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One Lap of the Skill Circuit | You Know The Drill - Colchester United

  • Published on Apr 12, 2016
  • Jimmy was set a very unique challenge by Colchester United manager Kevin Keen. This one will see Jimmy take on 10 Colchester United players as they attempt to make their way around a complex circuit, featuring a crossbar challenge, an accuracy test, and scoring from a corner. Who's the winner? Football's the winner!
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Comments • 80

  • Maxime Papillon
    Maxime Papillon 2 months ago

    normally when you are a fromer pro, your touch doesn't leave ...

  • josh young
    josh young 4 months ago

    LOL the demonstrator missed everything

  • connorb900
    connorb900 9 months ago

    AWSOME video!

  • DChoff
    DChoff Year ago +2

    Worst demo of all time??

  • Little Buzz
    Little Buzz Year ago

    I love thes vids

  • Zak Sturgeon
    Zak Sturgeon 2 years ago

    What a demonstration😂😂😂😂

  • Karl Nufc
    Karl Nufc 2 years ago

    Love Bullard what a legend. ⚽👍

  • N0SkillRequired
    N0SkillRequired 2 years ago

    What a great drill, shows the technical ability they have as pros

  • Sandra Maguire
    Sandra Maguire 2 years ago

    Why do you not do Finn harps in Ireland county donegal

  • L.F.C Legend
    L.F.C Legend 2 years ago

    Scunthorpe united

  • shaun bose
    shaun bose 2 years ago +16

    Looool who was that doing the demo?

  • Naren G
    Naren G 3 years ago +3

    one of the best drills I've seen so far

  • Ali Sheikh
    Ali Sheikh 3 years ago +1

    By far the best episode of the series

  • Nathan Pears
    Nathan Pears 3 years ago

    Can u do Carlisle

  • Reel Vegas - Mobile Casino

    There is only one winner - And its never Jimmy heheheh

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 3 years ago

    1:08 - I don't know about you guys but that head thing look so dumb.

  • Joshua Sturdy
    Joshua Sturdy 3 years ago

    do west ham

  • Joshua Betts
    Joshua Betts 3 years ago


  • Juan Gangster
    Juan Gangster 3 years ago


  • FifaGoD 14
    FifaGoD 14 3 years ago

    do luton town fc pls

  • John H
    John H 3 years ago

    Ambrose is at Colchester now? I remember him at palace a couple of years ago!

    • John H
      John H 3 years ago

      @FIFA Brain 007 I don't support palace you knob jockey I was just pointing it out

  • Matthew Sutherland
    Matthew Sutherland 3 years ago +1

    He's been playing his fifa

  • TJW 0405
    TJW 0405 3 years ago

    Where are the press ups

  • avfc85
    avfc85 3 years ago

    Oh yeah the bulldog is back!

  • Danny
    Danny 3 years ago +1

    Darren Ambrose was always a favourite of mine at Newcastle such a underrated player.
    Don't know what happened to him at Newcastle had some great moments but feel we could and should have done more with him.

  • Jason Sim
    Jason Sim 3 years ago

    When are you coming to wigan for YKTD bulldog?

  • Will Cooper
    Will Cooper 3 years ago

    Nice demonstration by Tom Lapslie lmao

  • a_ adx
    a_ adx 3 years ago

    why have they not done walsall

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 years ago

    Wheres the pressups?

  • Cufc Adam
    Cufc Adam 3 years ago

    Up the u's 🔵⚪️🔵

  • Jack Judd
    Jack Judd 3 years ago

    Love how they couldn't even be bothered to get someone to do the actual dry run properly

  • LambentLizard
    LambentLizard 3 years ago +2

    Do arsenal

  • ZAM
    ZAM 3 years ago

    The bull dog is back!

  • DanTheMan00020
    DanTheMan00020 3 years ago


  • Cameron Joesbury
    Cameron Joesbury 3 years ago

    Do walsall

  • lewis miller
    lewis miller 3 years ago

    Ambrose is such a boss. anyone else see his keepy-ups? awesome.

