HIGHLIGHTS | Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea | Premier League | 11th August 2019

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Manchester United inflicted a harsh lesson on Frank Lampard in his first Premier League assignment as Chelsea manager with a 4-0 victory at Old Trafford on Super Sunday.
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Comments • 2 585

  • rip kobe
    rip kobe Day ago


  • bIgCeNa
    bIgCeNa Day ago +1

    Look at the enjoyment and merriment of ole and the crowd

  • Hayabusa
    Hayabusa 3 days ago

    Not a 4-0 game according to Frank....

  • Sam Mulholland
    Sam Mulholland 4 days ago

    Especially for the first goal, look at everyone on their phones 😂 it’s a shame these ‘fans’ can’t feel the true emotions of the game

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan 5 days ago

    Performance like this will slap rn

  • M R R
    M R R 6 days ago +1

    Who has come back to watch this and realise how this Man U side just went down and down

  • Ghost Mo
    Ghost Mo 6 days ago

    Oh how things have changed....

  • Manchester United
    Manchester United 10 days ago +1


  • BrayPlays7 NFFC
    BrayPlays7 NFFC 14 days ago

    Look up Matty cash
    Looks so much like Daniel james

  • Cascade L
    Cascade L 16 days ago +1

    This is why Pogba is the best midfielder in the world. Just look at everyone saying nothing about this performance. Kante and De Bruyne could never do this. Twats...

    • Cascade L
      Cascade L 3 days ago

      @LegendaryChelsea yh he's better than Fabinho and De Jong. And he's probably better than Kante. All i am saying is that no midfielder could do what pogba did this game.

    • LegendaryChelsea
      LegendaryChelsea 16 days ago +2

      Cascade L lol do you honestly think pogba is better than de bruyne, fabinho, kante and de jong. he faked an injury just to avoid playing for you, and you go one good performance to say he's the best midfielder in the world? Like I said, crack is one hell of a drug

    • Cascade L
      Cascade L 16 days ago

      LegendaryChelsea yup, Pogba is the best midfielder in the world. He’s mugged you off too many times for me to talk to you. Just embrace the L and remember. 2-0, 4-0 and 2-1.

    • LegendaryChelsea
      LegendaryChelsea 16 days ago +1

      Cascade L pogba is the best midfielder in the world? Crack is one hell of a drug lol

  • Sub to Bradyy
    Sub to Bradyy 16 days ago +3

    It’s 2020 and no one is laughing at chelsea now , we’re doing better than anyone expected , come on chelsea 💙💙

  • Sam Plays
    Sam Plays 17 days ago +1

    I love looking back as a Chelsea fan at all the united fans thinking there going to do good this season and then oh

  • Jason King
    Jason King 20 days ago +1


  • Jason King
    Jason King 20 days ago +2

    u could see the joy in the celebration for Marcus Rashford his dad died recently so he dedicated his goal to him

  • Alfie Quick
    Alfie Quick 26 days ago +1

    Any united fans come back to try and find some happiness ?

  • Sonxic Sp33d
    Sonxic Sp33d 27 days ago

    One of the best moments of my life.

  • Relvinboss928
    Relvinboss928 28 days ago

    Well...5th in the league.

  • a pops
    a pops Month ago +1

    U would think he was commentating on James fathers death when he scored. Crap commentary

  • Zee 123
    Zee 123 Month ago +1

    Where’s amitabh batchan

    • Man Like Mo
      Man Like Mo 19 days ago

      He only shows up when his team is winning.

  • Pug Gamer
    Pug Gamer Month ago

    Chelsea worst nightmare is the manchester teams

  • Jace prince
    Jace prince Month ago

    who came back here just to laugh at united fans in the comments

  • Dara Questo
    Dara Questo Month ago

    United Logic
    City 1 united 2
    Watford 2 man u 0
    Man U 4 Chelsea 0
    Man U 2 Villa 2

  • Katie Gamer
    Katie Gamer Month ago

    And its still only us reds that can beat tottenham, city and chelsea but lose to bournemouth, newcastle and crystal palace

  • Bobby's Random Videos

    When there were no trolls...

  • Mateusz Zieba
    Mateusz Zieba Month ago

    And from perspective of time I can clearly say (as Utd fan) that getting battered by United in 1st game of the season really helped Chelsea.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Month ago +1

    Hate this commentator, no enthusiasm when united play, you can tell he’s anti Manchester UTD

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed Month ago

    This is just pure luck. They are performing so bad these days. It's the 30th of November and there not even in the top 10

  • Toni Peckadowski
    Toni Peckadowski 2 months ago +1

    This game cost Man U the top 4 by making people believe in ole.

  • Angus Hall
    Angus Hall 2 months ago

    Well done for United did beating Chelsea haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha hahaha haha

  • Red Devils
    Red Devils 2 months ago +1

    Manchester 🔴
    London 🔵

  • Muhammed Patel
    Muhammed Patel 2 months ago +1

    Watching this in November now, after the game I wasn’t too happy we should’ve been 3-1 down by half time, kinda predicted our capitulation now. All united fans were like you should be happy but I was like were you watching the game. Fair play to frank bc rn Chelsea are miles ahead of us in the league

  • Sukhpreet Bath
    Sukhpreet Bath 2 months ago +2

    Daniel James reminds me of the former Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

  • Sam Lodge
    Sam Lodge 2 months ago

    Man U stink of pooooooooo

  • Katy Manson
    Katy Manson 2 months ago

    I am a fan

  • neilj 345
    neilj 345 2 months ago +3

    If only this was how the season continued......

