CREEPIEST EPISODE YET?!? Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 9 "Night Terrors" REACTION!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • CREEPIEST EPISODE YET?!? Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 9 "Night Terrors" REACTION! Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 9 REACTION! To watch the next episode RIGHT NOW, UNEDITED to S9E5 ► PATREON:
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  • failwhale34
    failwhale34  Month ago +23

    this episode was SPOOKY. What'd you think of this one? To watch the next episode RIGHT NOW, UNEDITED to S9E5 ► PATREON:

    • Mark Morris
      Mark Morris Month ago

      Make the three doctors your classic episode. It has the greatest villain of them all Omega

    • Mmm
      Mmm Month ago


    N3RDYG0GGLES 22 days ago +1

    Tbh The Empty Child still gets me more than this one

  • Lynchie
    Lynchie 23 days ago +1

    when his dad said he'll never send him away I teared up a little :')

  • Jx Production
    Jx Production 27 days ago

    16.16 There was NOOOOOO way I wasn't gonna go on playback speed looooooooooooooooooool

  • 12chapin
    12chapin 27 days ago +1

    Hey Michael. You should try to react to the minisodes, Space and Time.

  • Joseph Amukun
    Joseph Amukun 29 days ago

    You came back for 16:16.

  • Toby W.
    Toby W. 29 days ago

    By the way, there are spin-offs. Please don't die watching them.

  • MavenCree
    MavenCree Month ago +3

    "Why are you wearing shoes in the house?"
    Dude, your Canadian is showing.

  • Armaan MJ
    Armaan MJ Month ago

    6 dislikes? i don't understand why daleks do this guess they can't take the doctors army

  • Chi Master Haith0219


  • aj andrianjafy
    aj andrianjafy Month ago

    Tick tock goes the clock even for the doctor

  • frozenpiper2
    frozenpiper2 Month ago

    I only watched this episode once. I can't do creepy dolls and the dolls singing was just too much for me. Still loved the twist of the boy not being their biological son and Dad rushing to save him was heartwarming.

  • Tammy L. Faulkner
    Tammy L. Faulkner Month ago

    😆 Something tells me your not great with scary movies 😆

  • Jim Rhino
    Jim Rhino Month ago

    It took me a few go’s to get through this episode as I am terrified of dolls.

  • Patrick Doss
    Patrick Doss Month ago

    Next 2 episodes are amazing

  • spencer o'keeffe
    spencer o'keeffe Month ago +4

    This episode freaked me out so bad when I first saw it.

  • Patrick Doss
    Patrick Doss Month ago

    Always a fan of your theory segments

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris Month ago +2

    Make the three doctors your classic episode.. Its a special with the greatest villain of them all. Omega

  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence Month ago

    Listen to the whole song

  • isaac hancock
    isaac hancock Month ago

    This is like 5 years old this episode 😂😂

  • Türkay Leblebicioğlu

    Creepiest episode? I thought Blink, Midnight and Silence in the Library episodes were creepy enough.
    And you haven't seen the episode God Complex yet.

  • Ducks Are Great
    Ducks Are Great Month ago

    Why am I watching this at 12:50AM?

  • Surf Widow
    Surf Widow Month ago

    It has to be said! 06:53 What a good nay GREAT little actor that kid is!

  • Shitstirrer
    Shitstirrer Month ago

    The FNAF episode

  • ZinesPvP
    ZinesPvP Month ago +3

    Good my dude ! I discovered your channel by this ! Good video dude...

  • DannyDarko27
    DannyDarko27 Month ago

    Dr who is so fun

  • Holden B. Huffman
    Holden B. Huffman Month ago

    I just love that you leave all these things like the phone call in the video.

  • Layton pro 🎩⚡
    Layton pro 🎩⚡ Month ago

    “We’re dead. A g A I n.”

  • 12chapin
    12chapin Month ago

    Helo Michael. I know you are very ahead on Patreon, so I want to suggest that after you upload episode 7x05 you react /upload the minisode P.S. I telling you is a must see story.

  • robvanriot
    robvanriot Month ago

    Honestly, watching you react to this was better than watching the episode. This is just a so-so episode for me.

  • Isaac Dodshon
    Isaac Dodshon Month ago +1

    When this came out I was 9. I had nightmares for months.

  • Melissa Schulz
    Melissa Schulz Month ago +1

    Lol! You had nightmares about aliens as a kid so you think The Doctor, an alien, would’ve comforted you. Area 51 holds the Pandorica!