  • Jaya Bailleux
    Jaya Bailleux 3 years ago

    Champions of league 1

  • Harry Milligan
    Harry Milligan 3 years ago

    Try do Everton

  • Oomar Budaly
    Oomar Budaly 3 years ago +2

    Do Liverpool

    • Mark Rankin
      Mark Rankin 3 years ago +2

      The drills would be much more energetic. Jimmy would collapse

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron 3 years ago

    Scummy club but class drill

    XzHARRYH7 3 years ago

    Visit coventry city

  • Josef Pisani
    Josef Pisani 3 years ago

    Did jimmy ever go to norwich?

  • CR 7
    CR 7 3 years ago


  • Cafc_sports
    Cafc_sports 3 years ago

    Hi guys please sub to my channel thanks

  • Millwallman85
    Millwallman85 3 years ago

    I'm gutted jimmy never done the millwall YKTD ?? What happened there ? COYL

  • Michael Frost
    Michael Frost 3 years ago +5

    Of course Darren ambrose won absolute baller cpfc legend

  • Forest Fan
    Forest Fan 3 years ago

    Darren Ambrose is quality

  • Cherries Alternative Commentary

    get to Bournemouth Jimmy

  • Navtastic
    Navtastic 3 years ago +67

    Lol that demonstration though

  • Marjan Hussain
    Marjan Hussain 3 years ago +2

    No wonder colchester are getting relegated from league one

    JL GOALKEEPING 3 years ago

    please sub to my channel, I'm so close to 200 subs

  • Klaidi Bala
    Klaidi Bala 3 years ago

    Jimmys back yeah

  • imkirbo
    imkirbo 3 years ago +1

    It's no wonder clubs like Colchester are shit, what a fucking pointless drill, barely helps a footballer at all that 😂

    • Challan
      Challan 2 years ago

      matt fuck off mate

    • James Gillies
      James Gillies 3 years ago

      +duortsasasauhsoj hope your kidding XD

    • duortsasasauhsoj
      duortsasasauhsoj 3 years ago +3

      Yeah i know right! Apart from ball control, long and short passing accuracy, finishing and crossing, these drills help with absolutely nothing at all. ridiculous

  • Crouchy232323
    Crouchy232323 3 years ago +4

    Jimmy really is a lad, one of the boys, a geezer...................................

  • SESaunders
    SESaunders 3 years ago

    Go to walsall

  • Wissem Azzouzi
    Wissem Azzouzi 3 years ago +37

    I thonk this is the best drill anyone agree

  • Mikey Piggott
    Mikey Piggott 3 years ago

    Go to palace

  • Kai Cheung
    Kai Cheung 3 years ago

    more jimmy!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Machin
    Thomas Machin 3 years ago

    Go to Doncaster

  • Igor
    Igor 3 years ago

    great drill!

  • Rich Handsome Guy
    Rich Handsome Guy 3 years ago

    jimmy is the best

  • Alferendo
    Alferendo 3 years ago

    bulldog is back!!!

  • Rhyse Hudson
    Rhyse Hudson 3 years ago

    I play for Colchester 😂

    • Noisy
      Noisy 3 years ago +1

      More like harchester United

  • VVV
    VVV 3 years ago +5

    This is a good drill but way too many people involved

  • Mike
    Mike 3 years ago +69

    You Know The Drill is nothing without Jimmy.. last weeks one was shit 😂

  • Stick Dreamz
    Stick Dreamz 3 years ago +22

    Thank fuck jimmys back !

  • Jack Holmes
    Jack Holmes 3 years ago


  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson 3 years ago

    Go to nottingham forest jimbo!

  • Tyler Milner
    Tyler Milner 3 years ago


  • Soccer AM
    Soccer AM  3 years ago +14

    Which of the drills featured on the course do you think looked the hardest?