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  • Asian Boss
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    Check out how the Chinese feel about Black Panther here: thexvid.com/video/Sbtg8ft0Wrk/video.html
    Special thanks to our interviewees for sharing their perspectives on the importance of diversity in the media landscape. Our Asian Boss team is itself quite diverse, and we’ve always wanted Asian Boss to be a platform that truly gives a voice to everyone. So expect to see a lot more appearances from people with diverse cultural backgrounds in our content. Like we’ve always said, anyone can be an Asian Boss.

    • Leon Tan
      Leon Tan 6 days ago


    • aimar50 erasmus
      aimar50 erasmus 6 months ago

      I think i a couple of years this racial barier will go down as soon as the older generations die too (no ofence).
      And i think the more educated a person is he/she will learn that discrimination and racism is a thing of the past and must be changed so i think i the near future racism will be a thing of the past.

    • Tai J
      Tai J 8 months ago

      Asian Boss **Topic Suggetion: I want to know how Koreans view the new Kpop girl group that consist of 3 Japanese (AV - Adult Video Stars) Group Name: Honey Popcorn.. Its very controversial!

  • Jen Aless
    Jen Aless 16 hours ago

    I prefer black panther than thor just look the leads of black panther

  • Quin Belbon
    Quin Belbon 12 days ago

    Wait these people actually believe things based on what they see on TV...all offense,cuz thats dumb..

  • Rina Toto
    Rina Toto Month ago

    That little boy that wasn’t even Asian has a lot to say for someone who isn’t even Asian... the title clearly says “What Korean’s think of black panther” not ‘What white people think of black panther’ tbh idek why his ass got interviewed lol Like boy sit your racist ass down.. smh

    • Rina Toto
      Rina Toto Month ago

      Also most the people that were being ‘racist’ or whatever were the ugly ones like the one that said he didn’t find black people attractive.. 🧐👀like first of all we don’t find you attractive either like personally I think all Asians look the same lol. 🤧

  • Ekanem
    Ekanem Month ago

    This is my new favourite channel

  • Clarissa Giles
    Clarissa Giles Month ago

    Interesting to see how Koreans have depicted black people before this movie because of how the media presents them 🤔

  • lᅵ빈
    lᅵ빈 Month ago

    IM korean AND I LOVEEEED IT💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
    Koreans are pretty harsh and picky when rating movies sighhhh.... well not meee

  • ALI SAID Soufiane
    ALI SAID Soufiane Month ago

    I hope soon we’ll have an Asian superheroes in marvel

  • xxStar_Studioxx
    xxStar_Studioxx Month ago

    I’m korean and i can’t tell if there being rude but I liked the movie the Korean scene was amazing.

  • Abdulrauf Ali
    Abdulrauf Ali Month ago

    Very funny hulk is from Korean or did I hear something wrong

  • OREO Scott
    OREO Scott 2 months ago

    I heard that Lupita N’yongo wasn’t very good at speaking Korean in the making of this movie. And I’m not surprised that they laughed in the theaters either I do the same thing when people attempt at speaking English. But she tried and went out of her comfort zone to make this movie awesome, that’s all that matters. But when they said that the asian lady sounded worse I was a little shocked.

  • sadekie 360
    sadekie 360 2 months ago +1

    2:50 facts 🙌

  • ItSeann
    ItSeann 2 months ago

    Us black people kinda overrate the movie because it shows us at are best for witch is amazing and I give the movie a 10 because it made me so prideful towards myself but I understand why these Asians give it 8s, they do because they couldn’t relate and the cgi was not the best

  • Hazel ngandu
    Hazel ngandu 2 months ago

    whoaa am from Zim.i didnt know racism is to this extend.we aint savages,we aint animals we aint whatever yall think of us...WE HUMANS TOO that also need love skin color dosent mean anything.if i could get the chance to speak against racism imma use it whole heartedly

  • reploid001
    reploid001 2 months ago

    In this day and age.. black people are a lot more racist than the whites.. you can TheXvid or google those things that are happening in South Africa

