• Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • i love scary conspiracy videos so i decided to make a food version. from mcdonald's rumors to dominos, chipotle, starbucks and many more. time to know all the hidden secrets of the food industry. i really hope you like it and subscribe
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    inspired by all my favourite conspiracy youtubers:
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  • lets eat crayons
    lets eat crayons 3 days ago +8

    4:36 I was thinking Jeffrey star

  • Rob CEE!
    Rob CEE! 5 days ago

    13:12- Did that kid actually eat a burrito full of Nutella? 😵

  • Isabella Puff
    Isabella Puff 8 days ago +2

    Look at the original Starbucks logo and turn it upside down. It sort of does look like the devil. And that’s why they changed it.

  • Mystri
    Mystri 11 days ago +1

    Lol I get McFlurry every times I ask for them. Am I the only one? xD

  • Zaynab Sahlaoui
    Zaynab Sahlaoui 17 days ago +4

    wow wow wow McDonald is 24 7

  • jake collects figures
    jake collects figures 19 days ago +2

    I was hungry before this video now I'm put off

  • Tavish Evans
    Tavish Evans 19 days ago +5

    lol "ralph''

  • Manish Ts
    Manish Ts 20 days ago +2

    The Starbucks thing might be due the fact that the workers over there might not be very educated

  • blue berry
    blue berry 22 days ago +3

    Nutella idk how to spell it OK yes it tastes different but because my family don't have much money so I never get it but when I doooo. . . It tastes like heaven!

  • ッQuaccZ
    ッQuaccZ 24 days ago +10

    I’m happy there aren’t any about subway

  • click and bait
    click and bait 24 days ago +1


  • Сократ
    Сократ 25 days ago +3


  • Hot Mama
    Hot Mama 25 days ago +8

    I admit she kind of favors Taylor Swift but she definitely doesn't look exactly like. Taylor Swift has softer features and as cute as abutton. The girl in the commercial is pretty but she's definitely not Taylor Swift.

    • Mano Ahmed
      Mano Ahmed 22 days ago +1

      Jeffrey star x taylor swift

  • Shirley Meneses
    Shirley Meneses 25 days ago +4

    Make another conspiracy theory video
    Also love your videos❤️

  • Misney
    Misney 25 days ago +2


  • Abby Syltie
    Abby Syltie 26 days ago +1


  • Kobe Esteban
    Kobe Esteban 26 days ago +3

    How to check "dominos gif":
    Get two people
    Order at same time
    If they change at the same time... its true

  • Mackenzie Pelletier
    Mackenzie Pelletier 26 days ago +1

    Nutella’s Definitely more sugary

  • Mackenzie Pelletier
    Mackenzie Pelletier 26 days ago +12

    @ 4:30 jefree star

    • Jenisa Smith
      Jenisa Smith 23 days ago

      Mackenzie Pelletier i thought that to i was like jefree star

  • Colton stewart
    Colton stewart 27 days ago +4

    The ice cream cleaning is true and our coke comes in a clear bag just like all of our other drinks

  • AliceDrawsAnime 01
    AliceDrawsAnime 01 28 days ago +3


  • AliceDrawsAnime 01
    AliceDrawsAnime 01 28 days ago +4

    Lol I’m eating KFC watching this🤣😂

  • Azooz and friends studio
    Azooz and friends studio 29 days ago +2

    Its a goat

  • Kelvin Wang
    Kelvin Wang Month ago +5

    In Nutella they used different sugar/mysterious sugar

  • Kelvin Wang
    Kelvin Wang Month ago +1

    Starbucks is the best the owner just didn’t know that it has a pic when you flip it

  • ominoarya28
    ominoarya28 Month ago +2

    At least where I work the coke is in metal containers, no other drinks tho

  • What Just Happened?
    What Just Happened? Month ago +5


  • Margaret grambusch-brown

    The cleaning of the of ice cream machine of McDonald's is true it takes forever

  • NightcoreGamez LOL
    NightcoreGamez LOL Month ago +5

    Nutella tastes the same

  • Brooklyn Sávage
    Brooklyn Sávage Month ago +4

    Yeah but it’s not just at night time that it’s broken? The ice cream machine doesn’t work literally everyday

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann Month ago +5

    Please tell me that was you, covered in Nutella??? Lmao

  • Batsheva pr
    Batsheva pr Month ago +3

    Finally he say israel i thought israel not existent

    • Aestheticsッ
      Aestheticsッ 5 days ago

      In YoUr PrOfiLe PiC, wHy iS yOuR tOnGuE DisLoCaTeD

  • Kel Lau
    Kel Lau Month ago +5

    There was one time the starbuck cashier asked me what was my name, and I said 'don't need' because I didn't want to waste their time. But in the end I received a drink with my name 'don't need' haha

  • Mary 22
    Mary 22 Month ago +6

    2019 anyone

  • valval X3
    valval X3 Month ago +6

    DO ANOTHER FOOD CONSPIRACY THEORY PLS!!!! ❤❤❤ oh and u look cute as hecc

  • J Marie
    J Marie Month ago +2

    My dominos tracker app works perfectly fine and is actually accurate

    REAL RALPH PANDA Month ago +3

    It's mine name

  • Ms. Daunte Marie Slettebak I

    What happened to the clown Ronald McDonald yo? He has been their spokes man for years now?!!

