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  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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    Jon - Here I guess
    Special thanks to Melanie Licata for custom making that Alien for us 2 years ago so we could not use it except for to throw at a fake flying saucer 2 years later thanks Mel love u
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    MINORDEATH PLAYZ 2 hours ago

    JohnTron + Idubbz = 🔥

  • Malcolm Moore
    Malcolm Moore 2 hours ago

    wheres the sky tower?

  • Skux Nux
    Skux Nux 4 hours ago

    It’s been a month Jon... Soo... is he coming back or...

  • Avi Nemerson Hoover
    Avi Nemerson Hoover 4 hours ago

    As a person who likes architecture, fuckyou

  • SonicAT3
    SonicAT3 6 hours ago

    jon what the fuck man i thought we were cool, why do you got to insult me in SF.

  • Mr. Chimmybutt34
    Mr. Chimmybutt34 6 hours ago +1

    I’m not even joking I just got the notification for this video🤨 ok TheXvid

  • Seth Witte
    Seth Witte 8 hours ago

    So if you looked at the midsummer of pop culture and looked a bit to the side. You’d sea the space needle

  • Gary Lenon
    Gary Lenon 9 hours ago

    Is Jok dead

  • Lemon Seventh.
    Lemon Seventh. 10 hours ago

    I like fortnito

  • charles norris
    charles norris 10 hours ago

    he blinked 3 times! raid shadow legends confirmed to suck!

  • No Use Channel
    No Use Channel 14 hours ago


  • Canlex
    Canlex 15 hours ago

    I'm back bc i just had a thought. Jon only had 5.66M subs but is one of the most known youtubers

  • Billyboy17
    Billyboy17 17 hours ago +1


  • Tyler
    Tyler 17 hours ago

    You are the only channel I know of where I need to pause the video from preventing myself from having a laughing attack. I can't drink anything when your videos come up. ^_^ Keep up the superb work.

  • Fang the Hedgebat
    Fang the Hedgebat 17 hours ago

    *"Honey-comb lookin' things???"*
    They're called *_COFFERS._*

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star 19 hours ago

    I love how jontron takes a trend and does it the best

  • Thomas Sykes
    Thomas Sykes 23 hours ago

    Bro for your Halloween special you gotta check out this movie called beaster bunny!!

  • SnowFlake
    SnowFlake Day ago

    And we are back to the waiting for a new upload

  • I smell The cheeze

    John i have news if see me chat youl know this hes back and he came out with clear flex glue we must find out this magic

  • Jamie Adam
    Jamie Adam Day ago

    I cant believe I'm watching this again
    (Edit) because its been a month

  • Ben Gulvin
    Ben Gulvin Day ago

    Please don't read the daily mail.

  • Dubstepbee Corsi

    and now ladies??? and gentlemen jontrons top 34 architecture buildings based on this list
    34 whatever this is 11:08
    33 museum of pop culture seriously what even
    32 Scottish parliament building BURN IT TO THE GROUND
    31 the jenga building or whatever its called
    30 forbidden city its not even a city
    29 pyeng yung ice rink seriously feed your peeps
    28 golden gate bridge its outta his haaaaaandz
    27 the shard (aka the eye of suaron)
    26 elephant tower (elephant noise)
    25 the space needle 8:38
    24 christler building GREAT record man
    23 taj mahual sorry about your wife
    22 jontron for real try harder
    21 Washington monument MURICA
    20 notre dame (during fire) not as good as the original
    19 every modern office building (maniacal laughter)
    18 every modern apartment building (more maniacal laughter)
    17 great wall of china still can walk around it
    16 berge callifa that guys probably dead
    15 the grand cathedral from skullgirls (im pretty sure)
    14 segratta familia SEIN WIENERS IN
    13 ouayama technical college JUST SAYIN
    12 anchorwatt beotiful
    11 minecraft buckingham palace but that in B for BLOCKS
    10 notre dame (originally) solid A
    9 st bassils cathedral (plays tetris theme)
    8 pyramids of giza god damn aliens
    7 the empire state building the BRONX
    6 roman pantheon does your local target look that great
    5 leaning tower of piza look ma im a tourist
    4 budapesht parliament house i fucked up the spelling there i know it
    3 goofys house GUH HUH
    2 notre dame (after fire) YOU CANT DESTROY ME
    1 the cathedral of st john the divine what can i say its his house

  • Epic Fortnite gamer dab

    educational and funny lmao gg

  • xDrInv1nc1bl3x
    xDrInv1nc1bl3x Day ago

    I want more vids like this.
    It was amazing

  • TornadoWhirl33
    TornadoWhirl33 2 days ago

    Dead channel. ;_;

    • JackDeMan
      JackDeMan Day ago

      Yeah one month means the channel is totally right, dude have some patience

  • Bandana Dee
    Bandana Dee 2 days ago +1

    What're your thoughts on the Sydney Opera House?

