• Published on Feb 4, 2019
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    Teens... 20 year-olds... What's the difference? Well watch the video and find out, silly!
    Ian Hecox
    Shayne Topp
    Damien Haas
    Courtney Miller
    Produced & Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller & Ryan Finnerty
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
    Camera Operator: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Billy Yates
    Editor: Matt Duran
    Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
    Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
  • ComedyComedy

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  • ;d
    ;d 13 hours ago

    wheres anthonyyyy

  • Lincoln McKay
    Lincoln McKay Day ago

    This is so true it hurts

  • Charles Schaming
    Charles Schaming 2 days ago

    Do u miss smosh back when they were trying to be the youtube version of Drake and Josh??

  • Clipzy IOS
    Clipzy IOS 3 days ago


  • dragonzord_king 2020

    Wtf 0:41

  • Stactic Diamondz_
    Stactic Diamondz_ 4 days ago

    What happened to smosh

  • Abdullah Hatkou
    Abdullah Hatkou 5 days ago

    Hello fellow kids

  • ben bundidsilp
    ben bundidsilp 5 days ago

    next will be
    2019 Vs 1204bc

  • Gala Galanda
    Gala Galanda 10 days ago

    0:44 toilet?

  • Sponge Pencil
    Sponge Pencil 11 days ago

    Every teen boy: trying to be cool but are dumb
    Every teen girl: shy
    Me: idiot

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 12 days ago +1

    Why isnt Olivia and Noa in This vid( I probaly Flipped up these names ) :D

  • Alice Ri
    Alice Ri 14 days ago +1

    I wonder what happend to this generation.ಠ_ಠ

  • Y0gurt is YaM
    Y0gurt is YaM 14 days ago +1

    When they said 43 dollars inrealized thats how much precetage is my tablet .-.

  • Mikael Abernathy
    Mikael Abernathy 15 days ago +1


  • Arlene Sanders
    Arlene Sanders 15 days ago +1

    I think I'm one of the only people who isn't a mindless idiot on their phone 24/7 like a fuckin zombie

  • You Don't Know Me
    You Don't Know Me 17 days ago +1

    Hey I'm in 20s and virgin

  • Undead Dragoon
    Undead Dragoon 17 days ago +2


  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 18 days ago

    This is pretty accurate

  • Salma Gamess
    Salma Gamess 18 days ago

    Ian is the best😂😂

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 18 days ago

    I miss being in my teens so much

  • reagan jarrette
    reagan jarrette 18 days ago +1

    OHH THIS WHOLE TIME I THOT IT WAS 2013-19 vs 2020-29 hahahaha

  • K C
    K C 18 days ago +3

    *DC watches the first minute of this video*

  • Tamikaze
    Tamikaze 19 days ago

    I'm down to clown

  • Joshua Chao
    Joshua Chao 21 day ago

    0:30 Wait, how do you even get hired as a school counselor without a college degree these days? (I honestly thought Smosh was going to make a reference to trade school there as a more efficient/cheaper option.)

  • Walter's Servers
    Walter's Servers 21 day ago +2

    +1 if you are teen

  • Princess Kitty
    Princess Kitty 22 days ago

    What if you’re not a teen or in your 20’s? What do you click?!?!

  • Jackson Burnsed
    Jackson Burnsed 22 days ago +1

    On 4:40 he looked like LazarBeam

  • MrDax 9898
    MrDax 9898 23 days ago

    SMOSH is cool so is the squad

  • VipGuest MSA
    VipGuest MSA 23 days ago

    I'm 21 and dont feel nor see any difference in my life from when i was a teen

  • Alvin A. Odeph
    Alvin A. Odeph 23 days ago

    How do you do, fellow kids

  • Fernando Ramos
    Fernando Ramos 24 days ago

    I miss my teens so much.

  • Ty Francis
    Ty Francis 24 days ago

    this video was soo moody but still smart AF! y'all are really silly 😭😁

  • Kawaii Camel
    Kawaii Camel 25 days ago +2

    When Smosh had ideas VS when Smosh ran out of ideas

  • Missxunperfect
    Missxunperfect 28 days ago

    *When Your 20 But You Only Say Your 20 Because Being 20 Is 20 Times Better Than Being A 20 Times Younger Teen*

  • AngelGhost
    AngelGhost Month ago

    It's actually scary that this is accurate.

