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  • Asian Boss
    Asian Boss  18 days ago +756

    Special thanks to our interviewees for sharing their perspectives on the importance of diversity in the media landscape. Our Asian Boss team is itself quite diverse, and we’ve always wanted Asian Boss to be a platform that truly gives a voice to everyone. So expect to see a lot more appearances from people with diverse cultural backgrounds in our content. Like we’ve always said, anyone can be an Asian Boss.

    • Tai J
      Tai J 2 days ago

      Asian Boss **Topic Suggetion: I want to know how Koreans view the new Kpop girl group that consist of 3 Japanese (AV - Adult Video Stars) Group Name: Honey Popcorn.. Its very controversial!

    • Mrs Aye'
      Mrs Aye' 9 days ago

      Thanks for the report. It was insightful. I love Korean people! However, I struggle to understand how they view the world. (other Asians too). How can a nation's perspective on groups of people be based on films, fictional films?!?
      Media is a powerful influence but in the United States, I think, we are more aware of the manipulation of the media. Plus we have a more diverse culture compared to Asia. They talked to a lot of young people and it was good to hear that some have relationships with foreigners. If older people were Marvel fans, by chance, and had seen the movie and been interviewed, perhaps they would have given a different response to the societal issues brought up in the film. A lot of younger people may not have had the larger perspective for deeper, global, political insight.??
      I appreciate these guys' responses. In the future, we could see Korean superheroes featured. As they noted, the comic books are already there. The stories have already been written. The first black female super was introduced in the 70s!! Hollywood is the hold up. Surprise. -_- I would say , cinema and it's portrayal of people of color is inconsequential. But I see from this small sampling of Koreans, some parts of the world are still basing their judgements of people via fictional films and shallow history lessons. It's sad but I guess it's fact.

  • Jason Sampieri
    Jason Sampieri 2 hours ago

    Interesting, I honestly find it shallow minded of some people that it took a film to influence perceptions and change towards a more possitive viewpoint. The film is fake, it's a film, not real life. How about learning to look at each individual human being based on their own actions and level of kindness regardless of race and skin colour.

  • HYVN A
    HYVN A 7 hours ago

    흑인들 화났네ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Melissa Chiou
    Melissa Chiou 9 hours ago

    A good story is a good story.

  • Cumulus Humilis
    Cumulus Humilis 10 hours ago

    so next is an all asian superhero movie.

  • Shantiasha Nelson
    Shantiasha Nelson 11 hours ago

    Dude with the guitar deserves a plate at the cookout

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  • naarahformusic
    naarahformusic 15 hours ago

    I’m still at an intermediate Korean speaking level, and when I saw the movie and heard the old fish market lady speaking Korean I turned to my friend and said “Wow her Korean sounds pretty bad I think...” my friend isn’t Korean though so she was just like “Really...?”
    I’m glad I watched this and got reaffirmed that I heard correctly! Her Korean was not natural at all. You mean to tell me they filmed 10 hours in Busan, and obviously planned to film years in advance, and couldn’t find ONE Ahjummah to deliver those five lines in actual Korean?! 😂 Come ON.
    I loved the movie though. Such a proud moment for Black people. Wakanda forever!

  • kadeem rust
    kadeem rust 20 hours ago

    It's funny how seeing reviews I can see that about a 1/5 of Japan worships white people an don't really care for blacks an it seems that China is the same in that regard where as other Asian countries are smart enough don't worship them instead it looks like the other countries would rather learn more before forming a basis on a particular ethnic group an wether they like them ,so thank you Koreans for not being too harsh to black people it's nice to know we aren't despised everywhere

  • geraldine pearson

    It’s nice to see a different perspective. This was well done. I’m an American and personally I would love to see more movies with diversity in lead roles. Black Panther is absolutely awesome my family saw it 4 times so far at the movies and we’re going to see it again on Good Friday. When the guy said he couldn’t see an Asian superhero I literally cried bcuz the fight for equality is a global issue. I think streaming agencies such as Netflix and prime make it easier for us to view movies from other cultures. I would love to see more mainstream Asian superhero’s bcuz I think it would be action packed. A lot of my favorite action movies have Asians as lead roles. The best way to combat discrimination is to go outside of your circle and meet and talk to people who look different then yourself. I also think that African Americans should travel a lot more so that other cultures are exposed to seeing us (and it not being such a culture shock to them when they see us ). In the USA we have a melting pot of cultures and races. Every race on the planet lives here but we must remember that in other countries their culture is the most dominant and so it’s a culture shock to see black people (they only see black people from movies that depict us in a negative light). I loved this and will share this interview. Yes, we are a pretty Cool race ;)

  • George Taylor
    George Taylor Day ago

    Shout out Korean b.b.q.