  • Keylan Jenkins
    Keylan Jenkins 2 months ago

    That movie was overhyped because there were blacks in it let's be honest

  • Rahela Shikorina
    Rahela Shikorina 2 months ago

    4:17 am a black gal & I think that guy's super cute! lol

  • Jemima Mokoko
    Jemima Mokoko 2 months ago

    This is pissing me off

  • Zmazing Girl
    Zmazing Girl 2 months ago

    I really liked this video

  • Shaina Gibbs Judd
    Shaina Gibbs Judd 3 months ago

    I THINK.. an asian hero is definitely not too far behind and I think you aren't giving yourselves enough credit at all !

  • Patricia Crawford
    Patricia Crawford 3 months ago

    A new day is dawning.......so far to travel.....but it's awesome to see the movie momentum pick up.....shout out to my Asian people we are all family...I love kpop....kdramas....Korean culture as a whole.....Asian community is spectacular.....as an African American senior female I cover the minority circuit and I am completely encouraged by the expanding diversity.....much love

  • Miki
    Miki 3 months ago

    The translation did not do a good job accurately describing what these people said. It comes off as if the racist remarks are what they actually think but they're just trying to the express what the negative stereotypes are of black people in general. Keep in mind Korea is a very homogenous country and rarely have the chance to meet and get to know black people in person. Sadly what Koreans know about blacks comes from what they see in the media. It's even worse for the older generations who had very little exposure to black people. The point of what most people said was it was refreshing to see a black superhero. Something very different to what they usually see. That was the similar reaction we had in the States too....people lauded Marvel for having an all black cast and a black superhero.

  • Zahra Suleiman
    Zahra Suleiman 3 months ago

    And bearing in mind Stan Lee got the ideas of all the marvel super heroes in Africa deities facts

  • Zahra Suleiman
    Zahra Suleiman 3 months ago

    Remember the first settlers to the east of Asia were the children of heth son of canaan who is the son of haam who is the father hametic nations= Africans. Whether they have a negative view or not they have been programmed by white supremacy to hate their black ancestors.

  • hi carlee
    hi carlee 3 months ago

    Wow, we love anti blackness

  • Tumblr Xxx
    Tumblr Xxx 3 months ago

    2:46 is that guys full korean or is he mixed?

  • Eden
    Eden 3 months ago

    Asians need to be asking why the hell hasn't America given us a top tier ASIAN superhero, not like Shazam who is central Asian I mean, like the sleek Chinese or Japanese characters…. OH YEAH THEY DID, turns out they had white people like Keanu Reaves and Scarlett Johansson play them.
    There is worse discrimination in Hollywood toward Asians then there is against blacks. Same for Hispanics? WHY DON'T WE HAVE A HISPANIC SUPER HERO, or a movie about a Native American super hero.
    BLACK PANTHER WAS A FRAUD! to fleece the black dollar worldwide, it had nothing to do with equal representation or inclusion.

  • Eden
    Eden 3 months ago

    I just came here to say WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK....
    The Koreans? Really... the whole K-Pop sensation is a total rip off of black culture and STEREOTYPES hahahahahaha.
    When blacks start ripping off 'homeland' Asian clothes styles, music style, body gestures, dances and slang.
    Then we can ask WTF Koreans think about blacks. LMAO who keeps throwing this pro-Asian superiority crap up?

  • E M
    E M 3 months ago

    It's interesting that the one guy says that Koreans perception of black people was not good because they were slaves. Why would that not negatively affect your perceptions of white people as they slave holdes?

  • Mertens du Plooy
    Mertens du Plooy 3 months ago

    I'm from South Africa and I watched the movie with a friend who speaks Xhosa (the black language in the movie, since wakanda doesn't exist, they used a South African language) and apparently that wasn't too good either, but their accents in English are spot on. I'm Afrikaans (another South African language) and Klaue speaks in an Afrikaans accent and that was spot on. I guess if he had to actually speak Afrikaans it also wouldn't sound too good.

