• Published on Jul 2, 2017
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Comments • 2 682

  • Chris Sails
    Chris Sails  2 years ago +584

    Follow us on Instagram (chrisandqueen_)

    • k. Tayl0r
      k. Tayl0r Year ago

      Chris And Queen i was dead when Chris said we steal nothing when they was in walmart😂

    • supreme gang
      supreme gang Year ago


    • Sydney’s Pretty’s
      Sydney’s Pretty’s Year ago

      Chris And Queen yeah of course Queen happy she love her some nachos I watched all hard not to laugh videos and they do be looking good so I advise you not to just give up cuz Queen good to make nachos

    • abc 123
      abc 123 Year ago

      Chris And Queen follow me on Instagram big_t.o_52

    • Playaround_ Josh
      Playaround_ Josh Year ago

      Chrisand Queen u guys should also add jazz

  • May Smith
    May Smith 19 days ago +1


  • Niokia Johnson
    Niokia Johnson 19 days ago

    I hope they wash THERE hands😖
    This dont make no sense

  • ahrynation !
    ahrynation ! 3 months ago +1

    take me back to when everything was good😩😩

  • Vashti Lee
    Vashti Lee 3 months ago

    Yes love it

  • Nelly Boo
    Nelly Boo 5 months ago

    Biannca needs to sit the fuck down with her mess up edges😂😂that’s Why she look like a bum and damien trying look clean and Be cool but...... nobody does not like d and b nation that Why they ALL split up🙄😬😂

  • Taylor Symone
    Taylor Symone 5 months ago

    Bianca doing to much now but when the Taylor girlz come she goin stfu up cause she scary they’ll beat her ass she look like a old white women in her 40’s

  • Taylor Symone
    Taylor Symone 5 months ago

    Bianca doing to much now but when the Taylor girlz come she goin stfu up cause she scary they’ll beat her ass she look like a old white women in her 40’s

  • Sanaa Hayes
    Sanaa Hayes 5 months ago

    If you listen closely someone said nacho chesse no nachos

  • Sharnai Gibson
    Sharnai Gibson 6 months ago

    Why ya'll going on biannca like that i sure she is the nicest and cutest girl on this video

  • ski mask
    ski mask 6 months ago

    Y'all look so wonderful working together team work!!

  • Monica Beamon
    Monica Beamon 7 months ago +1

    Sorry but Janay had them doing the dumbest shit 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 just stupid

  • Florence Daniel
    Florence Daniel 7 months ago

    I love d&b nation

  • Summer Love
    Summer Love 8 months ago +1

    This was so wack. !!!! Once upon a time momma bear took her Cubs to the market and told them they had 20 mins to get food to make nachos ,and whatever you didn't get you won't be having on your nachos !!!! So all the lil Cubs ran around the market to please momma bear and her stomach !!!! So then they all race home to cook for momma bear while the Cubs already done all the work already getting the food .Now more work to do when we get home to cook so that momma bear can sit her fat ass up there and enjoy her Cubs works ! And before the Cubs go to sleep momma bear let her Cubs eat jars of healthy baby food for dessert. !!!!!! The End lmaf!!!!!

  • Te'keyarial Guster
    Te'keyarial Guster 8 months ago

    I dont understand this shit

  • Sydney Mosley
    Sydney Mosley 8 months ago

    LMAO watching a year later

  • lyss
    lyss 9 months ago

    Where df taylor girlz at :(

  • K.A
    K.A 11 months ago

    Flight look like a actual baby in that baby food challenge

  • Brianna Figueroa
    Brianna Figueroa Year ago

    this show is booty

  • Wise Jae
    Wise Jae Year ago

    I misss these days everybody was cool 😎

  • Allyah Trujillo
    Allyah Trujillo Year ago

    Bianca with her fine line ass eyebrows.

  • The Drama Between


  • The Drama Between

    I love this snow

  • text vs story
    text vs story Year ago

    These are the people that should be there to CJ so cool, cc gang, and jazz and tae

  • Toxic Maj
    Toxic Maj Year ago

    Bianca acting like she can cook

  • amour raeee
    amour raeee Year ago

    Damian and Bianca was getting on my nerves Damian was all doin to much and loud and Bianca think she lil miss princess

  • Jay Wilson
    Jay Wilson Year ago +1


  • Ariana Delgado
    Ariana Delgado Year ago

    They all looked like they was boonk ganging the store when they ran out🤣

  • Ariana Delgado
    Ariana Delgado Year ago

    What city are they in?

