up! Piss poor effort.

  • leica g
    leica g 7 days ago

    If the made it the deserve to be free,I think the did. in this reconstruction the one man paddeling was a mistake .

  • MrBiggie7979
    MrBiggie7979 7 days ago

    A 9, I repeat, a NINE YR OLD CHILD, just swimming, completed this run and ppl still debate about grown men with equipment that MIGHT have worked. They made it and ran low which was easy back then. Think about it- if illegals can do it NOW, how hard could it have been? LOL

  • Leslie Ann-Elizabeth Holmes

    I believe they got away made it to land and ran , if a 16 year old girl can swim 5 hours in lake Ontario I am pretty sure they could have done that; For evidences of survival People have witnessed these exact men a couple of years after the escape, There are pictures of the men together on some guys farm after they're escape , one of the family members of the men has an old postcard dating a couple of months to a year after the big escape I don't think they drowned at all if anything they died of old age while on the run !!!!!

  • Zebra88
    Zebra88 8 days ago

    They survived. I picked them up on the other side and they stayed with me for a few weeks before renting a car and heading down to Mexico. lol. Just kidding.

  • vinny lu4
    vinny lu4 9 days ago

    all that effort just to get out of the prison .before even getting in the water..if you made it that far and got into the water you best believe they made it..when everything was riding on it..adrenaline fuelled.if me and my friends were in their situation and made it to the water I know we would of did everything to make it across..failure just wouldn't happen that far into the them circumstances you'd be virtually unstoppable

  • p 4
    p 4 9 days ago

    climate change

  • America 81
    America 81 9 days ago

    Sometimes Prison life will cage you no reason for it , i like this paper uglyness resolve .

  • ilovemyskittlesbaby
    ilovemyskittlesbaby 9 days ago

    All these comments were typed by Capitan obvious.

  • Nani Mendell
    Nani Mendell 9 days ago +1

    According to me they are cleverer than a lot of people. Who could think that? Or who could paint fake head in prison?

  • Kevinohanlon
    Kevinohanlon 9 days ago

    One of them was filmed being taken by a

  • Malidian Gamer
    Malidian Gamer 9 days ago +1

    So three people count fit but what about the fourth member who didn’t get there in time?

  • Warden Of Superjail
    Warden Of Superjail 10 days ago

    I'll be taking notes!

  • mike edwards
    mike edwards 10 days ago

    And I also believe that the men that excaped were probably in better shape.. And have something to fight for.. Freedom

  • Jose Bustamante
    Jose Bustamante 10 days ago

    How stupid they got ozama but they can’t get three fugitive lol 😂

  • WrestleFan1993
    WrestleFan1993 10 days ago

    The fact that hundreds of swimmers complete this feat annually in the exact same waters in the exact same location of San Fran bay, without rafts or life coats, completely dismisses their arguments. Not to mention these are prison inmates of 1950s America. By and large, you we're in very good physical shape prime for hard labor. The inmates also had the looming threat of imminent death, a nationwide search, and adrenaline pumping through their veins. The scientists shared NONE of these characteristics while "simulating" an escape attempt. It's actually kind of insulting to the viewers intelligence to expect these out of shape scientists to depict an accurate simulation...

  • Christine
    Christine 10 days ago

    How did they get through the barbed Wire?? Let alone get the raft through it? Any ideas appreciated. Also, Gosh, the people calling these guys fat!! Just relax, it was an experiment and it provided a lot of cool information, so leave it at that. If everyone could just stop hating on everyone else, that would be great.

  • Om Vishanagra
    Om Vishanagra 11 days ago

    They need some flex tape

  • Iho De puta
    Iho De puta 11 days ago

    That fat guy wont survive even pillow fight.🤣🤣🤣stupid.they're smarter than you idiots

    ISIUS 12 days ago

    With all due respect, these three guys are like “mama’boys”, Keep in mind that these men who escaped were hardened-by-life desperados; and most of all: they had the required motivation to built up excessive amount of adrenaline... In the 90’, I met a girl in San Diego who told me that her grand-pa was one of the three guys who’d escaped from Alcatraz. She also told me that their escape had been so extraordinarily an ordeal, that when caught by the FBI, the US government decided to let them be free men, by giving them new identities. Why would she have told me that, if wasn’t true... I’ve never betrayed her by revealing to the press who she was.

