Cut Your Holiday Expenses In Half With These Extreme Travel Tips | Extreme Cheapskates

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • Follow penny-pincher Angela Leibee throughout her journey to Las Vegas with her daughter. She'll be revealing her most extreme money saving tips for travelling such as wearing all of your clothes to save on extra baggage costs.
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Comments • 3 488

  • Da skull in da wall Y

    Damn her house must smell like tea bags

  • Barbara Januario
    Barbara Januario 3 hours ago

    Can all say whatever but she’s not in debt

  • Kayla A
    Kayla A 4 hours ago

    Okay but I’m pretty sure Vegas has grocery stores

    BTSARMY FOREVER 4 hours ago

    Wait what if they on their period!?

  • YOWMAMA 51
    YOWMAMA 51 6 hours ago

    That would suck so much fucking dick if I was the daughter

  • Caitlyn H
    Caitlyn H 7 hours ago

    I understand wanting to save money,but not letting them take showers more than twice a week,and not letting them do as much on vacation seems kinda bad.And honestly I’d take showers every time she left.

  • Emma Haswell
    Emma Haswell 8 hours ago

    megan is just like 👁__👁

  • Mrrzen UWU
    Mrrzen UWU 8 hours ago

    I'm from Asia, she is way too cheap. I rather work extra job than be this cheap.

  • Kajeen Kadir
    Kajeen Kadir 9 hours ago

    I feel soo bad for these girls🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Amiya Cowan
    Amiya Cowan 9 hours ago

    OMG id rather spend money on water for a shower than stink like its right to make someone take a shower 2 times a week and letting children like me have fun and do what we want is worth the price and parents don’t disagree with me

  • Austin Campbell
    Austin Campbell 9 hours ago +1

    Brahhh they have a schedule telling them when they take a shower I take a shower every night

  • SalhPlayZ I
    SalhPlayZ I 9 hours ago

    Did dat bich scrubbed her plates with a fucking teabag

  • Lovely Arlene
    Lovely Arlene 9 hours ago

    The shower thing is to overboard especially if your on your menstrual cycle you gotta take showers as needed 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😷

  • Damielle Carr
    Damielle Carr 9 hours ago

    WTF she is crazy

  • Elnaz Kalkhoran
    Elnaz Kalkhoran 9 hours ago


  • Sofia Martinez
    Sofia Martinez 10 hours ago

    She should just cut down the shower time, that way they'll get to shower every day or they get to shower a extra day. It's easy to shower in less than 3 minutes while still getting clean.

  • Brandon Huang
    Brandon Huang 10 hours ago

    PATRISHHAAA!!!!!!!..................bring back some milk cartons ok

  • Nads Life
    Nads Life 10 hours ago

    2 showers a week ?!?! Aw hell nah🥴

  • Jaydeen Merur
    Jaydeen Merur 11 hours ago

    I feel like the friend was wishing she brought money so she could’ve made the trip at least a bit more enjoyable cuz damn this is ridiculous

  • Vwat twa fudge ?
    Vwat twa fudge ? 11 hours ago

    4:48 Barry b benson on the left corner be like kill me!

  • Jaydeen Merur
    Jaydeen Merur 11 hours ago

    2 showers per week? I hope your daughter doesn’t have PE or do sports then

  • Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

    That Family Must Smell Very Bad Stink Only Taking Two Showers A Week.

  • Robloxfan1089 Pixel
    Robloxfan1089 Pixel 12 hours ago

    In just 5 years she makes 1500 dollars

  • Emily Dawson
    Emily Dawson 12 hours ago

    Honestly, reusing the milk cartons for some things for organization is kind of a good idea, I mean the tea bag thing is weird but like reusing things saves the environment, soooo.....

  • Lucy
    Lucy 12 hours ago

    Imagine if they were doing sports or it was really hot weather and they couldn't shower the sweat off them because it would cost 45 cents 😩

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 13 hours ago

    sooo sad

  • SteveO
    SteveO 13 hours ago

    If the friend paid her own way why did she should have been able to ride the rides herself

  • Savannah Peck
    Savannah Peck 13 hours ago +1

    Just go to the dollar store

  • JJZags5
    JJZags5 13 hours ago

    While my moms forcing me to take a shower there being forced not to take showers

  • de munx
    de munx 14 hours ago

    2 showers a week??? at least 4.