  • Redjina Rouzaut
    Redjina Rouzaut 3 months ago +1

    Because black people were slave they had a bad opinion of us ? So people who suffered are the mean ones ? Haha I just found that a bit sad:/... but it’s great that this movie changed some minds🙂 it’s cool that Korean start to be interested about black people, they are a LOT of good black people and they are bad ones like whites, Asians etc, spray love ❤️

    • Kaiel Eos
      Kaiel Eos 2 months ago +1

      The actual translation is this : "In the past, we only learned about, for example, slavery and such from textbooks. So frankly, black people weren't thought to be superior?" (I guess he means socially or status-wise? or maybe intellectually; I actually don't know. The way he used this word was awkward) It's not "bad" opinion but it's not exactly a good one either. But Korean people, at least the younger gen, are more used to the black culture from America and have more of an open mind now, albeit narrow lol. Well, the way African Americans or Africans know or care little to nothing about Koreans via limitation of media is no different lol. It's only the beginning of total globalization anyways. People are bound to be more aware and learn more about each other in the near future.

  • Hey. Sharon
    Hey. Sharon 3 months ago

    So the whole Asia worships whites
    " I thought white people we're good looking than black people" .damn 😂😂😂😂

  • chittaphrrr
    chittaphrrr 3 months ago

    as a black girl, i hate how black panther is the one all black casting movie that gets shown to everyone else across the world,,,, cause they all still gonna think all black people come from africa. like sis, i’m from the states not wakanda or zimbabwe 😤

  • _merpitscassandra_
    _merpitscassandra_ 3 months ago

    Great movie

  • Trap.Editts
    Trap.Editts 3 months ago +5

    For the lady that said black panther was more "sci-fi" all marvel movies are sci-fi examples below ⬇⬇
    • Captain America is only captain America because he was a science experiment and it gave his super human abilities
    • Iron man is all about science his suit all science
    • Hulk science experiment that went wrong 🤷🏽‍♀
    • Spiderman science fiction - gets bit by a radioactive spider ---> gets spider abilities
    • The guardians of the Galaxy... Do I actually have to explain...? They live in space on planets and blah blah blah...
    • Thor... He's more mythological... But that has do with theology and a lot of theology has to do with Science..
    • Bucky Barnes... Same thing as captain America basically
    • war machine his suit = science
    • Falcon his suit = science
    • And don't even get me started on the bad guys 🤦🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀

    • got_dpoe
      got_dpoe 38 minutes ago

      yeah but the other Marvel films (bar Thor and Guardians) are 'harder' sci-fi then Black Panther (esp. bc the premise and setting of Wakanda makes it seem slightly mythical even though its meant to be scientifically advanced). Soft Sci-fi doesn't do well in Korea at all, both Thor and GotG both didn't do as well in Korea compared to other major Marvel films.

    • _merpitscassandra_
      _merpitscassandra_ 3 months ago

      Trap.Editts exactly

  • Davey Houston
    Davey Houston 3 months ago

    some cultures think bad things like slavery happen as a punishment from God so they blame the slaves instead of the masters that's their culture

  • daustin8888
    daustin8888 4 months ago

    At least they were honest

  • Omar YAHU
    Omar YAHU 4 months ago

    1:45 The guy thinks it's hard for Koreans to relate to these human rights issues but how can that be so when Koreans suffered human rights issues when they were occupied by the Japanese?

  • Mary Osegueda
    Mary Osegueda 4 months ago +1

    Koreans have yellow skin, they triying to be white people.
    Not, you are not white like us.

    • Alexandro Jeong
      Alexandro Jeong Month ago


    • _merpitscassandra_
      _merpitscassandra_ 3 months ago +1

      Mary Osegueda what you mean ? Pale skin over there is attractive over there ... it’s always been even back then in history.

