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  • Asian Boss
    Asian Boss  3 months ago +808

    Check out how the Chinese feel about Black Panther here: thexvid.com/video/Sbtg8ft0Wrk/video.html
    Special thanks to our interviewees for sharing their perspectives on the importance of diversity in the media landscape. Our Asian Boss team is itself quite diverse, and we’ve always wanted Asian Boss to be a platform that truly gives a voice to everyone. So expect to see a lot more appearances from people with diverse cultural backgrounds in our content. Like we’ve always said, anyone can be an Asian Boss.

    • aimar50 erasmus
      aimar50 erasmus Month ago

      I think i a couple of years this racial barier will go down as soon as the older generations die too (no ofence).
      And i think the more educated a person is he/she will learn that discrimination and racism is a thing of the past and must be changed so i think i the near future racism will be a thing of the past.

    • Tai J
      Tai J 3 months ago

      Asian Boss **Topic Suggetion: I want to know how Koreans view the new Kpop girl group that consist of 3 Japanese (AV - Adult Video Stars) Group Name: Honey Popcorn.. Its very controversial!

    ERGSEG 7 days ago

    I know the black koreaboos went crazy after the guy said he now finds black women attractive.

  • D레몬
    D레몬 8 days ago

    I still think they should learn more about melanin. And how an african bleeds the same red blood as an asian or a caucasian.
    The black skin and curly hair doesn't change anything. The amount of melanin we have in our skin doesn't change anything.

  • AlohaDiana
    AlohaDiana 10 days ago

    Hollywood engrained racial stereotypes in not only Americans, but people all over the world. Through movies and media, people around the world now think some type of way about black people. They become racist subconsciously because of Hollywood. Good job, Hollywood. Black actors need to ditch roles that portray them as villains, thieves, etc. White people are spreading their racism across the earth. Dignity over Money 💰

  • ememe 84
    ememe 84 10 days ago

    It irks me that according to one of these people and potentially many others, the perception changed from slaves with bad connotations to cool, hip people. There is so much more to African American people, Caribbeans and Africans. With all that we've been through as a community you would think that the perception would include words such as strong, courageous and intelligent or inspirational at the very least. Why have we only been accepted through our advances in media or fashion?

  • Pablo Here
    Pablo Here 11 days ago +1

    WAKANDA ✊🏿

  • Bre'ana Johnson
    Bre'ana Johnson 13 days ago

    “I always thought white people were better looking than black people” I’m fcking dumbfounded. So you just gonna call an entire race ugly? And it took a movie to change your extremely views? SK you gotta do better 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Iron man 3
    Iron man 3 13 days ago

    Hey, there is no Asian hero I think... But Asian don’t care about that;;

  • Marlene
    Marlene 14 days ago

    A lot of the comments are western bias if that makes sense. People are getting offended but you have to see in the perspective that not every country is aware of things and lacks knowledge of the history of blacks in America. They might not see something as offensive because they aren’t aware of the history. As asian countries begin to have more foreigners, I highly think they will progress in a lot of the historic backgrounds with blacks etc. (that being said I am aware that you will still have ignorant people)

  • mshuggabug2
    mshuggabug2 16 days ago +1

    The white child seemed to be very ignorant in his answers. He seemed to want to put down black people. Thats the problem.

  • that chick sassy
    that chick sassy 17 days ago

    when he thought whites were better looking than blacks until he saw the movie,like dude have ever seen beyonce,rihanna.nicki minaj,halle berry,idris elba tyson beckford etc ?lol damn what world do they live in lol seems like they don't know much about my people because there isn't much black people living in korea ,it's like the people there are in their own little world i guess

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira 18 days ago

    Overall this video had cringe moments but I feel hopeful about possible education in the future with the younger generation's willingness to learn. Is the "age of discrimination over"? Hell no. When it comed to their laughing at Okoye's Korean, we can agree that sometimes Koreans mess up english words too and not be too offended by it. I wish that someday Korea will have their own superhero with supr strength and physical abilities, not just mental abilities. They deserve superhero movies too.