  • banjobat
    banjobat Month ago

    damn that paycheck one hit WAY to real.

  • MC Productions
    MC Productions Month ago

    Jamba Juice here I come!!

  • ColinOrJames
    ColinOrJames Month ago

    The phones part haha!

  • Maybe The Best
    Maybe The Best Month ago

    That last one he says home cooked meal but they’re eating chipotle

  • Georgia Jordan.
    Georgia Jordan. Month ago +2

    The first time I watched this video, I thought it was teens now vs teens in the 20s. I’m dumb.

  • Bot Noob
    Bot Noob Month ago +3

    Then ur 19 and the granma at grocery store calls you a teenager boy.

  • stupled
    stupled Month ago +2

    20s vs 30s. An in 5 -10 years 30s vs 40s.

  • Reynard Robinson
    Reynard Robinson Month ago

    Hi. I. Love. Roy. Video s

  • Reynard Robinson
    Reynard Robinson Month ago


  • ELITE littleregan
    ELITE littleregan Month ago


  • Paper and Plastic
    Paper and Plastic Month ago

    2:23 - 2:43 Why doesn’t she just go for Jamba Juice like the teen did? Also, u can get stacked at Mc Donald’s with 43 dollars. I’m just saying. 😄

  • Jewish Weeb
    Jewish Weeb Month ago

    Remember when smosh tried with videos?

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky Month ago

    I’m a teenager and I wish I was back in middle or elementary and when I’m adult I’m gonna miss elementary and middle school

  • Tung Tran
    Tung Tran Month ago +1

    Ian:will make it nice and sexy in here
    Shayne: *laughs*
    Courtney: IAN!!!!
    Shayne: *laughing* what the hell *even more laughing*

  • Aline Hidalgo
    Aline Hidalgo Month ago

    Family eating Chipotle

  • Aline Hidalgo
    Aline Hidalgo Month ago

    Shanye and Courtney are having Sex together

  • Aline Hidalgo
    Aline Hidalgo Month ago

    More Shourtney moments

  • Car Ley
    Car Ley Month ago

    i love this video but the bloopers at the end are the funniest part. Ian's brain is an enigma

  • Small Gaming-and more-
    Small Gaming-and more- Month ago +13

    I have a feeling Shayne and Courtney are together

    • Small Gaming-and more-
      Small Gaming-and more- 15 days ago

      I’m Bored I know, it’s meant to be a prediction, and you don’t work there, so you don’t know for sure

    • I’m Bored
      I’m Bored 15 days ago

      Small Gaming-and more- they are not. Sorry

  • Epic TrapCard
    Epic TrapCard Month ago

    teenas are always garbage

  • Justabird
    Justabird Month ago

    20s vs teens u mean 1920s

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton Month ago

    What the name song of the "teens" OST?

  • Thịnh Nguyễn
    Thịnh Nguyễn Month ago

    Holy crappy balls,i can feel smosh coming back to life again

  • Kane Dust
    Kane Dust Month ago

    Haha I work hard but watch me be at McDonald’s

  • JRH
    JRH Month ago

    Oh shit. *LISTEN* 1:32. Now i know why all teens are so cancer

    • JRH
      JRH 28 days ago

      Nobody got that😂

  • Jacob Xiong
    Jacob Xiong Month ago

    actually taxes are to pay for roads, that's why they have road fixers in the summer. ice solidifies and breaks the concrete.

  • Simple Ways
    Simple Ways Month ago

    being a teenager sucks lol they're soo defensive about everything and quite frankly, act like whiny baby know it alls when in reality, they don't know anything about the world besides their school and the comfort of their parents home. Just a collection of emotions really.

  • Garrett Sampson
    Garrett Sampson Month ago

    I wish Ian’s mom can make a return

  • Bts Bangtan Boys
    Bts Bangtan Boys Month ago +1


  • Jacob Hanna
    Jacob Hanna Month ago

    I’m the only one who got the I got it from my daddy in fortnite | btw it’s so cute almost cried

  • Charlie Paglini
    Charlie Paglini Month ago

    down to clown

  • Uncle Bob
    Uncle Bob Month ago +3

    0:38 ok I gotta admit that was funny but still bring the old smosh. Let's do the first revolution of TheXvid!