  • Loyal Zianne
    Loyal Zianne Year ago

    Bianca hella annoying queen the only realset girl there


    Why dis got so many freaking adds

  • Karis
    Karis Year ago

    I’m sorry 😐 but this shit wack asf I’m only here for Chris and queen and honestly this is below them

  • Janiyah Foreman
    Janiyah Foreman Year ago

    Why everyone hating on biannca

  • ScorpionMom clardy

    OMG its alway some drama

  • Quita Moore
    Quita Moore Year ago

    They did all this in one ☝️ day

  • Paris Snider
    Paris Snider Year ago

    That's embarrassing to be curled up in one pile

  • xx OLIANA xx
    xx OLIANA xx Year ago

    I like everyone in there except for D&B nation

  • Alexia Gordon
    Alexia Gordon Year ago +1

    In the beginning Bianca was worried cause she know she cant cook.

  • Kamari Janae
    Kamari Janae Year ago +1

    They should put DK4L in there like if you argee

  • Jaidoo Ooo
    Jaidoo Ooo Year ago

    STOP TALKING BOUT Bianca she sweet she's just a perfectionist

  • shannon miles
    shannon miles Year ago

    Yall need to stop hating on d&b nation if yall really watch there channel you will see she it not that bossy it was a prank so yall need to stfu damn.yall being annoying like worry bout yo own self

  • Takera Nashae
    Takera Nashae Year ago

    Im hella late watching this but Bianca must have thought she was in the Bad Girls Club because she was definitely trying to run the house... Sit Back Lil Baby! lol

  • Djae X
    Djae X Year ago +1

    Why that white dude look like josh wait hold up

  • Jasmon Brown
    Jasmon Brown Year ago

    Awww naww they cheated with the baby food he was moving his head lol

  • vanessa shewinks
    vanessa shewinks Year ago

    Flight need to pull up his panse nobody wants to see wedgie

  • Monique Duncan
    Monique Duncan Year ago

    were the Taylor girlz at!!!!!?????

  • Where's My Dad
    Where's My Dad Year ago +3

    6:49 where theirs no teacher in class

  • k. Tayl0r
    k. Tayl0r Year ago

    Im dead when Chris said we steal nothing when they was in walmart

  • Alicia white
    Alicia white Year ago

    What happen to the rest of the youtubers, they missing at least 3 other popular couples smh, it woulda been cool if the other couples were there, I love it but they missing some ppl lol

  • Gianna 2cute
    Gianna 2cute Year ago

    Trey gone get into trouble with ti

  • Gianna 2cute
    Gianna 2cute Year ago


  • MoniQue Love
    MoniQue Love Year ago

    I want me a big nigga like Von

  • Tianna
    Tianna Year ago

    Walmart Walmart 😂 queen killing me 🤣😂

  • Junie'B Jones
    Junie'B Jones Year ago

    and bianca should of hid them tracks

  • Junie'B Jones
    Junie'B Jones Year ago +2


  • Malaysia Jackson
    Malaysia Jackson Year ago

    love. you. daddy

  • Ashanti Renae
    Ashanti Renae Year ago

    They should’ve added perfectlaughs, armon and trey, domo and crissy derra and ken and

  • Ashanti Renae
    Ashanti Renae Year ago

    Flight for real pull up yo pants like seriously

  • Official TTG
    Official TTG Year ago

    Where was the Taylor Girlz

  • Adventures with Khyle

    damien needs a linen

  • Mari_cute 20
    Mari_cute 20 Year ago +1

    I swear Bianca and Damien make things awkward

  • Maya R
    Maya R Year ago +6

    Tbh I only watch this because of Chris and Queen❤️

  • Kiyah B
    Kiyah B Year ago

    I really like the idea and it's great and all but the creators and manager just should have their stuff a little more together.

  • Naolani Rivera
    Naolani Rivera Year ago +3

    what kinda music is this! lol sound like reggae kids bop lol

  • Kira Jackson
    Kira Jackson Year ago

    Bianca is bossy

  • Rasheikca Platt
    Rasheikca Platt Year ago +2

    All these youtubers no studio lights?! Janay tried it!

  • Jaylen Glenn
    Jaylen Glenn Year ago +3

    Put the chips up in the pot make it hot ayeeee

  • Semaj Daniels
    Semaj Daniels Year ago +2

    Who still watching this after baby Chris is born

  • Aviyanna Clark
    Aviyanna Clark Year ago +1

    I love the song

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn Year ago +1

    Where are the Taylor Girlz

    • Maya R
      Maya R Year ago +1

      Kaitlyn for real😂😂

  • canigettenthousandsubscribersfornothing

    I like flight more than all of them !!!!!flight team stand up!!!!!

    POPSICLE BIKE Year ago

    2:10 Is “nachos” Lmbo

  • Unique Nyah
    Unique Nyah Year ago

    Do y’all think that Bianca wAs flirting with flight

  • Kyla Thomas
    Kyla Thomas Year ago +1

    I wish ar'mon and trey was in the reality show