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Hopsin - Nocturnal Rainbows [RAW]

  • Published on Nov 21, 2010
  • Track 08

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  • KarmaNuggets
    KarmaNuggets 2 days ago

    Miss you hop. This song holds a lot of weight for me

  • Thejoecross
    Thejoecross 4 days ago

    Somewhere down in my life I forgot about the message in this song. Listening to this again, it should have been the song I listen to almost everyday.

  • Breezy Loki
    Breezy Loki 5 days ago

    To think I’ve been bumping to this for 8 years it’s got me thru every thing

  • Norrin Radd
    Norrin Radd 7 days ago

    I ain't programmed but I may be a slave. I made a point to be original almost to a fault. Society dislikes me and those like me. I pay for my originality often. But at the end of the day I know I'm happy being an authentic version of myself

  • Niv Edni
    Niv Edni 8 days ago

    since it first came out till today.. best hopsin song

  • 13 dollars
    13 dollars 10 days ago

    1:34 obama president line skip to 1:40

    • 13 dollars
      13 dollars 10 days ago

      and then 3:31 to skip that gay ass preaching verse

    • 13 dollars
      13 dollars 10 days ago

      and then 2:05

    • 13 dollars
      13 dollars 10 days ago

      at 2:02 skip to 2:05

  • Jorge Aguilar
    Jorge Aguilar 10 days ago

    I remember listening to this song when it had like 2000 views fucking crazy how he blew up.

  • HyperDokkan
    HyperDokkan 11 days ago +1

    still amazing song in 2019

  • John
    John 11 days ago

    Clouding my brain had me feeling like I was just trapped in a dungeon

  • Enosi Yomilewau
    Enosi Yomilewau 12 days ago

    Truth in its rawest form

  • Makayla Cook
    Makayla Cook 17 days ago

    No your not an angry crook... your a badass like how Eminem was long time ago, you speak the truth!!

  • Jah way
    Jah way 17 days ago

    Even if you or nobody believes me but god is listening and digging your music. Blessed

  • Jah way
    Jah way 17 days ago +1

    Just updating that this guy is the shit.

  • Team KutThroat
    Team KutThroat 17 days ago

    Lemme get a head start, whos here in 2020?
    Appreciate anyone who checks out my channel💯

  • RE: fresh
    RE: fresh 17 days ago

    you are also programmed, we all are. no thoughts are original. at least you can be aware for a moment, that is a good start ...the rest of society should work on with its neurotic and fearful nature.

    check me out for infinite off the tops and new styles and new drops UNEDITED FIRST TRY OFF THE TOP (actual)
    cool shtt to steal, for those who are not quite creative.

  • Kyle West
    Kyle West 17 days ago

    Man I was listening to this shit an it shipped I was like bitch can you get up off my dick . Hahaha jk I ain't got a female but if I did I would send her a email . Saying hi an the bye cause I don't care . An I don't need a reason why to throw my hands in the air. Like good timing is allways key I herd as a kid that I can be anything when I grow big

  • *So What You Saying Is*

    How does this have more views than Hopsin's post of the same song?

  • Dylan Price
    Dylan Price 19 days ago

    I live Tennessee first time i heard this song good job hopsin the world is fucked mam keep playing for the people that listen

  • LI
    LI 19 days ago

    Realak better hopsin!

  • Reaggestrerad Johansson

    2045 i will still be listening , if we exist.

  • Bob Belcher
    Bob Belcher 21 day ago

    U may be against weed but that's cuz ur ignorant to the subject. I have an issue where I never have an appetite. Ever since I was a child. So weed has helped me eat properly and I have a car and license. U can admit u were wrong, hopsin

  • Gregomon
    Gregomon 22 days ago +3

    Even years later, I find myself coming back to this song for comfort.

    PJay VISION 22 days ago

    "When the sun's down
    Nocturnal rainbows soar in the air so high
    It may seem so that I can see
    But the darkness provides the light for me
    I don't wanna be lonely
    An the moon is my only homie..
    If there's a higher power
    Then show me
    Instead of nocturnal rainbows"

  • Jay Rae
    Jay Rae 23 days ago +8

    "I'm from where a child's future's on the streets with the bums,
    because it's hard to become something so unique where I'm from"

  • Prince Nicholas Herrman

    I actually dont listen to this. lyrics?

  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans Month ago +1

    2019 anyone? This shit will forever be relevant

  • nitroyetevn
    nitroyetevn Month ago +1

    maybe I'm just from the old school, but I feel like the hooks on lots of these songs by Hopsin and others don't live up to how good the verse is

  • Shawn Davis
    Shawn Davis Month ago

    This shit is so lit

  • Toni Greim
    Toni Greim Month ago

    The first of many Tech9ne songs.