  • George Taylor
    George Taylor Day ago

    The host is gorgeous. Subscibed

  • blah2225
    blah2225 Day ago

    A lot of the people interviewed gave very considered, interesting answers. I think the translations for the video were very good, but because Korean often avoids using pronouns -there can be a layer of ambiguity about who is speaking when it is translated into English.
    A lot of the interviewees expressed what they thought would be opinions from the general public, without necessarily stating it was their own. I think some commenters have misconstrued statements as personal ones when sometimes the person themselves were commenting on Korean society in general. Some of them made very good points about how Korean perceptions of black people are shaped by the media, and positive representation of black people can help fight those stereotypes. It was interesting to listen to some of them recognise the existence of racism within Korea, and also examine the reasons behind it.
    Also some people’s comments about how Koreans and Asians revere whiteness is seriously some racist, ignorant bullshit.

  • Estie estie
    Estie estie Day ago

    Thank you so much for this...would you please come to china and interview some chinese as well about their reaction towards black panther!

  • Angie's Doing It

    Ok I'll buy some more weave from your store. You guys are "WOKE" lolbs

  • Angie's Doing It

    I respect their perspective. You see how the white media protrays us and it affects how people around the world feel about us and how a lot of us feel about ourselves.

  • gonaye1
    gonaye1 Day ago

    This was SOOO awesome

  • 22554able
    22554able Day ago

    this is very intresting

  • Rose Dindial
    Rose Dindial 2 days ago

    Well what do you know. They weren't expecting to see a black superhero smh

  • ashjya
    ashjya 2 days ago

    i don’t need them to tell me that im not already cute as hell.

  • ashjya
    ashjya 2 days ago

    oh my GOODNESS this is so hypocritical. halfway in and im boiling. what did i even expect.

  • ashjya
    ashjya 2 days ago

    why do i keep watching these videos if all of them keep saying the same damn exact thing

  • Nelly Omeike
    Nelly Omeike 2 days ago

    The guy with the black and stripped collar speaks truth!

  • Nelly Omeike
    Nelly Omeike 2 days ago

    The era of discrimination is not over and this video was an evidence

  • Rougui Jacobs
    Rougui Jacobs 2 days ago

    Half of these people sadly don’t know shit about what style bp he is A FUCKING SPY and a king it was under spy genre

  • RubyRim
    RubyRim 2 days ago

    I didn't know they filmed in Jimin and Kookie's city. I don't know why I feel so proud of Busan lol.
    I love Koreans, I hope their perspective will change. I see too many black people complaining about facing discrimination, mostly in Seoul.

  • anthony patterson
    anthony patterson 2 days ago

    Dude living under someone else's roof telling the world the "era" of discrimination is over. Amazing. Like its two tone pants or some shit.
    Humans will always have the impulse to discriminate, its part of our brain.

  • N M
    N M 2 days ago

    Black people, you don't need the Koreans to tell you this, go to the deep villages where you live in America, Canada, and the UK, I bet their comments will be more 'colorful' than this.

  • Jeloux Enriquez
    Jeloux Enriquez 2 days ago

    This movie is not only about Black rights. It is also focuses on the nations of isolationists and how MDCs can help out third world country with the resources they have.

  • Tai J
    Tai J 2 days ago

    **Topic Suggetion: I want to know how Koreans view the new Kpop girl group that consist of 3 Japanese (AV - Adult Video Stars) Group Name: Honey Popcorn.. Its very controversial!

  • Mizzz Licia
    Mizzz Licia 2 days ago

    I can't help but laugh rn, I'm black and I think PB sells dreams to black people. Firstly it makes them feel resentment for slavery and blame whites even though they never went through it. When Hollywood puts out movies that feature prominently white people, it shows the actual race disparities in America not that Hollywood is racist. Personally all the hype around it made me critical of everything, which lowered my perception at the end not BC it was bad but BC the hype was solely political. It sold dreams hard because most slaves from Africa were criminals or prisoners of war who were sold to white blood in exchange for weapons to fight war, so no Africa was never peaceful as the movie made them out to be. Don't sell me dreams because I'm black, that's stupid.