  • superemzone
    superemzone 4 months ago

    Yo that part where they talk about how the Korean lady couldn't speak good Korean... I feel that. Thats how I feel in most hollywood movies with supposedly hispanic characters. Although not all the time, but its like, couldn't you find someone who actually speaks the language? meh, it is what it is.

  • Joj o
    Joj o 4 months ago

    Era of discrimination will never end racism is everywhere

  • egbenughe vandis tobore

    Who cares what this ugly set people think about we Africans

  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A 4 months ago

    It’s the worst marvel movie by far. So boring

  • Lisa Jesus Christian
    Lisa Jesus Christian 4 months ago


  • kimberly Dube
    kimberly Dube 4 months ago

    Some how Korean people interest me I need a frand from Korea

  • Nadi Nooks
    Nadi Nooks 4 months ago

    BUT IT AINT ABOUT BLACK PEOPLES RIGHTSS 😂 I love how Koreans view things tho

  • Avonte Williams
    Avonte Williams 4 months ago +2

    Tbh i rather be called black brother rather the the n word anyday

  • Andie Roxas
    Andie Roxas 4 months ago

    watching those reactions about black people made me a conclusion that some koreans are lowkey racist. TBH

  • Ferrone Hicks
    Ferrone Hicks 4 months ago

    This movie was just a worldwide national black anthem letting people know all over the universe that blackfolks are highly unique and the panther is our mascot💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Dimples216
    Dimples216 4 months ago

    That boy with the fur on his coat is adorable haha his little voice LOL

  • Malachi is already OOF
    Malachi is already OOF 4 months ago

    I always think black people are more good looking then white people

  • burgundy hamburger
    burgundy hamburger 4 months ago

    Okay. People need to stop misinterpreting what that guy with the guitar was trying to say. he meant he couldn't relate to the struggles of black people, not that he has no understanding of human rights, which I think is a wise thing to say. he wasnt being dismissive at all.

  • Tomiwa Morris
    Tomiwa Morris 4 months ago

    "Cool, hip, free spirited"

  • Nananana njm
    Nananana njm 4 months ago

    Dont care about what they say, Black Panther is one of the BEST Marvel Movies that i watched

  • Polly Pan
    Polly Pan 4 months ago

    Can I just say it’s hilarious how they were talking about the old Korean lady 😂😂

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 4 months ago

    Lmaooo I was waiting for someone to mention that old lady. Her Korean was terrible omg

  • Susie X
    Susie X 4 months ago

    I didnt like Black Panther at all. I'm going to go with the woman who said the film felt "sci-fi" because there was just so much useless CGI, which I hate and consider to be lazy film making. As far as black superheros go, I'm more Blade than Black Panther. At least Wesley Snipes is trained in martial arts and did his own fight scenes in all three films.

  • Luna Star
    Luna Star 4 months ago

    But marvel is also sci fi....

  • Sadia Afrin
    Sadia Afrin 4 months ago

    They don't know anything about world😂😂😂😂

  • emma adam
    emma adam 4 months ago

    For u'r information not all black people were slaves

  • ymaan cali
    ymaan cali 5 months ago

    When non-blacks are talking about slavery are making it looks like the whole african continent were enslaved... seriously who fabricates thies things? 😑

  • The BRIDGE 54
    The BRIDGE 54 5 months ago

    See this is why whitewashing is bad, time to push Afrocentric by Africans and others no more whitewashing. They had the world stage for 527 years to push their ideology, now it's time for Asians, African and real Americans to get a hold of the world stage. Representations matter

  • Rochel Ortega
    Rochel Ortega 5 months ago

    after Spiderman Homecoming and seeing Cindy Moon as one of the characters I was seriously anticipating Silk will be in the next Spiderman movie but I guess we'll have to keep waiting for an asian superhero. 😂

  • Heaven Artist
    Heaven Artist 5 months ago

    "I think the era of discrimination is over" awe...he's so young and naive 💙

  • かUgly but lit
    かUgly but lit 5 months ago

    People gave it such a low rate but in America everyone is loving that movie and hope to see more of it but its different in other countries

  • 權純亨
    權純亨 5 months ago

    Don't put that ridiculous fictional country together with my country as if they are similar lol, I wasn't a big fan of Marvel since they were cloning their own movies and it has gone too far now.
    This movie also gives weird and improper responsibility to both African Americans and everyone else without warning! Just let them make their movie from their point of view.