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira 18 days ago

    I couldn't help but feel that if it starred more white people and had less of our REAL issues in it, theyd be singing its praises and rating it a 10/10 (heard more 10s and 9s about Infinity War but that's none of my business)

  • Tatyana Amira
    Tatyana Amira 18 days ago

    It's hard for you to relate to our issues...
    I was watching a video about N.Korean defectors on Asian Boss. The man said he was shocked that people were nice to him in south korea. It made me cry because he said he hadnt been given that amount of kindness before.
    If I can empathize with this man, it shouldnt be impossible for you to empathize with me.

  • Sosmcs See
    Sosmcs See 19 days ago

    Why do they learn about the American salvery history in their schools? That's odd.
    Is it like part of international history or something?

  • rmendoza720
    rmendoza720 23 days ago

    At the end....i find it odd that some of the Koreans dont think an asain could be a super hero because as an american i see peeps like jet li, jackie chan....and pretty much the entire cast of crouching tiger hidden tiger as super hero types.

  • Ian
    Ian 24 days ago

    If Marvel owned the rights to Spider-Man instead of Sony maybe we could have a chance of seeing a well-written live action Cindy Moon/Silk. I don't think Sony even knows what they're doing with the franchise anymore.

  • BatBoyShark
    BatBoyShark 25 days ago

    They Probably would have enjoyed it more if they heard it in English. Rather than Korean Dub.

  • lor05
    lor05 25 days ago

    Have they seen Blade?

  • TheMahjohng
    TheMahjohng 26 days ago

    These videos are great. The general public seem very respectful and aware. Great to see.

  • Aj r
    Aj r 26 days ago


  • Demoth
    Demoth 27 days ago

    on the whole asian superhero question, they already prove that it could be successful with big hero 6, even though they did made hiro hamada half white in the movie.

  • Bangdone
    Bangdone 28 days ago

    but marvel is sci fi basically

  • Mister M
    Mister M 28 days ago

    Ok but Overrated movie. 7 / 10

  • deli무구
    deli무구 29 days ago

    It's true that a lot of Koreans have less awareness concerning racism because most people really don't have much chance to converse with people of other race and being that said more than half of their racial perception base on old-school American movies and dramas which usually had a white protagonist. Though it seems as more people experience places outside Korean& feel the actual racial tension many realized how ignorant Korean community is about racism on diverse media people began to point out word choices that imply racism. And I think as hip-hop began to gain massive attention (it really hadn't been long) this trend accelerated

  • Azulmine
    Azulmine 29 days ago

    10. i give it a 10 lol

  • nan sam
    nan sam 29 days ago

    koreans your films are way better than what hollywood dishing, you should be proud of that.

  • Phenita Gomes
    Phenita Gomes 29 days ago

    Some how I feel a little sad

  • Fredrik S
    Fredrik S 29 days ago

    How diverse can you make the mainstream media before it splits into groups of media?
    Let the challenge begin.

  • scott Johnson
    scott Johnson Month ago

    In most cases I prefer quality over diversity, but in this case they probably should have hired real Koreans for the movie.

  • S D
    S D Month ago +1

    Lots of people are reluctant to give anything but positive reviews for this movie out of fear of being called racist. Bad reviews were even censored online for this movie. But the truth is, it's just really not a good movie. The humor is awful, seems like you see more of the black bald girl than T'Challa, writing was contradictory, bad CGI, dark fight scenes hard to see, race baiting (and has brought out tons of really bigoted black people). It's felt more like some political statement more than a Marvel movie to me because of the forced politics and open bigotry towards white people during the time of it coming out.
    Most overhyped movie I can remember right now. Also, did black people forget about Blade?

  • The Trend
    The Trend Month ago

    It's such an eye opener to see how so many people's imaginations have been suppressed by the fact that Super Heroes have always been portrayed as white. To think that even an Asian man doesn't think an Asian character wouldn't do well because that thought has been put in his mind that only white people can be good, wow,sad really.

  • Boi Koi
    Boi Koi Month ago

    I thought the black chic was gonna speaka Korean LOLOL

  • Hey Zeus
    Hey Zeus Month ago

    In any country you expect people to be predominantly ignorant as regards to races that they've never been exposed to in person so I thought it was really cool that Ryan created a marvel movie showing Koreans and Africans together. The attention to race issues we're obviously studied very well bye Ryan.