  • 내 피 땀 우유
    내 피 땀 우유 3 days ago

    whats the name of that white-looking korean? hes cute

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo 3 days ago

    did they do this for capt america or thor or hulk??
    just asking...

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  • Matthew Mayhem
    Matthew Mayhem 3 days ago

    I guess my question would be, where was the term "superhero" created? When I hear "superhero," I automatically think of Western (US) comics, because I think Marvel and DC has done more than any other country in concept for the superhero genre. It's not a bad thing, but that's probably why comic book-based movies do better in US or primarily English-speaking countries. Also, that could be why majority of superheroes are and have been white, because the majority of the country is white. Coming from a neutral stand-point, I don't consider that in itself wrong. Every country that has a film industry normally uses their more prominent residents (or ethnicity) in their movies: Chinese in China, Japanese in Japan, etc. I've never heard about a country that is ethnically equal.

  • Jojo JN
    Jojo JN 3 days ago

    Freaking loved the movie! I'm just over here though with Nacho Libre as my super hero movie 😂😂😭😭😅😅

  • France Fries
    France Fries 3 days ago

    sad that he had to see the movie to relize that everyone's equaliy as beautiful.

  • Nsatiro
    Nsatiro 3 days ago

    it slow down on china.. 1.3B people.. lol

  • M3l4nin P4r7icl3
    M3l4nin P4r7icl3 3 days ago

    Korea doesn't need Hollywood to make a Korean superhero movie. They can and have made it themselves for their own people which is how it should be. They shouldn't feel like it is some honor for Zionist pedophile infested Hollywood to make a superhero movie about a Korean superhero. Who cares how western entertainment media portrays them as long as they the resources and freedom to portray themselves however they want. I'd take their successful Korean movie industry over a few breadcrumbs from Hollyweird any day.

  • Ginger John
    Ginger John 3 days ago

    Omg people. Quick nitpicking every little thing. Black Panther is doing its thing for the better and y’all can’t even see that cause y’all nitpicking. If someone sees black women as beautiful after the movie then it’s doing its thing and spreading awareness. And for that guy who said he couldn’t relate he means it in specific terms. Obviously everyone can relate but he’s talking specifically. And it’s okay if people don’t like the movie. It’s just their opinion. I loved the movie and rate it as the best Marvel movie but that’s also because I live in America and understand the issues and context which made it really good on top of everything else.

  • Monet Vlogs
    Monet Vlogs 3 days ago

    So because we were slaves we are bad people? 😂😂 really that makes no type of sense.

  • Janie Lim
    Janie Lim 3 days ago


  • donna rodney
    donna rodney 3 days ago

    The hulk is Korean what

  • donna rodney
    donna rodney 3 days ago

    I don’t understand why Koreans always use lack of communication or exposure as a excuse to not knowing something, y’all have internet research damn, like I expected Asians to be more understanding but damn excuse excuses

  • Isaac Bishop Junior
    Isaac Bishop Junior 3 days ago

    I see there's a big difference in terms of thinking and open mindedness between the Chinese and the Koreans.

  • Twice Vegita TV
    Twice Vegita TV 3 days ago

    Sadly, Marvel's Asian heroes don't have a presence.
    And not famous.
    I understand that it is from America.
    In the future when the Asian ratio rises in the U.S. can change

  • Jo Ann Lewis
    Jo Ann Lewis 4 days ago

    You Asian mother fuckers need to check your heritage. KMBA you ugly no seeing Meffers.

  • Ricardo Fortuna
    Ricardo Fortuna 4 days ago

    The mixed Korean kid looks like a real life “Near” from Death Note. He even has that smug attitude

  • Hinatachan360
    Hinatachan360 4 days ago

    Monique, are you Blasian like me?

  • king leanituz
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  • Ramon Tisdale
    Ramon Tisdale 4 days ago

    the real problem is Chinese and Korean don't get any diversity school.g in school they are very smart in school..but lack common sense in life skills.....I here them all say they learn about black people in movies... but they fail to realize it's acting not real life...and that's a real problem really disappointed in that way of judgment of black folks.i thought of them as smart educated people.but such a small window of judgment

  • Happy Shitkicker
    Happy Shitkicker 4 days ago

    yeah, made me think a lot about discrimination - now back to Candy Crush on my iPhone.