  • Jody Kurt
    Jody Kurt 14 hours ago

    Not allowing teen girls to bathe on a daily basis is straight up child abuse. In California you will have CPS at your door if found out. Disgusting teaching girls not to bathe daily, especially at that time of the month. I'm all about saving money and being responsible financially, but your a piece of shit person taking away things such as bathing. Wonder if she feeds them from the garbage as well.

  • Dallas Rios
    Dallas Rios 14 hours ago

    this is sad

  • Alayna Ramirez
    Alayna Ramirez 15 hours ago

    That lady has a problem with somethings

  • mendo456 1
    mendo456 1 15 hours ago

    This is why she is single

  • xojadenangel
    xojadenangel 15 hours ago

    This mother pisses me off and doesn’t deserve her kid. Only 2 showers a week are you kidding me. Pos mom

  • Christian BARJON
    Christian BARJON 15 hours ago +3

    She’s nice but I would not be able to live with that women for 1 second

  • Elis
    Elis 15 hours ago

    I've travelled abit in and out of at least 6 or 7 countries and my carry on bag rarely ever gets checked like 9 times out of 10 they don't weigh it

  • JustPeachyy
    JustPeachyy 15 hours ago

    her friend looks so uncomfortable, that’s so fucking embarrassing 💀

  • Elis
    Elis 15 hours ago

    My nana showed me how to clean dirty buckets with grass and sand and I still do it till this day because it works so good

  • Gaming Cassi
    Gaming Cassi 15 hours ago

    lol how she grunts out BUDGET

  • APPLE Job
    APPLE Job 15 hours ago

    Poor that tea bag ..that tea bag was used more than a Friday night hooker ..

  • fun
    fun 15 hours ago

    Imange every cheap skate living together they pay a year 50$ the normal American $5k or more

    ORIANNA MAYNARD 15 hours ago

    What the hell they shower only two times a week 😷😷

  • Versace oSnag
    Versace oSnag 15 hours ago

    Cheap bitch

  • Kira :D
    Kira :D 16 hours ago

    I feel so bad for her and her friend on the’s a little embarrassing

  • K̶E̶N̶S̶H̶I̶I̶悪魔

    45 cents for a shower? it aint nothing

  • Why?
    Why? 16 hours ago

    Only 2 ten minute showers a WEEK💀💀💀 yuck

  • Jessica Williamson
    Jessica Williamson 16 hours ago

    This is just way to much! I couldn't handle it.

  • Tiffanie Adkins
    Tiffanie Adkins 16 hours ago

    I’m so sad for her

  • The Delirious
    The Delirious 17 hours ago

    The reused teabag... that old trick

  • Tania
    Tania 17 hours ago +1

    How absolutely humiliating for those kids to have to go through that at that age,especially!!.

  • Dylan Odom
    Dylan Odom 17 hours ago

    So they only have certain days to take showers. So she only cares about her money and not her children’s health

  • Marco Vicidomini
    Marco Vicidomini 17 hours ago

    I would be so embarrassed and the whole vacation was 7 bucks and one ride

  • Dipwodes 101
    Dipwodes 101 17 hours ago

    I’m so thankful for these things :
    My mom pays fir everything I need
    Let’s me take showers as much as I want or need
    Doesn’t embarrass me in front of friends
    ALWAYS pays for guests when they come with us anywhere :)
    Love ya momma

  • Paddymonsta 161
    Paddymonsta 161 18 hours ago +1

    2 showers a week I take 3 a day that is disgusting

  • Zayed Dalaly
    Zayed Dalaly 18 hours ago +1

    Guys I’m pretty sure this is fake

  • Kaiyam Mumin
    Kaiyam Mumin 18 hours ago +5

    I know her daughters friend did not like that trip she just said that to be nice😫😂

  • x_xcoolgamerx_x
    x_xcoolgamerx_x 19 hours ago

    Horny niggas 2 showers a week hopefully you get the right day

  • Ghost GalPlayz
    Ghost GalPlayz 19 hours ago

    It’s not cheap it’s saving the planet
    But it can be excessive and weird
    But the tea bags were smart
    Although I would not want to wear all my clothes on a plane

  • Lego Moon Dragon
    Lego Moon Dragon 19 hours ago

    The shower thing is pretty gross

  • Minsku ,
    Minsku , 20 hours ago

    I feel bad for the girls ,

  • purple infires
    purple infires 21 hour ago

    I feel bad for Megan, I felt like she wanted to enjoy Vegas.

  • purple infires
    purple infires 21 hour ago

    If I was Katrina, I would feel embarrassed traveling with Megan, even if she's a close friend...