    • Uncle Bob
      Uncle Bob Month ago

      Arkman name it according to their earlier videos and earlier intros , I got one

    • Arkman
      Arkman Month ago

      +Uncle Bob suggest something, uncle.

    • Uncle Bob
      Uncle Bob Month ago

      Arkman not bad gotta come up with something more creative

    • Arkman
      Arkman Month ago

      +Uncle Bob UFA: Unite for Anthony
      Pretty original.

    • Uncle Bob
      Uncle Bob Month ago

      Arkman we gotta name the revolution first

  • sauceboy
    sauceboy Month ago

    Who else thought the girl in the thumbnail was the one from Shane Dawson's Degrassi series from 10 years ago?

  • Duke Smart
    Duke Smart Month ago

    Courtney is so hot

  • c0pyimitati0n
    c0pyimitati0n Month ago

    Oh wow it's Matt Bradley 🤣

  • Alexandra Ts.
    Alexandra Ts. Month ago

    Why were Ian's bloopers better than the whole video

  • Tom Holland Underwear

    Back in 2000s Teens acts like people in 20s of today while people in the 20s act's like a very matured people while the one's who act's like teens before in 2000s are kids age 12 below.

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Month ago +2


  • Gabriella xo
    Gabriella xo Month ago

    Dude I used to watch you guys when I was like 12 in 2008 now we’re in 2019 I remembered Smosh and you guys are still here with new content amazing

  • Leone Abbacchio
    Leone Abbacchio Month ago


  • Canaan Richardson
    Canaan Richardson Month ago

    I’m watching there old vids cause, who actually listened to their podcast

  • GamerKing0504
    GamerKing0504 Month ago

    You can do it


  • Humorist/Tutorial show

    *_КТО ИЗ РАШКИ?_*

  • TheOblivionRider
    TheOblivionRider Month ago

    This is trash

  • Rattamatt396
    Rattamatt396 Month ago +1

    Wtf happened to smosh?! It was always just Ian and Anthony?!

  • Cody Macias
    Cody Macias Month ago

    Man I wish my generation was like my older brother in the 2000’s

  • Stratilex
    Stratilex Month ago

    When you see Ian’s improv... you know why smosh isn’t funny anymore. It’s too scripted

  • Amanda Zumut
    Amanda Zumut Month ago

    The joke with the paycheck is the biggest truth ever!!..

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim Month ago +1


    I literally thought it was the 1920s

  • Lester KLOD
    Lester KLOD Month ago +1

    Я один русский?

    • DJ SWAG К
      DJ SWAG К Month ago

      Нет братан, не один)

  • Shadow Hunt
    Shadow Hunt Month ago

    And most Teens are edgy murderous psychopath.

  • Lonely Otaku7
    Lonely Otaku7 Month ago +1

    0:42 goes through my head when I say I can do this

  • ankita 5121
    ankita 5121 Month ago

    2:30 J...JANICE?!

  • Shaany Boi
    Shaany Boi Month ago

    I’m 12 haha

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    Smosh needs to do something to help Pewdiepie defeat T-Series

  • D3clanboii SuperD3ProjectorGamez

    2 weeks ago

  • Gaming With Venom
    Gaming With Venom Month ago +2

    0:03 what is the song

  • Julian Wallace
    Julian Wallace Month ago

    I'm 19 and can pretty much relate to the whole thing.

  • Pewsepticplier 7
    Pewsepticplier 7 Month ago

    Puberty VS Mid-Life Crisis

  • Nathaniel Carreon
    Nathaniel Carreon Month ago +1

    If you are a teen and think life is not fair, it is actually worse and you have not seen the true reality of life

  • Daniel Onofre
    Daniel Onofre 2 months ago

    2000-2003 kids grew up with the same thing that 1900kids grew up with

  • Edward O
    Edward O 2 months ago

    I’m still 19 years old and I’m turning 20 in June

  • JanEn3
    JanEn3 2 months ago


  • REC’s World
    REC’s World 2 months ago

    I hate to be one of those people but I miss the old smosh