Big old diesel engine startup compilation A2zcar

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
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Comments • 88

  • A2z cars
    A2z cars  17 days ago visit izzo pk please

  • Christopher allen
    Christopher allen Month ago

    reminds me of tenn if it will start these hicks will drive it ...don't matter if it's on fire if it will get them to the beer store....

  • Faiza Aman
    Faiza Aman Month ago +1


  • Shelby Brunhoeber
    Shelby Brunhoeber Month ago +2

    9:55 that thing is gonna jump off the trailer XD

  • Lukas Asda
    Lukas Asda Month ago +1

    greta thunberg not gonna be happy...

  • InConTruth
    InConTruth Month ago

    I hate those Wisconsin pony motors.

  • Hamed Chikhaoui
    Hamed Chikhaoui Month ago

    Enjoyed 👍

  • glossamano
    glossamano Month ago +2

    The Esrom-Sknabriaf looks a lot like an old Fairbanks-Morse engine. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gen Hire
    Gen Hire Month ago

    why am i watching this?

  • Ghujdawi1977 Alie
    Ghujdawi1977 Alie Month ago +1

    nice video

  • Vita Quasus
    Vita Quasus Month ago +2

    Reminds me of my early days driving diesel trucks. Firing them up was a process, it was effort that brought satisfaction, cold starts, decompression levels kill switches, I miss those unbelievable engines. These computerized bs crap engines of today make me sick

  • Dominador Parinas
    Dominador Parinas 2 months ago +3

    1950 Scientist:I must figure how to make this last forever
    2000:I will need this thing to last until the warranty

  • Josiah Guthrie
    Josiah Guthrie 2 months ago +3

    4:02 still runs. Saw it on the 5th. Its started once a year for the Texas Early day Tractor and Engine show in Temple. Edit. Fairbanks Morse. Dont remember the model.

  • Gary Zimmerman
    Gary Zimmerman 2 months ago

    Why is caterpillar written backwards?

  • Timo Barigand
    Timo Barigand 2 months ago +4

    How did a blonde lose her arm?

    Oh look it's not moving, I can put my arm through!

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous 2 months ago

    Clickbait with stolen mirrored videos.

  • Faiza Aman
    Faiza Aman 2 months ago +1

    I m soriy......?

  • sanjay talokar
    sanjay talokar 3 months ago +1

  • christopher james
    christopher james 4 months ago +4

    1:22. What is that thing?

    • k1w1
      k1w1 2 months ago +2

      "1:22. What is that thing?"
      That's a big ol' diesel engine. Don't know what it used to power, though... maybe something in a mine, like a water pump or a hoist.

  • SAVE ID92
    SAVE ID92 4 months ago +1

    Old engine good👍
    Don't forget visit to my channel👍😇

  • Don Melton
    Don Melton 4 months ago +1

    All stolen videos flipped right to left.😭👎👎👎👎👎

    • Antonio Faravelli
      Antonio Faravelli 3 months ago +1

      Non avete altro da fare che inquinamento questi rottami

  • Enomshop VPS
    Enomshop VPS 4 months ago +1

    A video about people starting engines. 🤗

  • Bruce Boschek
    Bruce Boschek 4 months ago +4

    I didn't realize that Fairbanks Morse backwards spelled Esrom Sknabriaf.

  • BUZ1952 Z
    BUZ1952 Z 4 months ago +1

    Great video but too bad every thing appeared backwards.

    • TestECull
      TestECull 4 months ago +1

      Probably because it's all stolen and uncredited footage that's mirrored to avoid YT's copyright detection algorithms

  • Fabio Fabio
    Fabio Fabio 4 months ago +1

    Sou mecânico diesel desde 7?1970 ja montei muitos motores diesel e uma música para meus ouvidos hoje so no suco emfartei três vezes

  • Cecília Gonçalves
    Cecília Gonçalves 4 months ago

    Meu pai era mecânico de máquinas pesadas gue Saudades

  • ccaa production
    ccaa production 4 months ago +1

    Nice work

  • Rett
    Rett 4 months ago +3

    And on andonthe polution grows. Too bad inventions like these were not criminalized a long time ago. Deisels account for most air pollution among vehicles

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow 4 months ago +3

      Really? I suppose you walk everywhere and have a hand-made house built of mud. You DO understand that if it weren't for diesels, you wouldn't have all those great groceries in the fridge - OR the fridge itself. Pretty sure the building material for your house were brought by something with a diesel in it. Your entire modern existence was brought by truck or train, and made possible by fossil fuels up to and including the energy used to power the internet and device you wrote the comment on.... Just a thought.

    • Raynus 1
      Raynus 1 4 months ago +2

      Not with DPF/DEF. They're also among the most fuel-efficient.

  • Urho Puska
    Urho Puska 4 months ago +1

    Filmi on projektorissa väärinpäin, kuvat ovat epäselviä.