  • Nice Strawberry
    Nice Strawberry 4 days ago

    That white boy or girl, why did they bother interviewing him/her? And the stupidity of saying that the age of discrimination is over just goes to show how stupid white people are no matter where in the world they are.

  • street kind
    street kind 4 days ago

    Asian are use to seeing white people in lead roles look at their anime.

    • MasterRazzerr76
      MasterRazzerr76 3 days ago

      street kind not white you retard anime character aren’t based on white peoples what just because the pigment of their skin Fucking retard

  • EmpireAppetite Chochotte

    I’m surprised who mild and progressive these comments are, even with opposing opinions. Maybe the TheXvid comment section isn’t as bad as I thought

  • K M
    K M 4 days ago

    i don't understand how people are so easily influenced by movies and tv to the point they use it to build an opinion about a group of people. i noticed that many Koreans are ignorant to what racism implies and how it affects people of color. but at the same time, i've seen people of color be as ignorant about other races. its not only Koreans that have a lot to learn about racism but every other country such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Africa, China, Korea, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, and everywhere in the world. i've seen people of color be colorist with their own people. WE ALL HAVE TO STOP THE RACIST AND COLORIST BS!

  • marvioxious1989
    marvioxious1989 5 days ago

    Of course Koreans dont want to be labeled as racist but deep within most koreans consider black skin in dirty and thats a fact. Lets move on.

  • Canmex
    Canmex 5 days ago

    i think the main problem with having an asian hero in a superhero movie by marvel, is that there are no/(very few) actors, that are asian and would have the clout and recognition for such a huge role. though i would really wish there were more asian actresses that would fullfil that requirement. ghost in the shell would certainly have been better for it.

  • Ane Ray
    Ane Ray 5 days ago

    I wonder what Koreans think or even know about Polynesians like Samoans, Fijians Tahitians, Micronesians, Tongans etc.

  • girl from the nile
    girl from the nile 5 days ago

    A korean supehero?

  • girl from the nile
    girl from the nile 5 days ago

    Black panther wasn't the best movie but there's something about it....

  • Missiheartentertainment

    Black actors and actresses need to stop playing stereotypical roles!
    And the need to question why these directors are making roles like these for blacks.

    • MasterRazzerr76
      MasterRazzerr76 3 days ago

      Missiheartentertainment you don’t get to decide the role you get, you get cast by the acting skills and the character attribute

  • Christina Mounts
    Christina Mounts 5 days ago

    I found this video very interesting and informative. People always hear about the power of the media, but this is an example of it manifesting itself in real life. The toxic and yes I say toxic stereotypes of blacks in the media is clearly impacting people’s entire perception of persons of color in other parts of the world. And it’s sad. Talking about it in classes(i’m a university student) and actually seeing it is two different things.

    The fact that they’ve only been exposed to a sliver of black culture and in a distorted form is really heartbreaking. And it’s even worse that this is what they use to form their opinions. I’m glad movies like Black Panther are opening up people’s eyes. I hope they keep on the path of recognizing black people aren’t what the media paints them out to be. And I also hope people keep calling out how toxic stereotypes are in regards to persons, in different parts of the world.

  • S. Bass
    S. Bass 5 days ago

    You guys never heard of Pootietang?

  • Official Leotique.
    Official Leotique. 5 days ago

    Well, Nemor (which will feature first as a villain/antagonist in Black Panther) will be Asian or of Pacific Asian/Polynesian heritage. So his whole nation and people are gonna be asian/polynesian looking, but the culture will be far from asia's

  • Official Leotique.
    Official Leotique. 5 days ago

    Ohh SouthKorean girls like east African looking men ? sounds interesting !

  • Icarüs 5440
    Icarüs 5440 5 days ago

    Many are commenting about the guy so here:
    I do not exactly know 100% how it feels to black and discriminated, due to the fact that I am not black myself, but I do understand what black people have and are going through"

    At least in a correct translation. The transaltion from asian boss is correct, but it defitly doeant include the naunces and the meaning that he is trying to say. It gets lost in translation.

