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  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
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    The Circle, coming soon to Channel 4
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  • Mr grant
    Mr grant 5 months ago +1

    Another panny Tv show

    ROHAN GUIDE AND TECH 6 months ago

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  • Cherry Cheesecake
    Cherry Cheesecake 6 months ago

    Guys you should def watch this, I only came here to tell you what so thought of the first episode today and I think it was really good cant really say much without spoiling though can’t wait for next ep tomorrow

  • Will Bosley
    Will Bosley 6 months ago +2

    thanos car thanos car
    can we hit 12 likes

  • Crab Burger
    Crab Burger 6 months ago

    OMG what bullshit show will they come out with next?? A group of dumbarses on social media talking shit to each other, I mean the sad thing is this is the only thing these f**king wannabes to anyways so why depress the few people left with a brain and some individuality by putting this sh*t on TV... channel 4 you suck!!!!😥

  • Liam Gaughan
    Liam Gaughan 6 months ago +3

    Worlds gone mad

  • Miranda Katz
    Miranda Katz 6 months ago +6

    Or you could just be a friendly, genuine person and just be yourself. BUT WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT AMI RIGHT

  • Lawrence Davis
    Lawrence Davis 6 months ago

    More channel 4 shite

  • Stormer
    Stormer 6 months ago +2

    That screaming woman jumping through the floor and kicking that guys ass is brilliant.

  • نادر
    نادر 6 months ago +2

    This advert pisses me off

  • Dexterror
    Dexterror 6 months ago

    Please Channel 4 & E4 stop running this ad every 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!

  • Object
    Object 6 months ago +1

    who is the yoga girl in this ad

  • Napoleon Wilson
    Napoleon Wilson 6 months ago

    Channel 4 trying to make men look bad. Particularly white men. Communist SCUM.

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 6 months ago +1

    Thats a proper deep bodypopping electrotekalicious tune going on there............. I want the full version - bloody well upload it Channel 4 its cruel to leave me only half tuned !

  • Patrick the Fanboy
    Patrick the Fanboy 6 months ago +1

    It's a cheap knock off of Big Brother.

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 6 months ago +19

    I applied for this as a joke. Then they actually got back to me and said I was in the running.
    Boy have I dodged a bullet.

    • Spikey100000
      Spikey100000 5 months ago

      Get off your high horse jeez, it was revolutionary reality tv

    • Flower
      Flower 6 months ago

      Johnny Mac is that a bad thing

    • Johnny Mac
      Johnny Mac 6 months ago

      +Miranda Katz They called up all applicants. Said they'd get back to me but didn't.

    • Miranda Katz
      Miranda Katz 6 months ago

      In the running?

  • scotlandr
    scotlandr 6 months ago

    Dunno why but the angry bint at 0:39 has a really annoying face! Little gobshite.
    On a sidenote, this will be shite. "Reality" my arse it'll be all scripted, was really hoping for this to be a Black Mirror esque themed game show or something.

  • TheChillindude44
    TheChillindude44 6 months ago

    URG with all the teasers, i was really hoping it would be some awesome phycological game show

    • Stormer
      Stormer 6 months ago +1

      URG with all the negative comments in this world we can do without yours.

  • Iain Dove
    Iain Dove 6 months ago +1

    Leave them all behind by Whitey, find him on bandcamp

  • Dale C
    Dale C 6 months ago +32

    Whoever made that advert deserves an award.

    • Stormer
      Stormer 5 months ago

      +Mr H9736 making this afternoon of course

    • Mr H9736
      Mr H9736 6 months ago +3

      Dale C for what exactly?

  • Sam O'Hara-Childs
    Sam O'Hara-Childs 6 months ago

    Immense 👌

  • Simon Dorri
    Simon Dorri 6 months ago +6

    What is the tune?

    • Kenny Fenny
      Kenny Fenny 6 months ago

      I know right, exactly what I thought... It's soo good.

    • Stormer
      Stormer 6 months ago

      Leave them all behind by Whitey,

  • sley GTC
    sley GTC 6 months ago


  • PriscillaGraçã TM
    PriscillaGraçã TM 6 months ago

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