  • titti1506
    titti1506 12 days ago

    Actually this doc is not update: due to the relatives collaboration FBI find out then three guys managed to escape hang out to the boat used for guard change . Nephews gave to the authoryties a photo showing the Anglin Brothers in Brasil in 1975. The mistery is actually solved. There were alive until 2008/2011 Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris , and almost until 2013 John Anglin (He send a letter to the Richmond Police asking to return without punishment to cure himself, he was terminal for cancer ill)

  • Keto Hans
    Keto Hans 12 days ago +1


  • Wxndrx
    Wxndrx 12 days ago

    They escaped, drowned, and turned into zombies...

  • Rollin Rocker
    Rollin Rocker 13 days ago +2

    A boat picked them up before they even got to Horse shoe bay

  • Damari Holland
    Damari Holland 13 days ago +3

    this is scary

  • The Magician
    The Magician 13 days ago +1

    I like the Clint Eastwood movie about this.

  • JOE
    JOE 13 days ago +2

    These dutch men are wimps, the real escapees probably where a lot stronger

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    9:03...SEA MONSTER !


    My heart says they made it, but my head says they drowned🤷🏻‍♂️

  • SP FromNY914
    SP FromNY914 15 days ago

    Y'all motherfuckers are REALLY DUMB If you think they DIDN'T Escape!!! The OBJECTIVE is to LAY LOW and NEVER be seen again!

  • RangerPuff
    RangerPuff 15 days ago

    Why didn't the flotsam wash out to sea as was suspected happened to the escapees? If the current was that strong, it should have washed out to sea as well.

  • Sunny Kumar
    Sunny Kumar 15 days ago


  • joshua burrus
    joshua burrus 15 days ago

    the guy that made the homemade wrench literally just took the hande off a wrench and put a wooden block for the handle lmao. these guys are idiots. this what happens when some people that never done time and just sits in a office all dy trys to debunk a prison break. what a joke. get some inmates to try it, theyll show you how they did it

  • unknown
    unknown 15 days ago +1

    The actual story is that one of the brothers new people that could bring a boat out on the night of June 11th, 1962. A guard on that night said at around 11:45pm, he saw a boat stop in the middle of the bay for a short peridot of time and take off past the bridge. Morris’s cousin said he had seen him face to face. The Anglin brothers visited their mothers house one night which she told us that she saw them. Admit it Alcatraz, they out smarted you. Now let them be if they are alive (which I doubt).

  • simon templar
    simon templar 15 days ago

    I've been always fascinated by this case, i've seen every documentary out there, THEY MADE IT, there s absolutely no doubt in my mind, You need to watch the new documentary with new evidence in youtube it's called: "Alcatraz Breakout New Evidence" this documentary here that like most are, from FBI accounts on what happened. The fbi was so embarrassed with the evidence they found that they putted it away, they hid it in boxes and came up with a bunch of lies. After 20 yrs. the case was turned over from the fbi to us marshalls, 1000s of photos, documents, tools, etc in boxes that filled a minivan, it landed in deputy agent Michael Dyke and what he found blew his mind, he found several documents buried in on of the boxes, written and signed by the fbi agents that search angel island and a police report as well, now HE IS 100% convinced that at least 2 of them made it. The fbi stated that no raft were ever recovered, NOT TRUE, they also said that no cars were reported stolen that night in the area, as that was their plan, NOT TRUE. Agent Dyke found a signed report from the fbi agent in charge of searching angel island the next day stating that they DID FIND the raft with foot print stepping away, he also found the police report of a stolen car within a mile of angel island that very night. the fbi was just too embarrassed to admit it and they lied about it.

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin 16 days ago

    I took a shit at Alcatraz December 27, 2018

  • Klarald Blok
    Klarald Blok 16 days ago

    those other dudes are just chilling for their lives...

  • Stan wedle
    Stan wedle 16 days ago

    Why did the test guys even bring another paddle it wasn't used. Plus they weren't desperate and fighting for their lives.

