• Published on Jul 20, 2019
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  • Finn Casteen
    Finn Casteen 17 hours ago


  • Finn Casteen
    Finn Casteen 17 hours ago

    I have watched all you’re videos

  • Shakeela Bi
    Shakeela Bi Day ago

    team robot

  • FIXEL Mahi
    FIXEL Mahi Day ago

    See ya later alligator

  • AvertyDuck Stop
    AvertyDuck Stop 2 days ago

    This guy is louder than an Windows xp starting screen

  • Paloma Cruz
    Paloma Cruz 4 days ago


  • Home Home
    Home Home 14 days ago

    Team robot

  • Orion Nakatani
    Orion Nakatani 15 days ago


  • jerrick feliciano
    jerrick feliciano 15 days ago

    Team mecha

  • Cooking with Shoma
    Cooking with Shoma 18 days ago


  • Judith Moreno
    Judith Moreno 19 days ago


  • Lucas David Benscoter
    Lucas David Benscoter 20 days ago

    (Spoilers for stranger things) is it just me or does the monster oddly look like the mind flayed in stranger things

  • Aaden Hamilton
    Aaden Hamilton 22 days ago +1

    ya I know I can do it it is a great way

  • Misterpoopbutt3
    Misterpoopbutt3 24 days ago


  • anna bannana
    anna bannana 24 days ago

    Kevin us a sphere now!

  • Gary Parson
    Gary Parson 25 days ago


  • Cisly Boykin
    Cisly Boykin 26 days ago

    Instead of goosebumps ghost bumps

  • Drpipik 420
    Drpipik 420 27 days ago

    Name: Dark_Demix
    Sac: Ghostninja

  • ender king357
    ender king357 27 days ago

    This man has Xx is his name, numbers, and ninja, what's wrong with him

  • Logan Weatherall
    Logan Weatherall 27 days ago

    Team mech

  • US account Playstation

    Winer robot

  • jack king
    jack king 27 days ago +1

    Plz sub to Wild504ray

    RIDATHEGAMER_YT Rida 27 days ago


  • UNKNOWN 04321
    UNKNOWN 04321 27 days ago +1

    5min event but ghost ninja turns it into a 10 min vid

  • Ray Lemos
    Ray Lemos 27 days ago

    t m

  • maria tejeda
    maria tejeda 27 days ago

    I like the event and sibscribe to NIÑJA
    And the event was cool

  • Cindy Saldana
    Cindy Saldana 27 days ago

    Like your vids cynthias27 ps4

  • Vanessa Graham
    Vanessa Graham 27 days ago


  • fortnite days
    fortnite days 27 days ago

    I like and subed

  • Olga Loera
    Olga Loera 27 days ago +1

    team mech

  • Jacarri Blake
    Jacarri Blake 28 days ago

    Team mecha

  • ThegamingP4cey n the hacker

    Jesus christ your reaction is shit

  • Tee Tuwhangai
    Tee Tuwhangai 28 days ago

    I don't know what scared me more the monster or ghost ninjas scream🤣😂

  • Purple_Expose
    Purple_Expose 28 days ago

    Me please XxExposePG_AJxX

  • Vaughan Chris
    Vaughan Chris 28 days ago

    Go mega

  • dailencox play
    dailencox play 28 days ago

    Dailenwing55 vi

  • X-man17 C
    X-man17 C 28 days ago


  • Itz High
    Itz High 28 days ago +1

    The ball is an egg the is a baby Kevin in there

    I’m close to 100 subscribers please help thanks

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 28 days ago


  • Jariel Baez
    Jariel Baez 28 days ago


  • Eduardo Cardona
    Eduardo Cardona 28 days ago

    Ghost ninja you where in my game when you where seeing the event also ninja was with us in the event

  • Trenton Fleming
    Trenton Fleming 28 days ago


  • doofy the dragon 2
    doofy the dragon 2 28 days ago

    If you know who I am I'm your friend and you are keep on texting me again and again and again

  • PT Cruiser
    PT Cruiser 28 days ago

    I really want it because I don’t have a lot of v buks and stuff so I really want it you the best oh and my gamer tag is parkerjackson19 I love you ❤️❤️👍 love your vids

  • Lil JJ YUL
    Lil JJ YUL 28 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Lil JJ YUL
    Lil JJ YUL 28 days ago


  • Raymond Mitchell
    Raymond Mitchell 28 days ago

    Team robot

  • Oz_Assassin 1
    Oz_Assassin 1 28 days ago +1

    I subscribe liked all ur vids and use ur code@dudeforlifeman pls gift skin

  • Metalidol Key
    Metalidol Key 28 days ago

    Grrrrrrr auto correct....

  • Metalidol Key
    Metalidol Key 28 days ago

    Wow is It look at that team much dude I wonder if it's still on fortnite😕😕😕😕

  • ambioki skeereet
    ambioki skeereet 28 days ago

    You didn’t see how he kill him

  • ambioki skeereet
    ambioki skeereet 28 days ago

    Is better where Dakotaz film it

  • ambioki skeereet
    ambioki skeereet 28 days ago


  • Mem Lax
    Mem Lax 28 days ago

    F u ghost ninja

  • Tragic Jaee
    Tragic Jaee 28 days ago

    team robot i love you ghost ninja

  • DooM phenomenalGamer
    DooM phenomenalGamer 28 days ago

    I went for team monster that event was awesome and I love to watch u win a event is about to happen

  • ChristopherYT
    ChristopherYT 28 days ago

    Team robot

  • Alyssa Dorr
    Alyssa Dorr 28 days ago

    Wait does that mean Kevin might come back in season 10

  • superslime 66
    superslime 66 28 days ago


  • Inferno_ slayer40
    Inferno_ slayer40 28 days ago

    Do you know you was in the same game as ninja

  • Jessica Sutherland
    Jessica Sutherland 28 days ago

    I’m not like

  • Marcus Pedersen
    Marcus Pedersen 28 days ago +1

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    I used code ghost ninja in the item shop. I also subscribed and turned on notifications my epic account is Field_Of_Forces I really want the no sweat emote

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