My Dad Put A Camera Into My Room

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019

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  • Veronica Pearson

    I love animations😍😁

  • Secret People
    Secret People 2 days ago

    Larry looks a

    Bacon man in roblox

  • Gachafawwaz 6512
    Gachafawwaz 6512 2 days ago


  • Why u do THIS?! !
    Why u do THIS?! ! 3 days ago +1

    You have only C's and D's? im a joke to you? i have F's and E's

  • Kajhector Hector
    Kajhector Hector 4 days ago


  • RhodoniteRebel25
    RhodoniteRebel25 5 days ago

    He kinda looks like the bacon hair avatar on roblox

  • Asa Flowers
    Asa Flowers 5 days ago


  • Jaden Miel Nollas
    Jaden Miel Nollas 5 days ago

    We both like English and history subject omg

  • leeland Robertson
    leeland Robertson 7 days ago +1

    I got straight A's

  • cuteflowers ̊ˑ 𓆡 ͎· ̊

    rip larry

  • German_plat gamer
    German_plat gamer 8 days ago


  • John Laurens
    John Laurens 9 days ago +1

    That’s a crime ok sorry I’ll go hide in a closet

  • Ronnie Alvarez
    Ronnie Alvarez 10 days ago

    Sorriest daddy you have at first but anyways cameras in people's room is privacy invasion lol

  • Foxy Cat
    Foxy Cat 10 days ago

    I would to

  • starfaith
    starfaith 10 days ago +2

    How the hecc does she change clothes and underwear??

  • Miaki Green
    Miaki Green 10 days ago


  • Molly Miller
    Molly Miller 10 days ago

    You can’t put a camera in your child’s bedroom! They won’t be able to have freedom, plus a “B” is still a good grade let the girl have a social life for goodness sake!

  • lasagna
    lasagna 11 days ago

    This is the same girl from the “I’m wearing diapers at 17” video.

  • Lana The llama
    Lana The llama 11 days ago

    If there was a camera in my room i would get a cup full of water and dump it on the camera and i would break it and then throw it in bin

  • Kirsten Chloe Porta
    Kirsten Chloe Porta 12 days ago

    Larry looks like a bacon haired boi from ROBLOX

  • Maite Garcia
    Maite Garcia 12 days ago

    My dad from the camera my room

  • Kailyn Bernard
    Kailyn Bernard 16 days ago

    If I saw a camera in my room I would run out of my house call 911 and maybe say SOMEONE SPYED ON ME!!!

  • Brenda McLaughlin
    Brenda McLaughlin 16 days ago

    if u put a camera that is gross because u can spy on her so u can see her change

  • swedish burger
    swedish burger 16 days ago

    Looks like they are jumping in to her room 0:30

    RED DOGGO 16 days ago

    Use me as a "stop youtubers from saying, 'use me as a wtf button' or I'll report their comment to TheXvid" button

  • STOOPID216
    STOOPID216 16 days ago

    If I were her I would smash the camera

  • Deborah Nuezca
    Deborah Nuezca 17 days ago


  • ReadySetGame13
    ReadySetGame13 19 days ago

    Who else noticed that Larry looks like a Roblox bacon hair?

  • Radek Zeman
    Radek Zeman 20 days ago

    When i was 4 i got taun surgry but know iam 8

  • Watery Emilia
    Watery Emilia 20 days ago +9

    Her dad: *You can't have a boyfriend*
    Her: *Hold my bacon man*

  • Mohamed Chouchene
    Mohamed Chouchene 21 day ago


  • tammy Eugene
    tammy Eugene 21 day ago

    I Cant have a boyfriend but in my school i do i don't tell my mom dad sister my little or brother and brother

  • Pearlie Princess
    Pearlie Princess 21 day ago


  • 정영희
    정영희 21 day ago +1

    I can relate to the girl

  • Pro gamer Talavera
    Pro gamer Talavera 21 day ago

    Saying:I had no clue he had hid a camera till this day. Title:my dad hid a camera in my room and I know

  • Anthony Beshai
    Anthony Beshai 22 days ago

    Because your dad Heard you From the stairs

  • Zarya James
    Zarya James 22 days ago


  • Jimmy Valencia
    Jimmy Valencia 23 days ago

    Larry looks like a bacon hair not gonna lie

  • JayCrypted
    JayCrypted 23 days ago +1

    um why does larry look like a roblox bacon hair..?

  • Whoever threw that paper ya moms a hoe

    I don't get how you put this as a story when it's not like he acted like he was gonna see you have SEX in the camera, makes no sence🤷

  • My Pfp is broken lol
    My Pfp is broken lol 23 days ago

    Can someone tell me why Larry looks like a human Bacon Boy from Roblox?

  • secret men
    secret men 23 days ago +1

    One like = 100 years arrest her dad

  • FlappyBird The Hacker
    FlappyBird The Hacker 23 days ago

    Why don’t you just break the camera

  • Natalie Perdomo
    Natalie Perdomo 24 days ago +6

    *Her: I kinda miss the camera..*
    *Me: Wtf I would be relieved that the camera would be gone*

  • Stefana Tarniceru
    Stefana Tarniceru 24 days ago

    Larry kinda looks like a bacon hair from roblox

  • Kj Khong Phou
    Kj Khong Phou 24 days ago

    Put the phone sumwer else stoopid noob (i don't whont to be rude ok)

  • lol texts lol
    lol texts lol 25 days ago

    Me too

  • Moonbell Wang
    Moonbell Wang 26 days ago

    i mean, u, you, not yo...

  • Moonbell Wang
    Moonbell Wang 26 days ago

    hey, did yo know that i had the same grade as u?

  • Olivia Morales
    Olivia Morales 26 days ago

    If you got a B then just get the same or a similar marker or pen then right + near the B

    ;-; like really

  • Geometry dash On mobile!!

    She has a bed and closet in her bedroom

    Shame 👌

  • Maddie Werling
    Maddie Werling 27 days ago

    My grades:A+ or B+

  • Masum Hussain
    Masum Hussain 27 days ago

    My dad is like your dad

  • Kayleigh Hopley
    Kayleigh Hopley 27 days ago

    it’s fine my mom put a camera in my room and sometimes I can hear her Because the camera allows microphone sounds and remember you’re not the only one that has a camera in your room

  • Audiobot11 Gaming
    Audiobot11 Gaming 27 days ago

    My GrAdEs WhErE bAd! I gOt AlL C’s aNd D’s!
    That one B: Am I a joke to you?

  • Caitlyn Gilles
    Caitlyn Gilles 27 days ago

    Wait, like if you watch share my story a lot!
    Everyone gets bad grades

  • Atul Mishra
    Atul Mishra 27 days ago

    The voice sounds like Miley Cyrus

    BUFFALO OF THE UNIVERSE 28 days ago +1

    What if she had to change her clothes and her dad was just staring

  • missourigreen051
    missourigreen051 28 days ago

    It's called Stockholm syndrome