  • Hey Zeus
    Hey Zeus Month ago

    Brilliant explanation regarding Black Panther's uniqueness.

  • Queen Bob
    Queen Bob Month ago

    I’m gonna need that biracial guys social media, for a friend obviously..

  • Debra James
    Debra James Month ago

    I love Koreans

  • Ate Kun
    Ate Kun Month ago

    Do Koreans have a word or phrase that equals "Mad Props"?

  • Mout M.
    Mout M. Month ago

    It really saddens me how so many people manage get offended by this video.
    The message is here is that representation matters, poc has been and are still often portrayed in a negative light, black panther represents black people as desirable, charismatic and attractive. That's a good thing as it changes people perspective on black people, that often haven't been represented on global scale. It also starts a conversation surrounding black issues.
    For many Asian countries they haven't often seen black people represented in such light, like Black Panther has, for some people its an eye opener. You can't blame them for having misconceptions, I'm sure you all have prejudices and misconceptions about Asian people too, that's why representation matters. Instead of being fixated on the negative, and trying to get offended, see the good that this movie has brought.

  • Loving Levi
    Loving Levi Month ago

    I thought I was trippin when I heard the Korean dialogue in the movie but hearing the people on the streets say the same thing clarified my confusion lmao

  • galacticzelo
    galacticzelo Month ago

    Koreans are so ignorant, they need to be iraticated

  • The Nation
    The Nation Month ago

    Seoul Brothers and Sisters!

  • Francis Turner
    Francis Turner Month ago


  • cheesecake rocks
    cheesecake rocks Month ago

    Sci-fi...the door

  • Mo
    Mo Month ago

    It was great until the ending. I hated it so much. It made me dizzy. It so inconsequential.

  • Hinton Huff
    Hinton Huff Month ago

    Great interviewer..good job kid

    BVBZ WENT WILD Month ago

    As expected from people who judge other by their skin colour.
    Utter disgusting.

  • Orange MD KJY
    Orange MD KJY Month ago

    I'm german and when the old lady started to speak korean I noticed that her korean pronounciation isn't that good. I thought it's a bit weird because she was supposed to be a korean in korea. But aside from that Black panther is so far my favorite movie 😊

  • Hamilton.Is.Life
    Hamilton.Is.Life Month ago +1

    Hmm so you can watch movies about white people and love it but since he cast is mostly black it’s unrelatable?

  • Fullmetal1890P
    Fullmetal1890P Month ago

    It's interesting how little Koreans care about black rights, because they don't have to deal with it every day like we do in the US. For us, this movie was a HUGE breakthrough, because it's what the people needed, but for Koreans, they can't even comprehend the magnitude of a film like this because it's not relevant for them, which is sad. They just want to be entertained, not forced into thought-provoking material, because that's what they want from the US, but for anyone living in the US, you will know that we aren't only about entertaining the masses, but also evoking deep thought and making them question social norms. We do come up with some great, entertaining pieces, but we also are a much deeper people than just the surface-level entertainment value and I think that was lost on the Koreans in this instance.

  • Vicky M.P
    Vicky M.P Month ago

    yeah.. my black ass is never visiting South Korea.

  • Jhopes ARMY
    Jhopes ARMY Month ago

    Marvel is making hella bank

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover Month ago

    On another note, I really miss living in Korea... And I didn't know it was filmed in Busan. I miss shopping in Seoul, Pusan and downtown Daegu. Getting all the good stuff on the low low 😂

  • dinoripper123
    dinoripper123 Month ago


  • AnonymityLife _
    AnonymityLife _ Month ago

    In Korea, (many countries also) where there are almost no black people, the Koreans only only really get exposure of black people from really famous movies, songs, tv, media, news etc... and those dont exactly have the best representation of blacks and other minorities with the recent, great exception of Black Panther. Also, in Korea, because it has close to no blacks, the Koreans don't find it that important to research about blacks and such since they barely impact their lives aside from the movies, etc...
    Which I believe, is one explanation as to why Koreans and other countries don't have the best view of blacks. They are only exposed to the media including movies which portray minorities including blacks not in the best light. The only view of these minorities, that Koreans consume and learn about is from the media which does not even have the best view of minorities. So, the Koreans take on that view from watching these medias and they are unaware of it. The media serves unintentionally as 'education' to the Koreans of who these minorities are.
    So what this means is that, there should be more representation in media not just of blacks, but of all minorities and actually and for those medias to actually be non - discriminating.