    Hope you don't think ill of him!

  • 디 트렐DetrellTV
    디 트렐DetrellTV 5 days ago

    this is kind of irrelevant: But I just don't get why people call African Americans black when most of us are brown and same goes for causians. they are not even white. In that case we should called Asians yellow and Hispanics pick or something. I find this classfication to be retared and lazy term. It would make a whole lot since to say brown. I still don't get it's a very special leg term ( and no im not talking about black painter because the suit is actually black so that makes perfect since👌👌)

  • 디 트렐DetrellTV
    디 트렐DetrellTV 5 days ago

    is it really breaking box offices records? or brown people just saying that ( and yes Im brown)

  • Oscar Gold
    Oscar Gold 5 days ago

    That black woman hair sure looks like cultural appropriation of asians.

  • plumpdn
    plumpdn 5 days ago

    ummmm. What is the real translation of the word you are calling "minority"? People of color are the majority of people in the world. White people are the "minority"....did they say something like people of color?

  • lfsb53
    lfsb53 6 days ago

    Why is Black Panther very successful in South Korea? Quite simply because the movie was partly filmed in this country, and that is very rare. American or Western movies generally take place in Asian countries like Japan, China, Thailand or Vietnam, or the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. Today, South Korea is still one of the world's most overlooked country.

  • lfsb53
    lfsb53 6 days ago

    Many people said that it's rare to see black people in mainstream movies and that they are often portrayed negatively. But are they aware that Asian men are much more absent in mainstream culture than black people, and when they are portrayed, it is almost always in a bad way (vilain, asexual, evil, geek, not confident, effeminate). On the flip side, black guys are perceived as desirable, very masculine, assertive, athletic. That's why many females of all races like black guys.

  • omidus
    omidus 6 days ago

    Wow, that one white kid is full of it

  • MrNigelt
    MrNigelt 6 days ago

    Chinese people smell

  • 一番
    一番 6 days ago

    To think, some of these comments on the video are just as ignorant as those expressed by the participants in the video.
    Culture ignorance goes both ways

  • Kristina Reed
    Kristina Reed 6 days ago

    I would loooove to see a superhero movie with an Asian lead character. They don't receive hardly enough representation and it's sad. Black panther is paving the way for not only more POSITIVE black representation, but representation for ALL racial minorities. 😇

  • Angela Hunter
    Angela Hunter 6 days ago

    beautiful cast so much beauty never seen that in a black movie or any movie

  • hustlesurvivor
    hustlesurvivor 6 days ago

    After seeing this marvel needs a good "Jubilee" movie. Or a Psylocke movie too.

  • Jermar Williamson
    Jermar Williamson 6 days ago

    Koreans must not know of any other black superheroes in movies other than The Black Panther. What about the other black superheroes in movies such as: Blade, Spawn, Meteor Man, Steele, Hancock, Cat Woman, The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie reboot, Storm from X-Men, Action Jackson, Falcon from the Avengers, BlankMan, He-Rock. Just to name a few

  • Igor Manoel
    Igor Manoel 6 days ago

    The bad perspective they have about black person it's disgusting... racism it's far to over..

  • d mark
    d mark 6 days ago

    I thought it was hilarious that the "ajumma" depicted in the movie spoke worse Korean than the Wakandans. It makes me think of how Korean movies almost always cast awful non-actors for foreigner roles in their movies...

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 7 days ago

    This video is a great example of why it's important to include minorities in major films and other forms of media. White privilege is a very, very real thing.

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 7 days ago

    I like this platform. It's a good measuring stick. I have to get this truth out first hand. Marvel purposely wanted the Asian mainstream media to believe that the black (so called African American) person, doesn't have any knowledge or respect for Asian culture. When I know better.

  • Johanes Ilham
    Johanes Ilham 7 days ago

    "The old korean lady couldn't speak Korean". lol i realized this right after i saw the scene

  • SamAsm
    SamAsm 7 days ago

    Interesting. We should have seen more Asian main characters by now. Hollywood keeps whitewashing the characters out of the universe and films (e.g. Electra, The Mandarin, The Sorcerer Supreme, Iron Fist). I don't get it.