  • Paige Boseley
    Paige Boseley Month ago

    I’m absolutely terrified of this episode, haven’t been able to watch the whole thing in a sitting since it aired when I was younger. It caused me nightmares for weeks when I was a kid.

  • alex liggins
    alex liggins Month ago

    The dad is Adam's dad from good omens

    • Umai
      Umai Month ago +1

      Oh Go-Sata... Someone! I was wrecking my brain while watching good omens "I've seen him before but where???" and now this I hadn't make the connection until I stumbled your comment😂 thanks

  • Madshepherd
    Madshepherd Month ago

    I hate that kid.unlikeable dipshit.

  • Ben Wynn
    Ben Wynn Month ago

    Unrelated but you should watch Steven Universe!

  • MrAzmatMahmood
    MrAzmatMahmood Month ago

    Just came here to answer your question. No.

  • Josh Pinder
    Josh Pinder Month ago +1

    Suprisingly some fans love hating on it... but I love Night Terrors.... sadly to it's detriment it is not as strong as the best of Series 6 but ... it's still great! inventive, atmospheric, twisted and nice nods to the arc still.... I adore series 6 so much.

    • frozenpiper2
      frozenpiper2 Month ago

      I don't think it's a bad episode it just was too creepy for me because of the dolls. Also them singing reminded me too much of the girls singing in the Freddy Krueger movies LOL. That's why I only watched it when it aired.

  • Corbin Holcombe
    Corbin Holcombe Month ago

    My boi got copyright striked within the first 5 seconds

  • Firefly 24601
    Firefly 24601 Month ago

    Literally a forgettable episode for me. I always forget it exists until someone reacts to it.
    Bad news is that it never makes my "favorite episodes" lists. Good news is that it never makes my "least favorite episodes" lists either. :)

  • xXBeboXx
    xXBeboXx Month ago +1

    Where do you watch the episodes?

  • Lewis B
    Lewis B Month ago +1

    A pretty average episode saved by the fantastic design of the dolls

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown Month ago +2

    Seen this episode once the night it came out. Never wanted to see it again
    The dolls were too creepy

  • Merve Çadır
    Merve Çadır Month ago

    This episode legit gave me nightmares 😃 not one of my favourites but the twist in the story was quite creative..

  • Sam Brangman
    Sam Brangman Month ago

    Hey @failwhale34, I have the same phone and colour. 🤗

  • Amy Chlebus
    Amy Chlebus Month ago

    I always skip over this episode when I'm watching the DVD's. I never could get into it.

  • DBSciacca
    DBSciacca Month ago

    You took a call and skipped through my favorite quote in the entire series. Im so sad. That line was incredble and you didnt even listen to it.

  • JBC 101
    JBC 101 Month ago +1

    A very underrated episode in my opinion

  • TJPhoenix
    TJPhoenix Month ago

    Tick Tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor

  • Space Doge
    Space Doge Month ago +1

    I think you *failed* at not being scared ;)

  • BlandPandora 851
    BlandPandora 851 Month ago

    Mega offf

  • JoannahMor76
    JoannahMor76 Month ago +8

    I know that a lot of people don't like this episode, but it's one of my all time favorite Whosodes.

  • Dan Bongle
    Dan Bongle Month ago

    I was listening to bohemian rhapsody today which is spooky just like this episode

  • Seth Gibson
    Seth Gibson Month ago +10

    I really dont like how he took out the part about pantaphobia.

    • AgentJ94
      AgentJ94 Month ago

      Yhp that was a good part of the episode

  • Firlow
    Firlow Month ago +1

    The episode absolutely TERRIFIED me at the time. Now? It's not scary. But back then I was easily scared and slept facing three giant old cupboards... So uhhhh

    • Xeno Warrior
      Xeno Warrior Month ago

      Oh fuck that those dolls still terrify me to this day

  • theGeekOut Girl
    theGeekOut Girl Month ago +4

    16:19 hahahaha you scared me more than the dummy did hahahaha

  • Todd Beilby
    Todd Beilby Month ago

    Are you going to have a Night Terror after this? What's in your closet? 😂😊 You made me jump when you freaked 😳😉

  • Rain In July
    Rain In July Month ago +1

    God Americans are so dumb

  • Ben Sturgis
    Ben Sturgis Month ago

    You really should react to House MD, it's a madness

  • Channy Whocares
    Channy Whocares Month ago +3

    Haha, well always think about that DW is sometimes labeled as familiy show =)