  • TrendyFunAndGames
    TrendyFunAndGames 4 months ago +2

    i got a diesel car and i f****in hate it im getting a petrol again

  • rando commando
    rando commando 4 months ago +1

    copyright theft here look away

  • Perlito Cabauatan
    Perlito Cabauatan 4 months ago

    our technology is designed for these engines;

  • Raynus 1
    Raynus 1 4 months ago

    I'm David Suzuki and I endorse this video.

  • tazounet76410
    tazounet76410 4 months ago +1


  • Băng tải công nghiệp


  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 4 months ago

    .....and only a couple actually started...... well shit.

  • desinfector
    desinfector 4 months ago +8

    all copies of a copied copy, that got copied from a copied copy
    -and flipped

  • dyer2cycle
    dyer2cycle 4 months ago

    ....EPA loves this!.... :)

  • sarnisah mok
    sarnisah mok 4 months ago

    Fucking low budget video clip copyright..... Idiot lol

  • 92xl
    92xl 4 months ago +1

    #4 ain't firing.

  • thomassin bruno
    thomassin bruno 4 months ago +4

    horrible quality!!!

  • Keyboard Krazy
    Keyboard Krazy 4 months ago

    2:48 chitty chitty bang bang!!!

  • James
    James 4 months ago +4

    Why are these videos backward? I need a mirror to see them properly.

    MAJESTIC 4 months ago +2

    POLLUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Saxon
    Jon Saxon 4 months ago

    Why are all the engines backward?

  • Inderjit Singh
    Inderjit Singh 4 months ago

    How it starts....with battery or with manpower?

  • Billy Mac
    Billy Mac 4 months ago +2

    It's time these videos were banned, everybody knows that they are copies of someone else's work.

    • Stuart Harfield
      Stuart Harfield 4 months ago

      And everyone don’t care!

    • John Coops
      John Coops 4 months ago +1

      Note the video is mirrored using Cyberlink Power Image to avoid automatic detection of copyright infringement.

  • Bob Edwards
    Bob Edwards 4 months ago +3

    10 gallons a min?"

  • massi mad
    massi mad 4 months ago +1

    che mucchi di ferraglia da mandare in fonderia....

  • t34 fan
    t34 fan 4 months ago +4

    As soon as I saw the reversed film, thumbs down and out of here. Stop stealing other peoples work .

  • Scoot Dean
    Scoot Dean 4 months ago +1

    Come to IA at these thresher days awesome No joke. Best

  • Jose L. Garcia
    Jose L. Garcia 5 months ago +9

    You've copied it and just turned right to left. Shame on you!!!!!

  • Darren Jones
    Darren Jones 5 months ago +1

    To many people complaining , get a life , wgat does your video look like , and can yall get of tge sofa and out of your moms basement .?

    • Sabikun Sabikun
      Sabikun Sabikun Month ago

      Saya sabikun guter orang indonesia suka sekali melihat big engin seperti ini.

    • bitsnpieces11
      bitsnpieces11 4 months ago

      I think maybe it's not ok to accuse someone of stealing another persons video if you can't tell us who the original person is. I enjoy seeing the video and the people aren't trying to get money from me. The pay they get from u-tube is for their work putting it up.

  • Synthya Wylder
    Synthya Wylder 5 months ago +14

    Cheap knock-offs. Video is flipped right-to-left, & names missing. thumbs-down

  • Cecília Gonçalves
    Cecília Gonçalves 5 months ago

    Muito bom motor antigo tempo bom jóias raro

    • Michel Barbosa
      Michel Barbosa 4 months ago

      Pra mim foi o melhor motor foi o último do vídeo

  • gouranga Sau
    gouranga Sau 5 months ago +2

    খুব ভালো লাগলো

  • Анатолий Григорьев

    9: 09 как поет дизель! отработал на карбюраторных всю жизнь ,но это музыка!!!

    • Otakar Karel
      Otakar Karel 4 months ago

      Pokud slyším a vidím, tak diesel karburátory nemá...leda v Rusku.

    • Jean Meslier
      Jean Meslier 4 months ago

      Yes. No carburetor.

  • Grym Reiper
    Grym Reiper 5 months ago +9

    Looks like it was shot in 240p and upscaled using a potato with on-board CPU Graphics

    • Kevin Counihan
      Kevin Counihan 5 months ago +5

      Nah. It's all stolen from other sites and flipped. I've seen them all before.
      I wish there was still a way to block these sites so they would get demonetized. 07-12-2019.

  • Frank and Dana Snyder
    Frank and Dana Snyder 5 months ago +8

    Horrible video quality.....copied too many times...

    • J P
      J P 4 months ago

      Frank and Danaher Snyder k. , tk bc can't 38'4^5

    • Zagisa
      Zagisa 5 months ago

      At least the powerdirector bluemark is still in HD, so there is that

  • Закир Хафизов
    Закир Хафизов 5 months ago +3

    2: 00 собака толкает))