    ERGSEG 5 months ago +1

    I know the black koreaboos went crazy after the guy said he now finds black women attractive.

  • ᅮᅮ레몬
    ᅮᅮ레몬 5 months ago

    I still think they should learn more about melanin. And how an african bleeds the same red blood as an asian or a caucasian.
    The black skin and curly hair doesn't change anything. The amount of melanin we have in our skin doesn't change anything.

  • AlohaDiana
    AlohaDiana 6 months ago

    Hollywood engrained racial stereotypes in not only Americans, but people all over the world. Through movies and media, people around the world now think some type of way about black people. They become racist subconsciously because of Hollywood. Good job, Hollywood. Black actors need to ditch roles that portray them as villains, thieves, etc. White people are spreading their racism across the earth. Dignity over Money 💰

  • Emlyss 84
    Emlyss 84 6 months ago

    It irks me that according to one of these people and potentially many others, the perception changed from slaves with bad connotations to cool, hip people. There is so much more to African American people, Caribbeans and Africans. With all that we've been through as a community you would think that the perception would include words such as strong, courageous and intelligent or inspirational at the very least. Why have we only been accepted through our advances in media or fashion?

  • Pablo Here
    Pablo Here 6 months ago +1

    WAKANDA ✊🏿

  • Bre'ana Johnson
    Bre'ana Johnson 6 months ago

    “I always thought white people were better looking than black people” I’m fcking dumbfounded. So you just gonna call an entire race ugly? And it took a movie to change your extremely views? SK you gotta do better 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Iron man 3
    Iron man 3 6 months ago

    Hey, there is no Asian hero I think... But Asian don’t care about that;;

  • Marlene
    Marlene 6 months ago

    A lot of the comments are western bias if that makes sense. People are getting offended but you have to see in the perspective that not every country is aware of things and lacks knowledge of the history of blacks in America. They might not see something as offensive because they aren’t aware of the history. As asian countries begin to have more foreigners, I highly think they will progress in a lot of the historic backgrounds with blacks etc. (that being said I am aware that you will still have ignorant people)

  • mshuggabug2
    mshuggabug2 6 months ago +1

    The white child seemed to be very ignorant in his answers. He seemed to want to put down black people. Thats the problem.

  • that chick sassy
    that chick sassy 6 months ago

    when he thought whites were better looking than blacks until he saw the movie,like dude have ever seen beyonce,rihanna.nicki minaj,halle berry,idris elba tyson beckford etc ?lol damn what world do they live in lol seems like they don't know much about my people because there isn't much black people living in korea ,it's like the people there are in their own little world i guess

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira 6 months ago

    Overall this video had cringe moments but I feel hopeful about possible education in the future with the younger generation's willingness to learn. Is the "age of discrimination over"? Hell no. When it comed to their laughing at Okoye's Korean, we can agree that sometimes Koreans mess up english words too and not be too offended by it. I wish that someday Korea will have their own superhero with supr strength and physical abilities, not just mental abilities. They deserve superhero movies too.

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira 6 months ago

    I couldn't help but feel that if it starred more white people and had less of our REAL issues in it, theyd be singing its praises and rating it a 10/10 (heard more 10s and 9s about Infinity War but that's none of my business)

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira 6 months ago

    It's hard for you to relate to our issues...
    I was watching a video about N.Korean defectors on Asian Boss. The man said he was shocked that people were nice to him in south korea. It made me cry because he said he hadnt been given that amount of kindness before.
    If I can empathize with this man, it shouldnt be impossible for you to empathize with me.