  • Damien Johnson
    Damien Johnson 16 days ago

    Wow no comment Love but sharks I use that saying for joke's.. while in a halt with my family..

  • Sudsy Sutherland
    Sudsy Sutherland 16 days ago

    There was a letter that was sent to someone to do with the Alcatraz Prison a few years back from one of the supposidley escaped prisoners saying that he is alive & well living some where in the States but I can’t remember if he said if the other 2 had made it. But who knows if this letter was real or not? This guy would be well into his 80’s or 90’s at least by now, I seen this on the Detroit news. It would be cool if this man would come forward to the authorities & go on some type of talk show to talk about their escape & making some kind of deal with authorities that they don’t punish him again because I think he’s done his time even if he did escape with having to lay very low all these years. He might have changed his name & blended right back into society & worked some where all these years but I guess well never know unless he actually comes forward or when he passes away he leaves a note or video & leaves it with a girl friend/wife or Family member or close friend. But I think it’s going to go down in History as a complete mystery with many theories of what happened just like the Jimmy Hoffa incident & theories.

  • Kowboy USA
    Kowboy USA 16 days ago

    There's no possible way those present day nerd boys could ever replicate physical feats within reach of a couple early 1960s American farm boys and a fella who basically grew up surviving the hardcore conditions within US reform schools and prisons systems of 1940s and '50s. Jus' sayin'.

  • John Knighton
    John Knighton 16 days ago +1

    That is a perfect absolutely perfect place for Trump and Trump's family to have their new home at

  • John Cottrill
    John Cottrill 16 days ago +1

    maybe your suppose to grip the tube between your teeth and breathe through your nose exhale out your mouth and everyone rows

  • Shane Kuchler
    Shane Kuchler 16 days ago

    The Mythbusters made it to horseshoe bay with no problems and their raft had no leaks, they even used the exact same tools the convicts used. These dudes definitely can not hold a candle to the Mythbusters

  • ysn1024
    ysn1024 17 days ago +1

    I'm sure at least one of them is still alive and the story will be published after his death, since they still wanted.

  • Peter Gibson
    Peter Gibson 17 days ago

    Even if you are a champion Olympic swimmer always fear the ocean.
    The ocean will swallow you up and you will never be seen again.
    Food for the sharks.

  • Cole Chandler
    Cole Chandler 17 days ago

    Maybe they fabricated a sail and used the wind to take them across and the paddles were just for backup in case there was no wind.

  • Josh1991
    Josh1991 17 days ago

    3:12 jackfrag?

  • Logan Mounteer
    Logan Mounteer 17 days ago

    Only reason i even saw this is because of mob of the dead, anybody else

  • Legit Fox
    Legit Fox 17 days ago

    How do you not know they were not pick up on a boat by a friend when they were 1/3 away from the Golden Great Bridge?

  • Cisco 0079
    Cisco 0079 18 days ago

    Even if they made it they are probably dead by now.

  • john plaid
    john plaid 19 days ago

    I remember the day Morris and the Anglin brothers escaped. Everybody was afraid. I lived close to San Francisco. But it seems to me that Morrris and the Anglin brothers were very smart and ambitious people who were never given a chance in life to succeed. And we all want a chance. Why would Morris and the brothers Anglin escape and paddle to shore without a concrete plan? I think a boat picked them up. If not then they drowned and were carried out past The Golden Gate.

  • Jessica swart
    Jessica swart 19 days ago

    there is also the fact that they could have all been inflating while paddling and it would work much better.

  • Arlene Bond
    Arlene Bond 19 days ago

    Proof they made it came out

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 19 days ago

    What if they just made all that shit for evidence and just let it out to get lost so they wouldn’t track them while they had a different exit

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy 20 days ago

    These idiots wouldn't have escaped. You have to fold the seams before gluing, can't watch any further, they're doomed to failure.

  • Jeremiah Berry
    Jeremiah Berry 20 days ago

    I think they were smart men. But didn't know a ton about ocean navigation. I think they got confronted with an issue they never figured on happening. The issue would have been, the invisible current wall of water. Possible one may have commited suicide.

  • Adrian Kingdon
    Adrian Kingdon 20 days ago

    Hardly an appropriate time to play the accordion