  • the bad name channel

    Phil swift shot a fucking cannon at a boat and then sailed with it

  • Child Eater
    Child Eater 2 days ago

    *G O T T E M*

  • Face Bank
    Face Bank 2 days ago +1

    The god jon has left us again

  • TheDemoniusX
    TheDemoniusX 2 days ago

    it's been a month. he's probably going back in hiatus.

  • Spectre1122
    Spectre1122 2 days ago

    Me: TIER S : Chernobyl

  • •__ZGABRIELZ__• DznTM

    Phill swift just made a boat out of glass :|

  • Emø_Weeb
    Emø_Weeb 2 days ago

    Hey Jon, I’ve got an idea of something you can react to. Maybe u can do it around Christmas time.

    How about reacting to “Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer” that would be awesome.
    Ur videos are awesome!!!

  • Olivia _1999
    Olivia _1999 2 days ago

    Does anyone else think this chap sounds kinda like Billy Crystal?

  • iluxio
    iluxio 2 days ago

    13:41 I don't think it's that easy, I'm sorry lmao

    • QuattroKerbecs
      QuattroKerbecs 2 days ago

      You'd be surprised how easy it actually is once you delve into the nitty gritty.

  • Matthew Knight
    Matthew Knight 2 days ago +1

    “The bad guy’s HOUSE from half-life 2”

  • Demir Tuzla
    Demir Tuzla 2 days ago

    Jon, Phil has gone insane again, this time with flex glue clear

  • Mr Omega
    Mr Omega 2 days ago +1

    10:13 *S RANK!*

  • Insta Kill
    Insta Kill 2 days ago +1

    the hiatus begins once again

  • Тимон 8888
    Тимон 8888 3 days ago

    я из России :) всем привет

  • Captain Zeke
    Captain Zeke 3 days ago

    Nice orange trousers. I also own that same pair *licks the back of your neckhair*

  • baby face
    baby face 3 days ago


  • Shane Starrette
    Shane Starrette 3 days ago

    But you is Italian. Spaghetti and all that shit. Idk fuck you.

  • Singe
    Singe 3 days ago

    Does anyone know the song at 10:20 he used for the background?

  • NigaToni
    NigaToni 3 days ago

    A sSS… GOKU

  • Silhouette and Friends

    There if a FlexGlue Clear commercial that you "need" your royalties from lol

  • Patrick Peralta
    Patrick Peralta 3 days ago

    Do another flex tape vid

  • Grenks
    Grenks 3 days ago

    Tier list? That's some TierZoo shit. Hes good.

  • Handy Boy
    Handy Boy 3 days ago +2

    "Jon's got interests and he is going to insert them."
    Better not be politics again.

  • spar
    spar 3 days ago +1

    When you leave game grumps and start your own channel and has more subs
    Jontron: *g o t e m*

  • Cody DFWN
    Cody DFWN 3 days ago +1

    Please bring back the old intro btw. That is pure nostalgia to me. 😭💔 I grew up watching you! That sounds weird but that's how it is this day and age 😂
    I like the new one too!
    BUT MAYBE once in a while swap it in for the old one again? 🙁.. maybe just for your super game/media related stuff when you finally make something like that again?
    And keep the newer iteration for your more newer style of video?

  • Squanchy Getttin
    Squanchy Getttin 3 days ago


  • Ara Semerja
    Ara Semerja 3 days ago

    Ty jon for still working on silly shit like this for us we just wanna hear u talking about random shit honestly i know u have ur passion projects too though hope everything keeps working out for ya cuz we love u NOW GET THAT MAN A DASANI

  • GoldenSans
    GoldenSans 3 days ago

    Ok but why Goku
    This video had no Dragon Ball related anything in it and suddenly at the end you hit us with the Goku rank
    I mean I'm fine with it I'm just saying

  • AgreeableSmile
    AgreeableSmile 3 days ago

    Hey Jon have you recived your soulja boy handheld yet?

  • Chad
    Chad 3 days ago

    What are you waiting for half life 3? Release the green screen for this already.

  • pen on paper! with ethan2

    Flex seel

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 4 days ago

    He made another boat

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 4 days ago

    There is another Phil Swift video

  • The cheap Animator
    The cheap Animator 4 days ago +1

    Remember when Jon used to review games