  • rcviper76
    rcviper76 Month ago

    It’s funny how that white kid 🧒 is speaking for Korea. It hates black people because it’s hated in Korea as not real Korean.😂

  • Jess jms
    Jess jms Month ago

    All these people can speak pretty well and seem to covey their true thoughts effectively! I wish I could speak like that lol I’d probably be like uh yeah I liked it.

  • Kanekiuchihaken A
    Kanekiuchihaken A Month ago

    its the opposite now guys like infinity war girls dont, girls like black panther guys dont. you know why? cuz guys know morea bout the marvel universe than girls in korea explaining why women didnt like infinity war. they didnt understand anything and who the characters where, for they were new to them lol.

  • Noctiluka
    Noctiluka Month ago

    It's sad that even though these Korean's are ignorant about America, they end up being more understanding...

  • Gilbert Giancola
    Gilbert Giancola Month ago

    Overrated progressive bs. Solid movie, but nothing to what the hype was making it out to be.

  • Jermaine  Evans
    Jermaine Evans Month ago

    This video shows why positive representation in various forms of media is so important.

  • Emily Perez
    Emily Perez Month ago

    this video just proved that so many ppl are oblivious as to what blacks go through, today

  • seoltang'93
    seoltang'93 Month ago

    unpopular opinion: i liked black panther because for the first time i saw an entire civilization of black people actually being civilized.

  • Fuyukai UWU
    Fuyukai UWU Month ago

    Technically, Marvel is also sci-fi

  • Leon Lee
    Leon Lee Month ago

    Woh woh woh, who the heck is that mixed race kid? He’s like a doll or it’s like... a natural real life anime character! Why hasn’t he been signed up to a acting or music agency yet? Someone get on it

  • Remy Lion
    Remy Lion Month ago

    They really look alike

  • Renato Sousa
    Renato Sousa Month ago


  • Sis Gardner
    Sis Gardner Month ago

    More vids of racist Asian people. Thanks.

  • Belnick6666
    Belnick6666 Month ago

    they used a black girl to ask a questions about black panther movie, is that not racist ? to the left i mean, not to any sane person

  • skamnatron5000
    skamnatron5000 Month ago

    I think it’s hilarious that the “Korean” lady in the film spoke worse Korean than the main actresses. I don’t speak the language so it didn’t bother me. It’s just one of those funny things you don’t think about in the theatre I guess.

  • Quincy Camo
    Quincy Camo Month ago

    What will it take?
    A story that spans several differnt cultures. Unless that happens, it's really not that important. The main object of a movie is not to have a polutical agenda, it's to tell a story and do it well.

  • Operator Rain
    Operator Rain Month ago

    I love it when Andy Serkis sing "What is love"

  • lim yun
    lim yun Month ago

    Just live in your country lol

  • appreciate luna
    appreciate luna Month ago

    So if these random people off the streets can understand basic concepts of discrimination and racism then I truly wonder at the way people try and defend their favourite Korean entertainers by saying they 'don't understand!!'

  • Alex Zahran
    Alex Zahran Month ago

    I would say pretty much anyone who isn't American or lives in a country with a diverse population or a black minority did not relate to Black Panther at all. It wasn't a bad movie by any means but it left me with the same impression as the first Thor movie which is... a bit underwhelmed at first viewing. A little better with each consecutive viewing.

  • Tetro Future
    Tetro Future Month ago

    So, basically they have never seen black people other than in "Black Panther" movie. So ignorant.