  • Sosmcs See
    Sosmcs See 6 months ago

    Why do they learn about the American salvery history in their schools? That's odd.
    Is it like part of international history or something?

  • rmendoza720
    rmendoza720 6 months ago

    At the end....i find it odd that some of the Koreans dont think an asain could be a super hero because as an american i see peeps like jet li, jackie chan....and pretty much the entire cast of crouching tiger hidden tiger as super hero types.

  • Ian
    Ian 6 months ago

    If Marvel owned the rights to Spider-Man instead of Sony maybe we could have a chance of seeing a well-written live action Cindy Moon/Silk. I don't think Sony even knows what they're doing with the franchise anymore.

  • BatBoyShark
    BatBoyShark 6 months ago

    They Probably would have enjoyed it more if they heard it in English. Rather than Korean Dub.

  • lor05
    lor05 6 months ago

    Have they seen Blade?

  • TheMahjohng
    TheMahjohng 6 months ago

    These videos are great. The general public seem very respectful and aware. Great to see.

  • Aj r
    Aj r 6 months ago


  • Demoth
    Demoth 6 months ago

    on the whole asian superhero question, they already prove that it could be successful with big hero 6, even though they did made hiro hamada half white in the movie.

  • Bangdone
    Bangdone 6 months ago

    but marvel is sci fi basically

  • Mister M
    Mister M 6 months ago

    Ok but Overrated movie. 7 / 10

  • deli무구
    deli무구 6 months ago

    It's true that a lot of Koreans have less awareness concerning racism because most people really don't have much chance to converse with people of other race and being that said more than half of their racial perception base on old-school American movies and dramas which usually had a white protagonist. Though it seems as more people experience places outside Korean& feel the actual racial tension many realized how ignorant Korean community is about racism on diverse media people began to point out word choices that imply racism. And I think as hip-hop began to gain massive attention (it really hadn't been long) this trend accelerated

  • Azulmine
    Azulmine 6 months ago

    10. i give it a 10 lol

  • nan sam
    nan sam 6 months ago

    koreans your films are way better than what hollywood dishing, you should be proud of that.

  • Phenita Gomes
    Phenita Gomes 6 months ago

    Some how I feel a little sad

  • Fredrik S
    Fredrik S 6 months ago

    How diverse can you make the mainstream media before it splits into groups of media?
    Let the challenge begin.

  • scott Johnson
    scott Johnson 6 months ago

    In most cases I prefer quality over diversity, but in this case they probably should have hired real Koreans for the movie.

  • Commie Punks Fuck Off
    Commie Punks Fuck Off 6 months ago +1

    Lots of people are reluctant to give anything but positive reviews for this movie out of fear of being called racist. Bad reviews were even censored online for this movie. But the truth is, it's just really not a good movie. The humor is awful, seems like you see more of the black bald girl than T'Challa, writing was contradictory, bad CGI, dark fight scenes hard to see, race baiting (and has brought out tons of really bigoted black people). It's felt more like some political statement more than a Marvel movie to me because of the forced politics and open bigotry towards white people during the time of it coming out.
    Most overhyped movie I can remember right now. Also, did black people forget about Blade?

  • The Trend
    The Trend 6 months ago

    It's such an eye opener to see how so many people's imaginations have been suppressed by the fact that Super Heroes have always been portrayed as white. To think that even an Asian man doesn't think an Asian character wouldn't do well because that thought has been put in his mind that only white people can be good, wow,sad really.

  • View leader
    View leader 6 months ago

    I thought the black chic was gonna speaka Korean LOLOL

  • Hey Zeus
    Hey Zeus 6 months ago

    In any country you expect people to be predominantly ignorant as regards to races that they've never been exposed to in person so I thought it was really cool that Ryan created a marvel movie showing Koreans and Africans together. The attention to race issues we're obviously studied very well bye Ryan.

  • Hey Zeus
    Hey Zeus 6 months ago

    Brilliant explanation regarding Black Panther's uniqueness.