  • FootyCompKing
    FootyCompKing 2 months ago

    Will I get a copyright strike if I use these clips

  • Oasisdoes Youtube
    Oasisdoes Youtube 2 months ago


  • Umar Playzz
    Umar Playzz 2 months ago

    Lets go champ

  • jetblue 101
    jetblue 101 3 months ago +2

    Who's here after manchester united beat chelsea in carabaw cup

  • Naeem MUFC
    Naeem MUFC 3 months ago +4

    Anyone here after beating them again in the cup

    • Abz Abz
      Abz Abz 2 months ago

      Both teams had a bad lineup and not there main lineup

  • Man Like Mo
    Man Like Mo 3 months ago +1

    2 months later he scored a wonder free kick just a day before his 22th birthday.

  • K H
    K H 3 months ago +2

    Who’s here after the league cup game?

  • Toxic_Albieboy20 Fearnley


  • Nightmarish
    Nightmarish 3 months ago +1

    Pogba's influence on our team is underrated. He has carried the team a lot.

  • EV the rapper 2009
    EV the rapper 2009 3 months ago


  • Ravi Kerai
    Ravi Kerai 3 months ago

    This is when united thought they were gonna win the league and then were bought back to reality few weeks later

  • Joseph
    Joseph 3 months ago

    When we won this game, I thought Man Utd would make top 4 guaranteed. Now we beat a block of cheese 1-0 with a penalty.

    • Waleed Alzuabi
      Waleed Alzuabi 3 months ago

      It's so damn frustrating. Ole is so stubborn, unwilling to attack against lesser teams. We're parking the bus against everyone.

  • Cabdulaahi Guled
    Cabdulaahi Guled 3 months ago

    Sack Chelsea we will back

  • Ann Walpole
    Ann Walpole 3 months ago +1

    This comment section didn't age well

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams 3 months ago +1

    4 nil 4 nil 4 nil 4 nil 4 nil 4 nil penalty yasssssss

  • Josh
    Josh 3 months ago +3

    Man U did this then just bounced lmao

  • Ethan Worley
    Ethan Worley 3 months ago

    How times have changed...

  • john davies
    john davies 3 months ago +1

    i was at this match and the score line flattered them, all the signs were there that all was not well Chelsea were just very unlucky .

  • Harjoth Singh
    Harjoth Singh 3 months ago +21

    I ain’t gonna see a Man Utd result like this again this season 😢

    • Brandon Holmes
      Brandon Holmes 2 days ago

      You’ll never see them play in real life you arm chair fan

    • amarh9847
      amarh9847 Month ago

      Unless you count AZ Alkmaar a week ago

    • User 1
      User 1 Month ago

      Harjoth Singh loool

    • memsefer
      memsefer Month ago +2

      Harjoth Singh I’m an arsenal fan but your bravely mistake my friend

  • Avay Patel
    Avay Patel 3 months ago +2

    Man Utd 4-0 vs Chelsea
    Fans- “Ole is at the wheel, we are gonna win the premier league!”
    8 games in - “Um, at least we will have a chance in the championship...”

    • Rudy Lane
      Rudy Lane 3 months ago

      Manchester is Blue forever original

    • We fight til the end
      We fight til the end 3 months ago

      Avay Patel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ole at the wheel tell me how bad does it feel

  • Aaryan Zaman
    Aaryan Zaman 3 months ago

    I cant wait until martial is back

  • Liverpool TS
    Liverpool TS 3 months ago +2

    😂😂😂😂 October and united r in 12th and can’t win

  • Bronwen Mary Jackson
    Bronwen Mary Jackson 3 months ago +88

    How things have changed 8 games into the season

    • Ryan Clarke
      Ryan Clarke 8 days ago

      Shush Haha dominated okay. Clearly didn’t dominate because the score line was 4-0 that’s an ass whooping pipe down

    • Pr 13
      Pr 13 18 days ago

      Shush write another paragraph describing ur love for Man Utd, this one wasn’t good enough. Man said a game 4-0 was lucky that’s how yk these guys are salty😂😂

    • Pr 13
      Pr 13 18 days ago

      Shush 4-0

    • Shush
      Shush 18 days ago

      Pr 13 lool the 4-0 game u were so lucky , we dominated then u get a pen. It’s fine, you used to be a big club but now you haven’t won a premier league in ages and you’re embarassing. Chelsea are the most successful English club of the past decade, dominating England. Honeslty have fun losing to small clubs and teams and getting happy about a few points against big sides.If youre ole in, your opinion literally doesn’t matter because your deluded and ole is the worst manager in the top 8 . U mug

    • Pr 13
      Pr 13 18 days ago

      Shush mate*

  • bobby charlton
    bobby charlton 3 months ago +3

    This seems like donkey years ago

  • esco
    esco 3 months ago +1

    Who else found this in their recommended after their recent form, really brings a tear to my eye.