  • amarlene94
    amarlene94 7 days ago

    This was very educative to watch. and Yes Black people are cool :). I like that the movie widened peoples perspectives on discrimination, culture and race and I hope it spreads and reduces the hate. A little can go a long way.
    Also you don't have to be a particular skin colour to understand or relate to pain. I get that you can not entirely understand what it is like to experience a certain type of discrimination but at the end of the day we can still sympathize. I watch Korean dramas all the time and I get a lot of moral lessons from there and funny enough I come out wanting to know about my culture more and that's exactly what Black Panther is doing.
    PS: I kept telling my sister that the Korean they were speaking was off, It's nice to know that other people agree with me and I have solid proof (That means I am doing a good job with my Korean). Nevertheless, I think Lupita's own Korean words were supposed to purposely sound like an African speaking Korean with the African accent. :)

  • La'Dene Bean
    La'Dene Bean 7 days ago

    I am enheartened to discover there are peoples that recognize the import of this film worldwide. Very interesting to hear a Non-American speak on the Black American experience. Appreciated the perspective.

  • David Wright
    David Wright 7 days ago

    what ever Disney did a good job most there movies are good

  • Paige Overland
    Paige Overland 7 days ago

    This touched on so many valid points on how black Americans are perceived yet the culture is worshiped and often imitated...and how the power of media (movies ) can paint a whole community either friend or foul..so yes it’s a very big deal on how we’re portrayed !!

  • Nicoleflygrl81
    Nicoleflygrl81 7 days ago

    Who cares what they think????

  • Kerlin johnson
    Kerlin johnson 7 days ago

    Black panther is this generation Lion King

  • Too Vexx
    Too Vexx 7 days ago

    The comment section is sad, so many people who believe their “woke” but still sleep walk in the dark.

  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 7 days ago +1

    Black Panther was "successful" because ALOT of African countries were supportive & teachers were even buying tickets for their students..... bottom line, black people ALL OVER THE WORLD were very supportive of their people. NOT because it was the greatest movie ever made but it stared mainly black actors.

  • Cy Star
    Cy Star 7 days ago

    These are some really good points. I love that Korean people are getting the gist of it, its such a step to them favoring whites all the time

  • jalonna gipson
    jalonna gipson 7 days ago

    its not like the others. we stand out. it is what it is. now interview africans and african-americans and any other race. they will be all different. I like it.

  • Roshi Jinx
    Roshi Jinx 7 days ago +1

    that girl who said black panther is the best marvel movie was lying straight out her ass

  • yumyumeatemup
    yumyumeatemup 7 days ago

    Awesome interviews though i can't say i agree with the guy who said that black actors are overwhelmingly cast as the bad guy in films. Especially not in marvel films. GotG1 it was Lee Pace as Ronin the Destroyer, GotG 2 the main villain was Kurt Russell. Thor Ragnarok it was Cate Blanchett, The first Thor and Avengers 1: Tom Hiddleston, Avengers 2: Ultron was voiced by James Spader, Hulk (the Edward Norton one) it was Tim Roth, Captain America: Hugo Weaving, Winter Soldier: Sebastien Stan, All 3 iron man films cast Caucasians in the roll of villain as well to my knowledge, and Spiderman Homecoming had Michael Keaton. Even the newest upcoming Avengers film will be casting its ultimate Big Bad for the entire MCEU with Josh Brolin taking on the role as Thanos.
    If anything it points out a bigger problems as to the lack of representation of blacks in the comic genre as a whole. They don't get to be heroes, they don't get to be villains, they don't get to be represented at all really. And when they do have villains they're almost always in comics and stories where the cast is overwhelmingly black such as Black Panther. I think this is one place where comics has yet to improve itself. Giving us meaningful black villains and heroes outside of just the purposeful instances like Black panther where you're going to have it be the case based on saturation alone.

  • as an immortal traveler nothing is what it seems

    Awww when he said he realized black women were just as beautiful ....it made me tear up..we have been looked down on for so long ( now I'm crying )......alot of us have good hearts and are positive people the media portrays us to be so ignorant and worthless... Our ancestors were really powerful just like the movie portrayed the rituals,connection with the animals, being powerful warriors all of that is true!...I myself have been practicing African spirituality for 2 years regaining my strength mentally, spiritually, and physically.....here in America racism is very much a factor it will never change..at lest for the better..

  • Didn't have much of a choice...

    Damn, dude knew about Korean Hulk, props to that dude, knows his shit.