  • SillentRedKnight
    SillentRedKnight Month ago

    "say my name its like people get afraid and shook"*eminem says his name*

  • Courtney Blanton
    Courtney Blanton Month ago

    Epic, Hopsin is woke

  • The Sage
    The Sage Month ago

    bumpin' in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FriendsorFame
    FriendsorFame Month ago

    He been foreshadowing the future through so many tracks its crazy

  • Russell Grohmando
    Russell Grohmando Month ago

    I find it interesting that he is calling out the Illuminati, when the title “Illuminati” refers to an ideology, about Lucifer being the light bearer, and the Illuminated ones being those who receive Lucifer’s “light” as the “true light”. This is an idea Hopsin seems to agree with in the statement “but the darkness provides the light for me”, and nocturnal rainbows seems to be a reference to psychedelic effects of seeing lighted colors in the darkness. I believe there is a correlation between psychedelics and the fruit of the the tree of knowledge of good and evil, given to mankind by the serpent, later identified as Satan/Lucifer, in an act that certain Gnostic and Luciferian groups view as the true act of liberation and redemption of mankind, seeing Lucifer as a benefactor of mankind. So if that correlation holds and this is the light Hopsin has chosen to walk in, how can he truly call out “the Illuminati” for anything?

  • andre castaneda
    andre castaneda Month ago +1

    One of the greatest tracks ever produced. Genius shit. And I’m not a huge hopsin fan you just can’t deny talent.

  • ✹JiggLub✹
    ✹JiggLub✹ Month ago

    this is dead ass the realest shit ive ever heard.

  • Zachary Gilmore
    Zachary Gilmore Month ago

    Dark side of the moon= nocturnal rainbows

  • Logan Jackson
    Logan Jackson Month ago

    Its people like you who talk that shoulda coulda woulda stuff

  • AlphaTOA
    AlphaTOA Month ago

    AUGUST 2019

  • Chris Hefren
    Chris Hefren Month ago

    Idk some of the lyrics ring true, but if you really listen alot of the lyrics scream propoganda from the religious conservatives.

  • Alex James
    Alex James Month ago +1

    Ima. Cheese man

  • lone Eagle
    lone Eagle Month ago

    I don't like being Alone

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Month ago


  • Named User
    Named User Month ago

    this tard disabled playback on other porgrams

  • Random Mexican
    Random Mexican Month ago

    Fucking hell, it's been 9 years

  • Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson Month ago

    Fuck up! You aint either...talking bout my mans and them....his excellency at age 46 Bitch!!! Nobel peace price and all fucker.

  • Poenaru Vlad
    Poenaru Vlad Month ago

    I don't want it

  • PuchoAlmighty666
    PuchoAlmighty666 Month ago

    F***ing awesome! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Ben Blumers
    Ben Blumers Month ago

    Hey remember this shit hops bring hop is back 2

  • im anoob
    im anoob Month ago +1

    Who still listening in 2019

  • Tommy Gunnz
    Tommy Gunnz Month ago

    The shit you think of isn't even YOUR thoughts...let that shit sink in!!

  • Dark Espinoza Martinez

    Im not internet is getting controlled o.o oh.i was mad foo everyone gets mad shoot chill hes my fam.

  • joseph neill
    joseph neill Month ago

    The song that started It all for me. Time to start waking up.

  • alanmckaybmx
    alanmckaybmx Month ago

    Nocturnal rainbows is still one of hopsins best, one of my favorites, hopsin is a lyrical genius and spits da truth about the issues we all deal with, hes kinda like a modern day eminen but anyway hopsin is one of the best modern day rappers

  • Зек
    Зек Month ago

    Hopsin is the real one

  • grizzly pugplays
    grizzly pugplays Month ago

    2019 any one

  • Unuxon
    Unuxon Month ago

    "See I've been me for so long but I still don't know who Hopsin is" wise

  • T
    T Month ago


  • Villen Swagg
    Villen Swagg Month ago

    This guy is amazing a walking legend

  • slimsoforeign
    slimsoforeign Month ago +2

    Just did a reaction video to this song in 4k so ya'll go check it out👀

    • slimsoforeign
      slimsoforeign Month ago +1

      @Justin I. what's good bro did you see the reaction video I did to this #FGF

    • Justin I.
      Justin I. Month ago +1

      My man! #FGF