  • Nibba Scam
    Nibba Scam 21 hour ago

    99% of comments: 10 miNuTEs oF shOWer?
    1% of comments: *i thot it wahs gin be money saving tips*

    I save my money by money in by moneyyyyyyy

  • YJones 05
    YJones 05 21 hour ago

    What was ur kid an accident as well cause u used second ha d condoms!!

  • Alejandro Almaguer
    Alejandro Almaguer 21 hour ago +1

    I can tell why her husband left them

  • Bruton Gaster
    Bruton Gaster 22 hours ago +3

    I wouldn't definitely stop for 2 or 3 laps... I would keep going and make them watch! 😅

  • Elizabeth Dawson
    Elizabeth Dawson 23 hours ago

    She is treating her kid like an orphan

  • Jaslyn Kingston
    Jaslyn Kingston 23 hours ago

    If your kids want to get clean that's crazy 2 a week what happens if you really needed to, do you have to get a shower pass coupon

  • TheWoken- Truth
    TheWoken- Truth Day ago

    Yo her floors low key looked fire

  • Christina Penner

    Really the mom is cheap so the kids have to share their ride.... with her?!?!

  • Boo hoo poo true crew smooch new noob boob who moo

    After we’re done washing the floor with tea bag water, we pick up the rest of the tea bag water, make it into a ice cube shape and put it in our drinks!

  • Boo hoo poo true crew smooch new noob boob who moo

    She’s probably cheap because all the drugs she does, and pays for them with the saved money

  • Boo hoo poo true crew smooch new noob boob who moo

    I wonder why there dad left them

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott Day ago

      Boo hoo poo true crew smooch new noob boob who moo cause the mum

  • Dustin Perreira
    Dustin Perreira Day ago

    I shower 1 time before school and one time after tf

  • Pancakes Syrup
    Pancakes Syrup Day ago

    I mean some of this is smart like using it to scrub dishes but dude why time your daughter on her shower and not let them shower every day!?

    This girl is ridiculous why did you force them to wear like all of their clothes

  • Matthew Bjorklund

    That’s disgusting the daughter is betifaul and poeple have to learn to let them take a shower

  • Chicken Soup with Balls

    "It's so big" that's what she said.

  • Da beast
    Da beast Day ago

    I’ve been to Las Vegas

  • Device
    Device Day ago

    2 showers a week ???

  • Heather Brant
    Heather Brant Day ago

    This is why some people are on medicine... WOW

  • LoveRanger is Gay

    Cheap fam

  • My friend Pete is gay And likes to bang boys

    U fuckin cheapo lick my balls

  • Razzal_Dazzal
    Razzal_Dazzal Day ago +1

    The shower thing is just disgusting

  • Cole Henry
    Cole Henry Day ago

    Feel bad for her she only can take a shower 2 times a week, that’s just abuse

  • —Absent Potato-

    At least it’s better than the woman that uses her hair as dental floss.

  • Bạch Vũ
    Bạch Vũ Day ago

    Used milk box!!! That is disgusting

  • Austin Ferranti
    Austin Ferranti Day ago

    Wow ok then

  • jake reid
    jake reid Day ago

    2 showers a week... bye.

  • Chelsea Jennings

    Two showers per week! That's disgusting! Worse than the nursing home I used to work at! People there at least washed daily!

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay Day ago

    Why don’t you all just take like a 3-4 min shower idk

  • Splashboat
    Splashboat Day ago

    She said it nice
    " I would like to come back to vegas cause we didn't do a whole lot because of a budget *glares at mom* "
    I would say it like this
    It was terrible and if my dumb&*@ mom didn't have such a flippin terrible budget I would come again

  • Scott boi
    Scott boi Day ago

    Fuck that mom. Im sorry if im crude but seeing her buy one fucking ticket and she uses the girls rides aswell that’s such a bitch move.

  • Malaysia Brooks
    Malaysia Brooks Day ago

    Putting tea on the floor makes its sticking if I'm not mistaken

    • Malaysia Brooks
      Malaysia Brooks 9 hours ago

      @Ash Reads ok cool

    • Ash Reads
      Ash Reads 9 hours ago

      Malaysia Brooks I don’t think it would be sticky if it’s just the tea bag it’s only if you put sugar in it

  • STAR Na
    STAR Na Day ago

    you know there pussies stankkkkkk

  • rose lavender
    rose lavender Day ago +1

    Im glad I don't have a mother like that wow something is wrong with that lady

  • rose lavender
    rose lavender Day ago

    I would be so embarrassed if I invite my best friend over