  • lucas cole
    lucas cole Month ago +4

    The Starbucks logo is a siren

  • illusion
    illusion Month ago +1

    I thought Mc Donalds Coca Cola tasted the best becuse they put water In it?

  • Keitaronagame2019
    Keitaronagame2019 Month ago +4

    the girl in the mcdonalds jp comercial is
    redhead from tRooM TRoOm

  • Layal Lala
    Layal Lala Month ago +4

    The ice cream things been on for more than 10 years

  • pogo Guy
    pogo Guy Month ago +4

    Nah man the ice cream machine is just broken

  • Omarah Mckenzie
    Omarah Mckenzie Month ago +9

    That looks nothing like Taylor Swift

  • Jiyu An
    Jiyu An Month ago +3

    this is sorta creepy

    • pogo Guy
      pogo Guy Month ago

      I got scared by the sound effects😰

  • Kaitlyn Ellerbe
    Kaitlyn Ellerbe Month ago +5

    The first one is very true , according to my cousin who works at McDonald’s.

  • jessica reynolds
    jessica reynolds Month ago +7

    Nutella still tastes the same x

  • jessica reynolds
    jessica reynolds Month ago +5

    I love ur accent xx

  • Georgia Knight ._
    Georgia Knight ._ Month ago +3

    I don’t think any of these scared me

  • isabel
    isabel Month ago +2

    I started whatching your videos back in 2016! And still whach them now

  • justgetit
    justgetit Month ago +3

    i order a pizza to domino`s and they send me a little philipinian girl.... LOL

  • Im not as think as you drunk i am

    “That looks like Taylor Swift”
    Me:that looks like Jeffree Star!

    • Kina Hatsuyuki
      Kina Hatsuyuki Month ago +1

      I also think the same😂😂😂

    • //AKA-89//
      //AKA-89// Month ago +1

      Im not as think you drunk i am SaMe!

    • Destiny
      Destiny Month ago +2

      Me: that looks like Avril Lavigne 😂

  • KiaraClaw
    KiaraClaw Month ago +8

    I've only had Nutella once in my whole life (and I can't remember it's taste), I've never been to Starbucks, I've never been to Chipotle, I've never been to Taco Bell, I've never been to Wendy's, I've never been to Walmart, I've never been in a dollar store, I've never been to a bunch of places.
    Yeah... There are many things that exist in the USA that don't exist en Argentina.
    Also Argentina's literally the furthest country from the USA in America (continent) (you could also count Chile), maybe that has something to do?

  • Clo
    Clo Month ago +4

    That’s weird coz a few years ago when the Nutella thing happened I didn’t know about it but I said to my mum It doesn’t taste as nutty as it used to and didn’t really eat it for a while , is it just a coincidence of what xxx

  • Pokemon Cheeto Dolphin
    Pokemon Cheeto Dolphin Month ago +11

    These people are crazy it's not a mermaid it's called a SIREN it's logo is a siren it's a siren because sirens attract fishers with there beautiful voice and kill the fisher just like Starbucks attracts customers with there coffee

    • Pokemon Cheeto Dolphin
      Pokemon Cheeto Dolphin Month ago

      hahahahaha, yeah

    • Taylor Strayer
      Taylor Strayer Month ago +1

      Pokemon Cheeto Dolphin yeah Starbucks attracts us with their coffee and kills our bank accounts 😬😵

  • Adelita Tamayo
    Adelita Tamayo Month ago +1


  • nivi kotliar
    nivi kotliar Month ago +5

    The second McDonald's one, the example you used from Israel with someone who looks like Jorge Clooney its says in Hebrew on the top "the actor is not Jorge Clooney"...

  • iSquared
    iSquared Month ago +2

    With the Starbucks one they once spelt my name “India” *endia* I don’t know how that can happen though. Bit odd to me

  • Seb
    Seb Month ago +10


    • Stacy Hollar
      Stacy Hollar Month ago

      Seb omg yeah!

    • Francisco Delgado
      Francisco Delgado Month ago

      He looks 100000000000000000000000x better specially bc he doesn't call black girls monkeys or the n word

    • Wolfgang M
      Wolfgang M Month ago +1

      Seb how did u know 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kiziah Burgman
    Kiziah Burgman Month ago +3

    Did you have to do Nutella