  • Jongbin Shin
    Jongbin Shin Month ago

    To me the only flaw in that movie was the extremely awkward Korean that the lady in the market spoke, I mean even Nakia spoke way better Korean than her and she is a foreigner who has no relation with Korea 😂 But I was super happy when they came to P (B)usan, I was smiling when I saw it in the theatre

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby Month ago +1

    The movie was awful, I don't know why liking it vs not liking it is used as some racism gauge lol. Not liking it means u recognize how terrible the writing and acting was, end of story. I had high hopes as i had heard it was good and has some actors in it I normally like. I guess I am racist for telling the truth lol

  • Anti EU
    Anti EU Month ago

    I love how white people was the only race in history that ended slavery.

  • Daniel Bengtsson
    Daniel Bengtsson Month ago

    Black people are seen as villains in american movies? Tell that to any white russian and watch him laugh in your face.

  • MrNinjaGaming
    MrNinjaGaming Month ago

    Korean sounds so much like Japanese it confuses me sometimes.

  • epocs
    epocs Month ago

    black panther movie was a load of delusional, racist bullshit.
    but funny how in thor...asgard was pushed as this lalaland of racial diversity...because it would have been "racist" to show an actual white society based off of the mytholgy of a white cutlure absent of non whites who had nothing whatsover to do with it.
    yet how strange... i saw no asians or whites strolling around the completely ficitional land of wakanda invented by a couple of jews, and oddly no one cried "racism" and demanded "diversity".

  • plad plad
    plad plad Month ago

    Pink Panther > Black Panther

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark Month ago

    Maybe they're ignorant about history.

  • Anna Kintu
    Anna Kintu Month ago

    She called lupita beautiful

  • nory setha
    nory setha Month ago

    This dude said it wasn’t that good cuz it made him think about black people’s rights....??? Jfc, how shallow

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom Month ago +4

    ugh i just wanna slap some of these people rn, i get mad easily welp

    • Ur Mom
      Ur Mom 12 days ago +1

      Eddie Asker Yooooooo wtf is wrong with you?? Im black and I wanna be black🖕🏾

    • Eddie Asker
      Eddie Asker 12 days ago

      Ur Mom. The movie really sucked though no one wants to be black

  • Miyas Life Channel
    Miyas Life Channel Month ago

    I’m so pitaful how some Korean people think of us black. It’s so disappointing how this world has come the racism because we have a different skin color. For your info I love my black skin and I cherish is for life

  • Aegis Arclight
    Aegis Arclight Month ago

    Another Sci fo movie
    Well, isn't that pretty much the point in almost EVERY Marvel movie??

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude Month ago

    Could you Ask these same questions to Kim jon il ??

  • Shauna-Kaye Jones
    Shauna-Kaye Jones Month ago

    They guy with the guitar is soooo spot on!

  • Wafflerofl
    Wafflerofl Month ago

    Wait why would it be hard for Koreans to relate to the human rights issue of slavery and discrimination? We were an occupied nation only around 100 years ago. That is in our strike zone of relating to things!

  • Got Jams
    Got Jams Month ago

    "they filmed in busan"
    Me:* thinks about BTS & smiles*

  • Monkey Mutant Boss
    Monkey Mutant Boss Month ago

    Racist Koreans? NO WAY!

  • June Jones
    June Jones Month ago

    They are related to us. So many black people have their features. Also they were in slaved. But like anything. Every culture for some reason think black people are beneath them. Not. One love everyone.

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Month ago

    I think it depends by the place where you live. For sure in Italy it's impossible to have that good impression of black people. I don't mean for everyone but for sure lately the number of them begging in the street and selling drugs became overwhelming.

  • Anindita Larasati
    Anindita Larasati Month ago

    Most of the comments derived from some important meaning/saying that get lost in translation and that's sad. A lot of misunderstandings can't be avoided

  • Bene Shee
    Bene Shee Month ago

    Its true..if blacks were once slaves i dont know how they were worst than the people who captured them😥😥😥

  • Bene Shee
    Bene Shee Month ago

    I'm proud to be black..we are beautiful and the babies are even beautiful when mixed with other races..we are the best..

  • Doll Faced Orchid The cuddle bug

    They can't even see the movie like the hell!! There just gonna sit in the movies and her them talk lmao! *Asians*